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Originally Posted by Blocked ID View Post
I hope you guys have better luck with rail transit, than we've had here in the Triangle. We've had commuter/light rail plans sitting on the shelf for 20 years, and they're only now starting to gain real traction. (Just in time for King McCrory's state government to sabotage them, with that every other year elections bill.)
It's a hard sell, but the proposal in Winston-Salem seems like it may actually happen. There is still a lot of public opposition as with most rail projects in the South.
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Originally Posted by WeimieLvr View Post
It's a hard sell, but the proposal in Winston-Salem seems like it may actually happen. There is still a lot of public opposition as with most rail projects in the South.
I'd say you're probably right, the proposal is much less ambitious than the ones for the Triangle, (2 LRT lines, commuter rail, and doubled bus service) so I'd say it has a better chance. But I'm optimistic for transit in the Triangle as well, Paul Coble (our resident anti-Agenda 21 activist, and Wake County commissioner) seems to becoming more pro-transit, now that he is faced with a popular Democrat who is running on a Transit-oriented platform in the next election; and recently he voted for hiring a transit consultant to update the Wake transit plan, (for like the fourth time) which will be complete by the next time we have the opportunity to vote on a sales-tax. (2016 [thanks McCrory]) In the meantime, the Orange-Durham line of the LRT system is moving forward, and if Wake approves that tax in 2016 we can probably expect the commuter rail system to be running in the early 2020s. But in the mean time, I can hop on a bus every hour..
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I'm unsticking this thread as we've been asked to trim the stickies. Updates are much appreciated as always.
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Bridging the Future


Bridging the Future

Posted: Friday, August 28, 2015 12:15 am
By Michael Breedlove
It’s just a one-mile stretch of highway, consisting of a few lanes, exit ramps, and nearly a dozen overpasses. But it’s a road that’s been the catalyst for countless meetings, proposals, and out-of-the-box ideas—and one that could serve as the defining image of Winston-Salem for decades to come.
“We’ve been talking about this [project] for eight years,” says Lee French. “To me, it represents a generational moment of truth. It’s our chance to make a grand statement about who we are as a community.”
The project he’s referring to is Creative Corridors, an ambitious initiative which aims to add some artistic oomph to a stretch of Business 40 that’s set to close for a multiyear renovation. French, board chairman of the Creative Corridors Coalition (CCC), adds that the project could be a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”
Starting next year, the North Carolina DOT will begin implementing a four-year, $90 million renovation project along a one-mile section of Business 40 through downtown. By 2018, the freeway will be completely closed from Peters Creek Parkway to U.S. 52 as crews complete the overhaul. The roadway will be repaved, entrance ramps will be lengthened or eliminated, and 11 aging bridges will be replaced. The overriding goal is to streamline traffic and improve conditions along the nearly 60-year-old highway.
Of course, all of that was going to happen with or without the Creative Corridors project, as the state is footing the bill for the basic highway improvements—all of which should be completed by 2020. But French and others realized the project presented an opportunity to make artistic enhancements along the freeway—“grand gestures,” as he calls them. And thus, the Creative Corridors Coalition was born.
Organized by the Arts Council of WS/FC and the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership, the group held its first official meeting in 2009. “Our prevailing thought was, ‘Hey, if we’re going to spend $200 million on roadways anyway, why not build something incredible?” says French. “To me, doing nothing is unacceptable.”
After holding a number of public-input meetings, Creative Corridors decided to focus its attention on six priority projects (detailed in this article). This includes the beautification of three bridges that cross Business 40—the Peters Creek Parkway Bridge, the Green Street Bridge, and the Strollway Bridge—along with streetscape betterments along Business 40 and MLK Jr. Drive.
These betterments don’t come free, however—hence Creative Corridors’ goal to raise around $5.2 million in donations to help pay for the projects. These donations will be used in correlation with several state and federal grants as well as $3 million in bond money that city voters approved last fall.
CCC will hold a capital campaign starting this month in hopes of raising the additional $5.2 million (or so) needed to complete the project. (The project will cost around $15 million total, but $10 million of that has already been identified through public sources.)
In addition to the capital campaign, the group is talking to major donors and has already secured some: $250,000 from the John and Anna Hanes Foundation, $200,000 from the James G. Hanes Memorial Fund, and $100,000 from an anonymous donor.
Currently, the group’s three bridge designs and other beautication projects are being studied by the DOT to determine the cost delta (i.e. the differential to construct “enhanced” roads and bridges versus what a standard road or bridge would cost.) The cost estimations are based on CCC-funded engineering studies; they’ll know the actual estimates for the project later this year once state transportation officials are finished reviewing the project.
French breaks down the process step by step: “In order for this to become reality, a few things need to happen. First, the DOT will get the cost differential to build the enhanced bridges. Then they’ll present the amount to the City Council and say, ‘Here’s the cost; do you want us to build these enhanced bridges? And if so, are you going to pay us the cost difference?’ The City Council will then turn to Creative Corridors and say, ‘Are you guys willing to cover the cost differential (estimated at $5.2 million)?’ It will then be up to us to bridge the financial gap.”
State officials say they’ll need an answer soon from the city on how many of the CCC improvements to make. They have to have the designs ready for the construction bid on the project to be awarded next summer.
Excitement for the project escalated in July when Creative Corridors held a public-reveal event at Hanesbrands Theatre. In addition to unveiling the design renderings, the event gave the public a chance to meet each of the three bridge designers—Donald MacDonald, Walter Hood, and Larry Kirkland.
“In order to be taken seriously, we knew we needed to bring in world-class talent to design the bridges,” French says. “We have one chance to do these bridges right; why not bring in the best designers in the world?”
The designers were each assigned a different project. Kirkland, a public-art designer from D.C., was assigned the Peters Creek Parkway Bridge. Hood, a landscape architect from California, was assigned the Strollway Bridge. And MacDonald, an architect from San Francisco, was assigned the Green Street Bridge as well as the “Twin Arch” structure on U.S. 52. Each of the designers spent a lot of time in Winston-Salem, studying the landscape and searching for inspiration.
“When you drive though this town at 50 miles per hour, you should come away with an image,” MacDonald said. “I saw these Moravian arches everywhere … I saw [oak] trees without leaves … I saw the domed Wells Fargo building; and I said, ‘I’m going to reinforce those ideas.’”
While the three aforementioned bridges will get special treatment, the remaining eight bridges being reconstructed will have elevated design standards thanks to the CCC Master Plan. Creative Corridors is also calling for aesthetic improvements along Business 40 such as the use of brick instead of standard concrete on the retaining walls. (NOTE: A provision to the N.C. budget might eliminate around $4 million in state aid that was to be used to upgrade the appearance of noise and retaining walls along the highway. Local representatives are now in talks with state officials in hopes of re-securing the $4 million.)
The changes—both logistic and aesthetic—are sorely needed along Business 40, which was built before current freeway standards were in place. Creative Corridors worked alongside the DOT to determine which of the highway’s ramps should remain and which should be eliminated. After holding a series of public meetings, it was determined that Cherry and Marshall Street will become the main access point for downtown. The Broad Street interchange will go away, and the Peters Creek Parkway interchange will be completely redone.
“We will be living with this roadway for the next 70 or so years,” says French. “We might as well get it right. The project is about beautifying and uniting the area as a whole. We can reconnect our city in a way that we haven’t been able to since those roadways were built in the 1950s.”
When viewed as a whole, it’s easy to see why leaders at Creative Corridors think the project is such a no-brainer. It takes what’s essentially a routine paving project and turns it into a world-class statement about who we are as a city—a place of dreamers and doers; a place of cooperators and collaborators; a place that’s unquestionably the ‘city of arts and innovation.’
“It’s a once-in-a lifetime opportunity,” French concludes. “Aside from branding our community to visitors, I think the project will send a message to locals as well. It’s a symbol of what can be done if we all work together. It says, ‘Hey, if we can accomplish this large-scale, wild-eyed project, what can’t we accomplish?’”
Donald MacDonald: One of the world’s leading bridge designers, MacDonald is best known for designing three of the nation’s most noted structures: the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, S.C.; the San Francisco Bay Bridge; and the retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge. He was initially hired to design the Twin Arches and later the Green Street Bridge.
Larry Kirkland: Based in D.C., Kirkland is a nationally revered public-arts designer with expertise in collaborative, multiscale installation artworks. Some of his most notable public-art projects include installations at the American Red Cross Headquarters and New York’s Penn Station. Like MacDonald, he served as a consultant on the CCC Master Plan before designing the Peters Creek Parkway Bridge.
Walter Hood: Renowned landscape designer Walter Hood was born in Charlotte and studied at NC A&T. He now runs a landscape-design firm in California and serves as a professor of landscape design at UC-Berkley. Among his award-winning projects are the MH de Young Museum in San Francisco and the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. He designed the Strollway “Land Bridge” for Creative Corridors.
Other key figures
Christy Turner: A landscape architect with Stimmel Associates, Winston-Salem native Christy Turner was instrumental in applying local insight and knowledge to CCC projects.
Glenn Walters: CCC hired Walters, a project manager with Design Workshop, to lead the public engagement process and to create the master plan and design guidelines.
Kristen Haaf: Kristen Haaf, an environ-mental designer, joined the CCC team last year as project manager. Her primary job is to serve as a liaison between the designers, engineers, DOT, and the CCC board.

