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1 Commercial St

by Core Rising.

Got one head for money and one head for sin..
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by Core Rising

All current structures built and under construction down to 50 meters. Not including on hold projects.

Supertalls: (combined height total = 309 meters)

The Shard (309 meters Spire height. 304 meters Roof height)

Structures meters 200+ (combined height total = 1309 meters)

One Canada Square (235 meters)
Heron Tower (230 meters Spire height. 202 meters roof height)
The Leadenhall Building (225 meters)
Crystal Palace Transmitter (219 meters)
HSBC Building (200 meters)
Citi Group Building (200 meters)

Skyscrapers 150 meters + (combined height total = 1812 meters)

Tower 42 (183 meters)
St George’s Wharf Tower (181 meters)
30 St Mary Axe "The Gherkin” (180 meters)
BT Tower (177 meters roof height. 189 meters antenna height)
Broadgate Tower (165 meters)
20 Fenchurch Street (160 meters)
One Churchill Place (156 meters)
Croydon Transmitter (153 meters)
25 Bank Street (153 meters)
40 Bank Street (153 meters)
10 Upper Bank Street (151 meters)

Skyscrapers 100 metes + (combined height total = 4442 meters)

Pan Peninsular East Tower (147 meters)
Strata (147 meters)
Guy’s Hospital Tower (143 meters)
22 Marsh Wall (140 meters)
The London Eye (135 meters)
Wembley Stadium (133 meters)

150 High Street Stratford (133 meters)
CityPoint (127 meters)
Willis Building (125 meters)
25 Churchill Place (124 meters)
Euston Tower (124 meters)
Cromwell Tower (123 meters)
Lauderdale Tower (123 meters)
Shakespeare Tower (123 meters)
Pan Peninsular West Tower (122 meters)
Millbank Tower (119 meters)
Aviva Tower (118 meters)
Centre Point (117 meters)
Empress State Building (117 meters)
ArcelorMittal Orbit (115 meters)
Battersea Power Station (113 meters)

The Heron (112 meters)
St Paul’s Cathedral (111 meters)
King’s Reach Tower (108 meters)
1 West India Quay (108 meters)
Shell Centre (107 meters)
33 Canada Square (105 meters)
100 Middlesex Street “Nido” (105 meters)
Pioneer Point North (105 meters)
99 Bishopsgate (104 meters)
Ontario Tower (104 meters)
Victoria Tower (102 meters)
Portland House (101 meters)
London Hilton on Park Lane (101 meters)
Royal Hospital Tower 2 (101 meters)
Stock Exchange Tower (100 meters)
Edmonton Refuse Incinerator (100 meters) -Chimney
South East London Combined Heat and Power Plant "SELCHP" (100 meters) -Chimney

Highrises 50 meters +

Tate Modern (99 meters)
Trellick Tower (98 meters)
Ropemaker Place (96 meters)
The Lloyd’s Building (96 meters)
The Clock Tower "Big Ben" (96 meters)
The Landmark West Tower (95 meters)
The O2 (95 meters)
Knightsbridge Barracks (94 meters)
One Angel Court (94 meters)
Olympic Cable Car North Tower (93 meters)
Olympic Cable Car South Tower (93 meters)

Aragon Tower (92 meters)
Hilton London Metropole (91 meters)
200 Aldersgate Street (91 meters)
The Central Tower "The Palace of Westminster" (91 meters)
Royal London Hospital South Tower (90 meters)
Altitiude, Aldgate (90 meters)
One Cabot Square (89 meters)
Royal London Hospital North Tower (89 meters)
New London Bridge House “The Place” (88 meters)
6-8 Bishopsgate (88 meters)
Market Towers (88 meters)
5 Canada Square (88 meters)
The Queens Tower (87 meters)
Twenty Gracechurch Street (87 meters)
London Heathrow Airport Control Tower (87 meters)
Westminster Cathedral (87 meters)

