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Old October 21st, 2005, 07:49 PM   #1
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SOUTH AFRICA - $100 million Durban Hotel

Originally Posted by p2bsa
[QUOTE=romanSA]Zimbali Continues to Expand

>>>>>>>Umhlanga to boast world-class resort

UMHLANGA is poised to get a huge R660 million leisure and entertainment resort boasting a 150-room, five-star international hotel.
This is part of one of the biggest foreign direct investments in the history of South African tourism.
About R1.6 billion is to be injected into a black economic empowerment South African-based leisure group, Notae Resorts, by a United States-based hedge fund for the first three developments in South Africa, which are part of 17 developments in Africa over the next 14 years.
Notae Resorts is a joint venture spearhead by Durban businessman Carl Eaton, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Notae Group. The group is an international entertainment, development and investment company with offices in Durban, Johannesburg and New Jersey, US.
Eaton said the 150-room Umhlanga hotel development would be unique.
The complex would include apartments, luxury bungalows, a private residency club, conference facilities, upmarket high-end fashion retail outlets and an arts centre.
“The arts centre includes a world-class theatre, art gallery, audio and audio-visual studios, including an outdoor amphitheatre, a school of excellence for hospitality and entertainment training, a tourism centre and a mix of family and fine dining restaurants,” said Eaton.
He said the 80 000m2 resort in Umhlanga, near the McDonalds restaurant at Gateway, would be the first of its kind in Southern Africa and have some of the world’s biggest players involved.
Washington DC-based Marriott International, one of the largest hotel groups in the world, has signed a letter of intent with Notae Resorts to manage the hotel.
Joop Demes, Managing Director of Golding Hotel Investment Consultants, has been appointed by Marriott to facilitate the process.
“Marriott is extremely bullish about entering the South African marketplace and is treating this exciting project in Umhlanga, Durban, as a priority,” said Demes.
Eaton said he expected to break ground on the development in early 2006 and for it to be launched before the end of 2007. He said the group was in the process of finalising zoning and approvals from the various authorities and obtaining SA Reserve Bank approval.
“Notae Resorts Umhlanga will be a destination of distinction, something that is not available on the African continent, and at the cutting edge of hotel development worldwide,” said Eaton.
He said the retail stores would
To Page 3

‘Development indicates confidence in SA and KZN’

include international brand names like Gucci, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and an exclusive jeweller for the high-end market.
“The retail component will also house Africa’s largest wedding design store, providing the consumer with a one-stop destination for all wedding requirements,” said Eaton.
“The arts centre will be comparable to the world’s most unique destinations of entertainment, like those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, providing world-class entertainment and facilities.”
The facilities would include a world-class theatre and post-production audio and visual studios.
Eaton has worked in the South African music industry for more than a decade, producing and managing some of the country’s biggest artists with his brother, Vaughn. The pair have built close relationships with giants in the American music industry which will help them to attract superstar artists to the complex.
He said the Notae Group was delighted about the prospects in Southern Africa and had made a commitment to spend a minimum of R660 million on its first development.
“Our investment optimism is fuelled by South Africa’s well-balanced economy, the country’s growth history over the past couple of years, KwaZulu-Natal’s tourism market and South Africa hosting the biggest single sports event on Earth in 2010,” he said.
“The city of Durban’s economic development goals, sound financial control and the tremendous vision of the leadership has been instrumental in the realisation of this venture.”
KZN Tourism Minister Narend Singh was exited about the development.
“It is an expression of international confidence in both KZN

CARL Eaton, Chairman and CEO of the Notae Group which is spearheading a new R660 million leisure, entertainment and business development called Notae Resorts at Umhlanga. The development includes a luxurious, five-star hotel (inset)

Durban brothers’ careers like movie story
CARL Eaton, the Durban-born chairman and chief executive officer of the Notae Group, and his brother Vaughn have been involved in the South African music industry for more than a decade.
They have built a music empire working behind the scenes and below the radar producing, managing and “discovering” some of South Africa’s biggest selling music artists under the record label In Tyme Incorporated – a company they started in the early 1990s.
Today they manage and produce South African superstars Mandoza and Ernie Smith, among many others.
The Eaton brothers’ music and entertainment career reads like a Hollywood success story. Before In Tyme, Carl served as director of CSR Records, which during his tenure became the foremost independent African Record Label in 1996. Eaton served as partner with US music mogul Danny Simms – the man who found Bob Marley,
promoted Michael and Janet Jackson, Madonna and a host of other superstars. He has represented and consulted for various leaders in the entertainment industry and is the developer of the first official African Music Chart System.
In Tyme is a subsidiary of the Notae (Eaton spelt backwards) Group.