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WOW! According to the message, at the top of the screen, I haven't visited since February 10, 2009! I haven't logged-in at all in this decade! Over 7 years! Maybe I can make-up for that, with one massive update. This thread is so far behind and needs a major update! I do miss SSC. This is a great community.

I may have missed a few, but any update is a good update for this thread.

Something worth noting: Since 2014, Winston-Salem (through multiple developers) has worked on constructing around 60 acres of downtown parks. You will see many park proposals and parks under construction. This city also hosts several downtown festivals; sometimes as many as three or four at the same time. The last time I visited, the downtown area had five different festivals/events on that same day. The parks will help provide space for these events and future events.

Credit: WSTB

Prism Tower:
- Architect: Axi:Ome
- Use: Observation Deck & Conference Center
- Color-changing prism-shaped windows
- LED light show at night
- Floors: 28 storeys
- Height: 350 feet tall (106.7 m)

Credit: WSTB

One Research Tower:
- Location: 1 North Research Parkway
- Developer: BioMed Realty / Wexford Equities
- Use: Tech Company Office Space
- Floors: 15-25 storeys (25 storey massing study shown)
- Working on incentives and signing a major "Digital Health" company headquarters (unnamed at this time)

Color-changing LEDs at the Kimpton Hotel:

Credit: STITCH Design Shop

Credit: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Kimpton's The Cardinal Hotel & Residences:
- Hotel Developer: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants LLC
- Residences Developer: PMC Property Group
- Renovation Project Architect - Strada
- Renovation Design Architect - Gensler
- Hotel Room Designer - Theresa Fatino Design
- Restaurant Architect - crème
- Lighting Design - Ohm Lighting
- Height: 329 Feet - 23 Storeys
- Hotel Rooms: 210 (36 Suites)
- Luxury Apartments with Hotel Amenities: 130
- 10th Floor Rooftop Deck for Apartment Residents
- Meeting Spaces on 2nd and 20th Floors
- Shared Amenities: Game lounge, two-lane bowling alley, half-court indoor basketball court, table games, slide, fitness center, and free WiFi
- Bike Storage for Apartment Residents with Bike Pump and Tool Station
- Restaurant: The Katharine Brasserie & Bar : 120 Seat Chef-driven Destination Restaurant and Bar, with outdoor patio space
- Meeting Space: 6,375 square feet, 2 ballrooms, and meeting rooms on the mezzanine level
- Completion: May 10, 2016 (Currently Taking Reservations)

Credit: Walter Robbs

Theatre District Hotel & Condos:
- Architect: Walter Robbs
- Height: 18 storeys
- Hotel Rooms: 160
- Condominiums: 40
- Artist Rental Lofts: 40
- Parking Deck: 450 Spaces
- Retail: 50,000 square feet
- Construction Start: 2017
- Cost: $50 million

500 West Fifth Street:
- Developer: Grubb Properties
- Cost: $35 Million Project
- Retail Square Feet: 40,000
- Office Square Feet: 298,000
- Floors: 21

We only have a rendering of the bridge for RAI's HQ...

