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Airships. RosAeroSystems. Augur. Russia - the state program. Projects and Production.


acting products

Au-12 two seat airship
The two-seat Au-12M airship is assigned for aeronaut-pilot training, patroling, traffic and city areas monitoring, emergencycontrol, advertising flight, high-qulity air photography, filming and rescue operations.

The AU-12 airship structure embodies both vertical and short run take-off and landing,
no helium consumption flights and automatic pressurizing system.
The AU-12 is the only airship in the world of this size equipped by thrust vectoring system providing the exceptional controllability at low velocities.
The range of application is quite conventional for the AU-12 among the same class airships, as follow: patrolling, air photography, information communication, and advertising campaigns deployment. The airship is particularly suitable for pilot training, thanks to the crew cockpit configuration.
The AU-12 flight characteristics allow an intermediate level aeronaut-pilot to master and fly this LTA aircraft having passed through special training course. The three parking options are provided by the airship operational conditions – under a shed, at a mobile, or a stationary mooring mast.
At once as the AU-12 airship has gained its Type Certificate, it was welcomed at the international markets. For the first time in the history of Russia a domestically produced airships have acquired these foreign consumers.

The Au-12 Technical Data
Volume, cu. m 1250 m3
including air ballonets, cu. m 312 m3
Length/diameter ratio 4
Envelope max. diameter, m 8,47 m
Envelope length, m 34 m
Max. height, m 10,74 m
Net weight, kg 780 kg
Min. operable speed, km/h 0 km/h
Cruising speed, km/h 50 - 90 km/h
Max. speed, km/h 100 km/h
Engine type Rotax-912 ULS.
Engine power, h.p. 100 h.p
Duration of flight at , hrs 6 h
Duration of flight at max. speed, hrs
2 h
Flight range, km 350 km
Max. altitude, m up to 1500 m
Normal altitude, m 10...1000 m
Crew 1 pilot
Commercial payload, kg up to 130 +1 person
Ground crew 2-3 person


Au-30 Multifunctional Airship

The multipurpose airship Au 30 is designed for long-term flights including low altitude and low speed. The airship can be applied for visual control and patrolling, pipelines and electrical lines control de-mining operations and airspraying, photo and video filming, elite tourism, rescue operations, advertising campaign, etc.

The Au 30 Technical Data
Envelope volume, cu.m 5065
including air ballonets, cu.m
Length/diameter ratio 4,0
Diameter, m 13,5
Length, m 54,0
Min. hangar size (inside), m. 66x20x19
Construction height, m . 17,5
Payload, kg . 1500
Màx. takeoff weight, kg . 4850
Cruising speed, km/h 40...80
Max. speed, km/h . 110
Power plant
2 x piston engine
Lom - Praha M332Ñ
Power, HP 2x170
Flight endurance: at cruising speed, hrs 24
Flight endurance: at max. speed, hrs
Flight range at cruising speed, km 1600
Change-of-location flight range, km 3000
Max. altitude, 2500 m 2500
Working altitude, m . up to 1500
Crew up to 2
Ground crew 4-6

implementation Stage

The Aerostatic Transport Aircraft of the New Type

ATLANT is a result of significant scientific and practical experience accumulated of over 20 years of work. This innovative aircraft combine the best properties of the airship, plane, helicopter and hovercraft. This approach allows to get rid of the traditional disadvantages of this mode of transport and preserve the unique advantages of airships - a longer range and lifting capacity, economic and environmental efficiency.

We develop the size spectrum of ATLANT aircrafts with the lifting capacity of 15, 60 and 170 tons and flight range from 1500 to 5000 km. According to preliminary estimation the transportation costs will be in the range of 7 to 25 rubles for ton-km. ATLANT aircrafts can be used for medium and short range distribution logistic to connect existing transport hubs with the remote regions, as well as for long-haul transportation with the possibility of door-to-door transportation including unprepared sites and water surface.
The ATLANT military cargo delivery deserves special attention. This unique transport aircraft fully corresponds to the new mobile army conception and create new possibilities of mobile radar surveillance, air defense and missile defense, as well as assault command moving and creation of airmobile control points.
ATLANT passenger version will be able to offer new standards of comfort and safety of air travel.
In general, ATLANT implementation will enable the following:
To create the conceptually new transport infrastructure of the remote regions of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East;
To involve the remote territories to the integrated economic system of the country in collaboration with the newly established transport corridors;
To accelerate the reclaiming of the unique remote mineral deposits with the minimal environment damage.
To reduce significantly the delivery time of oversized cargo as well as technologically difficult and indivisible cargo without intermediate reloading;
To preserve the ecological balance and traditional way of life of indigenous peoples of the Far North by rejection of extensive methods (railway and ice road construction etc.);
To solve the problem of the deliveries of goods to the Northern Territories by year-round delivery of goods to each community;
To obtain the significant economic efficiency by reducing costs and time of transportation;
To encourage effectively to the implementation of the mobile army conception;
To create the new comfortable and safe cargo airline network in the European part of Russia;
To demonstrate Russia’s scientific and technological priority in the high-tech transportation systems creation;
To increase the export potential of the domestic aviation industry due to aircraft export deliveries

ATLANT will bring not only the direct economic benefit but also will became the unique environmentally friendly transport: operation of each such aircraft instead of the traditional cargo aviation will save about 50 tons of fuel and the atmosphere will save more than 100 tons of oxygen!



