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  1. :lol: Ethiopia defeats shameless Starbucks
  2. Ethiopia Trade News Thread
  3. Ethiopia: Will it Ever be Able to Stave off Starvation?
  4. FDI (Foreign Investment) News
  5. Ethiopia Industries
  7. Marriott International denies Reporter's story
  8. Oromia Airways formed in Ethiopia [New Airlines]
  9. Mining News & Discussion Thread | Oil, Minerals, Gas, etc.
  10. General talk about the cities
  11. Macroeconomic News
  12. Clearing sediment from lakes and rivers
  13. Ethiopia Healthcare
  14. Ethiopia firm recycling tyres into shoes does big business via internet
  15. Auto-industry news
  16. New traffic regulations. Finally!
  17. Agriculture News and Developments
  18. ASKY to take to the wing
  19. ETC news
  20. Education news and developments
  21. በአዲስ አበባ 7 ዓመታት ይፈጅ የነበረን የክስ ሂደት በ15 ቀናት ማጠናቀቅ
  22. Jan24 Ethiopian airliner crushes
  23. Banking and Financial Services Sector
  24. Ethiopia gets Microsoft software in Amharic
  25. Institute provides over 156.7 mln br loan
  26. Customs to Obtain High Tech Tools Totalling $28m
  27. Out of Office Space?
  28. Ethiopian airlines downed by terrorists
  29. Private airlines - 24 to date!
  30. Ethiopian Shipping Lines
  31. World Future Council Opens Africa Office In Addis Ababa
  32. Boom in services
  33. Web campaign against Ethiopia Gibe III dam Lake Turkana - BBC
  34. Greening Ethiopia
  35. Should Ethiopia join wto?
  36. Ethiopian Media
  37. Ethiopia Allocates Funds for 13 New Universities
  38. Amharic Microsoft Windows, Office Launch
  39. Ethiopian Kinfe Fekadu Appointed Virgin Nigeria CEO
  40. Ethiopia is becoming a huge refugee camp
  41. Sodere resort set to be sold
  43. Swiss Vendor Bags CBEs 70m Br IT Contract
  44. Ecomonic Growth Thread | "Ethiopia middle income in 10 years time" - UNCTAD
  45. Djibouti bars Ethiopian Airlines
  46. City Plans Upgrades
  47. Conglomerates in Ethiopia
  48. Transition from rural society to urban society
  49. Made in Ethiopia
  50. Urban Transport In Ethiopia
  51. Ethiopia: Number of Needy People Decreases to 2.3 Million
  52. Ethiopia Relocates 150,000 People in Eastern Somali Region in Five Months
  53. Ethiopia to Make Private Sector Social Security Mandatory
  54. Ethiopia seeking more port options
  55. Ethiopian companies eye construction business in South Sudan
  56. TAF Oil Plc. | New Ethiopian Petroleum Company
  57. Ethiopia tripled access to safe drinking water in the past 10 years
  58. በ አ.አ ዘመናዊ የአድራሻ ስርዓት ሊዘርጋ ነው
  59. ለግንባታ ሰፈሮች መከለያ አጥር ደረጃ ወጣ
  60. Heineken to buy Harar Beer
  61. Skyrocketing price of construction material giving hard time to the construction boom
  62. ከመንግሥት ፖሊሲ ውጪ የግብርና ምርቶችን ወደ ውጭ መላክ አይቻልም ተ
  63. The Cultural Roots of Innovation:
  64. Creation of New Landlord in the name of domestic agri-investement
  65. Technology in Ethiopia
  66. Ethiopia uncorks a new export with French wine-making partnership
  67. Developments around Ambo
  68. Ethiopia to Export Only Finished Leather Products
  69. Ethiopian property rights..even more undermined..
  70. is Fund raising for the DAM ..voluntary or mandatory
  71. is a property and banking crash likely ?
