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tau dari mana dibeli malaysia?
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Originally Posted by =NaNdA= View Post
ngapain impor... nih..
kan bisa utang...

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sempet dibahas di MetroTV kok waktu itu..
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Bush to ask Congress for $16m in Indonesian military funding

Tony Hotland, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

U.S. President George W. Bush is poised to deliver his annual budget request Monday, proposing US$186 million in bilateral assistance to Indonesia in 2009, including some $16 million for military funding.

The total amount is, as reported by the Associated Press, down $4 million from 2008, but the military aid level remains roughly the same.

For 2008, Bush asked for and received $15.7 million for foreign military financing to help Indonesia "promote defense reform and improve maritime security, counterterrorism, mobility and disaster relief capabilities".

Military analyst Ikrar Nusabakti of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) said Sunday the figure was not unusual and would simply maintain Washington's military cooperation with Jakarta.

"Regardless of some haunting human rights issues and still overshadowed by Bush's terrorism policy, the requested amount is a peanut," Ikrar told The Jakarta Post.

Besides, he added, Washington had to have learned that it could not afford to forgo military relations with Indonesia as it did between 1999 and 2005.

Military relations between the two countries were strained in 1999 following the referendum in breakaway province East Timor (now Timor Leste), with human rights groups accusing Indonesia of mass killings by the militia groups with the support of the army.

Bush revived all cooperation in 2005 after declaring Jakarta had made progress on some of Washington's earlier demands, including the prosecution of military officials in several human rights cases.

"There was sort of a generation loss during the embargo when the U.S. military had no Indonesian counterpart," said Ikrar.

The Bush administration sees Indonesia, home to the world's largest Muslim population, as crucial to fighting terrorism in Southeast Asia.

New York-based rights group East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) has opposed increasing military assistance to Indonesia because it believes change in the Indonesian military's conduct over the past few years has yet to warrant such a generous increase.

On Monday, Bush will also request nearly $16 million in military aid for Myanmar.

Jacked up from around $5 million for 2008, the amount is seen as support to spark change in the country after its military junta crushed pro-democracy protests led by students and Buddhist priests last year.

Monday's request will be the start of a long process. The Senate and the House of Representatives must make recommendations on funding, and negotiators from each side will then hammer out a compromised bill before sending it to the president for enactment.

With Bush entering his last year in office, he faces strong opposition from the Democratic party that controls Congress, meaning there's no guarantee the budget will be funded at the levels he has requested.
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Army raises soldiers' salary, arms spending

Lilian Budianto, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The Army has increased its arms budget by 6.4 percent to Rp 1.86 trillion (US$202 million) for 2008, in response to an urgent need to replace much of its aging weaponry.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Agustadi Sasongko announced at a hearing Monday with House of Representatives Commission I on defense, security and foreign affairs, that the Army had raised its budget to around Rp 16 trillion (US$1.73 billion), but Rp 12.73 trillion of that money would go to improving the welfare of personnel.

The Army has raised the salaries of its 298,500 soldiers by 20 percent this year.

Apart from routine expenditures, the Army will spend much on operations to maintain security in restive areas and border zones.

Agustadi said the budget would also cover maintenance for weaponry, which is estimated to cost some Rp 116.6 billion.

The weaponry capability of the Indonesian Military (TNI) has come under fire after a 46-year-old amphibious tank sank during a military exercise in the waters off the East Java town of Sidoarjo two weeks ago. The accident claimed the lives of seven marines.

The incident took place less than two months after the Navy grounded eight of its Nomad plane following an incident involving a Nomad P-833 plane, which crashed in Aceh, killing three passengers.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on the TNI to ground all of its aging war machines to prevent more accidents.

Agustadi said most of the Army's weaponry has been in use for more than 25 years, with some dating back to the 1960s.

"We acknowledge the need to renew our weaponry. However, the lack of budget has hampered us," he said.

He said the Army would need some Rp 622 trillion between 2008 and 2024 to build its Army units and replace aging weaponry.

"If we fail to meet the budget demands, it will risk weakening the Army's capability,consequently threatening our nation's sovereignty," he said.

The procurement of weaponry has also progressed slowly because some documents are stuck at the Finance Ministry due to legal matters, Agustadi added.

During the hearing, legislator Pupung Suharis of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) questioned frequent clashes between Army soldiers and police personnel, the latest being in Masohi in Central Maluku on Feb. 2.

"What triggered the conflict is actually trivial but it could turn into a massive communal conflict," Pupung said.

Agustadi said the Army would intensify formal and informal dialogue with the National Police, while improving the training for cadets to improve military professionalism.

The Army replaced its Central Maluku battalion commander, Lt. Col. Donny Hutabarat, following the attack on the Masohi Police office by a group of Army soldiers. The Army and police held a reconciliation meeting, and the TNI has launched investigations into the incident. No suspects have been named.
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Originally Posted by =NaNdA= View Post
pas gw cari2 di google n kaskus..
katanya 365 itu KRI Dipenegoro
366 baru KRI Hasanuddin...
dua2nya punya Indonesia..

Kapal Perang baru TNI AL KRI Diponegoro dan KRI Hasanuddin

Kapal perang jenis corvette SIGMA pesanan TNI AL yang dibuat di galangan kapal Schelde, Belanda diluncurkan dari dok kering untuk penyelesaian lebih lanjut. Kedua Diponegoro21_1 kapal perang tersebut diluncurkan dalam sebuah acara seremonial yang diantaranya dihadiri oleh Menteri Pertahanan Republik Indonesia Juwono Sudarsono. Pada Acara tersebut kedua kapal dengan nomor lambung 365 dan 366 mendapatkan nama masing-masing KRI Diponegoro (365) dan KRI Hasanuddin (366).

