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  1. Bay Area families open their homes to fire evacuees
  2. 5 Cities with the Worst Gridlock
  3. "It's a great city, but it's SO white..."
  4. A city's "Give and Take"
  5. Population loss and your city
  6. For today's children, a different kind of poverty
  7. Total Illegal Population Estimates for 50 states and DC, 2007
  8. Urban peculiarities
  9. American ghettos considered 2nd world?
  10. proximityone: 50 States and DC population projections 2030
  11. States with 2 flagship universities: degree of academic overlap
  12. Major cities: attached and detached from states?
  13. Total Value of All Housing Units in 50 states and PR, 2006
  14. Most Expensive Residential Blocks across the US
  15. You've never seen the view, but you know where it is
  16. Cities in your state that non-natives can't pronounce correctly
  17. Median Upscale Home Price for US Metro Areas, Q2 2007
  18. What sunbelt city will be the first to fall?
  19. A Study of Sprawl
  20. what city will have the greatest drop in crime rates from now to 2015?
  21. High rise condos downtown
  22. Which cities would you consider to be hidden gems?
  23. US Regional Capitals
  24. Most Shopaholic Counties in the US, 2007
  25. Suburban Skylines
  26. Bad news for SUV drivers: OPEC nation invests in electric car company in California
  27. Which US cities are (and will be) experiencing the most gentrification?
  28. US Metro Areas with the Highest Median Household Income, 2007
  29. 40 year percentage change in population for 50 states(1960-2000)
  30. Hinterlands: How far out does your city's influence go?
  31. The US & US cities
  32. Putting a blanket over downtown
  33. Detroit named nation's most dangerous city
  34. Top 25 most dangerous US cities
  35. Your city: does heading N, S, E, or W make a difference?
  36. US Mayors Conference BLASTS "Most Dangerous Cities" Rankings
  37. upcoming artist neighborhoods?
  38. Puerto Rico Statehood and General Discussion
  39. What is the relationship between neighboring peer universities?
  40. What would be the name of your city in the Native (Amero-indian) tongue of your locality?
  41. Immigration and your city
  42. power architecture
  43. Bicycles on Trains.........or Not
  44. Census Estimate Shortchanges Midwest
  45. When was your city's "golden age"?
  46. Which American city is the most bicycle friendly?
  47. Most mysterious country and city to the U.S. you want to visit.
  48. Metropolis: new level of government?
  49. If American Cities Were People, What Would They Be?
  50. City recruitment of immigrants
  51. Border Region Looks to Desalination to Counter a Parched Rio Grande
  52. this is great metropopular
  53. US and public and private universites
  54. Districts And Rows
  55. Census Bureau Releases July 1, 2007 Population Estimates
  56. What are your metro's goals for 2008
  57. Economies of the States
  58. census 2010: think your msa will add/subtract any areas?