Credit: WSTB

Plaza Building (RAI Headquarters) & Retail Galleria:
- General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction
- Architect: Little Diversified
- Size: 450,000+ square feet
- Height: 18 floors
- Use: Office & Retail (Starbucks and a fitness center)
- Amenities: Bridge connecting building to parking deck (rendering above)

Forsyth County Courthouse:
- Locations: 200 East Second Street or 16 West Third Street
- Developer: Forsyth County
- Architect: Walter Robbs
- Size: 320,000 square feet
- Height: Around 9-14 floors? (taller proposals are for Second Street)
- Cost: $120-$130 million (limited obligation bonds)

Ace Hotel at The Roger Stevens Center for the Performing Arts:
- Mixed-use Development, With Residential, Hotel, Retail, and Arts Uses
- Larger Lobby - Atrium - Relocated Elevators (for more room)
- New Theatre Marquee (possible replica of the original 1920s marquee or a replica of the 1930s neon marquee?)
- Theatre Renovation Cost: $27 million

Credit: WSTB

325 North Broad Street:
- Developer: Commercial Realty Advisors
- Architect: ArchSTUDIO7
- Use: Mixed Use (Retail - Office - Apartments)
- Parking: Underground Parking
- Completion: 2019 or earlier
- Height: 9-15 Storeys (employee of the general contractor is source for taller height)

Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites:
- Developer: CN Hotel Group
- General Contractor: Thomas Builders Inc.
- Height: Possibly 7 storeys?
- Hotel Rooms: 119
- Includes Parking Deck & Restaurant
- Site Size: .66 Acres

Credit: GEMCAP

Twin City Lofts:
- Developer: GEMCAP
- Architect: Walter Robbs
- General Contractor: GEMCAP
- Use: 21 Luxury Condominiums and Retail (Retail Tenant is Golds Gym)
- Amenities: 2,500 square foot amenity deck - Golds Gym discount
- Height: 6-storeys (7 total floors)
- Construction Start: January 2016
- Completion: June 2016

Credit: Grubb Properties

Poplar Street Apartments (2 buildings):
- Developer: Grubb Properties
- Cost: $40 million
- Apartments: 343 Units in Two Buildings
- One Building Could Reach 9-storeys?
- Requires Demolition of Security Life & Trust Building (501 West Fourth), Built in 1951
- Both Buildings Will Share Poplar Street Parking Deck
- Square Feet: 500,000+

Credit: David E. Gall

Pepper Building Hotel or Apartments?:
- The owner of this building could be in the process of selling it to a hotel developer? If so, the information below could change!
- Architect: David E. Gall
- Interior Design: Tim McLendon
- Developer: Monarch Capital Ventures
- General Contractor: McCrory Construction
- Residential Units: 54 Micro Apartments
- Construction Cost: $8,075,605
- Retail: Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse (ground floor) / Speakeasy (basement)
- Completion: Late Summer 2017

Credit: JournalNow

Bailey Business Center | Building 23-2: (Bailey Power Plant Development)
- Developer: BioMed Realty Trust
- Architect: Design Collective | Walter Robbs
- Square Feet: 110,800
- Renovation Cost: $40 million
- 45,000 square feet of office space, 10,000 square foot conference space, and 55,800 square feet of retail, including restaurants, a bowling alley, movie theatre, and dance club
- Construction Start: May 2016
- Tenants Move-in: August 2017

Bailey Power Plant Grounds: (Bailey Power Plant Development)
- Developer: BioMed Realty Trust
- Architect: Design Collective | Walter Robbs
- Restaurant-lined elevated boardwalk on former rail lines, ice skating, rock climbing wall, open air market
- Construction Start: May 2016
- Completion: December 2017

Credit: Design Collective

Bailey Power Plant | Building 23-1: (Bailey Power Plant Development)
- Developer: Empire Properties / Empire Eats
- Square Feet: 30,000 to 40,000
- Tenants: The Pit Winston-Salem BBQ Restaurant & Bar, other restaurants to be named later
- Construction Start: Late Spring 2016
- Completion: December 2017

Bailey Power Plant Morris Building: (Bailey Power Plant Development)
- The information for this building could be old/outdated!
- Developer: Black Pine Development
- Architect: West & Stem
- Square Feet: Unknown
- Uses: Restaurant, Grocery Store, Office Space & Events Center

Credit: Linville | Team

Notra Office Building
- Architect: STITCH Design Shop
- Use: Retail & Office
- Height: 4-storeys
- Amenities: 4th floor observation deck

Credit: Neighboring Concepts Architecture

757 North:
- Developer: Laurel Street
- Residential Units: 135
- Parking is under the apartments
- Residential: 96,000 Square Feet

Chatham Manufacturing Adaptive Reuse:
- Developer: Belmont Sayre
- General Contractor: Landmark Builders
- Architect: Tise Kiester Architects
- Square Feet: 350,000
- Office Space: 60,000 Square Feet
- Residential Units: 166 Apartments
- Has Retail Spaces
- Cost: $40 million

Credit: JournalNow

Brookstown District @ BB&T Ballpark:
- Architect: Wakefield Beasley & Associates / Dwell Design Studio
- Developer: Brand Properties
- Three Phase Project
- Office Space: 300,000 square feet
- Retail Space: 300,000 square feet
- Downtown Grocery Store - The Fresh Market?
- Residential Units: 580 luxury flats
- First Phase Construction Start: October 2016
- Second Phase Construction Start: October 2017
- Completion: First Phase December 2017
- Cost: $186 million
- Possible $54 million Fourth Phase? ($240 million total investment)

Design of hotel is likely to change...

