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Old October 16th, 2014, 09:50 PM   #61
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Originally Posted by Impregnator View Post
Same here, issues with Megaworld. Paid the reservation fee and 1 year plus later still waiting for the contract to buy and sell but I'm looking at 100% cash payment so happy that I didn't pay anything so far. I won't pay until i have all the documentation but I know other buyers who started paying the installments but don't have any documents after several months.

And funny part is that Megaworld is very good at chasing you when you are late on payments but when it comes to give you your documentation they will ignore you.

Their staff is absolutely UNPROFESSIONAL, lots of promises to give me updates but in the end they never call back, never tell you anything.

I think the scary part is that the agency marketing the project decided to drop marketing for them because they encountered several similar issues and the buyers were chasing the agency which was in turn chasing Megaworld and facing the same response issues. So imagine if a profesionnal organization is struggling with Megaworld how it must be for individuals...

Those issues were faced on One Central, Two Central and Three Central projects.
here we go
I think their staffs lacking in communication
one after the other calling me for payments I have already paid
This is just one of the things I went trough with them
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Old October 18th, 2014, 08:04 PM   #62
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One thing that's missing in the Philippines is Consumer's right and advocacy. Just look at how unscrupulous the practice in the real estate especially condo purchase.
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Old October 19th, 2014, 01:24 AM   #63
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Originally Posted by janeabarquez View Post
Good Day! I just would like to share my experience with Pro-Friends and would appreciate any advice. I purchased a house and lot at “Property Company of Friends, Inc.” (also known as Pro-Friends or Lancaster) located in Cavite last September 16, 2012. This was done with the help of an agent named George Belicano Fileo who was from the Mivivienda Corporation. George said that I can apply it thru PAGIBIG loan and that it is Ready For Occupancy (RFO) or we can move-in right after paying the equity. We were tempted with these and on that same day, me and my boyfriend paid the reservation fee worth PHP10,000 just to secure the lot. Our agent also gave us a voucher worth Php2,500 as promo discount on equity. UNIT INFORMATION Project: Kensington12 House Model: Catherine AGENT NAME – MIVIVIENDA CORP. 1. George Belicano Fileo 2. Raul Abellar Pascual 3. Mark Oliver Barongan Real 4. Rowell Conchada Relles During the orientation/counselling in their office (Tinio, Mandaluyong, 1550 Kalakhang Maynila), they discussed again about the “move-in right after paying the equity”. Maximum waiting period is 3 months. Agent George assisted me during the submission of my documents and checks but after a month, my agent was no longer answering my text and everytime I call, his number is not in service. I applied for a bank financing since I cannot afford the In-House Financing scheme. They made me sign and fill-out the following forms last October 6, 2012: - Reservation Agreement - Contract to Sell - Deed of Absolute Sale - CocoLife (application for credit life insurance coverage) - AXA Philippine Life - PNB Life Insurance Group Mortgage Redemption Insurance - Deed of Reconveyance - Metrobank Application Form I started paying the downpayment last November 5, 2012. It lasted for 15 months amounting to PHP199,180. Submitted all 15 PDC checks in their Mandaluyong office last October 7, 2012. Completed the payment for the equity last January 5, 2014. I still have the official receipts with me. I emailed Pro-Friends January 11, 16 and 28 asking for the status of my bank financing as well as the construction of the unit. The customer service informed me that they will only process my bank application once the unit is fully constructed, as this is one of the requirement for bank’s approval. As of January 28, 2014, unit construction status is 51% and that the target completion of construction is on May 2014. That was the last email and update I got from Pro-Friends. The month of May came and I’ve been waiting for their call, text or email since my last downpayment but no one updated me. I was prompted to go to the office to check what was really happening. No one even bothered to call me from Pro-Friends or updated me about the rejected bank application. I visited their office September 6 and spoke to one of their customer relations officer (cant’ remember the name). My questions were: 1. What’s the status of the construction unit? 2. What’s the name of the bank who rejected the bank application? 3. Why was the application rejected? 4. Can I apply it thru PAGIBIG? 5. Can I personally file a housing loan application thru BDO? 6. When can I inspect the unit? 7. How much longer I have to wait? Answers: 1. The unit was already completed last March 2014. Comments: The unit was completed but no one even bothered to contact me or update me with the status. Does it have to take this long and do they have to wait for me to go to their office to follow-up? 2. My bank financing application thru BDO was disapproved. I will be automatically transferred to In-House Financing which will require me to pay a 30% DP within a month. If I have decided to take the In-House financing I will be paying the remaining PHP310,000 (estimated amount only) of the downpayment. Comments: Since I applied for bank financing scheme, I only paid 12% DP. If I have decided to transfer my account to In-House, they will require me to pay 30% DP, meaning I will have a Php310,000 balance (estimated amount). 