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Vellore - Projects & Development

hi guys as vellore is one of the largest corporation and ninth corporation of Chennai lying in between Chennai and Bangalore.This area will soon see lots of development as it is in proposed Chennai-Bangalore-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.
We can share and discuss all development info on vellore in this thread
For information on vellore click here
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Vellore showcases 'garbage to gold' development mode

Garbage is their business. But they don't want to pile it up. Nor do they want to cart it away to a dump.

This Tamil Nadu district believes that garbage needs to be treated as soon as it is generated, and turned into 'gold' -- an organic, chemical-free manure sold at as high a price Rs. 10 per kg.

Incidentally, Vellore has been declared the cleanest district in the country by the total sanitation programme of the Indian government.

Mohandoss, the district's chief administrator and collector, said Vellore was once a place where, people said, there was no water and no trees.

"Now, it is a changed landscape," he said.

Mohandoss told IANS, "This is only the beginning. At present, we have 10 villages, two town panchayats and five municipality wards covered by the total sanitation and integrated projects programmes. In a year, we hope to extend this to the whole district."

The district, about 150 km west of Chennai, achieved the aim of "total sanitation" with help from the state government, supported by NGOS like the Exnora International and its green arm here, the Exnora Green Cross, an engineering college in the district and temple authorities.

It also received funding and support from the central government's national afforestation and total sanitation programmes.

The visiting media here was also shown the "Vellore model of development", which according to additional principal information officer T.G. Nallamuthu is "a composite model with the possibility of being implemented throughout the country, in villages and towns, institutions and hospitals".

On show were waste management, composting and integrated development projects in a deemed university, the Vellore Institute of Technology, a temple, the Narayani Peedam zero waste scheme in Malaikodi, the Gandhinagar town panchayat and Vellore municipality's public funded projects.

The six projects involve at least 12,000 people and waste generated in the living and working environments of various communities, including farmers and shopkeepers, from the very poor to the affluent.

The waste comes from kitchens, toilets, cattle, temples, hotels, shops and includes degradable and non-degradable plastics, metal and tyres, at least 70 tons of solid and liquid refuse which have to be taken care of every single day for this strong a population.

The Vellore Institute of Technology houses a nearly 7,000-strong student and teacher population. Led by Exnora, it has been engaged in bio-conversion of degradable waste in a shed on the campus.

Interestingly, the 'bio-degrading engine' used by the institute is in the form of 27 cattleheads in its decomposting shed, which constantly munch away at the vegetable waste and convert them into cow dung in just 24 hours, when any other method would have taken weeks.

From the dung comes biogas used to light up hostels. The institute also uses solar energy and is ready to teach everyone clean technology.

The Narayani Peedam is an example of a 21st century temple to the mother goddess 'Narayani', headed by a young 27-year-old known as 'Sakthi Amma'.

With hundreds of devotees in India, Singapore, U.S., Canada, Britain and France, this young seer, in collaboration with the NGO, is piloting projects where elephant dung, cow dung, flowers, temple waste and banana leaves are all turned into organic manure within the precincts of the temple.

This manure is then used to plant hundreds of thousands of trees on the surrounding hills.

Meanwhile, in the village of Palavanchathu, 3,600 families have got together to collect, sort out and generate manure from garbage, providing employment to hundreds.

The Vellore fish market also has a project to compost fish waste. The women of Selamantham village make excellent tea from the biogas that fuels their homes.
news is also old but since there is no dedicated thread so far am posting it here
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I love you Rasna!!
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Nice initiative Natarajan. Vellore indeed deserves a separate thread.
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VIT acquires American Accreditation

Vellore Institute of Technology University (VIT), Vellore, has been granted American Accreditation said G. Viswanathan, its Founder and Chancellor, here on Monday.

He told press persons that after getting national accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation and the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the University thought of getting world accreditation to assess its own standard and quality of education. Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology of USA has now given its accreditation. An expert committee from USA visited the VIT campus and have given the accreditation following their assessment, Mr. Viswanathan said.

He said the University is celebrating its silver jubilee this year and offers bachelor and masters degrees equivalent to that in Britain. It has collaborations with 82 universities in the world and Research and Development is the thrust area.

The University has introduced a Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS) which is a pro-student method of giving credits to students. “In this system, an improvement over the Choice Based Credit System followed earlier, students can choose their subjects, their professors and earn as many credits as possible for the subjects they have chosen. We also teach Humanities and Science to engineering students in our University as we consider that they should have knowledge in these subjects also. One of the unique courses offered is that of Energy and Environment. This is done in collaboration with four universities, two of which are collaborative universities are from Europe," Mr. Viswanathan said.

Describing the cosmopolitan characteristic of the University, Mr. Viswanathan said there are 1,000 foreign and Non Resident Indian students studying in the campus apart from students from 45 countries and various north Indian states.

G.V. Selvam, Pro-Chancellor of the University said that students are also taught foreign languages such as German, French, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese languages. A Chinese Language Centre is also functioning at the University. Admission is through an all India entrance examination conducted by the University. About 1.48 lakh students appeared for the entrance examination in 2009.

Source: http://beta.thehindu.com/news/states...ticle20055.ece
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Plea to extend Cauvery water scheme to Vellore conceded


VELLORE: Law Minister Durai Murugan has conceded a demand put forth by Vellore MLA C. Gnanasekaran to extend the Cauvery water scheme to Vellore at a function here on Thursday.

At a function to inaugurate the Government Exhibition-2009 at Vellore Fort Ground, the Minister said the MLA would have to wait as it could be declared only during the budget session of the Assembly in March. “It is necessary to bring the Cauvery water scheme to Vellore to find a permanent solution to the likely drinking water crisis here. There is no flood flow in the Palar and I agree with Mr. Gnanasekaran on the forecast that Vellore would face an acute water crisis in a matter of three years from now,” said Mr. Durai Murugan. Further stating that the Kalaignar Health Insurance Scheme was being well accepted by the people.

, Mr. Durai Murugan said he readily accepted Mr. Gnanasekaran’s other demand to include Christian Medical College, Vellore, in the panel of hospitals to treat poor patients under the scheme. .
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Welcome to the Fort City of Tamil Nadu. Vellore has the blend of rich heritage and culture representing the ancient Dravidan civilisation. The Web Site about Vellore brings you a variety of information viz. the history, people, tourist places, research centres etc.


Vellore had the previlege of being the seat of the Pallava, Chola, Nayak, Maratha, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultan Kindoms. It was described as the best and the strongest fortress in the Carnatic War in the 17th Century. It was witnessed the massacre of European soldier during the mutiny of 1806.

Vellore district lies between 12° 15’ to 13° 15’ North latitudes and 78° 20’ to 79° 50’ East longitudes in Tamilnadu State. The geographical area of this district is 6077 sq. k.m. The total population as per 1991 Census is 30,26,432.

Vellore is the Head-Quarters of Vellore District is well connected by Rail and bus routes to major towns of the neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. The history of the District assumes a great significance and relevance, as we unfold the glorious past. The Monuments found in the district give a vivid picture of the town through the ages. In the 18th Century Vellore District was the scene of some of the decisive battles fought in Ambur 1749 A.D., Arcot 1751 A.D. and Vandavasi 1768 A.D. as a result of the long – drawn struggle between the English and the French for Supremacy.

