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  1. Top 100 companies from Egypt?
  2. Egyptian Economic News Thread
  3. Egyptian ICT & Telecommunications News
  4. Egyptian Tourism News Thread
  5. Egyptian Healthcare News
  6. Egypt launches new campaign to lure tourists
  7. Egyptian Agriculture News Thread
  8. Egyptian Education News
  9. Egypt stock upgraded to ‘Overweight’ - Like Brazil, China, India
  10. Egypt construction sector spending to hit US$7.3 billion by 2015
  11. Egypt's Orascom Telecom becomes 8th largest mobile network in the world
  12. Egypt the highest % of internet users in africa
  13. Interesting Article: Community Development and the Middle East- Why Egypt?
  14. Egyptian Automotive News
  15. Is Egypt the next big thing?
  16. ILO: Egypt at bottom of workers rights
  17. UN: Poverty, education most significant obstacles for Egypt
  18. Egypt to Grant South Sudan $300m
  19. Egypt dominates Travellers Choice Awards 2010
  20. The Economist: A special report on Egypt
  21. Egypt-Saudi power link cost seen at $1.5b
  22. Top 10 best investment destinations
  23. Egyptian Industrial & Manufacturing News
  24. Egypt Billionaire Builds Swiss Resort to Compete With Verbier
  25. Sawiris Offering $178 Million to Purchase Roma Soccer Club, Il Sole Says
  26. Vimpelcom CEO says in talks with Egypt's Sawiris
  27. After BRICs, look to CIVETS for growth - HSBC CEO
  28. Desertec
  29. Foreign Direct Investment
  30. Business News
  31. Social equality a looming problem in Egypt, say panelists
  32. US report: 223 tril cubic feet of gas in Egypt’s territorial waters
  33. Qattara Depression
  34. Egypt NGO building bridges with Europe
  35. National Bank of Egypt ranks 8th largest Arab bank, 237th worldwide
  36. Out of 183 countries, Egypt ranks 18th in business startups, and 21st in trading across borders
  37. Suez Canal revenue up to $427.3 mln in October
  38. How can Egypt benefit from this?
  39. Report: Oct '10
  40. Egypt Calender Bookmarks
  41. Egypt Freight Transport Report Q1 2011
  42. Egypt in Top 22 Nations for Renewable Investment Potential
  43. Egypt GDP Growth Seen 5.8-6.0 Percent in Fiscal 2010/11
  44. Building a Parallel Web During Egypt’s Revolution
  45. Egypt accepts proposed development plan
  46. [Next Decade and beyond] Egypt Economical Future
  47. Egyptian Stock Exchange
  48. The Cabinet's News
  49. Aerospace News
  50. Swan Lake vs slums: Egypt faces housing challenge
  51. Energy News
  52. Fourth Mobile Network License
  53. Egypt's military rulers approve establishment of 'science city'
  54. El Gouna: “One of the world’s top green destinations by the end of 2011.”
  55. Egyptian scientists reject Corridor of Development
  56. Egypt increases science and research spending 10 fold.
  57. Egypt's 2011/2012 budget, Min and Max wage defined
  58. Subway restaurant on track to double Egypt stores in 2011
  59. 40th in Information Technology
  60. Egypt's urban inflation eases to lowest since December
  61. Suez Canal News
  62. Minimum wage to be implemented in private sector in October
  63. Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority expects the mining sector to constitute 5–6 percent to Egypt's GDP within 2-3 years
  64. The Devil's Garden | News
  65. مؤتمر صحفى عالمى للكشف عن نهر مائى جديد فى 
  66. First toxic waste management facility in region opens in Alexandria
  67. البشير يهدي مصر‏ 20‏ ألف رأس أغنام
  68. «الكهرباء»: مناقصة عالمية لإقامة أكبر مشرو
  69. Egypt Steps Up Plans for Wind Power Farms
  70. Egypt: $ 110 Billion Investments to Secure Power Until 2027
  71. Science and Technology News
  72. Ganzouri orders removal of garbage from streets of Cairo and Giza
  73. Environmental situation in Egypt has improved
  74. Fuel shortage in Egypt leads to rising tensions
  75. Egypt opens door for private sector investment in infrastructure
  76. Private security: The future of Egypt ?
  77. Egyptian researchers design 'faster, cheaper' hepatitis C test
  78. Water deficit may cost Egypt $11 bln annually: World Bank
  79. The Monofiya governorate launches the first recycling program in Egypt
  80. 5 new governorates by 2017
  81. Egypt's economic crisis to be harder than Greece one
  82. Suez Canal Project to start soon
  83. Egypt launches its first locally produced smart tablet
  84. Nobel Prizes 2013: An Egyptian Nominee
  85. Suez Canal Development Corridor محور تنمية قناة السويس
  86. Wheat Harvest & Bread Distribution
  87. 32 تطبيق على متجر “جوجل بلاي” مصاب ببرمجية خبي
  88. Cairo laying ground for ‘Marshall plan’
  89. Ministry of Water Resources seeks alternative methods for increasing Egypt’s water share
  90. CAIRO-Build 2013-Exhibition
  91. [2014] Minimum wages to be applied to the private and public sector
  92. Russian space agency to launch new Egyptian satellite
  93. Sustainable Development
  94. Egypt embarks on long-term education reform programme
  95. Public and Private partner projects (PPP)
  96. A Cairo Startup Aims to Modernize the City's Street-Merchant Infrastructure
  97. Egypt's grain hub plan to be finished sooner, for LE2 bn more
  98. Middle Class news