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Old November 7th, 2011, 01:57 AM   #1
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ALICE SPRINGS - General Projects & Discussion

have we a thread on Alice? Nearmaps have just flown it!
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Old February 4th, 2012, 08:28 AM   #2
Skyline Art
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Last year this article was in the Australian Financial Review

$3m site purchase brings Bunnings to Alice
PUBLISHED: 04 OCT 2011 00:03:34 | UPDATED: 04 OCT 2011 07:29:52

Bunnings Warehouse is to open its first store in Alice Springs after securing an industrial site for more than $3 million.

You need a log in to read the article:


posted today in local paper and online version.

Bunnings pushes ahead

Bunnings Warehouse
+ Zoom in
Friday, 03 February 2012

Web exclusive: Bunnings talks with AliceNow

Bunnings is a step closer to opening a store in Alice Springs.

The Company told today that they had lodged a development application to Northern Territory Department of Lands and Planning for a new Bunnings Warehouse which, if approved, will create more than 110 jobs for local residents.

Chief Operating Officer Peter Davis said Bunnings is committed to supporting local communities.

He said: ''Bunnings' proposed investment in the Alice Springs area will provide great job opportunities for the local community, with more than 110 new positions available in the Bunnings team, representing strong employment and on-the-job training opportunities for local residents and school leavers.

''The project is estimated to create an additional 160 jobs during the construction phase and represents a significant, direct investment in the local area.

''Bunnings plans to invest more than $23 million in the new Alice Springs Warehouse, which will include a main warehouse, indoor timber trade sales area, building materials and landscape supplies yard, nursery, kids playground, cafe, and parking for over 250 cars.''

The proposed warehouse will be located at the corner of Stuart Highway and Power Street.

Mr Davis said the warehouse will offer a great range of leading Australian brands and products along with specialised trade supplies to meet the community's needs, and ''local customers will enjoy the convenience of a wide range of home improvement and outdoor living products at the lowest prices''.

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Skyline Art
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You probably won't get anything over 5 stories in Alice Springs. Height limit for years has been 3 stories, although there are some houses built in the hillier suburbs which are "multi-level" homes of up to already 5 levels (even if it is just a few rooms at different heights to the rest of the home).

Anyway since Cul created this thread I may as well post what has been proposed over the last year or so. After the height limit was changed the town saw many applications for buildings as tall as 7 stories.

Not long after the height limit was lifted to 5 stories a Wooloongabba businessman bought a large 3 hectare site. He proposed and really had a detailed plan for a whole row of (5 buildings) at 7 stories high, that were luxury town houses with pent houses. Council approved them with conditions, but the proposal was short lived and was scaled back to 5 stories due to a large petition. The Queensland owner then pulled out saying it wasn't viable and the land has been back on the market (still is).

Here's another one that was knocked back; it actually appears to be 6 stories (ground plus 5 levels on top).

Back to drawingboard for Parsons Street high-rise


It’s back to the drawingboard for the high-rise building planned for the former Commonwealth Bank site in Parsons Street, says Sitzler Brothers general manager in Alice Springs, Trevor Jacobs.

He says the firm had applied for six storeys but only five have been granted.
Mr Jacobs says the company is now re-assessing whether the reduced size is economically viable.

The Exceptional Development Permit for five storeys will lapse in two years.
Conditions include a roof garden to enhance the view of the building’s from the town’s hills and a pedestrian-friendly awning.

The ground level ceilings are to be 4.5m high and the car park on level two is to have minimum ceiling height of 3.1m “to facilitate further adaptive re-use”.

Other conditions imposed by Minister for Lands and Planning, Gerry McCarthy, include:-
• An “active facade treatment” for the side facing the laneway to the west, between the building and the post office.
• future maintenance of the rooftop landscaping, and surface finishes in order to enhance the building’s visual impact when viewed from the town’s surrounding hills.
• Airconditioning condensers are to be appropriately screened from public view, and located so as to minimise thermal and acoustic impacts to the satisfaction of the consent authority.
• Pipes, fixtures and vents … must be concealed in service ducts or otherwise hidden from view.

The permit says “external appearance of the building is expected to enhance the street scape by incorporating a large awning canopy wrapping around both key frontages providing all weather protection for pedestrians.

“Shadow diagrams have indicated that the adjoining properties will not be adversely subjected to shadow effect during critical times of the year.”

Posted: September 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm

same building, different news source

High-rise building sparks outcry in laid-back town
Allyson Horn

Posted October 04, 2011 13:02:35

The Northern Territory Government has approved the construction of a controversial five-storey building in Alice Springs.

The current cap for building heights in Alice Springs is three storeys.

But the government has given the green light to a five-storey commercial development, to be built opposite the Alice Plaza on Parsons Street.

Dominico Pecorari from Heritage Alice Springs says the decision is bad news for the town.

"It will be quite detrimental to that as a little heritage zone," he said.

"This neat little precinct is going to be dominated by this five-storey building.

"I think all this building will do is concentrate the wealth, if you could imagine, in just the one building ... in the one precinct.

"It will have a visual impact on three of the most important buildings in the CBD, being Adelaide House, the Residency and the Wallace Fogarty Store."

The building will include two basement levels and five storeys above ground.

It will be nearly double the height of the Alice Plaza once it is complete.
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Old November 10th, 2012, 09:49 AM   #4
Skyline Art
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Looks like this is starting now:
Aircraft graveyard construction starts

Work has started on construction of the aircraft “boneyard” at the Alice Springs airport.

