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  1. African Economy
  2. African Aviation News
  3. Nigerian car to be built in South Africa
  5. Pakistan's Growing Interest in Ethiopia
  6. African Highways/espressways
  7. Chinese will build a high-speed rail system between Abuja and Lagos
  8. #AFRICA´s oil thread: Post all News#
  9. More than previuosly expected: Angola Records 20.6 Percent Growth for 2005
  10. African ICT News
  11. African Business and Economy News
  12. Sierra Leone is rebranded as a holiday paradise
  13. What would you like to see done to your country?(nation Building)
  14. IMF: Liberia economy 'to grow by 11%' a year on average over the next five years
  15. African Space Technology: News, Research News and Ventures.
  16. Road & Rail Transport News & Developments
  17. Road to FSS 2020
  18. Africa´s New Business Elite and Fresh Minds
  19. China: good or bad for Africa
  20. Senegal sees "Atlantic Dubai" new beachside capital
  22. Africa's Largest Hotels - Sub-Saharan Region
  24. One currency for the World
  25. Data reveals potential for rich oil wells near Lamu
  26. Africa's wealthiest people & biggest companies - Forbes
  27. Africa's Premier 21st Century Capital... Refried (part 2)
  28. African science/research labs & universities
  29. G8 criticized China for its "rogue fund" into Africa
  30. Energy is the Alpha and Omega of Civilisation!!!
  31. Yar’Adua Orders NNPC to Make Gas Available
  32. Influx of African investments
  33. Tunisia said to be Africa's most competitive economy
  34. Africa needs a better railroads system
  35. Which one of these cities would you choose ?
  36. In 15 years... Khartoum or Nairobi
  37. Ghanaian Economic Thread (News and Pictures)
  38. The Donald Duke Legacy
  39. Which countries will emerge as the "African Lion" Economies
  40. Africa: Open for Business (interesting videos)
  41. Oil refinery capacity in Africa
  42. Sudanese students flock to learn Chinese....a U-turn toward east
  43. Nigeria, 3 others account for 50% of Africa’s trade, exports and FDI
  44. The silly idea of an African Union
  45. Emerging markets
  46. New window into North Africa's emerging property market launches
  47. First Global Peace Index Ranks 121 Countries 2007
  48. Poverty rate down, middle class growing in Tunisia
  49. The phenomenal growth of nigerian banks and the new billion dollar banks
  50. Electricity generation capacity in Africa
  51. Kenyan managers now rank among the best paid globally
  52. East African Community and National identity
  53. Investing in Africa
  54. Open Letter to President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
  55. The Chinese Miracle Will End Soon
  56. NIPP Project Calabar to Generate 1695 Megawatts (Photos)
  57. Stakeholders of Nigeria's Energy Rise
  58. algeria ,angola ,chile, uae,austria top 5 growing
  59. Mauritania to make ECOWAS comeback
  60. A Financial Times Article: Investors sign up to Angola’s miracle
  61. Africa's Fastest Growing ICT, Telecomms & Mobile Sector
  62. JBISUB: Congratulations come in here.
  63. Long time reader - first time poster.
  64. Largest economies of Africa?
  65. Foreign investment in Tunisia booming
  66. Open Letter to Bono, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bob Geldolf, Nelson Mandela, Oprah and Randall Robinson