One of the monuments of Vellore is the Fort. A very close examination of the stone inscriptions suggests that the Fort in all probability might have been built during the rule of Chinna Bommi Nayak (1526 to 1595 A.D.). The Fort is one of the most perfect speciments of Military architecture in South India. The Jalakandeswarar Temple inside the Fort is a very fine example of Vijayanagar architecture. The Kalyanamantap on the left of the entrance, with intricate carvings and delicacy of execution bears testimony to the engineering marvel and advanced state of sculpture of the times. Another landmark that has put Vellore on the Centre stage of Medical world is the Christian Medical College & Hospital.

The outstanding performance of this district in contributing to the Military service is commendable, as more and more men have enlisted themselves to the Military service, to serve the nationa indomitable spirit and courage. The clock tower in the long bazaar, Vellore was built in 1928 A.D.. A stone inscription in the building reads "VELLORE – FROM THIS VILLAGE 277 MEN WENT TO THE GREAT WAR 1914-18, OF THEM 14 GAVE UP THEIR LIVES" . This is a recorded testimony to the Vellore and Military prowess of men of this area.
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Vellore, the Head- Quarters of Vellore District situated in 12' 35' N and 79' 9' E , has a very interesting History of its own. A strategically located town, it is well connected by Rail and bus routes to major towns of the neighboring states like A.P. Karnataka and Kerala. The History of the district assumes a great significance and relevance, as we unfold the glorious past. It was under the sway of various dynasties and rulers, the prominent among them being the Pallavas , Cholas of Uraiyur, the Rashtrakutaa dynasty of Malkhed, Sambuvarayar, the rulers of Vijayanagarm, Mamathas, the Nawabs of the carnatic and the British. The Monuments found in the district give a vivid picture of the town through the ages. In the 18 th Century Vellore District was the scene of some of the decisive bettles fought in Ambur (1749) A.D Arcot (1751) A.D and Vandivasi (1760A.D) as a result of the long -drawn struggle between the English and the French for Supremacy.

One of the monuments of Vellore is the fort and its exact date of construction could not be established, in the absence of proper records. A very close examination of the stone inscriptions suggests that the fort in all probability might have been built during the rule of Chinna. Bommi Nayak (1526 to 1595A. D) . The fort is one of the most perfect specimens of Military architecture in S.India.

The Jalakandeswarar Temple inside the fort is very fine example of Vijayanagar architecture. The Kalyanamantap, on the left of the entrance, with intricate caring and delicacy of exaction, bears testimony to the engineering marble and advanced state of sculpture of the times. Another land mark that has put Vellore on the center stage of Medical world is the Christian Medical College Hospital. Dr . IDA Scudder, the American lady, with a missionary zeal, started her Medical work in 1900 A.D. by setting up a very small Hospital, which in the last hundred years has grown into a premier Medical Institution of international repute. The central prison in Vellore , set up in 1830 A.D. is another Historically important land mark as some eminent personalities and Freedom Fighters like Thiru. Rajaji, Thiru C.N. Annadurai, Thiru. K. Kamaraj , the former presidents of India Thiru. V.V.Giri, Thiru. R.VenkataRaman had served their prison terms here. The other note worthy monuments are the Mausoleums located in Aruganthampoodi area on the Vellore - Arcot road, where the family members of Tippu Sultan were buried and the Muthu mandapam on the banks of river of palar, a memorial raised by the Tamil Nadu Government to honor Vikarama Rja Singha , the last Tamil King who ruled Kandy (Srilanka ) from 1798 to 1815 A.D. He was imprisoned in Vellore fort for 17 years.
The Role Of Vellore District in the freedom struggle
Vellore District had always been on the fore - front in the struggle for freedom. In fact the Sepoy Mutiny of 1806 A.D. that broke out inside the Vellore fort against the British authority is considered to be a prelude to the Great Revolt of 1857, which is often described by some historians as the first war of Independence.

The outstanding performance of this district in contributing to the Military service is Commendable, as more and more men have enlisted themselves to the Military service, to serve the nation with indomitable sprit and courage. The clock tower in the long Bazaar Vellore was built in 1920 A.D. a stone inscription in the building reads "Vellore - From this Village 277 men want to the Great war 1914-18,of them 14 gave up their lives ". This is a recorded testimony the Velour and Military prowess of this area.

Economic, Social AND Cultural Changes in Vellore in the 20th Century

The economic condition of the district in the earlier stages was not very sound , in the absence of the major industries. Thanks to the sustained efforts and Vigorous police of the Govt . Industries like Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Ranipet, Tamil Nadu Explosives Ltd., Katpadi. Have been set up. Besides there has been marked growth of small scale industries and Tanneries in the district. This industrial activity has not only generated employment opportunities , but also contributed. Uzhavar to economic growth the recently introduced ./ Uzhavar Sandhai., for instance has benefited the rural poor. giving much needed thrust to the economic. The innovative self help groups of woman are also playing a very useful role in building rural economy and helping rural women to be self reliant.

The social scenario also has changed keeping pace with the changing times. Increased social awareness and upward social growth mark the successful story of the district . The bonded labour, the child labour, etc. Are fast disappearing giving place to new social order. A striking feature of the social change is that the district achieved cent percent literacy owing to the effective implementation of the Arivoli, Movement.

The Samathuvapurams that are being set up, in various parts of the district , herald a new era, as social harmony and peaceful co-existence of different communities are the basic concept of this scheme. The Varumun Kappom Thittam by proving basic infrastructure to rural folk for a free medical examination is indeed a milestone in the social history of Tamil Nadu.

The cultural impact in the society is also very significant same of the traditional arts of the District like the Therukoothu., an art form folk theaters, Kokkalikottai, a famous traditional dance in the district are gradually vanishing. But it is also a matter of solace to note that some of the handicrafts for which the Vellore district are renowned, are still flourishing . Mats making in Walajapet, silk weaving in Arni and the traditional art of pot making in Vellore and places around, are some of the handicrafts which are enable to successfully withstand challenges through ages. The poomalai., scheme that has been introduced by the govt. will not only preserve the traditional handicrafts, but also promote their growth.

Development of Collegiate Education in the district
The Vellore District is one of the leading districts of the state., where the development of the education has been consistently good and commendable. The American Arcot mission, which was established in vellore center in 1853, has the distribution of pioneering the cause of higher education by establishing The American Arcot mission Collage./ afflilated to the University of Madras as early as 1898. This later come to be known as Voorhees Collage. The Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur the Auxilium Collage, ( for women) at Katpadi are other Christian institutions dedicated themselves to the cause of education. The Govt .of Tamil Nadu with an ambitious scheme and ardent desire to promote higher education , setup series of Arts Collages throughout the state. The Muthurangam Govt. Arts Collage, Vellore . Thirumagal mills Govt Arts collage, Gudiyatham Arigar Anna Arts collage for women, Walajah have been established in the rural end poor students.