  59. Yet Another "Official" Ranking
  60. Cities Using Chicago as Model/Inspiration
  61. New Heights, Cities in the US that are getting a new tallest
  62. "State of the Week" for 2008
  63. State of the Week: Alabama
  64. Which cities best retain their soul & essence?
  65. State of the Week: Alaska
  66. Not the city but the citizens
  67. State of the Week: Arizona
  68. Virtual Tours! Amazing City Streets!
  69. The Kind of Amazing Comparisions Between Indy and OKC Thread
  70. Time Lapsing Skyscrapers
  71. The Univ of ___ @ _____, revisitied
  72. State of the Week: Arkansas
  73. How beautiful is Chicago?
  74. Cities you want to grow, cities you want to see a slowdown.
  75. Sub-prime mortgage crises: Cities/States most or least impacted
  76. My attempt at defining city sizes...
  77. State of the Week: California
  78. City your most Jealous of (In a good way)?
  79. Downtown Detroit adjusts....sales up 34%
  80. State of the Week: Colorado
  81. How the US & World see NYC
  82. Which cities have street drummers?
  83. State of the Week: Connecticut
  84. Men's Fitness; Fattest and Fittest Cities, 2008
  85. New Era Dawns for Rail Building
  86. LA's Housing Crash....
  87. What counties have you been to?
  88. Zeitgeist cities 2008
  89. State of the Week: Delaware
  90. Views on Boston
  91. Top 10 Modern Rock Songs About Your City
  92. Models for cities that have experienced/are experiencing success
  93. State of the Week: Florida
  94. Would extensive rapid transit & light rail be an urban ideal?
  95. Lehigh Acres, FL: A Modern Ghost Town?
  96. Which U.S. state capitals have you visited?
  97. My city's skyline faces...
  98. Public Higher Education: ranked/tiered or equal?
  99. State of the Week: Georgia
  100. What is the most attractive as well as ugliest urban thoroughfare in your city?
  101. Do some of our cities have that "special edge"??
  102. State of the Week: Hawaii
  103. Strip Malls
  104. Which American city has the best inner-city school district?
  105. The best outer-ring suburb?
  106. The tallest building in your city which was demolished
  107. State of the Week: Idaho
  108. Woes in Condo Market Build As New Supply Floods Cities
  109. What are strangest suburb names in your metro?
  110. State of the Week: Illinois
  111. Detroit Continues to Bleed People!
  112. Metros with technically higher populations
  113. Your metro area's fastest-growing portion
  114. San Francisco: America's most famous city with alleys
  115. Are you Proud of your city
  116. San Francisco and Brooklyn: Sister Hipster Cities
  117. Number of million-dollar homes by select metropolitan areas
  118. State of the Week: Indiana
  119. US cities whose population has declined since the 1950s or later
  120. What is the most "futuristic-looking" major city in the US?
  121. State of the Week: Iowa
  122. U.S. Water Pipelines Are Breaking
  123. Your City's Beaches
  124. American cities that aren't perceived as gritty, but actually are
  125. US Cities that aren't perceived as gritty, but actually are
  126. Freeway Traffic
  127. State of the Week: Kansas
  128. Office Parks
  129. Cities that cover multiple counties
  130. What is your MLB team's personality???
  131. State of the Week: Kentucky
  132. Will the US Govt ever build/upgrade the national passenger rail system?
  133. Best Ethnic Neighborhoods
  134. Skyline Comparison
  135. US Metro Areas ranked by Per Capita Income, 2006
  136. How is your city connected to its mail boxes?
  137. State capitals not served by an interstate hwy
  138. State of the Week: Louisiana
  139. Chicago gets $153mil Federal grant for nation's largest BRT system
  140. US Counties with an average annual wage $45,000+
  141. They are their own people: which cities?
  142. State of the Week: Maine
  143. Top Ten Counties with Highest Number of Millionaire Residents
  144. Moving to Boston, any help?
  145. The next hot spots in America
  146. Against Planners
  147. Why is there so little skyscraper development in LA?
  148. State of the Week: Maryland
  149. Finally, after 8 years, SF wants to "Honor" George W Bush
  150. Adding Housing To Office Parks
  151. A Tribute to America's Most Well-Preserved Downtowns
  152. City-image the only matter
  153. US cities not built on water
  154. US cities built on more than one waterway
  155. Housing Densification Stabilization?
  156. What is the most "unknown" major US city (over 3 MIL)?
  157. Boston May Create First "Zero-Energy" Complex in US
  158. What Do Polar Bears and Miami/South Florida Have in Common
  159. What do you think of the response by car compaines to high gas prices?
  160. Most-visited U.S. cities
  161. Your "Top 20" U.S. states for urbanism?
  162. State of the Week: Massachusetts
  163. Densest Cities over 200K
  164. Best walkable cities
  165. State of the Week: Michigan
  166. Drastic changes in your city or neighborhood
  167. Largest City Budgets
  168. New International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal soon to be launched
  169. What Do You Consider As America's Most Unique City?
  170. US rail network facing congestion 'calamity'
  171. State of the Week: Minnesota
  173. Most visited cities by foreign visitors
  174. Future major metro areas in the U.S.?
  175. Airports Across the U.S.
  176. The "Great American City"????
  177. 2007 Gross Product, all 50 States
  178. Companions for the Chicago River?
  179. State of the Week: Mississippi
  180. State of the Week: Missouri
  181. Cedar Rapids - Metro 250,000 - Devestated by 3,000 Year Flood
  182. Streetcar Suburbs
  183. State of the Week: Montana
  184. Richard Florida: "Who's your city"
  185. Latest must-have home feature: A short commute
  186. State of the Week: Nebraska
  187. How to build a city 101
  188. State of the Week: Nevada
  190. How do you think the U.S. appears to citizens of other countries across the world?
  191. Bicycle Networks
  192. State of the Week: New Hampshire
  193. State of the Week: New Jersey
  194. American cities dominated by one industry
  195. Your city's most beautiful natural attraction
  196. State of the Week: New Mexico
  197. 'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure
  198. USA Population: 1790 to 2000 and beyond
  199. Match An American City with a similar European counterpart?
  200. Air quality
  201. Does the US have any "non-city" based metro areas
  202. Downtowns that border another city/suburb.
  203. State of the Week: New York
  204. States dominated by one city, are they better off?
  205. Worst "Sprawl" Cities in the US
  206. How long to get from your city's DT to outside the metro area?
  207. State of the Week: North Carolina
  208. Public/Private: what are best college rivals?
  209. State of the Week: North Dakota
  210. Death of Suburbia declared prematurely
  211. The States' land area and population density
  212. Amish population doubles in 16 years
  213. Which major US city is most "unattractive"?
  214. Your city: its most exportable idea
  215. What features does your city's greatest park contain?
  216. Could leaving the race for the sky be a city's advantage?
  217. Examples of municipalities and developers pursing "Smart Growth"
  218. State of the Week: Ohio
  219. Largest U.S. cities by land area
  220. Your city: Distinguish the parts from the whole
  221. State of the Week: Oklahoma
  222. Auxodium's USA Holiday JUL 2008
  223. Sister cities within the U.S.
  224. Your City's Promo Video
  225. What is the Brazilian population of your city?
  226. List of U.S. states by GDP per capita (nominal)
  227. San Francisco & Boston: Less than a 1,000,000 reasons for uniqueness?
  228. State of the Week: Oregon
  229. Mall Glut to Clog Market for Years
  230. heavily Jewish American cities
  231. Ethnic restaurants in your city
  232. Iron Man Tony Stark's House?
  233. State of the Week: Pennsylvania
  234. Funny Google Maps Street Views
  235. Are Portland and Seattle pseudo-suburban?
  236. YOUR city's best and worst aspects
  237. State of the Week: Rhode Island
  238. Will Puerto Rico ever become State # 51?
  239. State of the Week: South Carolina
  240. It's official: Labatt Park is really, really old
  241. What is your city's iconic structure?
  242. State of the Week: South Dakota
  243. Perceptions on the South
  244. State of the Week: Tennessee
  245. your envelope please: the OMG city photo spread award
  246. State of the Week: Texas
  247. Worst Road You've Ever Traveled?
  248. State of the Week: Utah
  249. State of the Week: Vermont
  250. What is that building ?