Streamlight “Alberta Tower” (85 meters)
Lots Road Power Station (85 meters)
StMary Abbots Church (85 meters)
London Television Centre “Kent House” (85 meters)
The Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum (84 meters)
Balfron Tower (84 meters)
Moor House (84 meters)
Neo Bankside Pavilion C (83 meters)
Shearsmith House (82 meters)
No.1 Croydon (82 meters)
St. Pancras Chambers (82 meters)
Pioneer Point South (82 meters)
Marble Arch Tower (82 meters)
Seagar Distillery Tower (82 meters)
The Tower, Tabard Square (82 meters)
125 London Wall (82 meters)
The Athena Building (82 meters)
30 Crown Place (81 meters)
One Commercial Street (81 meters) –work due to start again this month
Eagle House (81 meters) – Topped out, though on hold. No cladding.
25 Cabot Square (81 meters)
Tolworth Tower (81 meters)
Lewisham House (80 meters)
25 The North Colonnade (80 meters)
Peregrine House (80 meters)
Wembley Point (80 meters)
Aldgate Union (79 meters)
Union Jack Club South Tower (79 meters)
St George’s House (79 meters)
Wharfside Point South (79 meters)
Altitude 25 (79 meters)
Maydew House (78 meters)
Daubeney Tower [Pepys Estate] (78 meters)
Eddystone Tower [Pepys Estate] (78 meters)
Elektron Tower (78 meters)
University College London Hospital (78 meters)
Lewey House (78 meters)
Discovery Dock East (77 meters)
St. Augustine’s Church (77 meters)
Whitgift Centre Tower (77 meters)
Taberner House (77 meters)
Belvedere Tower (77 meters)
Draper House (77 meters pinnacle height. 75 meters roof height.)
Goodmans Fields (76 meters)
6 New Street Square (76 meters)
Quadrant House (76 meters)
Westminster City Hall (76 meters)
Keybridge House (76 meters)
The ARK (76 meters)
240 Blackfriars Road (76 meters – Clarification needed. Skyscraper news reports 80 meters, 65 meters also reported) – Currently site preparation taking place.
New Court Rothschild Building (75 meters)
Exchange Tower (75 meters)
One Tower Bridge (75 meters)
Great West Quarter (75 meters)
Nightingale Heights (75 meters)
Norland House (75 meters)
Poynter House (75 meters)
Stebbing House (75 meters)
Berkeley Tower (75 meters)
88 Wood Street (75 meters)
The Royal Courts of Justice (75 meters)
Charring Cross Hospital Main Building (75 meters)
Hackworth Point (75 meters)
Mallard Point (75 meters)
Priestman Point (75 meters)
Vermilion “Rathbone Market” (74 meters)
Avant Garde, Shoreditch (74 meters)

10 Cabot Square (74 meters)
Michael Cliffe House (74 meters)
No. 1 Minster Court (74 meters)
Dashwood (73 meters)
4 Mastmaker Road Tower (73 meters)
Winterton House (73 meters)
Perspective (73 meters)
The Panoramic (73 meters)
Parkside (72 meters)
179-359 Glyndon Road (72 meters)
46-224 Elmley Street (72 meters)
Hastings House (72 meters)
Claymill House (72 meters)
Elliston House (72 meters)
Kelson House (72 meters)
Sporle Court (72 meters)
Flagstaff House [St George Wharf] (72 meters)
Leon House (71 meters)
Christ Church Spitalfields (71 meters)
GSK House (71 meters)
20 Canada Square (71 meters)
Albon House(71 meters)
Edwyn House (71 meters)
Knowles House (71 meters)
5 Aldermanbury Square (71 meters)
20 Churchill Place (71 meters)
Totteridge House (70 meters)
Windsor House (70 meters)
Grampian House (70 meters)
Mendip House (70 meters)
Pennine House (70 meters)
Boulton House (70 meters)
Cornish House (70 meters)
Fraser House (70 meters)
Harvey House (70 meters)
Maudsley House (70 meters)
Wicksteed House (70 meters)
33 Cavendish Square (70 meters)
5 Broadgate, UBS HQ (69 meters)
Proton Tower [Elektron] (69 meters)
Neutron Tower [Elektron (69 meters)
City Tower (69 meters)
140 London Wall (69 meters)
All Saints Church (69 meters)
St. Alphage House (69 meters)
St Bride’s Church (69 meters)
Westminster Abbey (69 meters)

Ebenezer House (69 meters)
Fairford House (69 meters)
Hurley House (69 meters)
New Zealand House (69 meters)
91 Waterloo Road (69 meters)
30 The North Colonnade (68 meters)
15 Canada Square (68 meters)
5 Churchill Place (68 meters)
Petticoat Tower (68 meters)
Sudbury House (68 meters)
Tarling Heights (68 meters)
One Stratford (68 meters)
Global Switch House (68 meters)
St Mary-le-Bow Church (68 meters)
20 Bank Street (68 meters)
Plantation Place (68 meters)
One America Square (67 meters)
Grenfell Tower (67 meters)
Triton Court (67 meters)
New Scotland Yard (67 meters)
St. Mary’s Stoke Newington (67 meters)
The Quadrangle (67 meters)
Marylebone Hall (67 meters)
Alexandra Palace Transmitter (67 meters)
Burnham (67 meters)
Taplow (67 meters)
Bray (67 meters)
Dorney (67 meters)
Luxborough Tower (67 meters)
Central Criminal Court (67 meters)
Caslemaine Tower (67 meters)
The Icon (66 meters)
Ferrier Point (66 meters)
Suleymaniye Mosque (66 meters)
IYLO (66 meters)
21 Wapping Lane, Tower Hamlets (66 meters)

