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  1. Western world & Westernized societies
  2. Do you have stadiums located in the suburbs?
  3. where best place did you go to travel?
  4. University campi design
  5. Top 30 cities in direct commercial investment, 2010-2011
  6. Is China jealous of America?
  7. What is the Suicide Rate in Your City/Country?
  8. Urbanized, a documentary about urban design
  9. How many people live within a 90minute drive of your home?
  10. Where to live / Where not to live in ...
  11. Best climate for a city...
  12. Tourist Destination in South America...
  13. What is your favourite capital?
  14. What is the Area wise population ratio of your country?
  15. Why many people say Arabian Gulf cities look "Fake " and "Soulless" ?
  16. whats's the car picture scenario?
  17. Urban environments: for the creative class
  18. Your views on Gentrification
  19. The cost of living
  20. Thoughts on The Illinois
  21. Do smaller cities with famous names get confused?
  22. What is your favorite US city that is not located in....
  23. The 50 cities with the highest GDP in the world...
  24. Projection according to PricewaterhouseCoopers Projections of which cities have the highest GDP in 2025.
  25. Kolkata Gets a Facelift
  26. Will everyone be connected to the internet by 2030 ?
  27. Does your city administer any off shore islands?
  28. How often snows in your city?
  29. What do you guys know or think about Texas?
  30. Dados de sua cidade:
  31. Your city photos & videos
  32. Skyways, time for a come-back?
  33. Future tech and our cities
  34. Which countries have you visited, want to visit or want to know more about?
  35. What types of industries are in your town?
  36. Ultrapolis World's Tallest Cities Update for 2012
  37. Songs about your City
  38. Air rights and volume control in your country/city
  39. Which of those natural features do you consider most interesting for a city to have?
  40. 2009 metropolitan GDPs
  41. Global Cities
  42. Tourists FROM your country
  43. Removal of overthrown regimes' monuments
  44. Rural Sprawl
  45. The largest countries in the world in continuous areas
  46. Obesity and suburbia ??
  47. city lighting...what do you, inhabitants of the city, expect?
