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  1. Tallest block on the planet
  2. What changes would you make to you're OWN CITY?
  3. Developing Economies: Which one will be a developed economy first??
  4. Disneyland Korea?...where will the next Disney park be?
  5. World Populations (top 20)
  6. Most Important Cties Now and In 2050
  7. Europes capital of nasty suburbs?
  8. Your Countries/Cities Police Vehicles
  9. Is sustainability really utopian?
  10. Asia's biggest skyline
  11. Which is the 5th World city?
  12. Canada's Western Provinces Vs. Maritime Provinces
  13. what is your favourite city in this poll from all the big area's in the world(the 2nd
  14. Most Rounded City
  15. Records that your city breaks
  16. Piccadilly Circus(London) vs Times Square(NYC) vs Shibuya(Tokyo) vs Causeway Bay(HK)
  17. Will Shanghai surpass Tokyo?
  18. List 3 reasons why you think DUBAI is overrated.
  19. Which countries are overrated/underrated?
  20. Is Scandinavia Wealthy? NYT article/propaganda?
  21. what are your Country's biggest contribution to the human civilization
  22. Rank European Powers (in the order of preference)
  23. Globally important medium size cities
  24. First world cities in the developing world.
  25. Rank the Countries in terms of INDUSTRIAL competence/competitiveness
  26. Banking capital of Latin America
  27. Cities of North America
  28. Best New Year's Fireworks/ Demonstrations
  29. Which 5 countries have the best economic relationship with your country?
  30. Diversity/Immigration Numbers
  31. Sentosa Cove: Exclusive waterfront living in SINGAPORE
  32. Which city combination do you think is the most important in the world?
  33. Urban gentrification
  34. Nightlife
  35. Which city has the best sports arenas/stadiums?
  36. China Vs India- Which will be the World's most Populous country by 2025
  37. Rank the Following European Countries
  38. Countries with potable water?
  40. [b]News: No Disney park for India[/b]
  41. Banking Capital Of The Middle East
  42. Is Chicago at the same level as New York-London-Paris-Tokyo??
  43. "Third World" area(s) within the United States?
  44. What will Earth's cities be like in the future?
  45. Which City do You think will Win the 2012 Olympic Bid?
  46. Lantern Festival: the Celebration of Buddha's Birthday in Seoul
  47. Which country is the KING of pop culture in each continent?
  48. Top tier, world class city: how do US cities know they have "arrived"?
  49. which country near the mediterranean sea do you prefer for holiday ?
  50. What's your favourite african country?
  51. Which city is spoken about most in Songs?
  52. Is any other city at the same overall level as NY, London, Tokyo, Paris?
  53. Which cities would consist Top 10?
  54. Will Argentina ever make it?
  55. Berlin: comparable with.....
  56. Ouch! Forum may be hazzardous to your city's health
  57. China GDP estimate
  58. Most ethnically diverse country in Europe?
  59. Rank the following countriesbetween 30 and 50 million.
  60. What do foreigners think of NY?
  61. The Conundrum of Working Downtown?!
  62. World Competitiveness Scoreboard 2005
  63. What are 2nd WORLD Nations!
  64. The most culturally influencial nations
  65. which city has the biggest political influence in Asia?
  66. what happened
  67. Small States VS Large States
  68. Questions about commuting requirements for MSA calculation
  69. Too Expensive to live in Britain?
  70. From the Alps to? 4 urban rivers!
  71. When UK joins EUROZONE
  72. Will the REAL Toronto please stand up?
  73. Hierarchial thinking on cities
  74. MLB, NFL, NBA: Which is most tied to fabric of cities?
  75. Which city is the busiest/most bustling and fast paced?
  76. most overrall modern city(not only in architecture
  77. which city has most 100m+,and 200m+ highrise
  78. How is Denver, CO?
  79. Best region for IT jobs right now
  80. Most cosmopolitan city in the Americas?
  81. GaWC Inventory of 10 "Alpha World Cities"
  82. Human Development Report 2004 Program
  83. Do Ads for citys/states Help?
  84. Your Countries top 10 Cities
  85. Your city's top parks and recreational facilities
  86. Australian cities
  87. Which city would you want a movie to take place in?
  88. How Favela do Gato became Parque do Gato
  89. Domestic migration and Metro vitality.
  90. Planned cities
  91. hongkong's future:will shanghai take his position out?