South Quay Plaza 3 (66 meters)
Drapers Gardens (66 meters)
Hatton House (66 meters)
Dennison Point (66 meters)
James Riley Point (66 meters)
Lund Point (66 meters)
Brittany Point (66 meters)
Ryland House (66 meters)
Glastonbury House (66 meters)
338 Euston Road (66 meters)
Hawke Tower (65 meters)
20 Cabot Square (65 meters)
No. 2 Minster Court (65 meters)
Exchange House (65 meters)
Royal Lancaster Hotel (65 meters)
64 Buckingham Gate (65 meters)
Milton House (65 meters)
Church of St. John the Divine (65 meters)
Hide Tower (65 meters)
Seaton Point (65 meters)
Tate Modern Extension (64 meters)
Hilton Docklands (64 meters)
Montevetro (64 meters)
Henniker Point (64 meters)
Apollo House (64 meters)
Lunar House (64 meters)
Holden Point (64 meters)
Bowsprit Point (64 meters)
Knighthead Point (64 meters)
Midship Point (64 meters)
Topmast Point (64 meters)
Kelvedon House (64 meters)
Rundell Tower (64 meters)
Coniston House (64 meters)
Crossmount House (64 meters)
Kevan House (64 meters)
Laird House (64 meters)
Otterburn House (64 meters)
Chealsea Reach Tower (64 meters)
Greaves Tower (64 meters)
Senate House (64 meters)
Evergreen House (64 meters)
280 Bishopsgate (64 meters)
Peterborough Court (64 meters)
St. Giles Camberwell (64 meters)
Neo Bankside Pavilion B (64 meters)
201 Bishopsgate (63 meters)
Southern House (63 meters)
Methodist Central Hall (63 meters)
Clare House (63 meters)
Burne House (63 meters)
Blashford (63 meters)
5 Merchant Square (63 meters)
Bezier Towers (63 meters)
St. Botophs (63 meters)
50 Bank Street (62 meters)
Spire House (62 meters)
Stubbs Point (62 meters)
4 Mastmaker Road Tower 2 (62 meters)
30 The South Colonnade (62 meters)
Printer House (62 meters)
Arden House (62 meters)
Beckett House (62 meters)
Holland Rise House (62 meters)
Denning Point (62 meters)
Edrich House (62 meters)
Trinity Tower (62 meters)
58 Fenchurch Street (62 meters)
Berkeley House (62 meters)
Grafton House (62 meters)
Luke House (62 meters)
Amesbury Tower (62 meters)
Durrington Tower (62 meters)
Regina Point (62 meters)
Columbia Point (62 meters)
Selworth House (62 meters)
Sparkford House (62 meters)
The Monument (62 meters)
Cormorant House (62 meters)
Curlew House (62 meters)
Kestrel House (62 meters)
Merlin House (62 meters)
Regent’s Place NEQ Office Building (61 meters)
Godfrey House (61 meters)
Ingram House (61 meters)
Sandall House (61 meters)
Wilmer House (61 meters)
One Osnaburgh Street (61 meters)
Walbrook House (61 meters)
Moreton Tower (61 meters)
Rufford Tower (61 meters)
Bacton Tower (61 meters)
Braithwaite Tower (61 meters)
Hall Tower (61 meters)
Parsons House (61 meters)
Brinklow House (61 meters)
Oversley House (61 meters)
Polesworth House (61 meters)
Gaydon House (61 meters)
Princethorpe House (61 meters)
Wilmcote House (61 meters)
Dunedin House (61 meters)
Queensland House (61 meters)
Westland House (61 meters)
Royal Free Hospital (61 meters)
Christ Church Kennington (61 meters)
St. Matthias’ Church (61 meters)