The private participation in the growth of higher education in the District is also over whelming. The D.K.M. Collage for women Vellore is a fine Example.

Some Muslim Philanthropists and educationists, realising the need to wide open opportunities for the muslim youth to learn higher education, have established educational centers. The Islamiah collage , Vaniayambadi, C. Abdul Hakeem collage, Melvisharam, Mazhrul -uloom collage, Ambur, the Muslim minority Institutions are also contributing their mite in promoting higher education in the District. The Arabic Collage in Vellore town is another important educational center for higher education.

The district is not Lagging behind in providing professional education. The Christian Medical Collage, Vellore. Which is of international repute, is offering even P.G. courses in some specialised branches. By starting an Engineering Collage, the Govt. also has fulfilled the aspiration of the student community of this district. In view of the financial constraints , in the Last few years, the Govt., has encourage self financing Institutions. The Vellore engineering Collage, Vellore , which has many academic distinction to its credit, The Priyadershini engineering college., Vaniyampadi, have come into existence as a result. And there is also Govt . Teachers Training Collage, in Vellore offering both U.G.&P.G. courses. The phenomenal growth of these educational institution in the district only testify the growing demand and the keen interest evinced by the student community for higher and professional Education.

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Name of Offices with Postal Address and Pin codes
Phone No.
1. Joint Director of Agriculture,
Bagayam Road,
opp to Govt.Ploytechnic,Thorapadi,
Vellore-632 002
2. Deputy Commissioner,
Commercial Taxes,
4,Fort Round Road,
Vellore-632 001
3. District Employment Office,
19-20 Arcot Road,
Vellore-632 012
4. Additional Collector/Project Officer,
District Rural Development Agency,
Collectorate Building,Vellore-632 009

5. District Social Welfare Officer,
'B' - Block, Collectorate, Sathuvachari, Vellore-632 009
6. District Sports Officer,
Government Nethaji Stadium,
Vellore-632 001
7. Assistant Director of Ex-Servicemen Welfare,
DSSA Board, Fort Round Road,
Vellore-632 001
8. Chief Educational Officer,
Collectorate Building, ‘B’ Block,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
9. Principal,
Government Industrial Training Institute,
Melmonavoor, Vellore-632 010
10. Principal,
Muthurangam Govt.Arts College,
Otteri Road,
Bagayam, Vellore-632 002
11. Principal,
TPEVR, Govt.Polytechnic,
Bagayam, Vellore-632 002
12. TPEVR.Govt Institute of Technology,
Bagayam,Vellore-632 002
13. Principal,
Govt.College of Education,
Ist West Cross Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore-632 006
2243103 (Res)

14. Divisional Fire Officer,
Infantry Road,
Vellore-632 001


Conservator of Forest,
Vellore Circle,
5.Balaji Road, 3rd Cross,
Krishna Nagar, Vellore-632 001
16. Assistant Engineer,
Govt.Automobile Workshop,
Kilmonavoor Village,
Vellore-632 010
17. Executive Engineer,
Govt.Tractor Workshop,
Thorapadi, Vellore-632 002
18. Divisional Engineer,
Highways & Rural Works,
‘B’ Block, Collectorate Building
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
19. Divisional Engineer,
Highways Rural Roads Division,
8.Natteri Krishnamachari Street,
Krishna Nagar,Vellore-632 001
20. National Highways,
B-Block, Collectorate, Sathuvachari
Vellore-632 006
21. Area Commander,
Home Guards, 18.Officers Line,
Vellore-632 001
22. Joint Commissioner,
Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments,
RTO Office Road, Sathuvachari,
Vellore-632 009
23. Regional Deputy Director,
District Industrial Centre,
Industrial Estate,
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore-632 006
24. Superintendent,
Central Prison,
Thorapadi,Vellore-632 002
25. Superintendent,
Presidency Jail for Women,
Bagayam,Vellore-632 002
26. District Judge,
Court Building, Sathuvachari,
Vellore-632 009
27. Chief Judicial Magistrate cum-Addl.District Judge, Court Building, Sathuvachari,
Vellore-632 009
28. Labour Officer,
6.Post Office Street,
Krishna Nagar,Vellore-632 001
29. Joint Director of Medical Services,
Government Pentland Hospital,
Kosapet, Vellore-632 001
30. Regional Deputy Director of Municipal Admn.,
10.Sarathy Nagar,Kagithapattarai,
Vellore-632 012
31. Managing Director,
Vellore District Co-Op Milk Producers Union,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
32. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner,
31.Filterbed Road,Vellore-632 001
33. Regional Deputy Director of Local Funds and Audit,
Jambu Bala Buildings, Arcot Road,
Vellore-632 012
34. Regional Transport Officer,
Phase-II, T.N.Housing Board,
Vellore-632 009
35. Superintending Engineer,
Building Division,
Officer’s Line (opp to Circuit House)
Vellore-632 002
36. Superintending Engineer,PWD.,
Water Resource Organisation Fort,
Vellore-632 005
37. Superintending Engineer,
Tank Modernisation,’B’ Block Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari, Vellore-632 009
38. District Registrar,
Fort, Vellore-632 005
39. Assistant Director,
Regional Forsenic Science,
3-3A Katpadi Road,
Vellore-632 004

40. District Rehabilitation Officer,
Battai Street, Velapadi,
Vellore-632 001
41. Assistant Director of Sericulture,
Sathuvachari, Vellore-632 009
42. Treasury Officer,
‘B’ Block, Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
43. Deputy Director of Heal Services,
‘B’ Block Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
44. District Adi Dravida and Tribal Welfare Officer,
Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
45. District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer,
Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
46. Assistant Commissioner (Excise)
Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
47. Assistant Director of Statistics,
Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
48. Assistant Director of Town Panchayat,
Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
49. Joint Registrar of Co-op Societies,
Collectorate Campus, Sathuvachari,
Vellore-632 009
50. Librarian,
District Library,
Opp. Sri Venkateswaran Hr.Sec.School,
Vellore-632 001
51. District Elementary Education Office,
Fort,Vellore-632 005
52. District Educational Officer,
Kasthamettu Street,
Kosapet,Vellore-632 001
53. Assistant Director of Handloom and Textiles,
15, 7th East main Road, Gandhi Nagar,
Vellore-632 006
54. Assistant Director of Khadi and Village Industries,
22.Chinna Allapuram Main Road,
Vellore-632 003
55. Deputy Inspector of Factories,
Arni Road,Sainathapuram,
Vellore-632 001
56. Revenue Divisional Officer,
Collectorate Building,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
57. Revenue Divisional Officer,
Ranipet-632 401
58. Revenue Divisional Officer,
Tirupathur-635 601
59. Tahsildar,Arcot
60. Tahsildar, Walajah
61. Tahsildar, Arakkonam-630 010
62. Tahsildar, Tiruvalam Road,Katpadi-632 007
63. Tahsildar, Gudiyatham-632 602
64. Tahsildar, Vaniyambadi-635 751
65. Tahsildar, Tirupathur-635 601
Public Information Officers and Appellate Authorities - District Collectorate and District Level Officers


