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Old January 31st, 2013, 03:07 AM   #61
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do we need a lesson on harvard referencing style or what?
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Old February 4th, 2013, 02:06 PM   #62
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Originally Posted by ThatOneGuy View Post
Like the media when they want more viewers for money, they mention and slander this building remorselessly.

It's not me who is spreading disinformation. You claim orascom and kempinski, two high-end companies with reputations, are in a massive conspiracy with Kimmy and his goons for 'insurance fraud' and you have the nerve to blame me for conspiracy theories? Even though there's no proof whatsoever about this? This is 911 truther/flat earther behaviour, only claiming your own opinion is valid, using fragments of obscure sources as evidence, ones who have biased agendas to fill, and then changing the topic when you can't disprove the person who makes more sense.

Who will pay for this insurance fraud? North Koreans? Allstate? For having a skyscraper collapse from their own problems?
"Uh, yeah, our entire skyscraper project just fell down and killed 300 people, so we need some cash..."
"No problem! For being so brave with working with North korea, you'll be free of all charges and your name will remain intact!" We'll just say that it couldn't support Kim Jong Un's weight, and you'll be off the hook!"
Especially when they claimed it was safe and that the problems have been dealt with, promising safety? They can't even pay Orascom with money, they gave them mining rights...(tinfoil hat on) maybe the North korean secret service is paying Kempinski in nuclear missiles in order for the Germans to start World War III! I knew it! (tinfoil hat off)

Also, wikipedia? Really?

You know what, I'll bet that's where all those western media articles copy and pasted that rumour about the nonexistant South korean report from!


In all seriousness, North korea should actually start a new construction boom in order to take their minds off of weapons and to improve their construction skills. It would increase business, and bring in money, keeping less people in the labour camps. I seriously hope NK accepts Google's offer for internet service. Also, the USA should stop the bullshit and lower the crippling sanctions they forced on them. Less money is fodder for extremicism. In the 80s, North Korea was its most successful, since it had the most money, but then the collapse of the Soviet Union and the economic/natural disasters started the mid-90s famine, and they've been in the gutters ever since. Now that Il is dead, progress has been noticed.
A conspiracy theory is speculation that goes against what is generaly accepted and blames that on a conspiracy by the mainstream media. In other words, you are the one who makes up conspiracy theories. Again you claim your speculation as fact and also you claim that I claim my speculation is fact, however if you would read my posts you would know that I clearly stated that what I said about Orascom and Kempinski is just counter speculation to show you that there are other possible scenarios. The government could have promissed them more mining rights or other rights as compensation if the hotel collapsed but again, that is just speculation. The only fact I stated in this matter is that you can't know what is profitable for them and what not if you haven't seen their contracts. And that is a fact.

Also, it is a trademark of a conspiracy theory to claim how everybody is biased. You use that word in nearly every post. I provided 17 trustworthy sources and 4 pics as my sources while you provided nothing, only your speculation. Not accepting everything the mainstream says on the first glimpse is good, but once you have countless credible sources and pics you have to draw the line and accept that the hotel isn't as perfect as you would like it to be. Again, where are your sources? Where is something that would put your opinion beyond the pure speculation it is? It was proven beyond a doubt by me that the EUChoC report exists and you have provided no evidence that would suggest that any of the articles I posted would have their info from Wikipedia. Once more I ask you, where are your sources? And no, your imagination is not a source.

As to your political rant and North Korean holocaust denial, it proves how disconnected from reality your opinions about everything North Korean are. But let me ask you this, what is the connection of that rant to this hotel? This thread is about this hotel and not about politics so it would be good if you would stay on topic.

Btw, krksquops, there is nothing for me to "get", you are just trying to make false statements with the hopes that nobody will bother reading through the WIKI article you posted. Sorry, but that ain't gonna work on me. I've read it and I've seen there absolutely nothing that would support your irrational denial of the trustworthy sources I posted.
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north korea

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