Meski telah "turun" dari dok kering, kedua kapal masih akan melalui proses panjang sebelum diserahkan kepada pemerintah Indonesia cq. TNI AL pada tahun 2007. Berdasarkan kabar yang tersiar sebelumnya kedua kapan akan dilengkapi dengan meriam 76mm Super Rapid buatan OTO Melara Italia, rudal anti kapal (SSM) Harpoon buatan Amerika, rudal pertahanan udara (SAM) stinger buatan amerika, meriam 20mm buatan GIAT perancis, dan arsenal lain buatan Belanda. Meski begitu belum ada yang akurat sampai saat ini spesifikasi yang pada akhirnya akan diterapkan pada Corvette (selanjutnya disebut Korvet) terbaru Indonesia ini, baik dalam hal persenjataan maupun dalam hal avionik (radar, sensor, FCS dll). Diponegoro23 Sejatinya Korvet SIGMA adalah sebuah kapal
perang yang telah menganut konsep peperangan modern. Dapat dilihat dari bentuknya yang mengikuti prinsip "stealth" yang minim tonjolan layaknya Frigate La Fayette milik AL Perancis maupun Visby kepunyaan AL Swedia. Korvet SIGMA didesain dengan konsep modular yang memungkinkan pabrikan membangun beberapa jenis kapal seperti FAC, OPV, korvet, sampai frigate (light frigate) menggunakan satu struktur dasar lambung. Sama dengan konsep Korvet MEKO yang dikembangkan di Jerman dan menjadi pilihan Malaysia untuk memperkuat armada lautnya.

Kedua kapal merupakan bagian dari kontrak pembelian 4 buah kapal sejenis yang ditandatangani pemerintah Indonesia di jaman kepemimpinan Presiden Megawati dengan pihak pabrikan yaitu Schelde Naval Shipyard, Belanda. Dalam kontrak pembelian tersebut disepakati bahwa 2 buah kapal terakhir akan dibuat di galangan kapal PT. PAL, Surabaya, Jawa Timur dengan bantuan tenaga ahli dari Schelde dengan harapan terjadi alih tekhnologi untuk mendukung program pembuatan Korvet Nasional yang telah menjadi agenda pemerintah untuk menuju kemandirian militer tetapi pihak Schelde Naval Shipyard akhirnya membatalkan kontrak Transfer of Technology dengan PT. PAL, Surabaya, Jawa Timur dengan alasan yang tidak jelas.

Sempat terdengar berita bahwa pihak TNI-AL sebagai pemakai Alutsista tersebut pernah menyampaikan kepada pemerintah keinginannya untuk mengganti dua Korvet yang belum diproduksi dengan produk lain, terutama produk-produk dari Rusia, karena memang dengan nilai yang sama produk yang akan didapat dari Rusia akan lebih "berat" kelasnya daripada Korvet, walaupun belum tentu akan lebih baik. Kira-kira perbandingannya adalah, bila di Belanda TNI mendapat Korvet maka dari Rusia akan didapat minimum sebuah Frigate yang notabene berada satu tingkat kelasnya diatas Korvet, usulan ini terkait dengan kunjungan delegasi Indonesia ke Rusia beberapa waktu lalu dan kesediaan pemerintah Rusia memberikan Kredit Ekspor (KE) untuk pembiayaan pembelian alat-alat militer dari Rusia.

Diponegoro24 Terlepas dari permasalahan yang menyertai pembelian keempat Korvet tersebut, sungguh suatu hal yang menggembirakan melihat 2 buah kapal perang baru dengan indentitas Indonesia. Hampir 10 tahun TNI AL tidak melakukan pembelian alutsista "berat". Terakhir kali TNI AL mendapatkan tambahan kekuatan untuk menjaga perairan Indonesia adalah tahun 1997 ketika mendapatkan "durian runtuh" dibelikan 39 "kapal perang" bekas oleh pemerintah dari Jerman Timur yang sudah bubar. Apabila dihitung berdasarkan pembelian kapal perang "baru" sekelas Korvet terakhir kali dilakukan pada saat pembelian KRI Ki Hajar Dewantara (364) Training Frigate dari galangan Kapal Uljanic, Split, Yugoslavia di tahun 1981-1982. Sudah selayaknya kita sedikit bersyukur dengan akan tibanya 2 Korvet tersebut.

Sebagai sebuah negara maritim, bahkan diakui oleh dunia internasional sebagai "Archipelago State (Negara Kepulauan)" sepatutnya Indonesia dengan tidak mengecilkan arti dan kemampuan 2 angkatan lain di matra darat dan udara, memiliki sebuah Angkatan Laut yang kuat. Dengan status sebagai negara kepulauan (apakah ada negara lain yang menyandang status ini?) Indonesia memiliki wilayah kedaulatan berupa perairan yang lebih luas daripada wilayah daratannya, ditambah dengan adanya 3 ALKI (Alur Laut Kepulauan Indonesia) sungguh banyak tantangan yang dihadapi oleh TNI AL, dari mulai maling ikan, penyelundupan, perompakan, maling harta karun sampai dengan sengketa garis kedaulatan seperti yang terjadi dengan Malaysia di Ambalat. Sekitar Rp. 30 Trilyun (sekitar 3 Milyar Dollar) potensi pendapatan negara yang hilang tiap tahun akibat kejahatan-kejahatan tersebut. Suatu jumlah yang sangat fantastis, bila dihitung kita bisa membeli 3 buah Korvet SIGMA tiap tahun (nilai kontrak pengadaan 4 korvet kabarnya $1,9 Miyar melalui KE thn 2005-2009, yang sebenarnya agak aneh bila dibandingkan pembelian 5 Frigate F100 oleh AL Spanyol dengan total kontrak senilai $ 1,4 Milyar ?) atau 8-9 buah Su-30 tiap tahun. Sebenarnya kehilangan potensi tersebut dapat dicegah, tentunya dengan kemauan politik dari pemerintah, legislatif dan segenap elemen masyarakat. Pada intinya agar kita tidak harus tertunduk malu kepada nenek moyang kita, yang konon seorang pelaut.

ok i have little little knowledge abt Army stuff so i will ask straight to the point
itu kok banyak bendera-bendera negri laen ya?
where most indo army ship and tanks made in ? Indonesia or Other countries?
how many Submarines does TNI have?
bener gak seh dari SEA countries army indo palink kuat? ato rumor doank?
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Australia Tanam Bibit Penjajahan

Wednesday, 13 February 2008
DILI -SURYA- Pasca insiden penembakan terhadap Presiden Timor Leste, Ramos Horta, dan Perdana Menteri (PM) Xanana Gusmao, pemerintah negara itu mengumumkan pemberlakuan keadaan darurat selama 48 jam. Pengumuman keadaan darurat itu dilakukan oleh Pejabat Presiden Vicente Guterres. “ Jam malam itu akan mencabut hak untuk bergerak secara bebas, yang berarti bahwa orang tidak dapat berjalan-jalan berkeliling dan setiap orang harus tetap dengan tenang di rumah dari pukul 20.00 malam hingga 06.00 pagi," kata Guterres.