Name of Offices with Postal Address and Pin codes
Phone No.
1. Assistant Collector,
Central Excise,
Central Revenue Buildings,
Officers Line,
Vellore-632 001. 2220243
2. Aerodrome Officer,
Civil Aviation, Big Road,
Abdullapuram,Vellore-632 2010
3. Pension Pay Master,
Defence Accounts
9.Atu Street,
Vellore-632 006
4. Assistant Engineer,
Doordharsan LPT Centre,
41.Katpadi Road, Virudhampet,
Vellore-632 006
5. Field Publicity Officer,
5.Balaji Road,
Krishna Nagar,
Vellore-632 001.
6. District Manager,
Food Corporation of India,
19-20 Arcot Road, Kagithapattarai,
Vellore-632 012
7. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax,
Central Revenue Buildings,
Officers Line, Vellore-632 001.
8. Controller of Explosives,
102,Vellore Road, Gandhi Nagar,
Vellore-632 006. 2243462
9. District Informatics Officer,
National Informatics Centre,
Ministry of Information Technology,
IInd Floor, Collectorate,
Sathuvachari, Vellore - 632 009. 2253401
10. District Youth Co-ordinator,
Nehru Yuvak Kendra,
Ist Street, Phase-III,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009.
11. Senior Superintendent of Post Offices,
Head Post Office Buildings,
Officers Line,Vellore-632 001
12. Director,
(RICA) Regional Institute of Correctional Admn.,Thorapadi, Vellore-632 002
13. Station Manager,
Katpadi Railway Station,
Katpadi,Vellore-632 007
14. General Manager,District Telecom,
Bharat Nizhar Sanshar,
Market Committee Buildings,
Officers Line, Vellore-632 001
15. Superintendent of Post Offices,
Head Post Office Buildings,
Arakkonam-639 010
16. Superintendent of Post Offices,
Head Post Office Buildings,
Tirupathur-635 601

17. Station Master,
Jolarpet Railway Station,
Tirupathur Taluk-635 851
18. Station Master,
Arakkonam Railway Station,
Arakkonam-639 010

19. Senior Conservation Asssistant,
Archaeological Survey of India, Fort,
Vellore-632 005.


Name of Offices with Postal Address and Pin codes
Phone No.
1. Project Officer,
Astronomical Observatory,
Kavalur,Vaniyambadi Taluk 635 701
2. Special Officer,
Ambur Co-op Sugar Mills Limited,
Vadapudupet, Ambur-635 802
3. Special Officer,
Vellore Co-op Sugar Mills Limited,
Ammundi, Katpadi Taluk-632 519
4. Special Officer,
Tirupathur Co-op.Sugar Mills Limited,

5. Managing Director,
Govt.Sandal Oil Factory,
Tirupathur-635 601

6. Director,
Institute of Veternary Preventive Medicine,
MBT,Road, Ranipet-632 401
7. General Manager,
Ranipet-632 401
8. General Manager,
T.N.Explosives Ltd(TEL),
Katpadi Taluk-632 007
9. Branch Manager,
T.N.Industrial Investment Corporation Limited,
Industrial Estate,Gandhi Nagar,
Vellore-632 006
10. Environmental Engineer,
T.N.Pollution Control Board,
7th East Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar,Vellore-632 006
11. Senior Regional Manager,
T.N.Civil Supplies Corporation,
Vellore-632 002
12. Executive Engineer,
T.N.Housing Board,
Sathuvachari,Vellore-632 009
13. District Manager,
T.N.Harijan Housing and Development Corporation, 7/1 Thiyagarajapuram
Vellore-632 001
14. Superintending Engineer,
TWAD Board,
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore-632 006
15. Chief Engineer,
T.N.Electricity Board,
10th East Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore-632 006
16. Managing Director,
T.N.State Transport Corporation Limited,
Rangapuram,Vellore-632 009
17. Superintendent,
TANSI Fabrication Works,
Arcot Road,Kagithapattarai,
Vellore-632 012
18. Manager,
Tamil Nadu Ware Housing Corporation,
Katpadi Road(opp.National Theatre)
Vellore-632 004
19. Manager,
T.N.State Marketing Corporation,
Filterbed Road,
Vellore-632 001

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North Latitude Between 12 0 15’ and 130 15’

East Longitude Between 780 20’ and 790 50’


i. Area (Sq.Km.) : 5920.18

ii. Population : 3477317
a. Male Population
: 1741083
b. Female Population : 1736234
c. Rural Population : 2169319
d. Urban Population : 1307998

iii. Density : 573 per Km.

iv. Literates : 2203552

a. Males (%) : 81.98
b. Females (%) : 62.78
Total (%) : 72.36

v. Main Workers (2001 Census) :

a. Total Workers : 1427180
b. Male Workers : 951805
c. Female Workers : 475375
d. Rural Workers : 982222
e. Urban Workers : 444958
f. Cultivators : 251394
g. Agricultural Laborers : 390696
h. Household Industry : 161990
i. Other Workers : 623100
j. Marginal Workers : 254535

vi. Non-Workers : 2050137

vii. Language spoken in the District i. Tamil
ii. Telugu
iii. Urdu
iv. Hindi
v. Kannada
vi. Sowrastra
vii. Malayalam


i. Birth : 17.1

ii. Death : 6.6

iii. Infant Deaths : 27.9

iv. Birth Rate (Per 1000 Population)
a. Rural : 18.4
b. Urban : 16.7
c. Combined : 17.9

v. Death Rate (Per 1000 Population)

a. Rural : 7.8
b. Urban : 6.0
c. Combined : 7.3

vi. Infant Mortality Rate (Per 1000 Live Births)
a. Rural : 42.0
b. Urban : 22.1
c. Combined : 36.6

vii. Expectation of life at Birth
a. Male : 64.85
b. Female : 65.20

Viii. No. of Deaths of women due to problems related to child birth

a. At the time of delivery : 7
b. During Pregnancy : 21
c. After Child birth (within 42 days) : 46

4. TEMPERATURE (in Degree Centigrade)

a. Plains (VELLORE)
i. Maximum : 39.5
ii. Minimum : 15.6

b. Hill Stations
i. Maximum : N.A.
ii. Minimum : N.A.