  48. How much are you affected by airport/aircraft noise?
  49. Attn: A List - America's Best Cities for Hipsters
  50. Which city is the most liberal in the world?
  51. Which is the safest major city in the world?
  52. Are Some Buildings Too Ugly to Survive? [discussion from NY Times]
  53. Banishment of advertising in the cities??
  54. Why do the Washington Square Park arch, Arc de Triumphe and the Wellington Arch all look the same?
  55. World Bank's Eco2 Cities Program
  56. World's top 25 cities for Tech Startups
  57. New York: 57th Street Development Boom
  58. Largest city?
  59. Major urban achievements of your city in this century !
  60. New buildings and infrastructures
  61. Which European city is most Americanized?
  62. Will Toronto go bust?
  63. New technology inside your city
  64. Which is the coolest city in Europe?
  65. 2028 Olympic Bid Game
  66. Your demographic/ethnic projections of your city by area
  67. Countries/cities that could host Olympic Games in future?
  68. New York must be the only top tier global city that hasn't hosted The Olympics
  69. Number of Hotel Rooms in US cities
  70. China's Ghost Cities
  71. Which is Vienna's most famous landmark?
  72. Would you rather live in New York or London?
  73. City with most official names through history?
  74. Making Streets Narrower
  75. Londons purge against Neon
  76. Thailand Flooding Crisis 2011
  77. Decade with the best architecture
  78. Scenic Cities
  79. Rio housing prices going through the roof. Real? Or bubble?
  80. World GDP Growth rank in 2011
  81. Wealthiest Area in your City
  82. What Is Better For Countries - EAU Or EU?
  83. Bike Sharing Programs
  84. World's 10 Most Loved Cities
  85. Top 5 Cities in the world for sports?
  86. Why do latin American cities look more coloful than U.S cities??
  87. Your city Gay Area/Neighborhood/Village
  88. Why are caribbean cities so tacky?
  89. College towns across North America.
  90. The world's top 20 residential/mixed use towers by number of residents
  91. Universities in your Cities
  92. Large countries most dominated by capital/largest city
  93. Bathroom like tiles as cladding on buildings. China/Asia phenomenon
  94. Vehicular traffic in America's top 15 Metros
  95. Do you live in a mixed neighborhood ?
  96. Cities that are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  97. When suburbs build their own "downtown"
  98. Downtown layouts (Surface streets)
  99. Guess Where Over Half The World's New Malls Are Being Built
  100. Vancouver Parking Lots - The Last of a Dying Breed
  101. Most (urbanistically) decentralized countries.
  102. Coasts and the Urban Growth
  103. Densest State / Province of Your Country
  104. Sprawling suburbs, without big roads...
  105. New buildings with old architecture
  106. Most liveable v most lovable cities
  107. Popularity of Neon signage in your City
  108. Public Art
  109. Best Destinations in the World - Travelers' Choice Awards - TripAdvisor
  110. Most Developed Countries in Each Continent
  111. avenues converted in tunnels
  112. sucessfull removal of elevated ways
  113. A tale of two underground cities: Subways & Sewers of NY & London
  114. Ipswich CIty Queensland Australia
  115. wheres nicest place in bay area (california)
  116. Traffic signal progression
  117. Sinkholes in your area
  118. Vision of the future by era
  119. City nicknames only outsiders use (thinking they are cool)
  120. Downtown Brooklyn Sees a Residential Boom
  121. Top 10 Ways Hollywood Destroys NYC
  122. Do you think any Sub-Saharan African nations will become developed countries?
  123. Which country has the most asthetic infrastructure?
  124. World Cities Culture Report 2012
  125. Super Sea Level Rise?
  126. The ugly side of your city
  127. The Most Dynamic Cities of 2025
  128. Cities with many international short distance daily commuters ?
  129. Fate of excess private houses
  130. Which city has the best modern public housing?
  131. Attitudes towards mass transit in you city or country?
  132. How many museums and galleries in your urban area?
  133. If aliens visted us who would they think who was incharge Cars or Humans?
  134. Religious places open 24/7
  135. Discover capitals of Maghreb (Algiers, Nouakchott, Rabat, Tripoli, Tunis)
  136. Pedestrian zones around the world
  137. Natural disasters list 2012
  138. Los Angeles is the future
  139. Which cities or countries are regarded as city-states?
  140. nobody on the streets in America?