Ia menambahkan ada larangan melakukan pertemuan atau demonstrasi. Pengumuman itu, kata dia, dilakukan berdasarkan permintaan PM Xanana dan desakan Parlemen Nasional Timor Leste.
Menyusul pemberlakuan keadaan darurat itu, pemerintah Australia menambah jumlah pasukannya di Timor Leste. Penambahan pasukan itu juga untuk memenuhi permintaan Xanana kepada PM Australia Kevin Rudd, yang meneleponnya.

Pada Selasa (12/2) sore kemarin, dua pesawat C-130 yang mengangkut 120 tentara Australia dan peralatannya mendarat di Dili. Seperti kata Rudd, penambahan pasukan ini akan total berjumlah 200 personel sehingga total pasukan Australia di Timor Leste menjadi 1.000 orang.

"Pesawat C-130 telah tiba. Pasukan itu akan membantu memperkuat pasukan yang sudah ada di negara itu," kata Joel Fitzgibbon, jurubicara Menteri Pertahanan Australia Joel Fitzgibbon.
Sebuah kapal perang Australia juga tiba di lepas pantai Dili, Selasa (12/2), untuk mendukung rombongan pertama dari 200 personel unit reaksi cepat yang akan memperkuat pasukan keamanan internasional.

Kemarin, sekitar 1.600 polisi PBB yang didukung sekitar 9.00 tentara Australia, melakukan patroli di Dili dan kota-kota lain di tengah-tengah kekhawatiran akan munculnya aksi kekerasan baru dari tentara pemberontak. Sehari sebelumnya (11/2), pemimpin tentara pemberontak Alfredo Reinado tewas akibat tindakan balasan pengawal Presiden Horta setelah Alfredo dan sejumlah pengikutnya memberondongkan peluru ke Horta.

.Reaksi pemerintah Australia menghadapi krisis terbaru di Timor Leste mengundang komentar dari Stratfor, sebuah kelompok intelijen swasta yang berpusat di Texas, AS. Menurut mereka, krisis ini memberi kesempatan pada Australia untuk memperkuat cengkeramannya pada negara muda itu.
Lembaga pemikiran di bidang strategi itu berpendapat Canberra tidak ingin Timor Leste mandiri. Mereka ingin memastikan setiap keputusan penting diambil dengan 'bimbingan' Australia semata-mata demi kepentingan keamanannya.

Pemimpin pemberontak Alfredo Reinado merupakan penyebab utama ketidakstabilan Timor Leste. “Terbunuhnya Reinado dan penembakan terhadap Ramos Horta memberi kesempatan Australia untuk memperkuat cengkeramannya atas Timor Leste. Karena ini menjadi bagian kunci dari upaya Canberra untuk memperpanjang pengaruhnya pada negara-negara di sekitarnya,” kata Stratfor dalam sebuah analisis yang dirilis Selasa (12/2).

“Negara-negara penting lainnya yang ingin dipoengaruhi adalah Indonesia, Papua Nugini, dan Kepulauan Solomon.”
Untuk memuluskan tujuannya, menurut Stratfor, Australia menggunakan uang dan tentara penjaga perdamaian. Dengan menguasai negara-negara yang disebut 'halaman belakangnya' itu, pemerintah Australia bisa menjaga keamanannya tapi sekaligus melemahkan negara-negara yang berpotensi menjadi musuh.

“Australia perlu mencegah kekuatan-kekuatan internasional lain, seperti Tiongkok, yang tidak sejalan dengan Canberra. Juga untuk menghentikan kelompok-kelompok seperti Al-Qaeda menginfiltrasi rakyat negara-negara itu.”
Stratfor menilai Horta selama ini menjadi halangan bagi tujuan Australia. Karena penerima Hadiah Nobel Perdamaian bersama dengan Uskup Belo itu berusaha mematahkan ketergantungan negaranya pada dana Australia. Horta juga mulai melirik Tiongkok sebagai sumber dana alternatif.
Dengan dalih bantuan keamanan, Australia menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk mengirim lebih banyak polisi dan tentara.

Sementara itu, setelah melalui operasi selama kurang lebih dua setengah jam, kondisi kesehatan Ramos Horta dalam keadaan stabil. Menurut General Manager Rumah Sakit Royal Darwin (RDH) Australia, Len Notaras, Horta beruntung bisa selamat.
Notaras tak memungkiri, luka-luka tembak yang diderita Horta sangat serius. Begitu tiba di RDH Senin (11/2) malam, Horta langsung menjalani operasi. Menurut Notaras, Horta akan menjalani operasi berikutnya 36 jam setelah operasi itu.
Sampai saat ini, presiden berusia 58 tahun itu masih dalam kondisi 'dikomakan' untuk menjaga kondisinya pascaoperasi.

Pada operasi pertama di RDH, tim dokter berhasil mengeluarkan satu peluru yang bersarang di tubuh Horta. Mereka juga menangani paru-parunya yang terkena tembakan. Beberapa pecahan peluru yang belum dikeluarkan akan ditangani pada operasi berikutnya.
Horta ditembak usai berolah raga pagi tak jauh dari kediamannya. Dia terkena tiga tembakan yang menyisakan luka tembak yang cukup dalam di dada bagian bawah dan punggung, kata Notaras.smh/afp/kis
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Originally Posted by ambalat View Post
Pacifictec itu memang bukan perusahaan berbendera indonesia, tapi afrika selatan. cuman perusahaan ini membuka cabangnya di indonesia dan kebetulan ditunjuk oleh dephan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan trucks tni. para ahlinya pun hampir semuanya dari Afrika selatan.

memang pemerintah kurang menghargai para ahlinya. banyak para ahli2 kita ngungsi ke luar negeri, karena disana mereka lebih dihargai. banyak mantan pekerja2 PT DI yg sekarang bekerja di Airbus, dan banyak juga yg tinggal di indonesia dan membangun perusahaan tandingan PT DI. Tepatnya di BAEC (Bandung Aeronautic Engineering Center), dan mengembangkan pesawat latih Project Nova dan UAV untuk kebutuhan AU di masa yg akan datang.

yg anda katakan benar, setiap kali pergantian pejabat, program2 baru bermunculan, para pejabat2 ini mempunyai visi dan misi yg berbeda dari yg sebelumnya. hasil2 riset pun kemuadian dibuang di tempat sampah, atau karena dana yg disediakan sudah habis dokorupsi atau masuk ke perut buncitnya, project2 ini pun terbengkalai.

tapi hari2 terakhir ini kita bisa melihat lagi, meskipun dgn dana R&D yg kurang, kita bisa membuktikan bahwa kita bisa mandiri. mulai kebutuhan senapan, APC, dsb, kita bisa bikin sendiri dirumah. kalo ada negara yg tertarik ya itu plus point cuman masih belum masuk prioritas utama. moga2 aja meskipun nanti presidennya bukan sby, tapi program2 kemandirian tetap di terus dijalankan.