a. Normal
i. North East Monsoon : 353.0
ii. South West Monsoon : 442.0

b. Actual
i. North East Monsoon : 441.1
ii. South West Monsoon : 579.5


a. Total Cultivated Area (Hec) : 221869

b. Net Area Sown (Hec.) : 197252

c. Area Sown more than once (Hec.) : 24617

d. Area and Production of Area (Hec.) Production
Principal Crops in ‘000’ ‘000’ (Tones)
Paddy : 44.326
Millets and Other Cereals : 21.508 ----
Pulses : 17.921 ----
Sugarcane : 20.938
Groundnut : 54.888
Gingelly : 1.169
Cotton(bales of 170 Kgs lint each) : 6.626 ----

e. Agricultural Land Holdings (2005-06)
i. Number of Holdings : 411091
ii. Area (Hec) : 275577.54
iii. Average Size of Holdings(Hec) : 0.67

f. a. Important Food Crops : Paddy,Jowar,Ragi,Bajra
b. Important Non-Food Crops : Cotton,Sugar,Groundnut


i. Net Area Irrigated by (Hec.) : 101000
a. Government Canals : 0
b . Private Canals : Nil
c. Tanks : 1126.90
d. Tube Wells : 15313.94
e. Other Wells : 84547.65
f. Other Sources : 12.00 ---
Total Net Area Irrigated : 101000.49

ii. Gross Area Irrigated : 121134.68

iii. Name of the River : 1. Palar River
2. Malattar
3. Koundinya Nadi
4. Goddar
5. Pambar
6. Agaram Aru
7. Ponnai River
8. Kallar
9.Naga Nadi

iv. No. of Lakes (Tanks) : 1355


i. Veterinary Institutions
a. Veterinary Hospitals : 8
b. Veterinary Dispensaries : 50
c. Clinician Centres : 1
d. Sub Centres : 67

ii. a. Poultry Development as on
Chicks produced in hatcheries (Lakh Nos). : Nil
b.Birds sold for breeding (Lakh Nos.) : Nil
c. Birds sold for table (Lakh Nos.) : Nil

iii. Livestock and Poultry Population
a. Cattle : 531026
b. Buffaloes : 33854
c. Sheep : 295135
d. Goat : 232315
e. Poultry : 1145074


a. Dairies : 1

b. Milk Chilling Plants : 3

c. No. of Milk Co-op.Societies : 428

d. Milk Production (Lakh Litres) : 5.38


i. Length of Coastal Line (Km.) : Nil

ii. No,of Coastal Blocks : Nil

iii. No.of Coastal Centres : Nil

iv. Marine Fish Production (Tonne) : Nil

v. Inland Fish Production (Tonne) : 7.205


i. Forest Area (Hec.)
a. Reserved Forests : 143459.203
b. Reserved Lands : ---
c. Forests : 7262.802

ii. Out-turn of Forest Product
a. Timber (Cu.m.) : Nil
b. Fuelwood (MT) : Nil
c. Pulpwood (MT) : Nil
d. Sandalwood (MT) : Nil
e. Soap wood : Nil
f. Bamboo (Tonne) : Nil
g. Tea Green Leaves (Tonne) : Nil
h. Wattle Bark (MT) : Nil
i. Cashew (Tonne) : Nil
j. Tamarind : 31.403 M.T
K. Gallnut :
l. Others(Soapnut, Pungan, Nelli, Eachampul, Manipungan, etc)
: 42.725 M.T


i. Generation of Electricity (in m.u.)
a. Hydro : Nil
b. Wind Mill Generation : Nil
c. Thermal : Nil
d. Power Purchased : Nil
e. Gas Turbine : Nil

ii. Consumption of Electricity (in m.u.) Kwh.
a. Agriculture : 1024.909
b. Industry : 252.145
c. Commercial : 359.923
d. Domestic : 1785.097
e. Public Lighting & Water Works : 704.944
f. Sales to Licensees : Nil
g. Sales to Other States : Nil
h. Miscellaneous Railways : 287.305

iii. Rural Electrification
a. Number of Pumpsets Energised : 131177
b.Number of Villages Electrified : 842
c. Number of Hamlets Electrified : All Hamlets Electrified.

13. ENTERPRISES Rural Urban

i. No.of Agricultural Enterprises : 21941 2299

ii.No.of non-Agricultural Enterprises : 49593 47967

iii.No.of Enterprises :
a. With Premises : 81282 66343
b. Without Premises : 8575 3170


i. No.of Working Factories (Registered) : 1321

ii. No.of Mandays Worked (Lakhs) : 717120

iii. No.of Trade Unions : 25

iv. No.of Strikes : ---

v. No.of Lockouts : --

vi. Large Scale Industries : 60

vii. Medium Scale Industries : 257

viii. Small Scale Industries : 702

ix. Cottage Industries : 258

x. No.of New Factories setup : 54

xi. Name of the Important Industries
in the District :
1. BHEL Ltd., Ranipet
2. TEL Ltd., Katpadi
3. Leather & Leather Product Industries
4. Cotton Yarn manufacturing Mills
5. CO-op Sugar Mills
6. Engineering Industries
7. Match Industries
8. Beedi Industry
9. Hand Loom & Power Loom Industries
10. Chemical Industries

xii. Name of the Industrial Park :
1. SIDCO. Katpadi
2. SIPCOT. Ranipet
3. SIDCO. Arkkonam


i. Production Sales
(Rs.in Lakhs) (Rs.in Lakhs)
----- -----
Cotton -- 11.92
Woollen -- 4.07
Silk -- 43.80
Polyester -- 4.62

a. Soaps -- --
b. Leather Goods 1.13 1.13
c. Honey 2.50 2.710
d. Others 76.91 76.91
Total (i+ii) 80.54 80.75


i. Modern Medicine
a. No.of Hospitals : 13
b. Dispensaries : 8 ( E.S.I )
c. Primary Health Centres : 67
d. Health Sub Centres : 454
e. Other Medical Institution : 1
f. Beds in Hospitals and
Dispensaries : 1632
g. Total Number of Doctors : 356
h. Total Number of Nurses : 752

ii. Indian Medicine
a. Hospitals : 12
b. Dispensaries : 2
c. Primary Health Centres : 13
d. Beds in Hospitals and
Dispensaries : 25
e. Total Number of Doctors : 19
f. Total Number of Nurses : 3

iii. Homeopathy
a. Hospitals : 3
b. Dispensaries : --
c. Beds in Hospitals and
Dispensaries : --
d. Total Number of Doctors : 3
e. Total Number of Nurses : --

iv. Unani
a. Hospitals : 1
b. Primary Health Centres : 1
c. No.of.Doctors : 1


i. Universities : 2

ii. Arts and Science Colleges : 21

iii. Colleges for professional Education
a.Medicine :
(1). Allopathy : 2
(2). Indian Medicine : 1
(3). Homoeopathy : 1
b. Engineering Colleges : 11
c. Agriculture Colleges : 1
d. Veterinary Colleges : --
e. Law Colleges : --

iv. Colleges for Special Education(Nursing) : 1

v. Pre Primary Schools : 324

vi. Primary Schools : 1678

vii. Middle Schools : 444

viii. High Schools : 167

ix. Higher Secondary Schools : 162

x. Teacher’s Training Institute : 39

xi. No.of fresh entries
(I to V Std.) : Male Female
35692 33295

xii. No.of students passed at
a. High School (X Std) : 33877 (74.8%)
b. Higher Secondary School (XII Std) : 11316 (64.9%)


i. Road Length (in Km.)
a. National Highways : 227.200
b. State Highways : 122.400
c. Corporation and Municipalities
Roads : 776.720
d. Panchayat Union and Panchayat
Roads : 3709.600
e. Town Panchayat/ Township Roads : 744.205
f. Others (Forest Roads) : Nil

