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  1. Downtown Coral Gables
  2. Miami=North Bay Village Area
  3. Dadeland North PICS!!
  4. Solution for Miami: Destroy the "bad areas"
  5. Hollywood on brink of upscale boom
  6. Miami Skyline will get better and bigger by 2010.
  7. Bustling Aventura & Sunny Isles (Metro Miami) Pics!!
  8. South Florida Transportation Thread
  9. Sunrise condo towers planned
  10. MIAMI - Brickell / Financial District
  11. Miami-Dade cannot afford two-thirds of Metrorail projects promised to voters
  12. City of SOUTH MIAMI (alot of pics)!!
  13. CBD Downtown miami vs. Brickell financial district
  14. Miami - Latest (includes Coral Gables, Downtown, Bayside)
  15. Residents to battle another condo project
  16. Miami Photo Essay
  17. Perilous Adventures of Taking Pictures Downtown
  18. Extreme Makeover: Pro Player Edition
  19. Gritty Downtown Miami
  20. CBD Pictures by ME, Miami
  21. you guys can post new threads in here!
  22. Official picture thread!!!!!!!(all pictures welcomed)
  23. Moon Bahamas
  24. Midtown & Design District PICS
  25. Raze and raise coming for Sonesta
  26. SSC party Sunday at 8, at Everglades implosion?
  27. Everglades being imploded!
  28. Is the Miami metro area a good place to live?
  29. Diaz for govenor in 2006???
  30. Ocean Drive mag. thread (updated monthly)
  31. I HaTe UpToWn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Great skyscrapers of miami!!(pics)
  33. Population Projection
  34. 4,235 housing units up for Miami commission vote
  35. Massive Metrozoo makeover planned
  36. Homestead/South Miami-Dade
  37. Pompano towers to rise 17 stories
  38. The Bath Club is coming out alive!
  39. Where will South Florida workers live?
  42. Discuss: 949 Zeta GONE - no more rock music :=(
  43. How are Overtown looks like?
  44. Dade's Urban Development Boundary: The Next Battleline
  45. How About F1 Racing for Miami ?
  46. UPTOWN revisted!!!(lots of new cranes)and a little surprise!!!:)
  47. South Dade
  48. Another Everglades Hotel implosion set
  49. Hey everyone. Important thread.
  50. 649 feet 63-story story condominium next to Freedom Tower
  51. 1390 anything, anyone?
  52. Miami need more public transportation?
  53. Boynton Beach Boom!
  54. Miami Skyline thread
  55. Virginia Key Redevelopment
  56. More Tequesta 'circles' found
  57. Miami Beach...
  58. Africa Israel plans new downtown Miami project
  59. So, how is everything going?
  60. Skyline: Downtown/Brickell or Coral Gables?
  61. Photo tour: Miami Civic Center district and vicinity
  62. Miami needs more shopping center/mall development?
  63. What's your favorite?
  64. Paramount Park RENDERING and New Towers in some crappy pictures!!!!!!
  65. Pedro Martin buys Miami Herald land
  66. Does in Miami need have big dig?
  67. Kendall, Florida
  68. Do you think Miami is most retirement communities?
  69. Aventura
  70. South Beach Photos - The Sunday Strolll
  71. miami advice...
  72. slot machines
  73. Winding up the Wachovia - climb the Wachovia
  74. Miami Arts District Development
  75. 22 PICTURES!!! or was it 23?