No. 25 Porchester Place (61 meters)
Gordon House (61 meters)
Charles Dickens House (61 meters)
College Point (61 meters)
Jay Court (61 meters)
Albert Bigg Point (61 meters)
Aubry Moore Point (61 meters)
Brassett Point (61 meters)
David Lee Point (61 meters)
Casby house (61 meters)
Lupin Point (61 meters)
Ilford Building (61 meters)
20 Eastbourne Terrace (61 meters)
British Standards House (61 meters)
Orion House (61 meters)
Holy Trinity Roehampton (61 meters)
Brompton Oratory (61 meters)

Oxygen Apartments (61 meters)
St. Margaret Pattens (61 meters)
Olympic Cable Car Support Tower (60 meters)

Compton House (60 meters)
Cranmer House (60 meters)
Macey House (60 meters)
Whitgift House (60 meters)
Ward Point (60 meters)
Turnpike House (60 meters)
Thaxted Court (60 meters)
Brodick House (60 meters)
Lanterns Court Building C (60 meters)
International Press Centre (60 meters)
155 Bishopsgate (60 meters)
135 Bishopsgate (60 meters)
175 Bishopsgate (60 meters)
Kew Bridge Water Tower (60 meters)
The Tower Building (60 meters)
Westminster Tower (60 meters)
Sivill House (59 meters)
Archway Tower (59 meters)
Casterbridge (59 meters)
Mary Green (59 meters)
Snowman House (59 meters)
Cascades (59 meters)
Capital House (59 meters)
No.3 Minster Court (59 meters)
Hamilton House (59 meters)
Drake House (59 meters)
Falcon Wharf (59 meters)
SeaCon Tower (59 meters)
Elmslie Point (59 meters)
Eland House (59 meters)
Dixon House (58 meters)
Markland House (58 meters)
Frinstead House (58 meters)
Whitstable House (58 meters)
One London Wall (58 meters)
St. Leonard’s Church (58 meters)
Gaumont Tower (58 meters)
Blue Fin Building (58 meters)
New Providence Wharf (58 meters)
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Building (58 meters)
Natural History Museum (58 meters)
Eighty9 Albert Embankment (58 meters)
Shell Mex House (58 meters)
Keyham House (58 meters)
Shepherds Court (58 meters)
Peel Centre One (58 meters)
Battersea Reach Tower A (58 meters)
Fitzgerald House (58 meters)
Northwood Tower (57 meters)
Bush Court (57 meters)
Discovery Dock West (57 meters)
Dalehead (57 meters)
Gillfoot (57 meters)
Oxenholme (57 meters)
Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel (57 meters)
Church of St. John of Jerusalem (57 meters)
Barton House (57 meters)
40 Melton Street (57 meters)
Novotel London Euston (57 meters)
Mercury House (57 meters)
Alaska Apartments (57 meters)
Coral Apartments (57 meters)
Centre Point (56 meters)
East Point (56 meters)
West Point (56 meters)
Beaufort House (56 meters)
St. Martin-in-the-Fields (56 meters)
Church of St. Magnus the Martyr (56 meters)

South Point (56 meters)
Palestra (56 meters)
Burwash House (56 meters)
Simla House (56 meters)
Waverton House (56 meters)
Finsbury Tower (56 meters)
50 Queen Anne’s Gate (56 meters)
Church of St. Steven with St. John (56 meters)
Roseford Court (56 meters)
Woodford Court (56 meters)
Lulworth (56 meters)
Waterside House (56 meters)
Christ Church Forest Hill (56 meters)
Meridian House (56 meters) – Old Greenwich Town Hall Building

Blantyre Tower (56 meters)
Gayton House (56 meters)
Sleaford House (56 meters)
Nido London North Tower (56 meters)
Marlowe House (56 meters)
Whitcombe Point (55 meters)
Broadgate West Phase 2 (55 meters)
Metro Central Heights Block B (55 meters)
Impact House (55 meters)
Braithwaite House (55 meters)
Greenwich Power Station (55 meters)
Bezier Tower 2 (55 meters)
St. Andrew’s Church (55 meters)
Ambleside Point (55 meters)
Grasmere Point (55 meters)
Windermere Point (55 meters)
Vogan’s Mill (55 meters)
Sheraton Park Tower (55 meters)
Caucer House (55 meters)
Carolyn House (55 meters)
Paddington Green Police Station (55 meters)
Whitgift Centre West (55 meters)
Baltic Quay (55 meters)
Christ Church Southgate (55 meters)
St. Dunstan in the East (55 meters)