ii. Registered Motor Vehicles
a. Commercial : 3254
b. Non-Commercial : 29863

iii. Railway Length
a. Route Length (in Km.) :
(1). Broad Gauge : 152.4
(2). Metre Gauge : Nil
b.Track Length (in Km.) :
(1) Broad Gauge : 152.4
(2) Metre Gauge : Nil
c. No.of Railway Station :

iv. Number of Sea Ports : Nil

v. Number of Air Ports : 1

vi. Name of the Air Port : Vellore Aerodram

vii. Name of the Sea Port : Nil

viii. Name of the Export Commodity :
1. Shoes
2. Leather Garments
3. Matches
4. Hand Loom & Power Loom Clothes
5. Beedi

ix. Name of the Import Commodity (Interstate) :
1. Redgram
2. Blackgram
3. Bengalgram
4. Palm oil


i. Post & Telegraph (In Number)
a. Post Offices doing posted business Alone : 620
b. Post Offices doing Post & Telegraph : 60

ii. Telephones
a. No.of Telephones in use : 141243
b. No.of Public Call Offices : 7458
c. No.of Telephones Exchanges : 117


i. Primary Land Development Banks : 9

ii. Cooperative Apex Banks (TNSC) : Nil

iii. District Central Cooperative Banks
(Including Branches) : 1 (Branches - 35)

iv. Urban Banks (Including Branches) : 20

v. Primary Agricultural Credit Societies : 180

vi. Housing Cooperative Societies : 29

vii. Employees Cooperative Societies : 68

viii. Lift Irrigation Societies : Nil

ix. Weavers Cooperative Societies : 49

x. Industrial Cooperative Societies : 13

xi. Khadi & Village Industries Societies : 33

xii. Primary Cooperative Stores : 10

xiii. Cooperative Sugar Mills : 3

xiv. Co-operative Marketing Societies : 7

xv. Other Co-operative Societies : 175


i. No.of Registration Offices : 20

ii.Aggregte Value of property Transferred
(Rs.in Crores) : 1560.00

iii.Total Receipts (Rs.in Crores) : 49.59

i. No.of tenements constructed by
Tamil Nadu Housing Board : Nil

ii. Deputy Registrar Housing : Nil

iii. No.of tenements constructed by
Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board : Nil

iv. Police Housing Board : Nil

v. Deputy Registrar, Housing – Rural : ---

vi. Deputy Registrar, Housing – Urban : ---

vii. Samathuvapuram : 6

viii. Total No.of Households :
a. S.C. : ---
b. S.T. : ---
c. Others : ---

ix. No.of Households below poverty line : ---

23. SOCIAL WELFARE (in Nos.)

i. a. Old Age Pensioners : 63705
b. Widow Pensioners : 57889
c. Deserted Agri.Labour : 8986
d. Deserted Widow : 13801
e. Physically Handicapped : 6465
Total : 150846

ii. Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Ammaiyar Ninaivu : ----
Mahapperu Udhavi Thittam
(National Maternity Benefit Scheme) : 8160

iii. Marriage Assistance
a. Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar General SC+ST
Ninaivu Thirumana Udhavi Thittam : 4610 1860
b. Marriage Assistance for daughter of Poor
Widows : 133 23
c. Dr. Dharmambal Ammaiyar (Widow
Remarriage ) Thittam : 3 --
d. Marriage Assistance to orphan girls : 7 2
e. Anjugam Ammaiyar Ninaivu Kalappu
Thirumana Nidhi Udhavi Thittam : 68 25

iv. Aid for Handicapped : Nil

v. Aid for others (specify) : Nil

vi. Women Welfare Co-operative Societies : 4

vii. Training Centres : 4

viii.Mahalir suya uthavi kuzhukkal
(i) Group : 18022
(ii) Member : 302422

ix. Women Development Centre : Nil

x. Beneficiaries : Nil

xi. Uzhavar Santhai : 5


Name of the Programme No.of Total
Centres Beneficiaries
i. Purachi Thalaivar M.G.R. : 2176 366564

ii. I.C.D.S : 2724 144135


a. Revenue Divisions : 3
b. Revenue Taluks : 8
c. Revenue Firkas : 52
d. Revenue Villages : 842


a. Corporations : Nil
b. Municipalities : 14
c. Panchayat Unions : 20
d. Special Village Panchayats : 22
e. Village Panchayats : 753


a. No.of Development Divisions : 3
b. No.of Blocks Covered : 20
c. Population Covered (in Lakhs) : 34.83
d. Area Covered (in Sq.Km.) : 6077


i. Police
a. Police Force
i. Local : 1676
ii. Armed Reserve : 534
b. Police Stations : 56
c. Police Outposts : 4

ii. Prisons
a. Central Prisons : 2
b. Other Prisons : 6


i. Members of the Legislative Assembly
a. Elected : 12
b. Nominated : Nil

ii. Members of Parliament (Lok Sabha) : 3

iii. Members of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) : Nil


i. Permanent
a. Air-conditioned : 3
b. Non-Air conditioned : 73
c. Air Cooled : 1

ii. Open Air Theatres : ---

iii. Semi Permanent : 5

iv. Touring : 19


i. Bank Officers : 247
Primary Co-op. Banks : 185

ii. Life Insurance
a. Offices : 7
b. Policies Issued : N.A
c. Sum Assured (Rs.in Crores) :


a. Name of the Minerals found in the District : VERMICULITS


1. Name of the important Pilgrim Centres : a. Vellore Port Jalagandeeswarar Temple
b. Vallimalai Murugan Temple
c. Sholingur Narasima Swamy Temple
d. Rathinagiri Balamurugan Temple
e. Jalagamparai Eswaran Koil
f. Virinjipuram Margapandeeswarar Temple
g.Pallikonda Ranganathar Temple
h. Sripuram,Golden Temple,Ariyur.

2. Name of the Important Tourist Centres : a. Vellore Port
b. Muthu Mandapam, Vellore River - bed
c. Delhi Gate , Arcot
d. Thippusulthan Mahal, Arcot
e. Amirithi forest
f. Morthana Dam, Gudiyatham
g. Kavalur Observator
h. Ellagiri Hills
i. Javvadu Hills

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Home About District About Vellore
District Profile
Government Offices
Departments Employment Office
Revenue Department
Market Committee
e-Services e-Services (Land)
e-services of RTO
e-Tender (With DSC)
e-Services (DIC)
Online Public Grievance
IDRN Tourism Tourist Places
Prominent Locations
Historical Monuments
Press Release Contact Us Links




District Industries Centre is an integral part of the Department of Industries and commerce functioning at the District Level. Dist.Industries Centre is envisaged as a single window interacting Agency with the entrepreneurs at the Dist. Level. Services and support to Small entrepreneurs are provided under Single roof through Dist.Industries Centre. Dist.Industries Centre is the implementing arm of the Central and state Govt. of various schemes and programmes.

The Vellore district has a dominant presence in the Leather and Leather based industries. Vellore District accounts for more than 37% of the country’s Export of Leather and Leather related products such as finished leathers, shoe uppers, shoes, garments, gloves and so on. Leather and Leather products exports by the end of the year 1999 has been estimated Rs.2000 crores from this District alone. The Govt. of Tamilnadu provide all possible capital subsidies and infrastructural support in the form of setting up Indl.Estate and common effluent treatment plant. Thus Vellore Dist. share of the Leather market in the years to come is ensured.