Jamannya Pak Karno AL dan AU kita jaya,
Pindah ke Soeharto, AD yg jaya,
Jamannya Habibie dan Gus Dur (sayang kenapa dulu mau jadi presiden)
Jamannya Mega: AL, AD dan AU merana kena embargo, sok nasionalis tapi salah arah.
Jaman SBY kita kenal lagi bahasa kemandirian dlm bahasa angkatan bersenjata, seperti dulu jaman pak karno. Meskipun kebutuhan AU dan AL masih harus import. karena memang belum mampu.
Wah .. akhirnya ada yang tongolin di youtube wakkakkakakkak
bagus deh, ikut seneng punya produksi sendiri yang mumpuni
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Nice Video.

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TNI AU Pertimbangan Tawaran Jet Tempur F-16 dari AS

JAKARTA--MI: Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU) akan mempertimbangkan tawaran Pemerintah Amerika Serikat (AS) untuk membeli Block 52 F-16 Fighting Falcon C/D multi role dan pesawat angkut berat 130-J Hercules.

"Kita akan pertimbangkan untuk pengadaan 2010-2014," kata Komandan Komando Pemeliharaan Material TNI AU (Koharmatau) Marsekal Muda Soenaryo seusai mendampingi Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara (KSAU) Marsekal Madya Soebandrio bertemu Under Secretary of The Air Force For International Affair Bruce S Lemkin, di Jakarta, Jumat (15/2).

Ia mengatakan, pengadaan F-16 varian terbaru dari AS itu penting untuk meningkatkan daya mampu dan efek tangkal dari TNI AU mengingat telah banyak pesawat tempur TNI AU yang mendekati usai pakai.

Selain itu, pengadaan F-16 Fighting Falcon varian baru, sesuai dengan program perampingan tipe pesawat TNI AU untuk menghemat biaya pemeliharaan dan perawatan pesawat, selama 2008-2019.

F-16 Fighting Falcon multifungsi dapat menggantikan F-5E Tiger yang telah kita punya dan sudah beroperasi hampair seperempat abad di TNI AU.

"Kemungkinan TNI AU akan mengadakan satu skuadron F-16 varian terbaru tersebut, secara bertahap pada TA 2010-2014, dan pengadaaannya akan digodok dulu secara matang di tingkat Mabes TNI AU mengingat kondisi keuangan negara yang terbatas. Jika disetujui, akan kita ajukan ke Dephan untuk pengadaannya," tutur Soenaryo.

Selain menawarkan pesawat F-16 varian baru, dalam pertemuan itu ditegaskan kedua pihak sepakat untuk mengintensifkan kerja sama kedua negara, khususnya angkatan udara masing-masing negara khususnya dalam kerja sama pendidikan dan latihan serta pengadaan suku cadang. (Ant/OL-03)

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*diambil dari PAB-Indonesia.com

Selassa, 12 Februari 2008 (10:59 wib)
LEBANON - Setelah seminggu lalu petembak Kontingen Garuda (Konga) XXIII-B meraih prestasi di peringkat ke-2 dalam Turnamen Menembak antar Kontingen di Sektor Timur UNIFIL, maka pada event yang sama namun pada match yang berbeda, petembak Indonesia lagi-lagi berhasil mengukir prestasi.
Juara Tembak

Tidak tanggung-tanggung, kali ini peringkat ke-1 pada nomor yang dipertandingkan yaitu Rapid Fire berhasil direbut dan bahkan secara telak berhasil mengalahkan petembak Olimpiade dari salah satu negara peserta. Peringkat nama-nama petembak yang masuk 5 besar ialah sebagai berikut : Peringkat ke-1 ditempati oleh Petembak Indonesia (Kopda Asribi), kemudian Petembak dari Spanyol (Kapten Cidoncha) di peringkat ke-2, selanjutnya disusul petembak dari Spanyol lagi (Kopral Carruchon) di peringkat ke-3. Di peringkat ke-4, ditempati petembak dari India (Sersan Naleem Singh). Dan di peringkat ke-5, Indonesia kembali berprestasi melalui Sertu Ambo Asse.

Turnamen Menembak ini digelar pada hari Minggu (10/2) bertempat di lapangan tembak Ebel Es Saqi, Marjayoun, Lebanon Selatan mempertandingkan Rapid Fire match (Tembak Cepat) sebagai kelanjutan pertandingan pada hari Minggu (3/2) yang lalu. Total tim yang ikut berlomba ialah 5 tim dari negara yang berbeda-beda yaitu : Spanyol, Polandia, India, Nepal dan Indonesia. Setiap tim terdiri dari 3 petembak dengan menggunakan senjata sesuai standar negara masing-masing yang termasuk jenis light infantry riffle (senapan infanteri) dengan kaliber 5,56 mm. Pada nomor tembak cepat ini, para petembak diadu dalam 3 posisi menembak yaitu tiarap, duduk/berlutut dan berdiri dimana setiap posisi hanya diberikan 20 butir peluru yang harus ditembakkan ke sasaran dalam waktu 1,5 menit (90 detik).

Juara TembakKopda Asribi (Brigif Linud 3/Kostrad), Sertu Ambo Asse (Brigif Linud 3/Kostrad) dan Kopda Mar Cecep (Den Jaka/TNI AL) menjadi petembak Kontingen Indonesia yang beruntung dapat mengikuti event internasional ini. Mereka adalah petembak-petembak terbaik yang merupakan hasil seleksi seluruh prajurit Konga XXIII-B beberapa waktu yang lalu. Terbukti, walaupun Kontingen Spanyol menurunkan petembak spesialis nomor Rapid Fire yang merupakan langganan juara pada pertandingan menembak di antara negara-negara NATO, yaitu Kapten Cidoncha namun hal itu tidak secuilpun menciutkan nyali dan konsentrasi para petembak Konga XXIII-B. Dengan memakai senjata SS1 V1 dan munisi 5,56 mm produksi dalam negeri (PT.Pindad) skor yang diraih petembak Indonesia langsung memimpin dari sejak awal pertandingan.