3. Pro-Friends is requiring me to submit a Certificate of Full Payment from BDO to check if I have unsettled bills. Comments: I called BDO’s customer service requesting for the Certificate of Full Payment but they told me that they only issue such certificate for those clients who have unsettled bills with BDO. As for my case, my card is still active up to now. I doubt that they are really processing the bank financing and that I have been disapproved from BDO. First of, I can’t remember signing any housing loan application form from BDO. The form I’ve submitted from my last documents was application thru Metrobank dated October 6, 2012. So I appealed to them last September 6, 2014, to submit my documents again to BDO for re-evaluation since they cannot explain the reason why I was disapproved. This time, they made me sign an application form for BDO, UCPB and Metrobank (and requested for a change in employer). But then, they are requiring me again to submit documents that I have already submitted. I also tried calling the BDO customer service just to check if I have a negative record.The customer service who answered my call told me that I do have a good record with them. 4. Yes. It can be applied thru PAGIBIG fund BUT I still have to go through In-House Financing for about 6-12months while waiting and processing the documents. And I still have to settle the PHP310,000 (estimated amount only) of the downpayment. Comments: I planned to transfer it to PAGIBIG financing, but when I asked Pro-Friends to provide me all the required documents for my loan, they said the only document they can provide me as of the moment is the Contract to Sell (which I have right now). The CCT (Certified True Copy of Title) and other related documents are not yet available, I still have to wait for their call. It’s like they’re saying that the In-House financing is the only option. Plus, I can’t afford the monthly amortization of almost Php33,000 in In-House Financing (since it has to go thru In-House before PAGIBIG). 5. Yes it will be filed individually but same process will be done. I will have to go through In-House Financing for 6-12 months while waiting for the processing of the documents and I have to settle the remaining PHP310,000 downpayment. Plus, according to the agents and the customer relations officer, I have to pay some “additional fees” even if I file it individually because it is part of the procedure. Meaning, even if I work on it alone, I still have to give them money, is that possible? 6. They said that I can only have the unit check upon the loan financing approval and completion of the downpayment. Comments: As per policy, they cannot allow me to check it unless its approved by the bank OR unless I pay the balance to my new equity for In-House Financing (if in case I’ve got rejected to bank financing again). I’m not even sure if there is a unit already. 7. The customer relations officer said that once I’m done with the downpayment and will be approved by the bank financing, everything will follow through. I was very disappointed hearing all of this. Its like they’re trying to say that I have no other choice but to just accept the In-House Financing with a very high interest rate. I even ask if they can provide me with a document from BDO stating that my housing loan application was disapproved but Pro-Friends cannot provide me with any proof. Pro-Friends is claiming that they were only emailed by the BDO and cannot disclose the reason of the disapproval. I’ve read many complaints and negative reviews online about Pro-Friends, some of them have exactly the same problem as mine. I’m already losing hope to get back my hard earned money with all the delays, confusion and quality of service I am getting right now, I would like to demand for a full refund for all the downpayments and reservation fee. I worked hard to save that money, I can not tolerate such things. Requested for a full refund thru email this October 7, 2014. I will just wait for their reply. I am planning to file a complaint at HLURB on October 10. THANK YOU FOR READING.
Wow! I can imagine what you went through. These are our hard earn money and I will not relent. If I am you, I would escalate and make sure my voice is heard. Google the name of the boss, and write to him personally. If all else fail, I would show up in their office. Personally, I manage to get their VP attention and my concerns are addressed promptly since .
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Originally Posted by dalyguy69 View Post
One thing that's missing in the Philippines is Consumer's right and advocacy. Just look at how unscrupulous the practice in the real estate especially condo purchase.
There is PD 957 created to protect the rights of condo and real estate buyers, you just have to know your rights and you can file your complaints against the developers at the HLURB office.
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Old October 19th, 2014, 07:58 AM   #65
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Complaints? There are lots of loopholes and developers know how to play "games" and get away with their malpractices. Be prepared to spend atrocious money with attorneys and your time. At the end of the day, it will still lead you nowhere unless you know some big shots in the justice system. It's more fun in the Philippines.
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