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Old October 21st, 2005, 09:08 PM   #2
Bahraini Spirit
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You can't access the pics. You need to use the [img] [/img] tags.
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Old October 25th, 2005, 05:50 PM   #3
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HOPE this works. NEW PICS!!!

Originally Posted by Bahraini Spirit
You can't access the pics. You need to use the [img] [/img] tags.
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Old October 25th, 2005, 09:09 PM   #4
Bahraini Spirit
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Yup they work now. It looks nice, I like it.
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Old November 16th, 2005, 04:08 AM   #5
Oh Hey!
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Very much a land hog,but I like it.
Corporations Are People Too - Mitt Romney
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Old November 16th, 2005, 06:21 AM   #6
Je suis tout à vous
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wow that's a lot of money

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Old November 16th, 2005, 08:07 AM   #7
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I bet it would be more of a resort than merely a hotel.
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Old November 17th, 2005, 02:27 AM   #8
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Very Nice!
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Old April 11th, 2006, 03:51 PM   #9
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SLUG: TakeNotae!
CAPTION: MEN in music. Carl and Vaughn Eaton who have made it big in the music industry aim to make their hometown, Durban, ‘the music capital of Africa’.
MOST Durbanites must have been thinking where in the world did the Eaton brothers come after reading The Mercury’s Monday exclusive on their ambitious R660 million leisure, entertainment and business resort in Umhlanga.
Carl and Vaughn Eaton were arguably Durban’s best kept entrepreneurial secret and if you think that their vision ends there, think again.
“We want to make Durban the music capital of Africa,” say the duo who grew up in Newlands East spearhead the Notae Group
Their dream may sound a bit far fetched, but if you take into account that they almost single-handedly have managed to secure $250 million (about R1.6 billion) in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into South Africa from the United States, than you can’t put that past them.
They developed and built the Notae (Eaton in reverse) Group - an entertainment, development and investment corporation, virtually from nothing. Today it has offices in Durban, Johannesburg and New Jersey, US.
“It all started when we were part of a music group called the Starlight’s in the mid-eighties. Music is our passion and we have been fanatics from an early age” says Vaughn.
“Things kind of developed from their because we saw the big picture early on. We realised working behind the scenes, producing and discovering talent was our greater talent.”
Carl was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with US music mogul, Danny Simms in the early nineties and once served as a director of CSR Record and as Vice President of Cube Music.
In 1997 the brothers decided to go out on their own and set up In Tyme Incorporated - a music, entertainment and events company in Durban with just R400.
Today, the Eaton’s success in the South African music represent some of the biggest local stars and groups from Devante, TKZee, TRO and Chiskop to current megastar artists Ernie Smith and Mandoza.
Vaughn remembers vividly: “When we first started producing Mandoza’s Nkalakata song and I heard it for the first time, I was so exited that I kicked the wheel of a car because I knew it would be a hit.”
His career as a talent scout has been remarkable and has represented Mandoza for the last seven years.
Carl is behind the vision of for developing the resorts aspect the business something that started of with a small idea and snowballed from there.
“Our aim with this is to get involved in the entire value chain the entertainment business and this is an integral part of this,” he said.
They said the biggest challenge in the industry from early on is that they have always been undercapitalised and the new investment from a US hedge fund for the resorts aspect of the business bolster their efforts.
Says Carl: “There is tremendous talent in KwaZulu-Natal that is lost to other provinces and a lot more that has not been discovered. Our investment in Durban is to build the music and entertainment industry into a mainstay sector in this province and grow the industry nationally to compete on the world stage.
Durban will be our hub and base to impact and contribute to the international music industry.

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No stopping the boom

Barbara Cole

When it comes to development Durban is booming. And with more than R2 billion committed by prospective owners who have signed up to apartments at the Point Waterfront, the showcase project is the biggest development news of the year.

As well as the apartment blocks going up, infrastructure, canals and road upgrades have also been undertaken.

Now, the new residents have moved into the first homes to be finished at Dock Point, where one of the biggest Edwardian restorations in the country has been carried out, and other owners will move into their new homes elsewhere at the Waterfront by the end of next month.

"The Point Waterfront has exceeded all our expectations," said Deputy Mayor Logie Naidoo, who is chairman of the city's economic development committee. Yes, it's boom time. Our plans are coming together and we are certainly being recognised internationally."

And there is even more exciting news in the pipeline. The city has already announced that it will be releasing three sites for hotel development (at the Pavilion site, the Hoy Park site and next to the Durban International Convention Centre).

Another four five-star hotel sites will also be released on the beachfront (next to the Waterfront). The city is hoping to attract international hotel groups ... and some are already watching developments.

