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  1. Singapore PM (to be) visiting Taiwan
  2. Taiwan being one of the ASEAN members?
  3. Pakistan-China Economic Cooperation
  4. Let tell them the truth of Nanking massacre of 1937
  5. What do you think of other Asian Countries?
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  7. Today is 67-year anniversary of Nanjing Massacre
  8. China-Japan Relations
  9. Petition to George W Bush, sign USA to Kyoto Protocol!!!
  10. Chinese crowd attacks Japanese embassy
  11. China Suffers Memory Lapses Too
  12. Pakistan and China: Military Alliance!
  13. Bolshoi Ussuriysky Islands revert to CHINA.(from Russia)
  14. Most South Koreans distrust Japan, fond of China - poll
  15. Continuation of Continuation of discussions from Beijing vs. Seoul thread
  16. Anti Chinese comments in City vs. City
  17. Chinese MPs to adopt Sino-Pak friendship treaty
  18. I would love to go to Nanjing someday to see the Nanjing Massacre????? What?
  19. Thank you China! With love from Greece!
  20. Japan and China: National Character Writ Large
  21. China rescues missing Vietnamese fishermen
  22. Russia Far East
  23. China's Developing Ties with Africa
  24. video show Japan war crimes
  25. Britain contemplated China nuclear attack
  27. Is the anti-japan attitude in china too over the top?
  28. Japanese doctor admits POW abuse
  29. 缅甸掸邦第一特区---中国的海外省?
  30. I like Chinese people the most out of all immigrants, please keep on coming to USA.
  31. 越南再次侵犯我国南海主权
  32. The army and armed police should not create entertainment
  33. Is America Too Greedy ?
  34. Japan MPs want war photos removed
  35. bulid a 'Yasukuni Shrine' in beijing
  36. japanese forumer argue about china(interesting)
  37. Kazakh Uighurs feel threat from China
  38. Iraqis Find Job Opportunities, New Lives in China
  39. L.A. Times Op-Ed: Don't blame China for Myammar
  40. Central Asia Relations
  41. Which coutry will Japanese be with?
  42. China's Territory Change Since 4000 Years Ago(Animation)
  43. restoring old borders
  44. PRC's modern allies
  45. Crossovers to China worry Arunachal
  46. Should China continue to be a strong ally of Pakistan?
  47. Chinese Merchant Ship Sunk by Russian Navy
  48. S.Korea uneasy with China's growing economic power
  49. Thank you very much
  50. The North Korean Question
  51. The future of Northeast Asia?
  52. Beyond shocking: Turkish Minister for Trade Calls for Boycott of China
  53. Algiers tense after clashes between Chinese and Algerians
  54. Why doens't China set up formal diplomatic relationship wit Bhutan?
  55. china in africa friendship & oportunity or colonialisme
  56. Your opinion toward China ROC and Japan path for future trilateral cooperation
  57. China and Russia to swap commodities for people
  58. Plan for East Asian Block similar to EU
  59. Chinese Dispora in Dominican Republic
  60. China: Russia’s land of opportunity
  61. Burma-Yunnan Border - people trade but don't like each other
  62. China-Africa Relations
  63. The borders of China
  64. American forces kill top Chinese terrorist in Pakistan
  65. China Foreign Policy and International Relations
  66. Japan faces food pressure from China
  67. Korean Crisis
  68. Chinese 4th gen stealth aircraft
  69. China-Brazil Relations
  70. China's Marine Oil & Gas Fields, Drilling, Exploration and Security | Nansha (Spratlys) Islands
  71. China-Mongolia Relations
  72. China-India Relations
  73. US Reporter Talks West's Anti-China Campaign
  74. US is preparing to invade China?
  75. Turkey and China again joined by the Silk Road
  76. Trade Protectionism Against China.
  77. US to shift naval firepower to Asia-Pacific
  78. Law Firms Are Accused of Aiding Chinese Immigrants’ False Asylum Claims
  79. what do chinese people think about korea?
  80. The NSA Has A Secret Group Called ‘TAO’ That’s Been Hacking China For 15 Years
  81. China-Thailand Relations
  82. China-Germany Relations
  83. China-Israel Relations
  84. The North East ... - The Forgotten Region
  85. China-France Relations
  86. China plans for North Korean regime collapse leaked
  87. China-Russia $400 bln gas deal settled
  88. How to find an international real estate agent in China?
  89. SCO paves the way for new members
  90. ISIS plans to take holy war to Xinjiang
  91. Chinese navy
  92. China-UAV
  93. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO),
  94. China-ABM Systems
  95. China-Cyber Security Overseas
  96. China-International Think Tanks