Credit: WXII

Brookstown District Hotel & Conference Center:
- Architect: Wakefield Beasley & Associates / Dwell Design Studio
- Developer: Brand Properties
- Hotel Rooms: 250 rooms
- Meeting Space: 57,000 square feet

Luxury Downtown Student Housing:
- Developer: Grubb Properties
- Location: Near Bailey Power Plant in the IQ District

Credit: Stimmel Associates

Cloverdale Mixed-use Lifestyle Center:
- Apartments: 342 Luxury Apartments
- Office & Retail Space: 75,000 square feet
- Cost: $50 million

Credit: Reciprocity

Goler-Depot Super Energy Efficient Solar Condos:
- Architect: Reciprocity
- Condos will produce more energy than they use!
- Will use new construction materials and techniques used in Europe.

Credit: STITCH Design Shop

AFAS Center for the Arts:
- Architect: STITCH Design Shop
- Developer: AFAS Group
- General Contractor: Frank L. Blum Construction
- Height: 3-storey arts center with 14-foot ceilings
- Construction Start: March 2016
- Completion: March 2017
- Back-lit polycarbonate cladding will glow at night
- First Floor Retail: Red Dog Gallery and Studio 2
- Second Floor: A program for emerging artists and 10 "affordable" work studios for artists
- Third Floor: A boardroom for AFAS Group and for-lease office space for arts-related businesses
- Rooftop: The rooftop, with an amazing skyline view, will be used for outdoor receptions

Credit: Metropolis Architecture

Airtype Headquarters:
- Architect: Metropolis Architecture
- Use: Mixed-use (Retail - Office - Residential)
- Amenities: Rooftop Deck

Credit: Lambert Architecture

U.S. Olympic Cycling Training Center:
- Selected by USA Cycling for National Cycling Center
- Developer: Richard Rauck
- Architect: Lambert Architecture + Interiors
- General Contractor: Frank L. Blum Construction
- 4 apartments and 10 double-occupancy rooms for cyclists & coaches
- Indoor training equipment and a sports nutrition program
- Will include Olympic approved cycling routes downtown
- Will have rooftop deck, cycling training equipment, lounge, a meeting room, open kitchen, and a laundry facility
- Includes places to store and maintain bikes
- Support spaces will include offices, exam rooms, and a metabolic testing lab
- This could become a Community Olympic Development Program site
- Will include a study area for young athletes still in school
- Also includes storefronts for a cafe on 4th Street and a brewery on Main Street
- Teams will pay to stay and train at the center
- Construction Start: February 2016
- Completion: May 2017 Spring Training Season

Credit: City of Winston-Salem

Fourth & Green:
- Developer: Tight Lines / Lennar Multifamily Investors
- Apartments: 300
- Retail: 20,000 square feet (possible downtown boutique grocery store?)

Intelligent Business Solutions Headquarters:
- Headquarters for Healthcare Software Company
- Use: Condos & Office Space

Credit: City of Winston-Salem

LJVM Entertainment District:
- Replace parking lots near the sports stadiums and replace outdated buildings with a mixed-use entertainment & retail district (Lifestyle Center)
- To include apartments, retail, bars, restaurants, office space, and hotels
- Planned for streets around the existing football stadium, coliseum, annex, USTA tennis complex, and baseball stadium
- 67 acres or more in size

418 North Marshall Street:
- Developer: Bill Benton
- Use: Office - Museum - Residential

Fifth & Marshall Apartments:
- Developer: Bill Benton

Piedmont Federal Mixed-use Building:
- Office - Retail - Residential
- Bank will move here to make room for new or expanded Courthouse
- Part of Merschel Plaza Plan

Credit: JournalNow

Central Library:
- Square Feet: 110,000
- Architect: Ratio Architects
- Auditorium: 240 Seats
- Height: 5 Storeys
- 4th Floor Reading Garden With 2 Fireplaces and Mountain Views
- Makerspace, outdoor program space, and Festival Lawn
- Construction Start: August 26, 2015
- Completion: Summer 2017

1898 Idols Dam Adaptive Reuse:
- Developer: Black Pine Development

SciWorks Downtown:
- Architect: Walter Robbs
- New museum name expected in July 2016
- SciWorks and the Childrens Museum have merged and will build a single museum
- To be located at Third Street, on the Strollway
- Size: 70,000 Square Feet
- Flexible Exhibition Space: 40,000 Square Feet
- Height: 4-Storeys
- Planetarium, Gift Shop, Classrooms, Rooftop Terrace, and Transformative Lobby
- Multiple Entrances - Main Entrance on Liberty Street

Amnion Foundation Headquarters:
- Headquarters for National Stem Cell Bank
- Regenerative Medicine

Herbalife Innovation Center Expansion:
- Double the number of employees
- Two-year construction project
- Jobs Created: Administrative and IT

Credit: JournalNow

Convention Center Renovation:
- Architect: TVS Design
- General Contractor: Resolute Building Co.
- Construction Start: March 2016
- Completion: May 2017
- Will include Winston-Salem Walk of Fame
- Will add 20% more space by demolishing the sunken garden and expanding the building closer to the sidewalk

New Building at Alliance Science & Technology Park:
- Developer: Carolina Investment Properties
- Available for lease or purchase
- Size: 1 million square feet
- Cost: $100 million
- State and Duke Energy Certified

Whitaker Park Mixed-use Project:
- Adaptive Reuse of 1.7 million square feet of buildings
- Total square-footage, including new construction, could exceed 2.5 million square feet
- Workplaces, Retail, and Residential are planned
- Street changes planned
- Could Attract 15,000 New Jobs
- Project could cost $500 million
- Construction already underway