  141. If you were to create your ultimate city (from scratch), what would be your main priority to make it successful?
  142. Suburbia: Your Thoughts and Ideas
  143. The MOST Detailed Urban Maps?
  144. How long does it take to approve a project in your country/city?
  145. Most Beautiful Small City in Europe? (Pop. Under 200k)
  146. Creating Your City, Part 2
  147. Innovative City Of The Year 2012
  148. Compilation Thread: Urban Development
  149. projects not well sucessful
  150. The 28 fastest shrinking cities in the world
  151. Is this Chinese satellite city the future of suburban sprawl?
  152. Projection: Metropolitan areas in 2050
  153. Buildings that have taken over 15-20 years to complete
  154. Alternative Urban Planning: Compact Cities
  155. Slums seen on Street View
  156. How video games portray your city
  157. Which cities define (or can be defined by) a particular historical period?
  158. Cities then and Now
  159. Cities during a non-rush-hour.
  160. Most Beautiful Modern City
  161. China or America's century?
  162. Is it beneficial for developing states to have 1 dominant city?
  163. Dubai's population touches 2 million
  164. WWII bullet pockmarks in your city
  165. Multifamily building permits in you city
  166. Worldwide Electricity Consumption
  167. Are small kiosks and tobbacco stores disappearing from city centres ?
  168. What are the gateway-cities and their slogans ?
  169. How is the Infrastructure in Your City???
  170. Urban cultural movements that was unique in a particular city during a certain era
  171. what city should be considered the city of the future
  172. largest city in the world by land area (not metro)
  173. South Korea, the next developed country
  174. A pattern of Rich and poor areas of cities ?
  175. Alternative Urban Planning: Density versus Sprawl
  176. Homeless people in your Country
  177. Urban Poverty and Homelessness
  178. Alternative Urban Planning: The Future of Shopping
  179. Most Commonly Spoken Languages In Your City
  180. What Makes a Good Small Town
  181. Only for those who enjoy big cities... Brazil's 10 most populous metropolises.
  182. World City Apartment Price Comparison
  183. Fun with Earth Lights at Night
  184. China's Urban Wastewater Treatment Problem
  185. Fukushima for revival
  186. UK Rise of 'white flight' - More Caucasians abandon urban areas
  187. The city's future in Latin America
  188. Do you hang laundry out on the facades of your buildings?
  190. show us your city garbage containers
  191. Who is first city in Latinoamerica?
  192. Cities and Towns that are well connected with their waterways
  193. Village centres within an urban area...
  194. Do you use a 'tourist guide' mobile app during your city travels?
  195. Worst contemporary architects
  196. Modern urban planning in Sweden? (Scandinavia? Europe?)
  197. Not a bypass, but a thoughpass?
  198. A City For People Not For Cars
  199. all road construction/improvements should be done at midnight.
  200. which is the best model of suburbs ?
  201. Cities that feels smaller than their metropolitan population
  202. The Water Grid coming to a facet near you
  203. Are this countries going to be considered developed in 2018?
  204. what do you think about china / chinese at present ?
  205. If you had to pick JUST ONE building in your city to demolish, which would it be?
  206. Anglo-Saxon Versus Russian And Asian Cities
  207. two border towns,two countries, let's compare !!!
  208. is slovenia the next country to be rescued in eu ?
  209. New Orleans Spot Check: Katrina Recovery Still Goes On
  210. The Balkan beggar problem in your City ?
  211. How much does a cup of coffee cost in your city bar?
  212. Suggestion: RENAME this sub-forum
  213. Air rights trading, management and regulations
  214. Why innovation thrives in cities
  215. Does your country have a green belt or similar thing in place?
  216. Cities with advanced infrastructure
  217. Power Shift: Cities
  218. What do you think about Prague ?
  219. Hipster cities
  220. Your Dream City?
  221. Most progressive city in Eastern Europe ?...
  222. Public/Private Development Partnership
  223. What songs remind you of certain cities??
  224. Are ZIP/postal codes of area phone codes/prefixes used as local nicknames in your country?
  225. The perfection of Nordic cities
  226. What kind of city prefer: of environment cold or hot
  227. Pick 4 cities for a US-tourist's first european vacation.
  228. Revitalizing Europe's Urban Rivers
  229. Public drug use/homelessness in your city?
  230. Could Britain market its cities better for tourism?
  231. Density in European cities
  232. New Cities in Australia
  233. Rate the city above you!
  234. Public housing for poor people in your country?
  235. Cities with the most % of public green space (parks and gardens)
  236. World's Largest Skylines Ranking
  237. Growth among eastern US cities
  238. Bâtiment de l'année 2013 :
  239. building of Year 2013 :
  240. London, Sydney, Paris and New York top world's best cities ranking
  241. Sheraton Hotel Redding - 4 Star Homeless Hatred ?
  242. Street lights: orange colour vs white colour ?
  243. Check in
  244. Why can’t women drive in Saudi Arabia ?
  245. Vertical Gardens to Cultivate Sustainable Skyscraper
  246. Urban-oriented retail in your city
  247. Car street conversion to walk street
  248. Affluent/Poshest areas and poorest/most rundown areas of your city?
  249. Nature-based lifestyle in major cities?
  250. Republic's İstanbul...