Tanda-tanda kejayaan para petembak Kontingen Indonesia sebenarnya sudah terlihat pada saat tembakan uji coba sebelum pertandingan dimulai. Dari 2 kali pelaksanaan uji coba, petembak Indonesia selalu meraih skor tertinggi. Kontan hasil tersebut membuat gentar para petembak lawan. “Aroma” gentar ini sangat terasa sekali pada saat pertandingan berjalan. Buktinya, setiap kali selesai menembak maka para petembak dari negara lain itu bukannya menuju ke target/sasaran masing-masing melainkan malah berbondong-bondong melihat hasil perkenaan tembakan petembak Indonesia terlebih dahulu !

Juara TembakMengomentari prestasi petembak Indonesia, Koordinator Turnamen Menembak yaitu Letnan Ferrero dari Spanyol beberapa kali menyatakan kekagumannya, ”Indonesian soldier is the best!”. Menurutnya, hasil yang diraih oleh para petembak Indonesia sungguh luar biasa karena pada minggu lalu hampir mengalahkan Kopral Miranda, petembak Olimpiade spesialis nomor accuracy shooting, sekarang malah dapat menggungguli Kapten Cidoncha, yang selain merupakan jawara menembak nomor Rapid Fire di tingkat NATO, ia bahkan adalah ”guru sekaligus instruktur menembak seluruh tentara Spanyol yang selama ini sulit dikalahkan”.
Dansatgas Yon Mekanis TNI Konga XXIII-B Letkol Inf A M Putranto, S.Sos yang mengikuti jalannya pertandingan dari sejak awal, seusai pengumuman peringkat pemenang menyampaikan terima kasih, penghargaan dan kebanggaannya serta mengucapkan selamat kepada para petembak, official dan unsur pendukung lainnya atas keberhasilan yang dicapai. Menurut Dansatgas, prestasi ini telah mengharumkan nama Satgas Konga XXIII-B, TNI, bahkan Indonesia di mata dunia Internasional dan membuat nama Indonesia akan diperhitungkan oleh kontingen negara lain di setiap event turnamen yang diselenggarakan pada waktu mendatang.(Puspen TNI /PAB)
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Originally Posted by =NaNdA= View Post
Koordinator Turnamen Menembak yaitu Letnan Ferrero dari Spanyol beberapa kali menyatakan kekagumannya, ”Indonesian soldier is the best!”. Menurutnya, hasil yang diraih oleh para petembak Indonesia sungguh luar biasa karena pada minggu lalu hampir mengalahkan Kopral Miranda, petembak Olimpiade spesialis nomor accuracy shooting, sekarang malah dapat menggungguli Kapten Cidoncha, yang selain merupakan jawara menembak nomor Rapid Fire di tingkat NATO, ia bahkan adalah ”guru sekaligus instruktur menembak seluruh tentara Spanyol yang selama ini sulit dikalahkan”.
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Originally Posted by =NaNdA= View Post
Pernah ada tentara Australia bercerita, menurutnya anggota KOPASSUS adalah pasukan elite ter "nastiest" di ASIA... Gak tau ya, mungkin salah satu di dunia yg "nasty" juga.

*dikutip dari cerita temen saya yg berkenalan ama tentara Aussie di suatu bar.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing.
(Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

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Originally Posted by =NaNdA= View Post
PErnah dengar istilah, LIP SERVICE ;p~ .. ehehehehe
"2 + 2 = 5". By George Orwell
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Pemerintah Perkuat Pertahanan Perbatasan RI-Malaysia

JAKARTA--MI: Pemerintah segera mengkaji penambahan perkuatan pertahanan di sepanjang perbatasan RI-Malaysia menyusul adanya sejumlah warga negara Indonesia yang direkrut pemerintah Malaysia untuk membantu mengamankan wilayah kedaulatan mereka di sepanjang perbatasan itu.

"Solusinya tidak ada lain adalah menggelar dan menambah perkuatan pertahanan di sepanjang perbatasan baik oleh TNI, Polri maupun sipil," kata Menteri Pertahanan Juwono Sudarsono di Jakarta, Rabu (13/2).

Ditemui usai menghadiri rapat panitia khusus tentang tanda-tanda kehormatan, Juwono mengatakan adanya sejumlah warga sipil Indonesia yang bergabung dengan laskar Wataniah merupakan hal yang wajar sebagai bagian dari kompensasi ekonomi.

"Di sini berlaku hukum ekonomi, ketika mereka bisa membayar lebih maka akan banyak warga kita berpaling untuk membantu menjaga kedaulatan Malaysia di wilayah perbatasan," katanya.

Karena itu, tambah Juwono, perkuatan pertahanan di perbatasan RI-Malaysia tidak saja merupakan masalah pertahanan tetapi juga masalah ekonomi, bagaimana masyarakat Indonesia di sepanjang perbatasan dapat hidup

secara layak sehingga mereka tidak tergiur untuk bergabung dengan Malaysia.

Jadi, katanya, dengan perkuatan pengerahan pertahanan yang efektif dan utuh dengan memberdayakan seluruh instansi baik Deplu, Depdagri, TNI dan Kejaksaan maka Indonesia akan mempunyai sisi tawar yang lebih kuat dalam mengamankan wilayah perbatasannya dengan negara lain.

Juwono mengaku masalah perbatasan akan menjadi masalah jika disepanjang perbatasan tersebut terdapat sumber daya alam yang diperebutkan, misalnya Kelapa Sawit atau CPO yang banyak tersebar di sepanjang perbatasan


"Karena itu dalam waktu dekat pemerintah di bawah koordinasi Kementerian Polhukam akan segera melakukan kajian secara menyeluruh untuk menghadirkan perkuatan pertahanan yang efektif dan utuh sehingga Indonesia bisa menjaga dan mengamankan wilayah perbatasannya serta sumber daya alam yang ada di dalamnya," kata Juwono.

Sementara itu ditempat terpisah, Panglima TNI Jenderal Djoko Santoso mengatakan pihaknya akan menugaskan Panglima Kodam VI Tandjung Pura untuk mencek kebenaran adanya warga Indonesia sipil yang direkrut menjadi anggota

Laskar Wataniah Malaysia.