Downtown Urgent Care Center:
- Developer: CenterPoint
- Beds: 16
- 24/7 Facility

Fishel Steel Factory Brewery:
- Developer: Larry Folds Sr.
- A craft brewery in downtown's Arts District
- Will include restaurant and become an entertainment venue
- Possible indoor stage
- Will keep indoor steel cranes on the ceiling and rails in the floor
- Seeking Joint-Venture Partner to move project forward

Old Vineyard Expansion:
- New Beds: 60
- Square Feet: 43,000
- New Jobs: 67 Healthcare Jobs
- Construction Start: First Quarter 2016
- Completion: January 2017

Gallery Living Phase II:
- Developer: Chaucer Creek Capital
- New Construction
- 35 Residential Units

Credit: Wise Man Brewing

Wise Man Brewing - Brewery, Office Space, & Music Venue:
- Architect: Jim Spencer Architects
- Brewery & Taproom
- Live Music Venue
- Indoors & Outdoors
- Food Trucks
- Beer Garden
- Large Indoor and Outdoor Bar
- Regional Beer Distribution
- For Lease Office Space on Second Floor
- Completion: June 2016

Credit: Little Diversified

Two-Storey Publix With Parking Deck:
- Architect: Little Diversified
- Parking: Parking under the store
- Use: Multi-storey grocery store
- Opening: May 2016

TW Garner Headquarters:
- Maker of Texas Pete Hot Sauce, CHA! sriracha sauce, and Green Mountain Gringo salsa
- Architect: Evergreen Hill Studio
- Interior Design: Workplace Strategies
- General Contractor: Magnolia Construction
- New Construction Office Building at the corner of 4th & Poplar and Adaptive Reuse Renovation of 636 W. 4th
- Includes expanded test kitchen

Dash Brewing:
- Large downtown brewery proposed for 2017.

New FTCC Library:
- Part of $70 million project
- The new library will have student meeting rooms, study space, maker spaces, and more.

Credit: Mary Beth Knight

National Black Theatre Hall of Fame and Museum:
- Developers: National Black Theatre Festival / N.C. Black Repertory Company / Arts Council / UNCSA
- Includes Dance Studio
- Classroom Space for UNCSA and Wake Forest University
- Adaptive Reuse of former 1926 Journal Independence Hall Building
- Expected Groundbreaking: 2016

Centenary UMC Expansion:
- Architect: Lambert Architecture + Interiors
- A new wing in the courtyard area or the far eastern side of the historic building

Winston-Salem Hindu Temple:
- General Contractor: Aher Builders
- Construction Start: Fall 2015

- Downtown development including: Restaurant - Arts Center - Indoor Skate Park - Basketball Court - Creative Writing - Recording Studio - Theatre
- Requires Membership

Credit: City of Winston-Salem

Union Station & Streetcar Yard:
- Architect: Walter Robbs
- Developer: WSTA / DOT
- General Contractor: R. P. Murray
- Regional & Local Transportation
- Planned as Future Amtrack Station & Rail Transfer Hub
- Train Museum & Restaurant
- Office & Retail Space
- New Headquarters for Transit Authority
- Cost: $18.3 million
- Completion: Late 2017

Masonic Temple:
- General Contractor: Stimpson Construction
- Architect: Peterson-Gordon Architects
- Designed to be the best Masonic Temple in the state
- Reuses original 1906 Cornerstone from former 7-storey downtown building

Trade Street Market:
- General Contractor: Mike Coe
- Multi-storey historic buildings connected and adaptively reused as an arcade for Arts District Neighborhood residents
- Alley beside the project will be used for outdoor dining

Residence Inn:
- Developer: BPR Properties
- Rooms: 108 room hotel
- Construction Start: First Quarter 2015

North Carolina Business Court:
- Developer: State of North Carolina
- Location: Worrell Building
- Completion: January 2017

Mixxer Makerspace:
- Architect: STITCH Design Shop

West End Mill Works:
- Developer: Black Pine Development
- Proposed Greenway
- Arts Business Incubator
- Second Phase Completion: May 1, 2016

Carolina Air & Auto Museum:
- Museum for Aircraft - Motorcycles - Automobiles
- Future Home Base for The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
- Berlin Airlift Display Includes: Boeing C-97G and a C-54

de la Vergne Fine Arts Museum:
- Proposed and funded by Robert de la Vergne

Ziggy's Expansion:
- Developer: Jay Stephens
- Ziggy's would like to build a new downtown venue that is two or three times larger than their current downtown venue
- Location to be selected in Late-2016
- Construction Start: 2017

Performing Arts Center:
- Developer: Arts Council of Winston-Salem
- Includes 700 seat replacement theatre for the Little Theatre
- Cost: $19 million
- Underground Parking

UNCSA Performing Arts Center:
- Developer: State of North Carolina
- Seats: 3,000

Downtown Amphitheatre:
- Developer: Jay Stephens

Winston Square Park Amphitheatre Renovation:
- Enlargement - Sculpture - Lighting

Performing Arts Park:
- Water Feature
- Tall Art Feature

New Falls Park:
- Design: Stimmel Associates
- Includes pedestrian bridge over downtown's waterfall

Central District Park:
- Design: Stimmel Associates

Credit: STITCH Design Shop

Quarry Park:
- Developer: City of Winston-Salem
- Architect: STITCH Design Shop
- Planning: Leung Design
- Landscape Architecture: Stimmel Associates
- General Contractor: Bar Construction
- Observation Platform called The BOOM
- 150 foot (46 meters) tall volcanic rock bluffs
- Large 150 foot (46 meters) deep lake with glass bottom boats and zip lines
- Retail/restaurant village and town green
- Railroad around the lake with railroad station at the village
- Includes a hotel & conference center
- Also includes a botanical garden, a water park, a lookout mound, picnic shelters, bike path, disk golf, challenge course, amphitheatre, different levels of hiking trails, and an interpretive center
- Volcanic stone from this quarry was used for construction in the city during the 1700s.
- Will also incorporate surrounding parks and a neighboring golf course
- The Waughtown Greenway connector will pass through the new park and connect the Waughtown area to the Peachtree Greenway
- Construction Start: February 26, 2016
- First Phase Completion: April 2017

