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  6. HADRIAN'S WALL - The "Roman Wall" across England from Wallsend to Bowness on Solway
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  14. The impact of THE CUTS on this Region (Info combined here from ALL FOUR of our City-led Forums)
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  18. RETAIL - In Carlisle and around Cumbria
  19. ALCAN - The Aluminium Smelter and Power Station at LYNEMOUTH in Northumberland
  20. HOLY ISLAND - History of Holy Island, plus the problem of people getting "marooned" on the Causeway, and other issues
  21. PHOTOS - Rural Cumbria and Rural North East England Photography
  22. KIELDER (DARK SKIES) - Europe's largest area of "Protected Night Sky"
  23. TOURISM - How do ALL FOUR of our City-led forum areas do in the Tourism stakes?
  24. 50M Adventure Park | Widdrington | Various | Preparation
  25. The NUCLEAR INDUSTRY in the North East and Cumbria - Issues & Developments
  26. MEDIA in CUMBRIA - Also, How Cumbria is 'portrayed' in the UK Media
  27. POLITICS in Northumberland - Local Politics, Local Politicians, Local Political Activities, Protests & Demonstrations, etc