Registration of Small Industries is done at District Industries Centre.

"Small scale Industrial undertakings are those which are engaged in the manufacture, processing or preservation of goods and in which investment in plant and machinery (original cost) does not exceed Rs.1.00 crores with effect from 24.12.99 whether held on ownership terms,or on lease or on hire purchase."

Provisional SSI registration certificate are being issued within 3 days from the date of receipt of application. This certificate engaged to get clearance on prority to get E.B. connection, financial assistance and plan approval by local bodies.

The Permanent SSI registration certificate are being issued for the units who have started the production, repairing,and servicing activity after the personal inspection by Dist.Industries Centre officials. Certificates are issued within 30days from the date of application. All incentives could be availed only after obtaining Permanent certificate.

Existing Cottage/Handicraft certificates having plant and machinery value not exceeding Rs.5.00 Lakhs and5 H.P.power connection are being issued with Cottage Industries/Handicraft certificate. It is being issued within 30 days from the date of receipt of application.

Acheivement for the year 1998-99and 1999-2000

Target Achievement

1) Provisional SSI regn. Certificate 1998-99 2200 1489

1999-2000 2200 2341

2) Permanent SSI regn. Certificate 1998-99 1220 1222

1999-2000 1220 1224

3) Cottage Industries certificate 1998-99 200 135

1999-2000 200 200

4) Handicraft certificate 1998-99 100 70

1999-2000 100 100


A number of steps have been taken to boost the development of industry in the state. Single window committee have been setup to assist small industries to secure and obtain statutory clearance for starting industries at District Level. Monthly single window clearance meeting under the Chairmanship of the District Collector are conducted regularly. During 1998-99 , 162 clearances were obtained and during 1999-2000,204 clearances were obtained from various departments.


With the object of fostering the pace of Industrialisation and to enhance the competitiveness of Tamilnadu for attracting larger share of industrial projects, Govt. of Tamilnadu has introduced an attractive package of incentives.

The following table gives a comprehensive list of concessions and incentives offered by the state to encourage investment and promote industrial activity:



(rate on fixed assets) VALUE

(Locational based) (Rs.in Lakhs)

State capital subsidy

Most Backward area Capital subsidy for all

new industries set up in 4 most backward 20% Rs.15.00Lakhs

blocks namely Arcot,Nemili,Jolarpettai

and Kandili

Backward area capital subsidy for all

New industries set up in 11 backward 15% Rs.15.00Lakhs

Blocks namely, Veellore, Katpadi,Gudiyattam

Kaniyambadi, Pernambut,Alangayam,Thirupathur

Natrampalli, Kaveripakkam,Anaicut& Timiri

(Industry based)

Special capital subsidy

(a)Trust Sectors:

Leather Industries 20% Rs.20.00Lakhs

Electronic industries 20% Rs.20.00Lakhs

(b)Select Sectors

Automobile spare parts

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Sports Goods and Accessories

Pollution control equipment 20% Rs.15.00Lakhs

Solar energy and other non-conventional

Energy devices for user industries on cost

Of each equipment (for Medium/Large scale units

Jute industries (in specified areas) 10% Rs.10.00Lakhs

Export oriented Gold Jewellery and

Dimond processing.

Food processing industries

Cost effective building materials


General 10% Rs.10.00Laks

1,2,3 star hotels with investment (excluding cost of Land)

Less tjanm Rs.100 Lakhs.

Amusement parks

Golf courses, Restaurants

Other Industries

Employment of women(more than 5% Rs.5.00 Lakhs

30% of their work force)

Effluent Treatment plant 10% Rs.2.00Lakhs

Generator subsidy 15% Rs.5.00 Lakhs

Power Tariff concession

Tariff concession for Low tension

Year 1 40%

Year 2 30%

Year 3 9; 9; 20%

Details of incentives disbursed under subsidy scheme:

State/Spl.capital subsidy LTPT subsidy Generator subsidy

Amt. Allotted 1998-99 Rs.163.90 Lakhs Rs.24.69Lakhs Rs.1.03Lakhs

Amt.Disbursed Rs.163.90 Lakhs Rs.24.69Lakhs Rs.1.03Lakhs

No.of beneficiaries 69 ; 137 4

Amt. Allotted 1999-2000 Rs.209.09 Rs.24.39 ; Rs.2.81Lakhs

Amt.Disbursed Rs.209.09 Rs.24.39 Rs.2.81Lakhs

No.of beneficiaries 53 152 8


The Main object of this scheme is toprovide financial assistance to all Educat ed unemployed persons both male land female to set up their own ventures such as Industry, Bussines and service. This will facilitate to eradicate the unemployment problems in this District.


QUALIFICATION: 8TH Std.passed and above

Age : 18 to 35 years (for SC/ST,women,Handicapped

And ex-servicemen is45 years)

(c)Family income : Not exceed Rs.24,000 per annum

(d) Loan amount : Rs.1,00,000/= for Business and Rs.2.00Lakhs for

Industries. Joint Ventures are also encouraged if

The project cost exceeeds Rs.2.00 Lakhs and

Maximum Rs.10.00 Lakhs for 5 Entrepreneurs.

(e)Subsidy : 15% subject to a maxium of Rs.7,500/=

(f) Training : 10 days for business and 20 days for industrial activity

(g) Training stipend : Business activity Rs.150/=per trainee and

&#Rs.300/=for industrial acitivity per trainee.



No. Amt.inLakhs No. Amt.inLakhs

1998-99 925 927 Rs.443.36 837 Rs.362.40

1999-2000 700 734 Rs.333.50 534 Rs.236.63

(as on 30.4.2000)

Women Entrepreneurs Development training programme

For the promotion of women in social and economic status by starting of industry,

2months training in various traders of their choices are being provided under the Entrepreneurs Development programme of women. During the period they will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.300/= per month. All women entrepreneurs who have passed Xth std having completed the age of 18are eligible for this training.After completion of 2months training they will b e provided financial assistance through Nationalised Banks, recommended by the D.I.C.

Target for Target for


No.of candidates allotted 35 30

No.of candidates trained 35 27

Industrial co-operative societies

Organising of Indl.co-operative societies by enrolling a cluster of skilled/semi

Skilled workers available in an area as lmembers so as to improve the economic conditions of the workers. Dist.Ind.Centre, controls and supervise the existing 11 Industrial co-operative societies in Vellore Dist.

Details of societies:


Sl.No. Name of the Indl.coop.society Phone No. Activity Employment


1 Ranipet Leather Finishing service 914172- Leather services 34

Indl.coop.society 22085

2 Pernambut Leather Finishing 914171- Leather servce 40

service indl.coop.society 72375

3. N.A.Dt. small scale lsheet metal 224420 Fabrication 25

Fabricators Indl.coop.society

4. Vaniyambadi Leather Finishing 32412 Leather service 17

service Indl .coop.society

5. N.A.Dt.small Industries servce 242085 Mild steel fabrication 45


6. N.A.Dt.Ex-servicemen women 243975 Polythene covers 40

polythene bags mfrs.indl.coop.