Cloverleaf Park:
- Landscape Architecture: Stimmell Associates
- Bike and Walking Paths along Bath Waterway

Credit: JournalNow

Bailey Park Phase II:
- Design: Stimmel Associates
- General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
- Privately Developed (no city money involved)
- Historic electrical pylons, saved from site during demolition, to be reused as art
- Includes seating areas, walking trail, water wall, and picnic areas
- Second Phase Start: Early February 2016
- Second Phase Completion: Late April 2016

Credit: WSTB

Bailey Park Phase III:
- Design: Stimmel Associates
- Historic electrical pylons, saved from site during demolition, to be reused as art
- Includes lawn, water feature, and seating area
- Second Phase Start: Late 2016 or Early 2017
- Second Phase Completion: Late April 2017

Credit: DWSP

Merschel Plaza:
- Developer: City of Winston-Salem
- Architect: MLA Design Group
- Bonds ($3 million) & Private Funding
- Underground Parking
- Outdoor Classroom, Vertical Playground, Fountain, and multiple Water Walls
- In this rendering, you can see where the new Piedmont Federal mixed-use building, Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites, and SciWorks Downtown will be constructed
- Art Features

Credit: WFU

Sports Performance Center:
- Cost: $58 million
- Height: 4-5 storeys
- Offices and Film Center
- Brick Exterior
- Ground Breaking: Summer 2017

Winston-Salem Open Tennis Facility (USTA Tennis):
- Seats: 4,500
- Cost: $10 million
- Two levels of seating
- Will have multiple suites and will be designed to host outdoor concerts
- Will be designed to host the USTA Winston-Salem Open and the NCAA Tennis Championships
- Completion: 2018?

David F. Couch Ballpark:
- Architect: Walter Robbs
- General Contractor: Frank L. Blum
- Cost: $11 million
- Clubhouse, Hall of Fame, Concessions, Conference Room, Office, and Batting Facility
- Completion: Fall 2016

Credit: HDR

Rail Streetcar System:
- Design: HDR
- Contractor: Edilon)(Sedra
- Vehicles: 8 Streetcars
- Track: 8 miles (13 Kilometers)
- Final Cost: $179 million

Credit: Stimmel Associates

Credit: Design Collective

Light Rail:
- Dedicated Right of Way
- Studies Already Began

Credit: Stimmel Associates

Rail Valley Pedestrian Bridge:
- Design: Stimmel Associates
- Connects Rails-to-Trails and Future IQ Train Stop to Expressway Bike & Pedestrian Path
- Shortcut To Future Streetcar Stop

Pedestrian Connector Renovation:
- Architect: Roots | First (Kristen Haaf)
- Developer: DWSP
- Art / Decorative Lighting / Redesigned Landscaping / Wayfinding
- Cost: $150,000 (private donations & BID)

Credit: JournalNow

Green Street Pedestrian Bridge:
- Architect: Donald MacDonald
- Developer: NCDOT
- Cable-Stayed Bridge
- Cost: $2,035,038

Credit: JournalNow

Moravian Arch bridge:
- Architect: Donald MacDonald
- Developer: NCDOT

Credit: JournalNow

Bike & Pedestrian Land Bridge:
- Architect: Walter Hood
- Developer: NCDOT
- Cost: $980,000
- Designed to carry bicycle and pedestrian traffic over the East-West Expressway without taking cyclists or pedestrians out of the trees and beautiful landscaping
- This will be the only land bridge of its kind in North Carolina and possibly the first urban land bridge in the United States
- Completion: 2018?

Credit: JournalNow

Credit: Beers n' Gears

East-West Expressway Bike & Pedestrian Path:
- Includes pocket parks, bridges, and a tunnel
- Connects university medical center to the IQ District
- Bicycle and Pedestrian Use
- Grade Separated
- Design & Engineering: RS&H Inc.
- Landscape Architect: Stimmel Associates
- Developer: NCDOT
- Cost: $15 million

Credit: JournalNow

Peters Creek Parkway Art Bridge:
- Architect: Larry Krikland
- Developer: NCDOT
- Construction Start: Fall 2016

Credit: Stimmel Associates

Rails-to-Trails Bicycle Commuter Highway: (A "High Line" Project)
- General Contractor: Smith-Rowe
- Connects to Existing 1980s Cycle Tracks
- Includes Future Light Rail, Bike, and Walking Paths on former elevated rail lines
- Dedicated Right of Way for Light Rail
- Grade Separated
- Multiple Phases
- Completion From Rams Drive to MLK: April 2017
- Completion From MLK to Airport: ?

Transit, Bike, & Pedestrian Improvements:
- Consultant: ALTA Planning & Design
- Increase walking, cycling, and transit usage by 10%
- Improve safety for walking and cycling
- Better position stops
- 33 miles / 53 kilometers of funded bicycle infrastructure
- 6 funded Greenway projects
- Construction Start: Late 2015

U.S. Bicycle Route 80:
- Follows I-40 and will connect to existing and under construction Cycle Tracks in Downtown Area

Removing Expressway Ramps Downtown:
- Redesigning the East-West Expressway
- Restore Two-Way Traffic to Main, Liberty, & Broad streets
- Reconnect Lower Downtown with Upper Downtown
- Encourage More Pedestrian-friendly Development
- Redesign Bridges for Bike Lanes, Landscaping, & Art (Creative Corridors)
- Redesign Bridges to make them More Attractive
- $80 Million Project
- Construction Start: 2016
- Four Year Project

Credit: WFIQ

Bowman Gray Medical Education Building:
- Wake Forest University School of Medicine / Downtown Medical School
- Developer: Biomed Realty Trust
- Architect: Design Collective
- General Contractor: Whiting-Turner Construction Company
- Includes Courtyard with Retail Spaces
- Square Feet: 283,000
- Students: 450
- Cost: $111 million
- Completion: July 2016