"Setelah itu, baru kita akan ambil langkah," katanya usai menghadiri acara pelantikan dan pengambilan sumpah Wakil Ketua dan Ketua Muda Mahkamah Agung di Istana Negara, Rabu (13/2). (Ant/OL-2)
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Originally Posted by peseg5 View Post
Pernah ada tentara Australia bercerita, menurutnya anggota KOPASSUS adalah pasukan elite ter "nastiest" di ASIA... Gak tau ya, mungkin salah satu di dunia yg "nasty" juga.

*dikutip dari cerita temen saya yg berkenalan ama tentara Aussie di suatu bar.
what do u mean 'nasty'??

sedikit info ttg Kopassus.. ( from Wikipedia )

History: Dutch colonial antecedents
A.E Kawilarang
A.E Kawilarang

On April 15, 1952, Colonel Alexander Evert Kawilarang laid the foundation for Kesatuan Komando Tentara Territorium III/Siliwangi (Kesko TT), the early name of Kopassus.

The impetus for building this special force was provided from an experience of frustration when fighting against the troops of the RMS (Republik Maluku Selatan or Republic of the South Moluccas) forces, which were supported by two companies of KST (Korps Speciale Troepen). The Indonesians on the spot were amazed with KST's ability and skills, especially its men's sniping. They were then inspired to build a similar force for Indonesia. However, at that time, neither of the Indonesian commanders had any experience or skill in special operations. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Slamet Riyadi would not see his dream realized due to his death in a battle against the troops of the RMS.

Not long after, with the use of military intelligence, Colonel Kawilarang located and met with Major Rokus Bernardus Visser - a former member of the Dutch Special Forces who had remained in independent Indonesia, settled in West Java, married an Indonesian woman, and was known locally as Mohamad Idjon Djanbi. He was the first recruit for the Indonesian special force, as well as its first commander. Due to him, the unit adopted a Red Beret similar to that of the Dutch Special Forces, which is still in use by the present Kopassus.

At that time, Indonesia's special force name was the Third Territorial Command or Komando Teritorium Tiga (KTT). It later went through no less than five name changes, going from KTT to KKAD, RPKAD, Kopasandha, and finally, Kopassus. Headquartered in Bandung, the first generation of Indonesian Forces was only around a hundred soldiers or one company.

[edit] Organization

In response to military organization reviews, the Kopassus was expanded from three groups to five and upgraded from 3,000 to roughly 6,000 personnel. The rationale for this expansion was based partly on the likelihood of a small-scale, high-intensity, short-term conflict and partly on the need for a four-part rotational cycle (a quarter of the force on duty, a quarter in training, a quarter in consolidation [rest, schooling, leave, etc.], and a quarter in reserve).

In 1997, the Kopassus was reportedly able to operate in a three-part rotation cycle (training, duty, consolidation). It is unknown whether Kopassus will be able to obtain the numbers needed to operate a four-part cycle.

The Kopassus is composed of five groups, plus the Presidential Guard (Paspampres) and headquarters. Each group is headed by a Colonel and all groups are para-commando qualified. Of note is the unusual nature of Group IV, possibly also called "Sandhy Yudha," which consists of select members from Groups I, II, and III. The duties of these specially trained personnel include attacking behind enemy lines (Infiltration tactics). Group IV also, reportedly, works with the Joint Intelligence Unit on interrogations, and carries out clandestine operations around the country.
Kopassus Groups Location Comments
Grup 1/Parakomando (Para Commando) Serang, West Java 3 battalions
Grup 2/Parakomando (Para Commando) Kartasura, Central Java 3 battalions
Pusat Pendidikan Pasukan Khusus (Training) Batujajar, West Java Center of Training
Grup 3/Sandhi Yudha (Combat Intelligence) Cijantung, South Jakarta Combat Intelligence
SAT 81/Penanggulangan Teror (Counter-terrorism) Cijantung, South Jakarta Counterterrorist

Even though there are many groups in Kopassus, all groups can operate on land, sea, and air.

[edit] Training

Members of the Kopassus are selected from other units for their mental and physical toughness and ideological soundness. Those who pass an initial screening take part in a 9-month selection, with heavy emphasis on physical endurance. At the end of this phase, a 380-km march is conducted through mountainous terrain with minimal rations. Then a week-long evasion and escape phase is conducted; if caught, one is removed from the program. As manpower is increased to meet a three- and four-part rotational cycle, additional training would be expected. Also, as units have been used fairly extensively throughout the years, many of the Kopassus members have actual mission experience.

This training is the qualification for new members to join Kopassus. After joining Kopassus there is still more advanced training, divided into two categories:

* Intelligence Gathering Abilities
* Counter Terrorism Unit

[edit] Intelligence abilities

Intelligence is vital in order to win a war. In Kopassus, intelligence is taught after members have passed the selection process. The syllabus in intelligence can be sub-divided into two categories: Sandi Yudha, and gathering intelligence behind enemy lines, of which Sandy Yudha is considered the more specialized. Sandy Yudha is defined as the ability to persuade people to do something, and the ability to create exploitable situations.

During the 1980s, Kopassus troops improved their skills in intelligence gathering by cross training with world famous intelligence services, such as the Israeli Mossad[citation needed], even though Indonesia does not have diplomatic relationship with Israel. With the help of third parties, it became possible to conduct this training in Indonesia. The nick name for the trainer was "Arizona". After Arizona finished the training of Kopassus, the British were invited, with their MI6[citation needed]. The training specialized in the effective and efficient use of intelligence gathering devices.

[edit] Counter Terrorism Unit or SAT 81 Penanggulangan Terror (SAT 81 Gultor)

This unit is most famous for its counter-terrorism skills. Their first international mission was to release hostages held by Jihad Command at the Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand in 1981. The training is the same as above, but improved skills are required in SAT 81. In SAT 81, all members are required to acquire various figting skills, including:

* marksmanship and sharpshooting
* reactive shooting
* Close Quarters Combat (CQOB or CQC),
* using explosives and demolition charges for breaching purposes
* bomb disposal to remove danger to communities.

During the 1990s Kopassus conducted training with other special forces, such as the British SAS (Special Air Service Regiment), the Malaysian Grup Gerak Khas in jungle warfare, urban terrain and counter terrorism skills, the American Delta Force in counter terrorism skills, and the American Green Berets in jungle warfare and the training of local communities to conduct intelligence-gathering and to provide support. But Kopassus train a lot with the Malaysian Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) and both of Kopassus and GGK enjoy a close relationship.

