View Full Version : The Economy, Industry and Development Issues

  1. Government-run Programs and Services
  2. Health and Wellness Industry (Medical Tourism)
  3. National ID Cards, Passports, and other forms of Official Identification
  4. Banking and Finance Industry
  5. Gambling and Gaming Industry
  6. Food and Drug Industry
  7. Healthcare and Human Welfare Systems
  8. Globalization and International Trading (Import/Export)
  9. Tariffs and Taxes
  10. Internet Trends and IT Industry News and Development
  12. Petroleum, Mining, and Logging Industries
  13. Real Estate and Housing Industry
  14. Agriculture and Aquaculture Industry
  15. The Judicial Branch of Government
  16. Anything Good News
  17. Outsourcing Industry
  18. Retirement Industry
  19. Constitutional Reforms
  20. Environmental Protection, Conservation, and Rehabilitation
  21. Filipino-Owned Businesses (Locally and Abroad)
  22. Telecommunications Industry
  23. Energy, Power and Utilities Industry
  24. The Creative Industry
  25. Expatriate Communities and Their Cultural Influences in the Philippines
  26. Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement
  27. Emergency Operations and Disaster Management
  28. Anything Not So Good News
  29. Overseas Filipinos: Migrant Workers and Global Labor Markets
  30. The Philippine Stock Exchange and the PHP/Foreign Currency Exchange
  31. Science and Technology, Research and Development
  32. The Philippine Education System
  33. Shopping and Local Retail Industry
  34. In The News: Proudly Filipino!
  35. Media and Broadcasting Industry
  36. The Legislative Branch of Government
  37. International Relations and Foreign Affairs
  38. The Scandal Sheets: Philippine Politics and The Economy
  39. Population Control Issues
  40. Automotive Industry
  41. Philippine Aeronautics and Space Industry
  42. ASEAN Regional News
  43. The Philippine Economy
  44. Philippine Defense Forces and National Security
  45. Travel & Tourism Industry
  46. The Executive Branch of Government
  47. Philippine Elections 2016