Grange Court (55 meters)
Landmark Heights (55 meters)
Citizen House (55 meters)
Hind House (55 meters)
Lillington house (55 meters)
Clifton Court (55 meters)
Talbot House (55 meters)
Charles Gardiner Court (55 meters)
Kestrel House (55 meters)
11-90 Kilburn Square (55 meters)
10 Exchange Square (55 meters)
Ennerdale House (55 meters)
Delta Point (55 meters)
Kenley (54 meters)
Northolt (54 meters)
Telehouse West (54 meters)
52-58 Commercial Road East Tower (54 meters)
Renaissance London Chancery Court Hotel (54 meters)
Church of St. Jude-on-the-Hill (54 meters)

Putney Wharf Tower (54 meters)
The Tower “Brown & Root House, Lion Tower, Apex Tower” (54 meters)
City Place House (54 meters)
Denton (54 meters)
Bucklebury (54 meters)
Kestrel House (54 meters)
Bridge House (54 meters)
Bishops Square (54 meters)
Sirinham Point (54 meters)
Bannerman House (54 meters)
Broadgate Court (54 meters)
Campden Hill Tower (54 meters)
55 Broadway (54 meters)
Ashburnham Tower (54 meters)
Berenger Tower (54 meters)
Dartrey Tower (54 meters)
Whistler Tower (54 meters)
Erkington Point (53 meters)
The View (53 meters)
82 West India Dock Road (53 meters)
Baltimore Wharf Building 9 (53 meters)
Apex Tower (53 meters)
CI Tower (53 meters)
Albert Memorial (53 meters)
Gambier House (53 meters)
Lancresse Court (53 meters)
Portelet Court (53 meters)
Rozel Court (53 meters)
Easedale House (53 meters)
Haweswater House (53 meters)
Thirlmere House (53 meters)
Windermere House (53 meters)
Welshpool House (53 meters)
Travelodge London High Holborn (53 meters)
Baltimore Wharf Building 7 (53 meters)
The Economist Building (53 meters)
Stellar House (53 meters)
Jepson House (53 meters)
City Tower (53 meters)
Crown House (53 meters)
Olympic Stadium (53 meters)
5 New Street Square (53 meters)
Pauline House (53 meters)
New Roman House North Block (52 meters)
6 Bevis Marks (52 meters)

Hilton London Metropole Addition (52 meters)
Herne Hill House (52 meters)
Park View House (52 meters)
Bredgar House (52 meters)
Kemsley House (52 meters)
Malling House (52 meters)
Bateman House (52 meters)
Brawne House (52 meters)
Cornish House (52 meters)
Crude House (52 meters)
Prescott House (52 meters)
Walters House (52 meters)
BBC Television Centre East Tower (52 meters)
1 Stephen Street (52 meters)
Church of St. Michael and All Angels (52 meters)
Shelley House (52 meters)
Edith Summerskill House (52 meters)
Herbert Morrison House (52 meters)
1-70 Thornham Street (52 meters)
King William Street (52 meters)
Church of Christ the Saviour (52 meters)
Balmoral Apartments (52 meters)
St. Andrew’s United Reformed Church (52 meters)
1-47 The Water Gardens (52 meters)
102-156 The Water Gardens (52 meters)
201-254 The Water Gardens (52 meters)
Albert Barnes House (52 meters)
Hannibal House (52 meters)
London College of Communication (52 meters)
Glenkerry House (52 meters)
Reuters Technical Services Centre (52 meters)
Kemp House (52 meters)
Edinburgh House (52 meters)
Falkirk House (52 meters)
Glasgow House (52 meters)
The Barbican YMCA (52 meters)
1 Kemble Street (52 meters)
St. James’s Muswell Hill (52 meters)
Union Chapel (52 meters)
4 Merchant Square (52 meters)
Nelson’s Column (52 meters)
Caledonian Park Clock Tower (52 meters)

Eagle Heights (51 meters)
Osprey Heights (51 meters)
St. Thomas’ Hospital East Wing (51 meters)
Kingston College (51 meters)
Linacre Court (51 meters)
Canary Quarter Block B (51 meters)
St. Pancras Church (51 meters)
Capstan House (51 meters)
Anchorage House (51 meters)
Milton Gate (51 meters)
259 City Road (51 meters)
Taylor Place (51 meters)
Ten Trinity Square (51 meters)
Barrier Point Tower (51 meters)
Belham House (51 meters)
No.1 London Bridge (51 meters)
Lloyds Chambers (51 meters)
Western Pumping Station Chimney (51 meters)
Lanterns Court Building B (51 meters)
The Combe (51 meters)
Austen House (51 meters)
Bronte Hose (51 meters)
Dickens House (51 meters)
Fielding House (51 meters)
Gloucester House (51 meters)
Hereford House (51 meters)
Parkside House (51 meters)
Great Arthur House (51 meters)
Salamanca Tower (50 meters)
Ludgate House (50 meters)
Broadgate West Phase 1 (50 meters)
Oatfield House (50 meters)
Twyford House (50 meters)
Valiant House (50 meters)
Latham House (50 meters)
Queen Mary Court (50 meters)
King William court (50 meters)