[edit] Weaponry and equipment

For much of its history Kopassus was equipped with the most advanced and complete technology of all the units in the Indonesian armed forces. The rule was that Kopassus's equipment, when damaged, was not repaired but instead updated to the new model.

Since the Asian Economic Crisis, Kopassus' performance has been affected greatly especially in terms of their weaponry which has become obsolete as compared to other Special Forces in the world. Although there was expressed a strong willingness to renew or upgrade their weapons, it is far from sure when this would be implemented. Nevertheless, army commanders have expressed themselves "in no doubt about the dedication of every Kopassus member".

[edit] Types of arms used by Kopassus

* Side arm: SIG-Sauer P226/P228, Berreta 92SB/92F, Browning HP, H&K Mark23, Colt M1911, Walther PPK, Pindad P1/2,Glock 17, Glock 19, FN Five-Seven
* Submachine gun: MP5 variants, CZ-Scorpion, Uzi, Daewoo K-7, FN P90.
* Assault rifle: Pindad SS1 variants, AK47, Steyr Aug A1/A2, M16A2, M4A1, H&K HK53, SIG 552, H&K G36C, Galil, Pindad SS-2.
* Shotgun: Franchi SPAS-12, Benelli M3T.
* Sniper Rifle: Pindad SPR-1, Sig-Sauer SG550, H&K MSG 90, H&K G3 Sniper, Galil Sniper, Remington 700, Accuracy International AWM.
* Machine gun: FN Minimi, Ultimax 100, Daewoo K-3 LMG, and FN MAG
* Recoilless rifle : Armbrust, Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
* Water devices : Drager, Spero, Oxydive, Farallon, Rubber (Zodiac type) boats
* Knife : Kopassus black Fairbairn-Sykes made by Carl Schlieper Germany

[edit] List of Kopassus Commanders

Kopassus is currently led by Commandant General or Danjen, who holds the rank of Major General. Below is a list of commanders who have led the special forces.
List of Commandant of the Special Command Force General Name Year Remark
Major Moch. Idjon Djanbi (Rokus Bernadus Visser) 1952-195? led from Kesatuan Komando Tentara Territorium III/Siliwangi (Kesko TT) till RPKAD
Major RE Djailani 195?-19?? -
Major Kaharuddin Nasution 19??-19?? -
Major Mung Parahadimulyo 1958-1964 -
Colonel Sarwo Edhie Wibowo 1964-1967 RPKAD to Puspassus TNI-AD
Brigadier General Widjoyo Suyono 1967-19?? -
Brigadier General Witarmin ?-? 1971 Puspassus TNI-AD to Kopassandha
Brigadier General Yogie SM May 1975-April 1983 -
Brigadier General Wismoyo Arismunandar April 1983-May 1985 -
Brigadier General Sintong Panjaitan May 1985-August 1987 Kopassandha to Kopassus
Brigadier General Kuntara August 1988-July 1992 -
Brigadier General Tarub July 1992-July 1993 -
Brigadier General Agum Gumelar July 1994-September 1995 -
Brigadier General Subagyo HS September 1995-December 1995 -
Major General Prabowo Subianto December 1995-March 1998 August 1996 Brigadier General to Major General
Major General Muchdi PR March 1998-May 1998 -
Major General Syahrir MS 1998-2000 -
Major General Amirul Isnaini 1 June 2000-2002 -
Major General Sriyanto 2002-15 February 2005 -
Major General Syaiful Rizal 15 February 2005-2006 -
Major General Rasyid Qurnuen Aquary August 2006-September 2007 -
Major General Soenarko 4 September 2007-Now -

[edit] Missions
KOPASSUS DET-81 in Counter-Terrorism drill
KOPASSUS DET-81 in Counter-Terrorism drill

There have been several missions conducted by Kopassus. Of which, some were successful and some not. The most notable missions are detailed below.

* The Hijacking of Garuda Flight GA 206 on 28 March 1981. This was the first serious Indonesian airline hijacking, since the first case was a desperate Marine hijacker who was killed by the pilot. The hijackers, a group called Commando Jihad, hijacked the DC 9 "Woyla", en route from Palembang to Medan, and ordered the pilot to fly the plane to Colombo, Sri Lanka. But since the plane did not have enough fuel, it refueled in Penang, Malaysia and flew to Don Muang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. The hijackers demanded the release of Commando Jihad members, imprisoned in Indonesia, and US $ 1.5 million, as well as a plane to take those prisoners to an unspecified destination. The Kopassus commandos who took part in this mission had trained for only three days with totally unfamiliar weapons, but brilliantly executed this fast-paced operation. One of the Kopassus commandos was shot by the leader of the hijackers, and then shot himself. All the hijackers were killed and all the hostages were saved.

* Mapnduma Hostage Rescue 8 January 1996. The mastermind for this case was the OPM (Papua Liberation Organization or Organisasi Papua Merdeka), led by Kelly Kwalik. He took a number of Western and Indonesian researchers in the Lorentz National Parc hostage. The OPM demanded that the Indonesian government would give independence to West Papua. At that time the Kopassus commander was Brigadier General Prabowo Subianto, an ex GSG 9 student, and son-in-law of President Suharto. For the safety of the hostages, Prabowo preferred a negotiation process rather than a military operation. Negotiations were first conducted by an American missionary and the bishop of Jayapura and then by the ICRC led by Henry Fournier, the ICRC head of mission for Indonesia. The negotiations broke down, and Prabowo had to resort to force. The mission involved 100 soldiers from Kopassus and 400 soldiers from the Navy, Kostrad, Kodam VIII Trikora, and Penerbad. The mission was a success. Two hostages, were killed by OPM guerillas. There were no casualties among other hostages and Kopassus and others army members. During this mission Prabowo also retrieved help from other countries, who sympathised with Indonesia, among other Singapore, which lent its UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Mazlat Scout and Night Vision Goggles, and, possibly, Western mercenaries.