  76. README: The time has come...
  77. US Rep. Lehman dies at 91, "father of Metrorail"
  78. The official Miami-Dade's parks system pics thread
  79. Miami
  80. Miami FORUM maintence/organization
  81. Which project do you most dislike?
  82. Building between Wachovia and one biscayne
  83. Miami P&C forum and new Miami editor
  84. Art and the City Miami 2005
  85. NIMBY's
  86. Vue at Brickell to be lit up!
  87. Fantastic new aerials of Miami & South Florida
  88. Miami Freeways
  89. South Florida Office Space
  90. Google Satellite Maps - very very cool
  91. MTV VMAs coming back to Miami
  92. Indoor basketball court
  93. What's your favourite highrise in Miami?
  94. What Miami needs is its own "Empire State Bldg."
  95. South Florida Sports
  96. Hot condo market results in evictions
  97. Does anybody have aerial pics of Hialeah?
  98. University of Miami (School of Architecture)
  99. What firms do you know in Miami?
  100. LYNX\Paramount park/Park lane Going for approval 04/20/05
  101. real estate career
  102. Why has Miami Beach lost population?
  103. Miami travel advice
  104. Grove Nimby's Still Mad At Home Depot
  105. Airport West
  106. Jazz Concert
  107. Miami NAP
  108. DISCUSS:Miami Forum Meet
  109. New Census Figures
  110. Miami to scrap old code, design `new city'
  111. Fort Lauderdale's New Tallest's Plans Unveiled
  112. Fort Lauderdale to Sunrise Light Rail Update
  113. Transit Oriented Development along Tri-Rail
  114. Miami buying land to 'create a new city'
  115. Pix of The Waves Tower Fort Lauderdale
  116. Things That Suck About Miami?
  117. Fort Lauderdale is America's Hottest Office Market!
  118. Favorite Miami Architects?!
  119. A9 search engine adds Miami
  121. Hello Guys,
  122. New City Hall
  123. S. Fla. home prices rose by a third in March
  124. Do you like projects and construction forum?
  125. Miami New Times: Vote for the Best of Miami 2005
  126. Where in Miami are you
  127. What languages do you speak?
  128. Ikea a little closer to reality for west Broward
  130. Cirque do Soleil may come to Miami Beach, permanently
  131. Homedepot OR Walmart?
  132. Miami's Boom: How Long Will it Last ?
  133. Vultures smell drop in hot Florida condo market
  134. Miami from the air
  135. Miami day trip (photo thread)
  136. The best condo view in Miami-Dade?
  138. On the Water - Miami (photo thread)
  139. Will museum park happen
  140. New News Thread
  141. NIMBYs win in Hollywood, 65 foot height limit on beach
  142. Miami's new skyline. Interactive map!
  143. up, up, up, up, up
  144. Cement, labor shortages still dog county construction
  145. Worst proposed highrise
  146. Miami get approval for Bay Link transit?
  148. Tower heights concern FAA
  149. Rise of condos threatens Miami Circle, some fear
  150. Detroit just Eliminated Miami Heat
  151. University of Miami!
  152. Conflict over Freedom Tower
  153. Miami's FREEDOM TOWER Future Picture on Front page
  154. Ft. Lauderdale pics, MARCH 2005!
  155. Las Vegas - a few pictures
  156. Have u visited Quiksilver in Miami area?
  157. Fort Lauderdale pix (just a few, don't get excited:)
  158. miami goes boom. with lots of pictures...
  159. Blimp crashes during heavy storm
  160. Miami South Beach
  161. U are gonna like this!! Check it out
  162. Miami: Downtown
  163. Miami says it has right to reject projects
  164. Coconut Groove, Little Havana & Star Island!
  165. South Beach
  166. Homestead is home
  167. Downtown Miami in 3D with Google Earth
  168. Anything going on??
  169. My PARIS nightmare!(pictures and story)
  170. Miami 21's first public meeting includes future population stats
  171. The Housing Bubble - Everyone's talking
  172. Sharks circling the flippers
  173. A Whole Lotta pics!!!
  174. Residents visit office of developer
  175. Developer pays $18M for 1550 Biscayne Blvd
  176. Awesome classic Miami video
  177. Condo Opening Parties
  178. THANK GOD !!! We are back online after being Hacked.
  179. No more counting submerged land
  180. Miami commisioner wants 18 month moratorium on new construction
  181. Can someone take a picture of BofA building tonight?
  182. Condo Sales Sizzle In Hot Miami Market
  183. Overtown activists sue to stop high-rise project
  184. Miami needs bike lanes.
  185. The other Miami movies; overshadowed by Miami Vice
  186. thunder storms?
  187. miracle center
  188. Brickell CitiCentre
  189. Blue Build Out Program - Advice/Help
  190. Miami commissioners told planned condo tower too close to airport runway
  191. My Summer Trips... and South Florida Aerials!...
  192. Real Madrid plan theme park in Miami
  193. Fort Lauderdale pics - nothing too exciting
  194. Advice for a Tourist, Please
  195. Miami Is Not Risky Real Estate...
  196. Miami Park Space
  197. HoJo Impolsion Sunday
  198. Help needed...
  199. A Sangre y Fuego
  200. Inform me about everything in Miami!!!!
  201. M.T.V miami show
  202. Miami Urban ReNewal
  203. español segundo idioma oficial?
  204. The upside of castles in the sky
  205. People got the real estate bubble all wrong...
  206. Motels fall to high-rise boom, but Sheraton will not be imploded
  207. Jorge Perez, The King of Condominiums
  208. miami transit
  209. sunset place across the street
  210. Let's make a neighbourhood map
  211. The most famous gas station in Miami
  212. COUNTDOWN to 15,000th MIAMI forum post!
  213. Miami New Times: Ubertown
  214. A 'hood on the move-
  215. Miami Suburbs
  216. Economist Magazine - Miami: From coke to cubists
  217. $2,000 per square foot!
  218. *Failed projects*
  219. Katrina is coming
  220. Time to sell the Miami Circle land to a developer?
  221. Marina construction info
  222. Miami's Former Tallest Buildings
  223. Katrina
  224. Question
  225. Miami PAC Question
  226. FTAA secretariat location vote?
  227. The 11 most endangered sites in Florida
  228. 1101 brickell?
  229. Flying back home to Miami. Views from the plane.
  230. Over 40 cement trucks at EVGD BAY!
  231. Beautiful Coral Gables skyline
  232. Miami skyline photos by Suncity
  233. Miami skyline from the Grove
  234. Could New Orleans steal the wind from Miami's "ghetto gold rush"?
  235. Miami Lifestyle Developers
  236. Jorge Perez has a net worth of $1.2 billion
  237. Coconut Grove aerials
  238. Enrique Santos for mayor?
  239. Let's play a game
  240. Ocean Marine Yacht Club
  241. Miami approves county's tallest building
  242. metrorail
  243. README: Forum is a mess...
  244. key coral way cobdo
  245. Trump,Perez, and Dezer-the big ego's partnership
  246. Affordable Housing = Politics of Development
  247. Miami-Random Pictures
  248. Metrorail by 2014?
  249. Miami Beach aerials
  250. Traveling to Miami, Questions?