Credit: Gaudreau

Downtown Undergraduate Science & Engineering Center:
- Developer: Biomed Realty Trust
- Architect: Gaudreau
- General Contractor: Whiting-Turner Construction Company
- Square Feet: 115,000
- Students: 350
- Cost: $50 million
- Features a Courtyard with Restaurant & Retail Spaces
- Completion: December 2016

Credit: Design Collective

Science & Office Building:
- Architect: Design Collective
- Square Feet: 210,000
- Height: 7 Storeys
- Cost: $53.8 million
- Located Near Downtown's New Falls Park / WSSU

Aviation College:
- Use: Aviation and Aerospace School
- Requires $16.6 million in bonds from Forsyth County

Salem College Science and Mathematics Campus:
- Will double the size of Salem's campus
- Proposed Conference Center Included
- First Building: Biology & Environmental Sciences Facility

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Wow! That is a LOT of great new development for the city! Thanks for posting!
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^ Wasn't ready for that infusion of Winston Salem urban rejuvenation....that's incredible...I know Durham has just recently pushed them to 5th largest city, looks like they trying to get that 4 place crown back.


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I drove through Winston last August and first thing I checked after getting home was what type of development is happening, needless to say, according to how things were going on the board, not much. Glad to see that isn't the case!
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Wow, thanks for the updates! I stop at either Natty Green's Brewery in Greensboro or the Winston-Salem Whole Foods quite a bit to grab lunch or dinner on the way to/from Asheville when visiting my parents. Been a long while since I stopped in downtown Winston-Salem... Looks like I will need to make a pit stop downtown to check out the progress and grab a bite next time I head down to AVL!
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It's amazing to see all of the Winston Salem projects in one place...I knew there were a lot of them, but didn't know just how many. Great job.
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If you go out of town for about 2 years, and then come back, you could get lost and need a street map to find you way around town. Amazing to see all of the Winston Salem projects. LOL

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Originally Posted by WeimieLvr View Post
It's amazing to see all of the Winston Salem projects in one place...I knew there were a lot of them, but didn't know just how many. Great job.
To learn more about what's happening in Winston Salem, there's no better place than this: http://www.winstonsalemskyscrapers.c...wforum.php?f=1

Winston Salem skyline by Ronald Hunter Photos, on Flickr
We are floating in space...

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Thank you for that post Matthew!

Here are a some photos I snapped a couple weeks ago.

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These are the new projects, since my last post. In only my second SSC post in this decade, I'll share with you "The Downtown Hotel Boom."

Did you know: According to Newsweek, downtown Winston-Salem has the nation's fastest growing innovation district.

Did you know: Winston-Salem is one of the Top 10 most technology-advanced cities of its size in the United States. (Credit: Newsweek)


Aloft Hotel & WXYZ Bar:
- Architect: Wakefield Beasley & Associates
- Developer: Brand Properties
- Additional Leasable Restaurant/Retail Space: 9,000 Square Feet
- Parking: Attached 6-Storey Parking Deck
- Rooms/Keys: 133
- Construction Start: September 2016
- Completion: Late Spring 2018


Hotel Indigo:
- Architect: ArchStudio7
- Interior Design: CJMW
- Developer: Mayfair Street Partners
- Renovation of Art Deco Pepper Building, built in 1928
- Rooms/Keys: 75-110
- Could expand the building to the west?
- Art gallery in the mezzanine, along with fitness center and meeting space
- Restaurant: Sir Winston Steakhouse & Martini Bar
- Basement Restaurant & Bar: Pepper’d by Sir Winston
- Renovation Cost: $15 million
- Construction Start: July 2016
- Completion: Fall 2017

Broad Street Hotel:
- Architect: Wakefield Beasley & Associates
- Developer: Brand Properties
- Rooms/Keys: 125-150
- Floors: 6 or more floors

West End Plaza Hotel:
- Architect: Eric Morrison Architecture
- Floor Height: 8-storeys
- Roof Height: 96 feet tall (29.3 meters tall)
- Rooms/Keys: 112
- Meeting space: Banquet Hall for 110 people
- Across the street, on the other side of the expressway, from Winston-Salem's downtown ballpark


West End Plaza Apartments:
- Architect: Eric Morrison Architecture
- Apartments: 144 units
- Height: 5-storeys
- Apartments will wrap-around a parking deck
- West End Plaza development also includes an office building and retail/restaurant spaces
- Across the street, on the other side of the expressway, from Winston-Salem's downtown ballpark


The O'Hanlon:
- Developer: Kairys Properties
- Architect: STITCH Design Shop
- General Contractor: GEMCAP
- Uses: Office, Residential, & Retail
- Office space will be marketed to tech companies and creative companies
- To appeal to Millennial renters and their tech companies, the developer will restore the building to its 1915 appearance
- Top floor luxury penthouse
- Rooftop terrace for all tenants, with mountain and city views
- Retail Tenants: Mediterranean Restaurant and a Blow-out Bar

Downtown Marriott and Embassy Suites Renovations:
- Developer: Hospitality Ventures Management Group
- Renovation Cost: $35 million
- Under new ownership, the hotels must renovate to keep-up with the newer hotels & new luxury hotels in downtown

640 West Fourth:
- Developer: Center City West Associates
- Older 2-storey building could be demolished for a newer and taller mixed-use building

The "Skyboxes" are in the top image:


Ballpark View Apartments:
- Architect: Wakefield Beasley & Associates
- Developer: Brand Properties
- Apartments: 313 units
- Features "Skyboxes" for apartment residents, with a view of the playing field
- Has a swimming pool with a view of the playing field
- Construction Start: Late Summer / Early Fall 2016
- Completion: Summer 2018

Whitaker Park Apartments:
- Apartments: 210 units
- Adaptive reuse project, but could also include new construction
- Construction Start: Spring 2017

Credit: STITCH Design Shop

Easter Creek Partners Headquarters:
- Architect: STITCH Design Shop
- Developer: Easter Creek Partners
- Uses: Office & Ground-level Retail
- This is a corporate headquarters relocation (a developer moving to Winston-Salem)
- Easter Creek Partners is an LGBT owned business
- Completion: Late Fall 2016