  92. Can someone help me out(London skyline)??
  93. The population of these cities correct??
  94. Which cities belong in different countries?
  95. What cities are most out of place in your country?
  96. How does your state compare???
  97. The The City vs. Itself: which skyline view is best?
  98. The City vs. Itself, Part II: sides, boroughs, regions, hoods
  99. Your countries desert
  100. Wich are the most European countries outside Europe???
  101. Why are suburbs popular in America, Australia, NZ etc?
  102. The REAL Reason Chicago Is Not a World Class City.
  103. To the people who posted in/read the closed topic: Justadude is correct.
  104. Which is the top 5 landscape Countries?
  105. The Bad Publicity Your Country Has Been Receiving
  106. The Psychological Skyline
  107. Top 10 cities of the European Union
  108. Is any city as threatened by future development as SF and Bay Area?
  109. The Latest! 2004 World Rank Order - PPP - per capita
  110. Ephemeral cities
  111. World-class U.S. cities OTHER than NY, LA
  112. Best combo of big-city life and outdoor beauty?
  113. NYC cost of living
  114. Your cities river(s)
  115. Best European non-EU cities
  116. Best European non-EU cities?
  117. DC to get voting rights?
  118. Iceland thread!
  119. Lonely Planet Praises North of Britain
  120. Blackpool images?
  121. In what ways is Chicago different from NYC?
  122. UK Lonely Planet winners and losers
  123. Philadelphia- Next Chicago or Next Detroit
  124. UK Government Denies London Eye Under Threat Over Rent Dispute
  125. Major blackouts in Europe, Americas
  126. Your city in video games
  127. 400 Million Rural Peasants to Flood Coastal Chinese Cities by 2020
  128. Chinese Tourists Outspending Japanese Overseas
  129. Your City's Fairmont/Pan Pacific/Hilton Hotels
  130. which will be the 10 most important cities in 2020?
  131. In 20 Words or Chicago?
  132. Most expensive housing markets in the United States
  133. is china's population what makes the country develop?
  134. Show the industrial cities of your countries
  135. Can anyone introduce Poughkeepsie of New York State?
  136. Which big American city is the most European?
  137. Xujiahui---Shanghai's Shibuya.
  138. 'My Country is BEAUTIFUL!' ~Say it PROUDLY!~
  139. Most Intriguing Latin American Capital
  140. Americans: what effect do foreign skylines have on you?
  141. London's smallest studio flat - just 7ft by 3ft!
  142. Which City has the best combination with Snow Mountain?
  143. Favourite UK Cities
  144. Anyone know anything about Asheville, North Carolina?
  145. Which Country has the LARGEST minority population?
  146. Which types of houses do your countries' midlle class live
  147. Cities with one structure that stands out
  148. On the streets of Tokyo
  149. Top 10 Best Cities in the world to live in?
  150. Which will be the first developing nations to become first world nations?
  151. [BusinessWeek] Hong Kong : It's Back!
  152. How many beaches does your city have?
  153. How many Chinese cities can you name?
  154. Most expensive cities for offices
  155. The least known country in the world
  156. Cities you wish never built skyscrapers
  157. Is Chile a Neoliberal success?
  158. Which are the biggest 10 cities of Eastern Asia
  159. What city in europe has the most graffiti?
  160. The Horror and Heroic Events Of Sept. 11th 2001
  161. Advantages / disadvantages for living in your city
  162. Graffiti vs. unmarked/clean in your cities
  163. is it right to call cities "it"?