AdvantagesFields of operations:

Fields of operations:
Heavy and oversized cargo transportation
Door-to-door delivery
Supporting of shift team rotation
Construction and mounting operations
Passenger transportation
VIP tourism
Air yacht


Vertical take-off and landing from unprepared sites and water surface
Year-round operation without hangar
Operation in any climatic zones
Long flight range
High safety
Ecological compatibility and economic efficiency

ATLANT 30 will be able to transport 16 tons cargo at the distance of up to 2000 km from the regional logistic centers such as ports, airfields, railway stations directly to the consumer.

ATLANT 30 specifications

Volume, m3 30 000
Length, m 75
Cruising speed, km/h 140
Payload, kg 16 000
Flight range with full load, km 2 000
Maximum non-stop flight range, km 4 000
Crew, members 3
Passengers, persons up to 80


Fields of operations:

Heavy and oversized cargo transportation
Door-to-door delivery
Rapid deployment of heavy vehicles and military units
Supporting of shift team rotation
Construction and mounting operations
Passenger transportation
VIP tourism
Air yacht

ATLANT 100 will be able to transport cargo up to 60 tons at the distance of up to 2000 km from the regional logistic centers such as ports, airfields, railway stations directly to the consumer.

ATLANT 100 specifications

Volume, m3 100 000
Length, m 130
Cruising speed, km/h 140
Payload, kg 60 000
Flight range with full load, km 2 000
Maximum non-stop flight range, km 6 000
Crew, members 3
Passengers, persons up to 200


High Altitude Airship "Berkut"

The HAA Berkut is a solar powered airship capable to keep its position over a certain place on a 20 - 23 km altitude. The Berkut can carry up to 1200 kg of various communication and surveillance equipment and supply it with electrical power. Geostationary performance (station keeping) enables to provide various communications, broadcasting and observation services to the territory of more than one million square kilometers. It covers any large metropolitan areas and such countries as France or United Kingdom! Unlike geostationary satellites, the HAA allows to repair, upgrade or replace the equipment every 3 - 4 months while the airship perform service landing. This stratospheric platform is expected to generate new earth observations at the local area (highly important for anti terrorism and anti smuggling missions). Also it will make possible ultra- high - speed data communications by portable terminals, and will be a new infrastructure for the new generation system of information and communications. Experts admit that the HAA can provide over 1000 times better the fixed broadband local access capacity of a geostationary satellite with the same frequency of a band, on bytes per second per square kilometers basis

The HAA Berkut is deigned in three version:
Berkut ET – for equatorial and tropical countries ;
Berkut ML– for middle geographical latitudes (30-45 deg.);
Berkut HL – for highest possible geographical latitude (45-60 deg.);

HAA "Berkut" technical data
Volume cub.m.
192 000
256 000
320 000
Lenght m.
Max. diameter m.
Max. engine power kW
Daily average power consumption kW
Payload kg
1200 kg
1200 kg
1200 kg
Payload power consumption kW
Solar cells area sq. m
3 500
5 800
8 000
Number of fins with engines/propellers
20-23 km
20-23 km
20-23 km
Flight endurance
4 months
4 months
4 months
Total weight
13 500 kg
18 000 kg
22 500 kg
Latitude zone
0-30 deg.
30-45 deg.
45-60 deg.
Number of hangar section

All three versions have the same performance and same basic technical approach. The highest latitude is (shorter day at winter time) the more solar cells and more batteries are required. Also the wind speed and power required for station keeping at the working altitude on equator almost 1.5 times less than on high latitudes. Therefore we designed three different envelopes with same max. Diameter but different length and volume. Same type of tail fins with electrical engines and large propellers are employed on all versions. Seven - for HL, five - for ML and three - for ET. Similar infrastructure is designed. That approach allows lowering development cost for every new version. The heart of the HAA is a power management system based on proven technical approach of famous Russian space craft manufacturers enriched by the best world experience.

Altitude 0 km

Altitude 23 km


Unmanned aerostatic platform "SOKOL"

Unique opportunities for reconnaissance and patrolling
Air and ballistic missile defense
Electronic warfare and intelligence
Borders and economic interest’s zones control
State of the art unmanned technologies
Long flight duration
Launching in any geographic location worldwide
Repeated use
High reliability

Volume, m3
10 400
Maximum speed, km/h
Flight speed at long patrolling, km/h
Working altitude, km
Flight duration at wind speed average 10 m/s
10 days
Payload, kg

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