* Other operations:
o DI/TII (Darul Islam/Tentara Islam Indonesia)
o The Talang Betutu Operation against the rebellion in Tentara Teritorium (Territorial Troops) IV
o Aborting the US Seventh Fleet
o Destroying operation PRRI/Permesta
o Kahar Muzakkar Rebellion
o The Trikora Operation (to conquer Dutch New Guinea in 1962)
o The Dwikora Operation (to oppose the formation of the Federation of Malaysia)
o The Naga Operation (to guarantee a 100% yes vote for integration with Indonesia by the Papuans in the so called Act of Free Choice or Pepera in 1969)
o The Seroja Operation in East Timor in 1975
o The Aceh Operation

[edit] Human rights issues

Kopassus has been accused of a great number of human rights violations. Its name appears frequently in the reports of Amnesty International and other international human rights organizations, as well as in the reports by Indonesian human rights groups. Kopassus is requently accused to assault its members. For example, Koes Sofyan of the Association of Human Rights Victims Abuse (SPKP HAM) was in 2003 detained by members of Kopassus in Aceh. He was detained for nearly three months and tortured, before being released without charge. Such charges were already made in the years of the Suharto dictatorship, though making them then in Indonesia itself was difficult and quite risky.

After the fall of Suharto in May 1998, Kopassus, still as powerful as ever, became a major concern of the pro-democracy movement. At the same time, world attention focused on the special forces unit due to the charges that it has been behind the mass killings and burnings in East Timor in 1999, shortly after the referendum, whereby the population of East timor choose for independence from Indonesia.

Later, it was charged that Kopassus was using similar violent methods in order to suppress the independence movements in Aceh and Western New Guinea.

In 2001 Amnesty International took up the specific case of Gaspar Wespar, a Papuan who several times visited the Kopassus base in Betaf, the main town in Pantai Timur Sub-district, to inquire about his nephew who was taken at night from his home by five armed people. The uncle was reportedly kicked and beaten by Kopassus personnel, threatened with being prosecuted for libel, and finally "disappeared" himself. [2].

In November 2001 Kopassus killed Theys Eluay, the chairman of the Presidum Dewan Papua. Two years later four Kopassus members were convicted for this murder.

At the same time, older affairs in the heartland of Indonesia itself were taken up by the reformers, such as the naming of fourteen people, among them a former commander of Kopassus, as suspects in the killing of a large number of people in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, in 1984, when security forces opened fire on demonstrators.[3]

Australian Journalist Martin Daly of "The Age condemned

"the insistence by the [Australian] Defence Minister, Senator Ray, that Australia's Special Air Service regiment will continue to train here and in Indonesia with the notorious Kopassus regiment. The regiment is alleged to be responsible for murder and torture in Dili and Aceh, where 2,000 people are believed to have been killed by Indonesian troops between 1989 and 1993(...). Kopassus camps became known in Aceh as torture centres(...). Bodies began to be found on roadsides, in bus shelters and beside streams", says Amnesty International".[4]

Kopassus has also been associated with illegal economic activities, like involvement in the trade of kayu gaharu and illegal gold mining in West Papua and other areas, and the trade in drugs.

[edit] Famous members

* Alexander Evert Kawilarang
* Sarwo Edhie Wibowo
* LB Moerdani Former ABRI Commander in Chief
* Yogie SM
* Wismoyo Arismunandar - Former TNI-AD Chief of Staff
* Agum Gumelar
* Prabowo Subianto
* Colonel Mung Parhadimuljo
* General Meas Sophea (honorary member ) chief of the Royal Cambodian Army.
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what do u mean 'nasty'??
It means they (KOPASSUS) have "recognition" in one of the australian army's view...
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing.
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Originally Posted by rilham2new View Post
PErnah dengar istilah, LIP SERVICE ;p~ .. ehehehehe
the spanish soldier wasnt doing lip service whatsoever, why did he said that because, the kopassus shooter with only limited ammunition and training could achieve much better result than everybody expected.

Kopassus is really good, they just need more experience on the field, especially with the Delta force and SAS.

Intel Inside, Idiot outside
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Indonesia to consider buying F-16 fighter planes from US

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Air Force will consider a US government offer to sell multi-role Block 52 F-16 Fighting Falcon and heavy transport 130-J Hercules planes to Indonesia, a spokesman said.

"We will consider buying the planes under our procurement plan for 2010-2014," Vice Air Marshal Soenaryo, chief of the Air Force`s Material Maintenance Command, said here Friday.

Speaking after accompanying Air Force Chief of Staff Air Marshal Soebandrio at a meeting with visiting US Under Secretary of the Air Force for Internatinal Affairs Bruce S Lemkin, Soenaryo said the F-26 fighter planes were needed to increase the Air Force`s capacity and deterrent capability as many of its combat aircraft were approaching the end of their service time.

Also, procurment of F-16s would fit in with the Air Force`s plan to reduce the variety of its aircraft to economize on maintenance and servicing costs in the 2008-2019 period, he said.

The multi-role F-16 Fighting Falcons could replace the force`s F-5E Tiger fighters which had been in service for almost 25 years.

"We will possibly build up an F-16 squadron gradually in the 2010-2014 budget years. The interest to acquire the aircraft must first be thoroughly considered at Air Force Headquarters level with due account being taken of the limited amount of state funds available. After approval has been obtained at Air Force Headquarters level, we will submit the plan to the Defense Ministry for acquisition," Soenaryo said.

Apart from discussing the US offer to supply F-16 aircraft, the Air Force chief and Lemkin also agreed at their meeting to intensify cooperation between the two countries` air forces in the fields of education, training and spare parts supply.(*)
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US defense moves to enhance ties with Indonesia

JAKARTA (AP): U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates methis Indonesian counterpart Monday seeking to show support for themoderate Muslim nation and strategic Asian partner.

"Indonesia is a huge Islamic country, democratic, secular, and I think strengthening our relationship with Indonesia is very important, not just in a regional context but I think in terms ofthe role that Indonesia may be able to play more broadly," Gatestold reporters Sunday in Australia before arriving in Jakarta.

After 13 years of estrangement, the United States has beentryingto improve military relations with Indonesia, which can play a keyrole in a region dominated by worries about North Korea's nuclearambitions and China's military buildup.

The country, which is home to some 190 million Muslims, hasalsoseen a string of terrorist attacks on Western targets by militantswith links to al-Qaida.

Gates met with Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsonobefore holding talks with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The U.S. cut all military ties with Indonesia in 1992, afteritsarmy and militia proxies devastated East Timor during its break fromJakarta. But citing the need to engage the country because of thewar on terror, the U.S. restored all links in 2005.

One topic of Gates' talks will be Indonesia's efforts tomodernize its military, including its desire to purchase militaryairplanes. Jakarta's fleet of 22 C-130 aircraft is aging and in needof refurbishment, and government officials have long sought topurchase replacement parts.

Gates is visiting five countries during an eight-day tour, andwill make stops later this week in India and Turkey.(**)
regional investment forum palembang 2016
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