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Korean Forum Guidelines (Updated 02.19.09)

Welcome to SSC Korea

First and foremost,

SkyscraperCity promotes an environment where we can freely exchange our information and discuss our common interest. Remember that it is strictly up to your participation to acheive our common goal in creating forums flourishing with in-depth information and intellectually stimulating discussions. We are all the same. We do not discriminate against any forumer based on nationality, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

What kinds of posts are allowed?

Any post or thread is welcome. Please keep in mind, however, SkyscraperCity is a community of common interest - to express and share our passion for tourism, urbanity and architecture. It is strongly encouraged that you would at least minimally participate in such topics. That way, you are greatly reducing the chance of being accused as a troll.

What kinds of posts are not allowed?

Use your common sense. The following are not allowed.

1. Racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia: Basically, if your post targets and/or offends other group of forumers as a whole, don't try. This includes anything that appears to be degrading or demeaning to other group of people.
a. Don't assume that you'll get lucky if you used a language that a certain group of people wouldn't understand.
b. Don't use words or spellings that we all know are desrespectful.
2. No name-calling, no personal attacks!

3. Personal conversations between two forumers that no other forumers can comprehend: Please use PM instead.

4. Off-topic posts: Sometimes, it is difficult to judge whether or not a post is off-topic. If you cannot decide, try creating a new thread instead.

5. No spamming! A spam is any post that is intended for advertisement of any kind.

Use of Korean language

You are in the Korean Forum. There is no rule regarding which language should we prefer. However, be adviced that it is an international community and some members may not be able to understand Korean.

For minor chat in Korean language, please visit 한국말 글타래.

Other rules

It is sometimes observed that discussions of certain topics can go in a wrong direction. If you find any comment that is inappropriate, NEVER reply. Worst case scenario: the troll and the replier will both recieve an infraction. Instead, please report them either to a moderator or an administrator. You can do so by clicking 'report post' button at the bottom left of the post, or simply by PM'ing moderator.

Korean Skybar is the section where you can discuss topics that are not related to architecture or urbanism in Korea. Off-topic threads will be moved to the Skybar section without notice.

Never use more than one account. Having multiple ID's is a ground for a straight and permanent ban.

What happens if one of the rules are broken?

We are not here for a disciplinary environment that can deter lively debates. However, be understanding that sometimes moderation is necessary to keep the forum civil and intellectual. For the most of the times, posts or thread that offend the rule are simply removed and or locked. However, a forumer can receive any of the following disciplinary actions according to frequency and seriousness of the issue: warn, brig and/or, ban.

First offender usually receives a warning, sometimes with explanation and sometimes without. Up to three warnings can be given depending on the pitch of the post. No matter how slightly a poster may have crossed the line, offender will receive a brig after three warnings. This does not guarantee anyone a second or third warning before a brig. A person can receive a straight brig, or even a ban depending on situation.

A brig from Korea sub-forum can last 3 to 15 days. If a forumer insists to offend the rule after a brig, he/she will be banned.

Last, but not least

The rules are here to accomodate healthy discussions for everyone who uses this forum. Please keep in mind that the rules apply to everyone equally, and are not meant to protect one group of forumers from another.

Lastly, mods are just like any other members. We can make mistakes as well. But remember that mods act as a team and not as an individual. In case you do not agree with a previous decision made by one moderator, you can always consult another moderator. If there is any questions or comments regarding Korean forum moderation, regulation or administration, please PM any one of the following:

Korea Moderator:

Asia Moderators:
NihonKitty, dhuwman
"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on."

-Noam Chomsky-

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