Earth moving machines are working south of the main runway.

It is understood the facility will be used to store aircraft from all over the world at the end of their working life.

Tom Vincent, managing director of Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage, would not give details about the work but said the firm will be “releasing and publishing photographs on our website in the coming weeks”.

– Erwin Chlanda.

Posted: November 5, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Previously posted:

Aircraft graveyard takes shape
By Gail Liston

Updated September 19, 2012 13:49:49

An aircraft graveyard is being constructed in central Australia.

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage started construction on Monday at a 100-hectare site next to the Alice Springs Airport.

The company's Tom Vincent says civil works should be completed by the end of the year.

He says the aircraft storage area is attracting interest from Asian airlines, as well as enthusiastic plane spotters.

"There's a large segment of the community of aviation fanatics," he said.

"I'm one myself. I'm a pilot. I think people would come from all around the place to take a look [at it].

"It's [an] unusual piece of infrastructure. The principle storage facilities are based in the US and they certainly attract a large number of people who come and look at aircraft."

Mr Vincent says the site will accommodate up to 300 aircraft.

"We're designing various stages as we go through," he said.

"Right now we're doing the main tow road which connects to the runway for the first finger of storage bays to the south, the de-fuel pad and the dismantling pad and we'll progressively then add in the other elements of the facility, the second and third storage bays and maintenance shed."

Some back ground information from the website

APAS provides a storage facility that caters for short, medium and long term storage
needs for the airline industry. The formation of the APAS facility is an extremely
exciting step for the Australian aviation sector, representing the first Asia-Pacific
based alternative for customers with aircraft based, or operating through the region.

Our objective is to establish APAS as the leading storage facility in Asia Pacific,
and in the process, offer a local alternative for Asia Pacific based airlines which have
to date, had no other option than to ferry their aircraft at significant expense to the
other side of the globe.

Located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, the facility is based in a dry arid
environment ideally suited for the storage and preservation of aircraft. Operating from
a 100Ha site within the Alice Springs Airport complex, which occupies 3,550 hectares,
the facility has almost unlimited expansion capabilities.

With growth forecasts for the Oceania region outpacing the rest of the world, the APAS
facility is ideally situated to cater for the demands of rapidly changing fleet requirements.


Located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, APAS represents the first commercial aircraft storage and recycling facility in the Asia Pacific region. The facility was ultimately selected due to its climatic suitability, significant existing infrastructure and capacity for major expansion.

Alice Springs offers the perfect environment for the preservation of aircraft and their inherent capital value. The facility benefits from an arid desert environment characterised by an average year round humidity of approximately 25%, outside Australia’s cyclone zone, low rainfall, and with low lying in situ vegetation providing additional dust suppression qualities.

The facility also benefits from the following:

* A runway capable of accepting any aircraft
* Rail access (Darwin - Alice Springs - Adelaide) for transportation of aircraft parts and recycled materials

* High level of security given the operational nature of Alice Springs Airport with the
* Facility under 24 hour security monitoring

Master plan of the 100Ha APAS aircraft storage and decommissioning facility:


Alice Springs Airport is capable of taking code E-type Aircraft B777/B747 and certified for A380.

Runway Information

Magnetic Bearing: Runway 12/30 Bearing 115° (Principal Runway)
Reference Code: Code 4
Length / Width / Slope: 2438m x 45m, slope down at 0.3% to the southeast
Graded Strip: Approaches: Rwy 12 1.20% take-off gradient
Rwy 30 2.12% take off gradient
Pavement type and rating: PCN 60 Flexible high strength sub-grade
Tyre Pressure 1750kPa or 254 PSI – Determined by Aircraft usage Runway grooved.
Type A Chart – Edition 1 May 2004

Runway 12/30 Turning Nodes

The current node configurations allow for B747/B777/A380 to conduct 180° starboard turns. The current node configurations
allow for B747/B777/A380/A340 to conduct 180° starboard turns. The node line is designed for standard A340-600 / B777-300ER
wheel deflections. All other aircraft are to use minimum speed and maximum radius turns to avoid pavement damage.

Approach Lighting

Runway 12/30 T-VASIS
Runway 12 HIAL-CAT1

Note 0930-2200 UTC HIRL & HIAL only
Available with 90 minutes prior notice.

Curfew and Noise Abatement

Alice Springs Airport is open 24/7 and there are no restricted flight paths for noise abatement procedures.

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Old April 14th, 2017, 01:19 PM   #5
Elite Pleb
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New tallest building in Alice Springs. Completed in 2016


Taken earlier in 2016 before..


This is partially commercial lease and partially NTG court house. It has 2 levels of basement car parking.


There is another photo in here that shows the building completed.

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Old April 14th, 2017, 01:27 PM   #6
Elite Pleb
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The funniest part is this building is actually one level too high.

If you look at all the renders it was only supposed to be four stories tall. But it has turned out as a 5 story building!


The height limit was always ever 3 levels but in recent years this has changed to 8 stories. Many proposals have been scrapped due to locals protesting the views of the ranges will be lost. This is the first tallest building to be built in over a decade that is over 3 or 4 stories high.

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Old April 18th, 2017, 02:12 AM   #7
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Thanks for posting Elite Pleb. The new Supreme Court looks great - stunning glassy facade and interesting rounded shape. Very impressive for a town the size of Alice Springs. Even in Townsville I would kill to get a glass curtain wall like that. And a new tallest (wouldn't mind one of those either!). I wonder if something taller will come along if the height limit is now 8 stories?
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