  67. DR Congo and China deal
  68. Ghana a top business reformer for second year in a row!
  69. Italians snatched 3.5bn euros contracts in Algeria
  70. Cape Verde 'benefits from tourism'
  71. The impact of ICT (or lack thereof) on Africa
  72. Eni deal with Libya for $28b investments
  73. Most Recent IMF World Economic Outlook Database (i.e GDP and percapita income)
  74. Libya starts to deploy $40bn fund
  75. MUST SEE! African economics and develoment website
  76. IWF NEWS: Sub-Saharan Africa: Boom cutting poverty
  77. Holland Car PLC is producing and distributing cars in Ethiopia
  78. Nigerians for Super Energy Launches its First Advertising Campaign “Electricity is Priceless” on YouTube
  79. Re: Excess Crude Account is a No-Go-Area for This Government to Fund Power Projects
  80. Open Letter to Speaker of the House Hon. Oladimeji Bankole
  81. Foreign Secretary David Miliband: EU 'should expand to Africa etc'
  82. Libya to invest $123 bln on infrastructure
  83. Libya to invest $123 bln on infrastructure
  84. Worldbank: 'Africa has an economic wonder' (figures)
  86. Africa's billion dollar companies
  87. Where is the best place to invest in African property?
  88. Tunisia ranks first in the Maghreb and second in Africa in trade logistics
  89. Urgent! Someone has hacked my name an is placing stupid reactions
  90. Bahrain-based Gulf Finance House (GFH) plans to spend $3 billion to build a financial park in Tunis
  91. How about an "Algeria section"?
  92. Governor of Lagos proposes $3.5 Billion state budget for 2008
  93. Nigerian Constructed Home Made Helicopter(This is Brilliant!)
  94. Ease of Doing Business in Africa Ranking 2008
  95. Rwanda earns US$ 42 million from tourism
  96. Nigeria: AFC leads construction of 1,1b dollar port project
  97. Malian workers get pay rise in 2008
  98. Liberia: U.S.$30M Libya Investment For Country
  99. Angola: What Happens When the Oil Runs Dry?
  100. Africa's solution to food crises? Important
  101. Shipping of Cars Overseas Business? What are the benefits and risk factors?
  102. African marine cable construction under way
  103. Infrastructure: Big projects in Africa fall behind schedule
  104. Zimbabwe - Your opinion on Africa's worst performing nation?
  105. boats in Africa
  106. FDI inflows in Africa 2007 figures
  107. Do you think that Cote d'Ivoire has a chance of recovering its economy in the following years?
  108. Automobile Industry of Africa
  109. Rwanda Towards 2020: interesting video
  110. What is the best country in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  111. Botswane: The Southern Star
  112. China plans a $50 Billion investment in Nigeria!
  113. NEW IMF STATS!!
  114. Arms shipment for Zimbabwe
  115. African Video News
  116. Arab entrepreneurs seek new riches south of Sahara
  117. African economies: Lion cubs?
  118. Senegal: Country's Big Plans to Banish Hunger in Africa
  119. IWF: Portuguese-speaking African countries grow faster than counterparts
  120. Africa is booming (figures IMF)
  121. Namibia | New Data Release: Nambia is Soaked in Oil
  122. NEW DATA: Eni finds several billion barrels of oil in Congo-Brazzaville
  123. 50 Years after, NNPC Begins Crude Oil Lifting
  124. Africa's top 200 companies list
  125. Investing in African Stocks
  126. Kenol Kobil expands into Zambia, acquires Lublend
  127. Arg
  128. New railway to link Ethiopia, Kenya, S.Sudan
  129. Dubai World eyes massive investments in six African countries
  130. prepaid in africa? pay-as-you-go-electric!!!