  164. The Berlin Model (built, u/c and future)
  165. Homeless in your city, too noticeable?
  166. SF: the only city that could fit into US's N.E. quadrant?
  167. Barcelona: art nouveau details (1)
  168. rank Scandinavian powers
  169. Would u rather to live in Oakland? (city proper)
  170. Big cities(pop>1 million) at a high altitude(>1500m)
  171. New York - Denial of Stadium Fnding Puts 2012 Olympic Bid at Risk
  172. World's biggest Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo!!!
  173. 10 most expensive cities to drive.
  174. What cities/countries looks smaller/bigger/more or less populated than they are?
  175. Dangerous cities, yet cool cities.
  176. Urban Decay
  177. Which of these countries of EE you would like to visit ? - Multiple Choice
  178. Which of these countries of EE /CE you would like to visit ? - Multiple Choice
  179. First easyHotel opens in London - en-suite rooms from £10 per night!
  180. DUBAI- Question and Answer?
  181. Major North American Skyline POLL
  182. Select a theme for a city.
  183. Smog city?
  184. Park Avenue, New York City - Extreme lifestyles!!
  185. Cities: are they hurt by "suburban influence" being dirty words?
  186. Denver's future?
  187. Military bases/towns and buildings
  188. The "I Hate London" Thread - Get it off your chests
  189. avenida acceso este, mendoza, argentina
  190. avenida acceso este, mendoza, argentina
  191. Shanghai "Harbour City": a great city dream coming true!
  192. How many polish cities can You name?
  193. ...and what about Norwegian cities?
  194. top 30 cities with the largest international passenger flow
  195. Urban Decay Pictures
  196. How many Earth cities can you name??
  197. Gas prices around the world
  198. How many Liechtenstein cities can you name?
  199. Would you live in Los Angeles?
  200. connections between world cities and other world cities
  201. Would you live in Miami, FL?
  202. can you tell a city's importance in the suburbs it spawns?
  203. Is Brunei a developed country?
  204. Anyone ever think Taipei is most underrated city in Asia?
  205. The world's best skyline list.
  206. China may be a developed country to 2023
  207. Tepic, Nayarit
  208. Global cities and networking
  209. what about Arabia?
  210. Communist URBAN PLANNING!
  212. Cities with two names?
  213. Forbidden Cities
  214. You're Single and Tired of the City. Is There a Suburb for You?
  215. Mauritius Plans to Become World's 1st Cyber-Island
  216. not "in" your metro area, but DEFINITELY "of" it
  217. The Superlative City? Let New Yorkers Count the Ways, in Almost Every Language
  218. Mauritius Ventures into Duty-Free Tourism
  219. pictures of gated communties?
  220. Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires - 1986 vs 2005 !!!!!
  221. 2005 worldwide cost of living survey results released
  222. What about CJK-China,Japan,Korea...
  223. Average Price of real estate in London from the BBC
  224. Major Districts in Your City
  225. U. S. Cities with the Oddest Names
  226. North American cities ranked by # high-rises
  227. Most (Pacific-) Asian cities out of Asia?
  228. Video tours of Iraq
  229. Average Price of A Manhattan Apartment: $1.2M
  230. World's Largest Metros In 2005
  231. $900,000 Pre-Tax Income Needed for Reasonable Life In NYC!
  232. Urban vs Rural
  233. Greater London is not just the urban center
  234. Geographic Analogies
  236. U must see it......
  237. U. S. Cities With Metro Rail Service
  238. The merits of a central station
  241. an ironic look at the world's greatest cities in 2050
  242. Which are the best capital cities?
  243. What is the most anti-gay US city?
  244. Manchester UK. What do you think?
  245. Which Cities Have "green-Belts"?
  246. U.S. cities on the gentrification tipping point
  247. Your Country's/City Residential Landmark
  248. Your Favorite Asian City
  249. Most Popular U. S. City Nicknames
  250. Your Cities BEST nightclubs/bars