7. N.A.Dt. small Printers service 227582 Printing 25


8. North Vellore women Indl.coop. 225594 Tailoring 16


Export Oriented Units belongs to Vellore Dist

Import and Exports:

Procedure for imports and export policy have been simplified and liberalised by Govt. of India. All industrial units can import Capital goods, raw materials, intermediate components, consummable spare parts , accessories may be imported according its needs.

Export: The item of products manufactured by Indl.units/merchanent exports may export their end product to various foreign countries under export promotion council. There are various Export promotion councils and details of Export Promotion councils and its addresses are given below:

(1)Engineering Export promotion council, Malvika ccentre 3rd floor144,145 Kodampakkam High road, Chennai 34 Ph No.8277501, 8276007 Fax:8270491

(2) Leather export Promotion council,No.53, Raja muthiah road, Periamet,

Chennai-3 Ph.No.5389098, 5382041, Fax:91-44-5388713

Chemical & Allied Products Export promotion council, Rasheed Mansion, No.622, Anna Salai, Chennai-6 Ph.8292310, 8294713 Fax.91-44-8295386

Cotton Textils Export Promotion council, No.758, Mount road, Mount Chambers 2nd floor, Chennai-2 ph.8526638, Fax:8521205

Apparel Export promotion council, No.498, Anna Salai, Karumuthu Centre,3rd floor, Chennai35 Ph.No.4346648, 4323742 Fax.91-44-4348416

Handicrafts Export Promotion Council, Sasthiri bhavan, phase II 3rd floor, Headowns road, Nungambakkam, Chennai34

Handloom Export Promotion Councils, No.18, Cathedral Garden road,Nungambakkm, Chenai 34

Gem and Jewellery Export promotion Council, Ankur plaza, 3rd floor, 52, G.N.Shetty road,T.Nagar, Chennai17 ph.No.8276188, Fax 8226686

Basic Chemicals Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion council, No.23/1and 2, 5th main road, 3rd cross Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore-9

Ph.No.2269037 Fax No.91-80-2260446

Activity of Export promotion Councils:

Registering of Indl.units under export promotion council. Conducting of Indl.seminors regularly . Conducting of buyer and seller meeting at various foreign countries year wise so that the unit holder can export their goods easily.The council also guide the units how to export and the procedures of Import and Export policy of Govt. of India.

Registered Units under various export Promotion councils and their performance of Export pertaining to Vellore Dist.:

1)The units registered under Engineering Export Promotion Councils:

Sl.No. Name and address item of export year Value

1.M/s.Indira Industries, Desigining of noise 1999-2000Rs.255.13

No.6, sipcot Indl. Control equipment Lakhs

Ranipet systems& Gl.Fabrication

2.M/s; Kartick steels Ltd Steel and Alloy 1999-2000

52, Sipcot Ranipet

3.M/s.Samco metal & Alloy Steel castings&Alloy 1999-2000 Rs.634.24

Arni road,Kaniyambadi steel castings.

4. United foundaries (P)Ltd Grey Ironcastings 1999-2000 Rs.893.00

No.12/D, Indl.complex,


5. Secals Ltd, No.31, Steel &Alloy steel 1999-2000 Rs.203.90

No.31, Sipcot Ranipet castings.

(2)Leather Export promotion councils:

In the above council nearly 185 unit holders belongs to Vellore Dist. have been registered. Major and Medium scale unit were also under in the council. Some of the unit and address are given below:

M/s. Farida Shoes Ltd, Ambur

M/s.Florind shoes Ltd, Ambur

M/s.Shafeeque shameel and co, Ambur

M/s.T.Abdul Wahid and co,Ambur

M/s.Bonaventure shoes Pvt, Ambur

M/s.K.H.Shoes Ltd, Ranipet

M/s.Taurus Leathers Pvt Ltd, Ranipet

M/s.Khizaria Leathers, Ranipet

M/s. RSL Industries Ltd, Vellore

M/s.Hansa Leather Exports,Ranipet

M/s.L.M.S.Gandi Md.and co, Ranipet

M/s.Ejaz Tanning company, Vaniyambadi

M/s.B.B.K.Leathers Pvt Ltd, Ranipet.

M/s.B.S.Shoes Pvt Ltd, Arcot.

The above 185 council members export finished leather, leather footwears,

Footwear components, Leather Garments, Leather goods and Leather gloves. The Leather Units in the State is exported during 1998-99 is Rs.2751.42 crores out of which Vellore Dist. export value is Rs.2,000.00 crores which is 37% of India’s export on leather and leather related products.

For similar other export product’s name and address of the unit and other detail may be obtained from the respectivePromotion councils.

Export opportunities in respect of Vellore District per annum

Export := Small/Medium/Large Industries

Sl.No. Products No.of units Value of Exports

1. Leather and allied products 52 Rs.2000 crores

2. Textiles 2

3. Jem andJewellers 1 Rs.25 Lakhs

4. Apparalls 1 Rs.1.80Lakhs

5. Chemicals and Granites 3

6. Handlooms 4

7. Engineering units 7 Rs.2,400 Lakhs

Product wise SSI units registered in Vellore Dist.

Sl.No. Type of activity No. of units

Indl.Estate Other areas Employment

1. Food products 0 624 1320

2. Cotton Textiles 0 65 259

3. Wood products 0 365 9215

4. Leather andLeather products 66 677 14540

5 Chemicals 7 171 334

6. Non-metalic minerals 8 97 198

7. Basic metal products 15 50 120

8. Electrical and Machineries 10 230 298


9. Transport equipments 3 38 102

10. Paper and paper products 0 266 315

11. Repairing and servicing of 0 4963 6375


12. Readymade garments 0 4378 12050

13. Other manufacturing 24 3086 4898


Total 233 15505 50805


Medium and Large scale units are those which are engaged in the manufacture, processing or preservation of goods and in which investment in plant and machinery exceeds more than Rs.1.00 crores.

Sl.No. Type of activity No. of units Employment

Indl.Estate Other areas

1. Sugar and jaggery mfg. 0 3 1315

2. Tyres andtubes 0 2 900

3. Chemical units 3 0 950

4. Auto bearing mfg.unit 0 1 350

5. Cotton fibres 0 3 1090

6. Ceramic wool mfg 1 0 125

7. Engg. Industries 4 1 760

8. Leather and Leather 8 28 3650


9. Expolsive unit 0 1 360

Total 16 3 9590
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Sugarcane Research Institute - Melalathur

Agricultural Research Station - Virinjipuram

Veterinary University Training Research Centre - Ranipet
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Guild of Service
Regional Institute of Correctional Administration
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Sangeetha - Sabha
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NGO's Activities in Various Fields at Vellore District

Homes & Hostels
Old Age Homes
Destitute Homes
SHG & Other Activities
Master Trainers & Other Activities
HIV AIDS & Other Activities
Computer Training & Other Activities
Education & Other Activities
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