Stockholm House (50 meters)
Birrell House (50 meters)
The International Hotel (50 meters)
Bassett House (50 meters)
Denmow House (50 meters)
Ingrave House (50 meters)
Kenneth Robbins House (50 meters)
Barnes House (50 meters)
Basing House (50 meters)
Lexham house (50 meters)
Colne House (50 meters)
Mersea house (50 meters)
Peverel House (50 meters)
Hawkwell House (50 meters)
Laburnum House (50 meters)
Brinkley (50 meters)
Childerley (50 meters)
Graveley (50 meters)
Madingley (50 meters)
Highview House (50 meters)
Thaxted House (50 meters)
Dylan Thomas House (50 meters)
Cockpen House Redevelopment (50 meters)
William Blake House (50 meters)
171 Victoria Street (50 meters)
Park Plaza County Hall (50 meters)
Vitro (50 meters)
St John’s Notting Hill (50 meters)
Riverside House (50 meters)
One Embankment Place (50 meters)
St. Mary Islington (50 meters)
The Pagoda, Kew Gardens (50 meters)

Southwark Cathedral (50 meters)
Holborn Police Station (50 meters)
St James’ Piccadilly (50 meters)

the list would be doubled if on hold and proposed towers were included. thank you CoreRising
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Originally Posted by PortoNuts View Post
Kidbrooke Regeneration - Greenwhich

image hosted on flickr
i haven't heard anything about this project, is it already completed? seems like a massive construction site tho
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Apr 14, 2012 12:24 PM GMT

U.K. Air Traffic Head Faults London Airport Plan, Guardian Says

A proposed airport in the Thames estuary would be in the 'very worst spot' for the south-east's crowded airspace, according to the boss of Britain's air traffic control service. Richard Deakin, chief executive of the National Air Traffic Services (Nats), said there were 'serious challenges' in working more planes into an already busy flight path. He added that the architects who unveiled plans for the £50bn ($80bn) project last November had not even asked air traffic control about the feasibility of the airport. The scheme is expected to cost between £50billion and £70billion ($110bn). The airport would have four runways, with space to build two more.

The stinging attack on plans for the 'floating' airport from Britain's most senior air traffic chief will add to growing calls it to be scrapped. Deakin said that the Thames estuary airport - dubbed the 'Boris Island' after London Mayor Boris Johnson - would be built under flight paths for four of London's five airports. These include Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Luton and London City.'We're a little surprised that none of the architects thought it worthwhile to have a little chat,' Mr Deakin told the Guardian. The plans by architects Foster and Partners were revealed in January and would make the airport the biggest in Britain.

Mr Deakin said that the majority of flight paths criss-crossed the direct spot where the Estuary airport is planned. This would lead to more traffic jams in the air. Planes arriving and departing airports must follow strict flight paths. If the skies are congested the planes must circle before there is a slot in the sky. He added that in addition to the risk of planes being hit by birds in the wetands, there would also be competition for air space from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. More flights would then be forced to circle overhead for longer.

Mr Deakin said that even though the Estuary airport was possible it would go against plans in the aviation industry to conserve fuel by shortening flight times. He called for a third runway to be built at Heathrow. 'The single biggest thing we could do to reduce CO2 in the UK is to build a third runway at Heathrow,' he said. 'Heathrow holding is not about airspace - it's about lack of tarmac. I'm very confident that (a third runway) would eliminate all the holding patterns in one go.'

The Coalition agreement signed between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in 2010 banned any extra airports. However, there is growing pressure from BAA, the flight industry and from Tory ministers for Britain to increase its air capacity. David Cameron has even signalled his intention to increase the number of flights coming in and out of the UK either by expanding Heathrow or building anew airport. One of the most likely options is the 'Boris Island'. The Government aviation review is currently looking at the project after George Osborne announced in the Budget that Britain needed to ‘confront the lack of airport capacity’ in the South East of England.

The £50billion airport would be built on an artificial island made of landfill and would be capable of handling 150 million passengers annually - or 300,000 passengers a day - making it Britain’s main international hub.
Having initalliy ruled out a third runway at Heathrow after opposition from locals and environmental groups, the Government is ‘increasingly interested’ in the idea.