  72. Does the High import taxes on cars hurt ethiopia
  73. Ethiopia at The World Travel Market London 2011
  74. Ethiopia launches US$ 150 billion green growth strategy
  75. Ethiopian construction boom from a Ugandan POV
  76. Boat Design & Assembly | Lake Tana Transport Enterprise
  77. Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Sudan infrastructure cooperation
  78. Intersting article about Teff
  79. Economic growth has made the developing world less dependent on aid
  80. Ethiopia's partnership with China.
  81. Ethiopian Movie Industry
  82. China and the African Drought
  83. Sunshine close to sign franchise agreement with Marriott
  84. Privatization: Brilliant advice from an Ethiopian
  85. Kenya Lamu port launch
  86. Innovators
  87. Ethiopia 3 billion dollar investment.
  88. Combating corruption in Ethiopia
  89. Ethanol Blending w/Gasoline (E10)
  90. Gambella's hidden treasures
  91. How Much Is a Professor Worth? (New York Times article)
  92. Bill Gate's Note:Ethiopia: Exciting Innovations in Agriculture and Health
  93. Dubai based hotel operator to enter Ethiopian market
  94. For an Ethiopia in Transition, Guarded Hope for Freer Journalism (NYT)
  95. Land laws in Ethiopia
  96. Must watch: Architect Fasil Ghiorghis TEDxAddis
  97. Professional Associations
  98. Ethiopia: an African lion?
  99. Ethiopia on Track to Complete First Mega-dams By 2015
  100. Addis got GPS
  101. Ethiopia launches Africa's first unified utility billing system
  102. Ethiopia to launch its first satellite
  103. EDF | Defence Industry Sector
  104. Ethiopia, UNDP launch entrepreneurship development project
  105. GDP per individual regional states?
  106. Samsung to assemble laptops, printers, TVs, fridges
  107. Ethio-Eritrean Danakil Canal and Harbor
  108. Ethiopian Law & Ministry of Justice Thread
  109. The effect of religion on human & social development
  110. ETHIOPIAN Demographics
  111. Tourism Development
  112. Investment Climate News in Ethiopia
  113. Are you still looking for the business opportunity?
  114. Corruption in Ethiopia/Horn of Africa
  115. Ethiopia's rise from poverty
  116. Is Ethiopia the Next China?
  117. Ethiopian Airlines Feb. 17 Hijacking
  118. Malawian Airlines development news
  119. Ethiopia Construction Industry
  120. GlaxoSmithKline to invest in Ethiopia in new factories
  121. Ethiopia 3rd largest economy (GDP PPP) by 2017!
  122. Ethiopia Drinking Water Projects
  123. Ethiopia to get debut sovereign rating
  124. Republic of Leather - Celebrated Ethiopian entrepreneur behind soleRebels reveals her next big idea
  125. Alle | Government Wholesale Market: አለ-በጅምላ
  126. Kaizen in Ethiopia
  127. Wineries in Ethiopia
  128. Teff-the new Super food
  130. Manufacturer Industry News
  131. Ethiopia: still leading...from behind
  132. Ethiopia: How the majority live
  133. Ethiopia: Global leader in inter-country adoptions
  134. Road & Vehicle Safety in Ethiopia
  135. Human Develpoment & Social Changes
  136. NYT: Rising economic Class in Africa
  137. Dambissa Moyo : How China can change Africa
  138. How powerful is your passport
  139. Addis is getting Bigger & Bigger
  140. the trade's losers : How the West is hypocritical and loots Africa.
  141. China to overtake the US in 2015 (Financial Times)
  142. Obama : Africa needs investment not Aid !
  143. Ethiopia 9th largest economy in Africa!
  144. Ethiopia on the Path from Famine to Food Security
  145. Ebola
  146. China Manufacturers Survive by Moving to Ethiopia
  147. Ethio Telecom to start 4G service
  148. Policy makers view on patriotism, social justice, and overall vision for the country
  149. Why is Africa so Poor ?
  150. Ethiopia's East African and Other Foreign Affairs topics.
  151. Africans welcome China !
  152. Hunger Map in the World
  153. Addis Ababa: Future Prospect/Outlook
  154. Migrants Workers in the (evil) Middle East