Credit: Winston-Salem Chronicle

New Winston Museum:
- Developer: Arts Council
- Tenant: New Winston Museum
- Adaptive reuse of the 1941 Radio Center Studios Building, at 419 Spruce Street
- New Winston Museum will move from their current location to this downtown building
- National Black Theatre Hall of Fame and Museum may also temporarily open in this space and could permanently move here?
- Long term plans could include dance or other performance space in this building

The Livery Apartments:
- Architect: Gibbons Architecture
- Developer: Solomon Development
- General Contractor: Lisha Construction
- Renovation of existing building to luxury apartments
- Completion: August 2016

HealthSouth Hospital:
- Developer: HealthSouth Corp.
- Development Partner: Novant Health
- Beds: 68-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital
- Could be model for similar projects in other cities?

Performance Place Renovation:
- Fundraising to renovate 28 year old theatre and studio complex
- Currently raising money for the renovation
- Amount Raised (so far): $7.9 million
- Multi-theatre Complex and includes other spaces

1834 Nissen Wagon Works:
- Proposed location for a new Southeast Library, designed to be easy to walk or bike-to
- A greenway connects this building to Quarry Park
- Could include Retail and Restaurants?

Creative Startups Southeast:
- Southeast Headquarters for New Mexico based Creative Startups
- Creative business accelerator
- Location: Downtown Winston-Salem's IQ District
- Creative Startups has locations in Albuquerque and Winston-Salem and will soon expand to Portugal
- Creative Industries they work with: Design, gaming, software, film, music, publishing, performance arts, visual arts, new media, video, museums and education technology
- Creative Startups’ mentors include musicians, filmmakers, designers, branding experts, and investors who invest in creative businesses

Foothills Brewing Expansion:
- Increase capacity by 40%
- $1 million chilling system

Bookmarks Headquarters & Bookstore:
- New downtown independent bookstore and event space
- Headquarters for Bookmarks Literary Arts
- $400,000 fundraiser and additional corporate sponsorship required (they are half-way to their fundraising goal)
- Writer John Grisham will help with the fundraising at Bookmarks Free Book Festival, in September
- They are currently looking for a site to build or a building renovate
- Will help Bookmarks attract more award-winning and best-selling authors to the Triad
- Bookmarks is North Carolina's largest free book festival and holds events year-round

326 Main:
- New Uses: Headquarters for a shoe & clothing company, with ground-level retail
- Adaptive Reuse of Historic Building
- Their designers and headquarters employees will move into the building


1791 Tower Clock Restoration:
- General Contractor: Tower Clock Restoration & Repair
- Will retool some parts for Winston-Salem's historic 1791 Tower Clock
- The clock has been in continuous operation for 225 years!
- The bell was made in Spring of 1772, by Matthew Tommerup
- It is one of the three oldest original tower clocks still in operation in the United States
- It is still wound-up twice a day and is over 95% original


Salem Lake Marina:
- Developer: City of Winston-Salem
- General Contractor: Hodgin Construction
- "Phase I" of a multi-phase project at Salem Lake
- In addition to the usual office space, boat registration, licenses, etc., the marina will also include a large rentable meeting space, kitchen for the meeting area, and lake overlooks.
- Construction Start: June 2016
- Completion Fall 2017
- A short bike ride from downtown, if you're interested in visiting this site

Salem Creek Greenway Extension:
- Connect bicycle paths in lower downtown to Forsyth Tech.
- Length: 1.17 miles (1.89 kilometers)
- Will complete connection of all of Winston-Salem's colleges & universities to downtown by bicycle

Credit: Wake Will

Reynolds Atheletic Complex:
- General Contractor: Frank L. Blum Construction
- Renovation of an existing 1950s building into a modern health and fitness complex
- Will include an open living room, a climbing wall, a demonstration kitchen, group exercise rooms, a pool, and bowling
- Workers will cut into the bricks to add windows as part of the renovation

Corpening Plaza Renovation:
- Owner: BB&T National Bank & Insurance Company
- New landscaping, new lighting, and new waterproofing in the pools, fountains, waterfall, and reflecting pond
- Completion: Fall 2016


Passageway Park:
- Environmental Design: Roots | First
- Landscape Architect: Osgood
- Developer: DWSP
- Pocket park with tall trees that don't block visibility
- Improved lighting to allow for better visibility
- Art installation with video screens or mirrors, to improve visibility
- DWSP will encourage art students to rehearse or busk here and food carts and other retail will be invited
- Will be one of many DWSP projects focusing on walkability and connectivity in downtown


Bike Share:
- Developer: City of Winston-Salem
- City-wide bike share program
- Operator: Zagster or Social Bicycles
- While the city's three other bike shares are free, this will be a pay bike share
- Companies selected due to their technology, more comfortable bikes, gears for the city's steep hills, and smaller and more affordable bike stations
- Smaller bike stations compared to the massive and expensive docking stations in other cities
- This will allow Winston-Salem to easily install stations almost anywhere and create a larger system with less investment

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Link Apartments® Innovation Quarter and P1 Parking Deck


Developer: Grubb Properties
Estimated completion: Late 2017 (parking deck)
Early 2019 (residential/retail)
Grubb Properties will develop residential housing and a variety of retail spaces wrapped around a shared parking deck, adding to the laboratories, offices, entertainment and common spaces already making Wake Forest Innovation Quarter an exciting destination for people to work, live, learn and play.
The shared parking deck will provide expanded parking for residents, employees and visitors to the Innovation Quarter. The apartments and retail space will wrap around the parking deck, optimizing parking capacity, presenting a visually pleasant streetscape and enhancing the vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.

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I go to WS every year for the Winston-Salem Open (ATP Tennis tournament) and love to drive around downtown, underrated imo.
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Brand Properties predicts start in 2017 on first phase of Brookstown District

- dmca

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north carolina

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