Mr Johnson has also praised separate designs by architect Lord Foster for a £50billion airport on a sparse strip of land on the Isle of Grain in Kent, which juts out into the estuary. Environmental campaigners have criticised the plans for the damage they could do to rare wildlife in the estuary, as well as adding to Britain's CO2 emissions. The Government has also signalled that plans for a controversial third runway at Heathrow are 'back on the table'.

The Chancellor has refused to rule out expanding Britain's biggest airport because he believes it is key to our 'hub status' and essential to Britain's economic future. Earlier this month a report suggested that the UK economy will suffer by up to £8.5billion per year over the next decade if Heathrow does not undergo significant expansion. A Department for Transport spokesman said: 'In the summer we will consult on an overarching sustainable framework for UK aviation and alongside this we will publish a call for evidence on maintaining effective UK hub airport connectivity. The coalition's position regarding Heathrow has not changed.'
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The view from top of the X-Box Tower

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CITY OF CRANES (credit: potto)

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Virginia Quay development approved by LTGDC
April 13, 2012

A much maligned proposal for a 12 storey development in the heart of Poplar was approved at the second attempt by London Thames Gateway Development Corporation.

Objectors turned out in force at Stratford Town Hall at Thursday's meeting but the scheme was unanimously voted through.

At a previous hearing, plans for the 26 unit Virginia Quay construction - which nearby residents say takes up valuable open space and is counter to a previous agreement - was voted against by members of the LTGDC planning committee four to three, contrary to officers' advice.

Thursday night's meeting was originally to formulate a legal argument to scrap the proposal, until applicant Cube Developments made minor changes to the plans.

A 21-day consultation was then held in which Tower Hamlets Council voted unanimously for the second time not to support the plans.

However, members of the LTGDC - which is the planning body for the proposal as the scheme is over a certain height and faces the Thames - rejected the council's views and instead followed their officers' advice to pass through the new plans.

Blackwall and Cubit Town councillor Peter Golds, who spoke out against the proposal at Thursday's meeting, said of the decision: "It's very disappointing. There's 1,000 homes due to be affected by this and 800 signed the petition against it. You never see a political campaign like this get 80 per cent support."

Protestors were also angered by the fact the proposal was being decided on by the LTGDC, which is due to be scrapped later this year.

Objectors held up placards during the meeting urging members not to pass through the scheme.

Many also funded a report from a QC which supported their case.

Following the vote, Cliff Prior, one of the residents leading the campaign against the proposal, warned the decision could have consequences for other communities in east London.

He said: "What this decision says is anybody who lives on estate in this area could have another development placed in front of them whatever previous agreements had been made."

Defending the decision, chair of the LTGDC's planning board Cllr Conor McAuley said the applicant had met the committee's concerns in its revised plans and added this made it a "much better scheme".

"Converting all one bedroom units into two bedroom units brings the development into line with local council and London wide policies on size standards," he said in a statement released by LTGDC on Friday morning.

"Similar amendments have seen the provision of balcony space comply with existing guidance and other concerns relating to access, sunlight and over development have been addressed.

"The committee considered whether there were strong planning grounds for refusal and concluded correctly that there were not.

"To have decided in any other way would have resulted in the wilful squandering of public money in legal costs at appeal where defeat would be inevitable."

He added: "To the disappointment of the objectors to the scheme I have to tell them that our decision was informed solely by an assessment of the application against existing planning policy, including those developed by Tower Hamlets Council.

"The fact that council officers have made clear that they consider the scheme acceptable provides confirmation that our assessment of it against existing policy was consistent and correct."

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Financial Times

Heathrow night flights proposed

A380 super-jumbos could be allowed to land at Heathrow for more than 20 hours a day under plans being considered by ministers.

Emirates Airline hopes to bypass restrictions on night flights by landing its A380 airbuses — the world’s largest passenger airliners — at steeper angles to protect homes from jet-engine noise. The airline wants permission to fly in and out until 1am every day, restarting flights after 4am.

Tough restrictions are in place on night flights, with only 16 allowed at the airport, the majority of which arrive and depart between 4.15am and 6am. Campaigners today warned that around 500,000 people who live near Heathrow are already affected by night flights and that steeper approaches would not help the problem.

However, Emirates believes that it could increase the number of daily flights from London to Dubai from five to seven using the new take-off and landing methods. If allowed, it could allow Heathrow — which is operating at nearly full capacity — to increase flight numbers despite continued opposition to a third runway.