  131. SA, Nigeria must lead the way in Africa’s economic revitalisation
  132. Largest economy in Africa is Eygpt in 2013
  133. Africans investing in Africa
  134. TOP 20 of the African airports
  135. $225 Million in Funding proposed for Liberia
  136. African Union
  137. Investors move away from China, India, Brasil, Russia etc and go to North Africa.
  138. SA leads Africa in WEF Financial Development Index
  139. Classification 2008 of the countries by life quality
  141. Vertical Farm
  142. Senegal: Going Solar Could Help Poor
  143. Ethiopia signs deal for largest wind farm in Africa
  144. Rwanda | KCC unveils Conceptual Master Plan
  145. Delta Airlines new airlinks to Africa.
  146. Lack of projects, not finance, hampers African infrastructure investment
  147. West African Eco
  148. Angola to maintain growth despite Oil crisis, Malawi to grow even faster, Ethiopia reaches new heights!!!!
  149. Inga Dam Expansion|Democratic Republic of the Congo
  150. Algeria has the most important reservations of exchange rate in the Arab world, eleventh in the world
  151. Cote d'Ivoire makes its own buses.
  152. African Infrastructure Development News
  153. kenya emerges as africa's service hub
  154. FACTBOX - Africa and the Global crisis. Who suffers most?
  155. Ports Investment Set To Resurge After Slowdown
  156. Africa, Open for Business (Time article)
  157. South Africa May Be Excluded From EU Partner Deal
  158. Angola mega oil discovery highly likely on par with those recently found in Brazil
  159. Africa to replace India as the Capital of Call Centres
  160. *** Oil in Senegal ***
  161. Gas hub in Equatorial Guinea
  162. SADC supports $8billion plan to revive Zimbabwe's economy
  163. Japanese construction methods = import to Ethiopia
  164. Angolan Economy Records 92 Percent Growth in Four Years
  165. SA, Lesotho to cooperate on up to 20 projects
  166. Zimbabwe Stocks Soar 66%, May Double, RenCap Says
  167. China tightens purse strings in Guinea and other African countries
  168. Jim Rogers praises Angola & Ethiopia
  169. Morocco, Equatorial Guinea sign bilateral cooperation agreements
  170. Angolan Governmento to Invest Over $8 Billion to Recover Industrial Sector
  171. Africa´s biggest social housing project u/c in Angola!!
  172. Chinese to build Car Assembly plant in ETHIOPIA
  173. Central Africa - CEMAC
  174. Karim Wade (Wade´s Son) nominated new minister of Infrastructure
  175. Sierra Leone rises again - By Tony Blair
  176. Dubai World eyes Zim game park
  177. Dubai World to open Zimbabwe reserve
  178. Bank of Cape Verde forecasts growth of 5%
  179. E-government Strengthens Transparency in Cape Verde
  180. Botswana begins building new science university
  181. Eastern Africa| Agri_Business, Horticulture, GMO and Investment Forum
  182. Top 500 African companies?
  183. Interesting business magazine from Gabon
  184. US prepared to assist Congo in Nuclear Energy and Science.
  185. Angola is trying to regain its status of an agricultural powerhouse again
  186. Africa - The future superpower?
  187. Why dont we develope Mercato, which is the largest open market in Africa?
  188. Uganda: Rice, Sugar Get Duty-Free Access to EU
  189. Angola to post double-digit growth in 2010
  190. African mayors
  191. Libya to open two banks in Cape Verde
  192. Africa's top 200 companies. (2009)
  193. ALGERIA: Aabar and Daimler to build new engine plants
  194. List of african countries by motor vehicle production 2008
  195. Morocco do develope mega tourisme project for Equator Guinea
  196. Angola investing in manufacturing industries
  197. Cape Verde's immediate goal is 25% of all of the electricity produced to come from renewable resources
  198. Rail/Road connecting Ethiopia with other EA countries
  199. Economic news in Equatorial Guinea
  200. High-Speed Rail Projects in Africa
  201. Indian firms scramble for a piece of Kenya
  202. Internet Usage Statistics for Africa
  203. Gabon | Economic News
  204. Oil discovered off Sierra Leone
  207. Museveni not a UGANDAN
  208. Africa Top 10 Banks 2009
  209. SADC | News and Development
  210. Quality of Life: How are African Countries rated?
  211. Cape Verde creates company to manage wind farms
  212. Rwanda: Economy Grew By Nine Percent in First Half of 2009
  213. IMF, World Bank - Africa relations
  214. Delta Airlines starts flying to Cape Verde in the first quarter of 2010
  215. Good news: Zambia’s economy to grow by 6.3 %.
  216. Telecoms enjoy boom in Somalia
  217. Remittances to Africa Overtakes Foreign Direct Investment
  218. Ethiopia's GDP projected to reach USD half trillion by 2023
  219. Ethiopian Airlines presentation
  220. South Africa emerges from recession, GDP up 0.9percent
  221. Gabon audits state workers
  222. Kasai Oriental Province Development News.
  223. The World in 2010: Economic Stats and Figures
  224. South Africa - Zambia, Trade relations
  225. Some thoughts regarding the Economical situation in African countries...
  226. Nigerian Economy Expanded 7.07% in Third Quarter
  227. Subway and Light-Rail for metropolitan African cities
  228. Angolan leaders approve big budget
  229. City of London...The Financial Hub Of The World
  230. Kigali to become Africa's first 'wireless city' in $7.7m deal
  231. Lis of African countries by Reserves of foreign exchange and gold
  232. List of African countries by external Debt
  233. South Sudan | Agriculture, Business and Infrastructure Development News
  234. After Sino-African cooperation - India about to invest 1.5 trillion Dollar in Africa
  235. All African leather fair kicks off in Ethiopia
  236. Mauritian Bourse Plans to Trade Futures by End-May, CEO Says
  237. Grand complexe résidentiel «TOUBA ALMADIES »
  238. Intra-Africa Trade and Discussion
  239. Agriculture Research Institute for SADC to be Opened.
  240. China – Africa Cooperation Thread
  241. China to overtake Japan and become second largest economy in the world by 2010
  242. Vodafone launches $15 phone
  243. Libya and Algeria to create an Investment Fund
  244. Africa's first high-speed train
  245. Liquid Telecom to launch fibre network in Southern Africa
  246. Gautrain rapid transit rail
  247. Africa Oil and Gas Industry Updates
  248. Africa's Energy News [Hydroelectric, Solar, Nuclear, Wind].
  249. electronic banking in somaliland
  250. Maroc Telecom to link Morocco, West Africa via fibre