Tim Clark, Emirates Airline’s president, told the Financial Times: “If you can demonstrate the noise profile is much quieter, why not look at that as a means of growing capacity at constrained hub airports?”

Emirates estimates that the steeper descents into the airport could reduce the impact from jet engine noise by between 15 and 20 per cent.

The planes would fly into Heathrow at a 5.5-degree angle, rather than the usual three degrees. Aircraft would also land a kilometre further along the runways, meaning that they would be further from homes near the airport.

John Stewart, of campaign group HACAN clearskies, said: “At night, there is no such thing as a quiet plane. A new landing approach will not mean fewer people being affected by noise.

“It seems that they are using the fact that the A380 is a bit quieter to try to get this through, but I don’t think they’ll get away with it. Night flights are so controversial. It’s almost impossible to see a minister authorising any more night flights.”

Last month, the Government said it would keep existing night flying restrictions at the airport until 2014 but would consult on the issue this year.

A Department for Transport spokesman said: “We will launch a first-stage consultation this year which will seek detailed evidence, and we welcome any contributions to this debate.”

Any change to the permitted 480,000 annual flights allowed at Heathrow would need a planning application to be submitted by airport owner BAA.

Both Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone today said they would oppose moves to increase night flights.
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by cybertect (14/04)

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1 Commercial St | Aldgate | 84m | 21 fl | U/C (by corerising)

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New £60million Olympic cable car set to give tourists stunning views over London

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/ar...#ixzz1s3iqioRF

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- edit
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Boris Johnson unveils plans to support just 58 new houses in Haringey with £108m cash pot
Thursday 12th April 2012

London Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to support just 58 new houses in Haringey despite sitting on £108million designated to helping building projects.

The cash pot, which was unveiled in his nine-point plan outlining the future of the city if he is re-elected on May 3, is reserved to help construction projects in London.

The money, if elected, will be used to help unlock stalled building projects in London which have already been granted planning permission.

A total of 2,712 houses in London boroughs of Haringey, Bromley, Wandsworth, Hillingdon, Enfield, Barnet, Hounslow, Hackney, Brent, Lewisham, Southwark and Croydon could be built with the money.

The borough of Lewisham could benefit from 461 new homes if Mr Johnson is re-elected and 405 houses are proposed to boost the housing numbers in Brent.

However, at this stage, the cash will support less than 60 homes being built Haringey.

The proposals, which are yet to be confirmed, include building the properties in Hale Village, which is a site set on the old GLS depot between Tottenham Hale Station and the Lea Valley Navigation.

Hale Village, which is expected to be completed next year, will comprise of 1,200 new homes.

The properties will be a mixture of private homes, shared ownership, student flats and social housing.

The new houses will be built by contractors Hale Village Properties LLP.

Bids for the money were assessed by the Homes and Communities Agency, which was in charge of deciding which projects in London were the most likely to be delivered while offering the best value for money.

The bids for the schemes will continue to be assessed by the agency before the contracts are signed.

The Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “This programme offers us a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the delivery of desperately needed new homes and provide a real boost for jobs in the construction industry.

“As well as driving economic growth these sites have all been identified as having the potential to create stronger and thriving communities to live in.”
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Dutch firm working with PLP on City Road tower

UN Studios and PLP’s plans for a 30 storey tower on 259 City Road in central London have been approved by Islington Council.

The project – UN Studio’s first in the UK - will include one and two-bedroom apartments, a restaurant, swimming pool, health club, media room and 78 parking spaces.

Ben van Berkel, principal architect, said: “The detailing and contrasting materials on the façade and the balconies of the City Road Tower play a key role in the identity of the building and are, in fact, borrowed from furniture design.

“This is an approach which we more typically apply to designs for smaller private houses. However, following extensive research into the potential for extending durability and maintenance we were able to create unexpected material variations on a larger scale.”

Initial consent for a tower on the site, masterplanned by Bennetts Associates, won planning in 2006.
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That Greenwich regen project looks massive!! What is it? first I have heard of it!!
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Also, anyone know which is the tower going up near Euston?
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Originally Posted by LondonFox View Post
That Greenwich regen project looks massive!! What is it? first I have heard of it!!
it is a massive regeneration project for the Kidbrooke Village and the cost is expected more than £1bn.


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more pics here by SE9

Kidbrooke Regeneration

Phase 3
Village Centre SE3

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The second pic down is Manchester
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development, england, london, united kingdom

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