Their representatives are awaiting the report on the environmental impact assessment on the proposed small craft harbour at the Waterfront to ensure that it will indeed happen.

Then, once the port authorities widen the harbour (that could be finished by 2009), a new, as yet unnamed, pier will be built.

"The pier will be very big and go right out to sea. It will be similar to the big Palms development in Dubai. Can you imagine the spectacular views the owners will have! They will face the Indian ocean, the beach and a working harbour," said Naidoo.

Meanwhile, some 75% of the 900 apartments going up at the Waterfront have already been sold.

There are 14 developments: in various stages of planning and construction, and work is expected to continue until 2012.

Some will also boast hotels or smaller boutique hotels.

By far the biggest single development is the 30 000m2. The Sails, worth close to R400 million, which will include 173 apartments (85% are already sold and the main apartment block will be ready by next December), 550m2 of offices and 3 000m2 of retail space.

And there will be a 120-roomed five-star hotel, which will be ready by 2007. Yusuf Ismail, one of the developers involved in the consortium behind the project, said he could not name the hotel yet as discussions were still going on with a hotel group.

The Quays development will also have a stand-alone hotel. And Heritage Square will have 55 hotel suites, while the Point Bastille will also have a boutique hotel.

A shopping centre is also on the cards for Waterfront residents and the visiting tourists. Colin Sher, sales manager of the Durban Point Development Company, said a deal would probably be concluded next year.

Naidoo said the next phase of the Waterfront development would include upgrades to some sections of the road, and a new canal system.

Construction teams are already working on the new canal system - a deep water canal which will eventually link up with the sea (once the go-ahead has been given to the small craft harbour).

Land sales at the Waterfront are the same as at upmarket Umhlanga, making them the top two investment areas in the province.

And at Umhlanga, the big news is the pending arrival of the first Marriott hotel in the country - and the continent.

It will be near the Gateway shopping centre, which has been the catalyst for the explosion of new development (apartments, shops and showrooms) in the area.

The R660 million hotel project is being developed in partnerships with Newlands East brothers, Carl and Vaughan Eaton. Builders are expected to move on to the site of the Notae Resorts Umhlanga about February and construction is expected to take about 18 months.

Over at Zimbali on the North Coast, the latest news is that the world-
famous North American luxury hotel group, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts - it has the prestigious Savoy in London in its portfolio - will manage the new five-star hotel and development (including a golf course and spa) that will go up at the coastal resort.

Work will begin on the R1.75 billion project in June and it will take 18 to 24 months to complete.

Building has already started on a second new hotel at the Sibaya Casino and Entertain-ment Kingdom. It will be a "three-star limited service" hotel Sibaya Lodge and it will cater for the conferencing, gaming and corporate leisure market.

And Southern Sun will be building a four-star hotel at Suncoast. It will be called Suncoast Hotel and Towers and is being built on behalf of Tsogo Sun. It is expected to open mid-December 2006.

It's not just hotels that will be changing the skyline either. A new shopping centre recently opened at KwaMashu and another is expected to be finished in Umlazi within a few months.

The Pavilion is also planning further extensions, which will include a theatre, a lifestyle section on the roof, an extra 3 000 m2 for Edgars and 850 extra parking bays.

Gateway is expanding too. Plans include a gym, while Woolworths is adding 3 500m2 onto its existing shop and Truworths an extra 2 500m2.

Then there are the massive R460-million extensions taking place at the showcase Durban International Convention Centre. The arena project will provide raked seating for 6 000 people and space for 10 000 spectators.

The Dube TradePort world-class development at La Mercy will include the King Shaka Airport, a trade zone including a cargo terminal and a Cyberport, an electronic trading platform.

The airport, which will be able to take international planes, will be ready by 2009: a year ahead of the all-important Soccer World Cup, which South Africa is hosting.

Durban also has a brand new main eventing beach on the site of the old Sea World. It is part of the R14 million first phase regeneration and revitalisation programme.

Further along the Golden Mile is the city's first real on-the-beach café, complete with a raised deck on the sand and specially-imported loungers for those who want to soak up the sun or lay back with their laptops.

The yacht mole has also been upgraded and transformed. It had to be ready in time to host the 10 international yachts competing in the round-the-world Clipper race. And even though the yachts have sailed on, the area will continue to be upgraded.

Michael Shannon, one of the developers at the Point Waterfront, said that everything was happening in South Africa. "The boom can't stop," he predicted, "Durban is poised for greatness."

source: www.dailynews.co.za
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Dealmaker Deluxe– As seen in The Ridge Magazine March-April 2006

When the Marriot people saw the Ridge they were just blown away, says Carl Eaton, youthful chairman and chief executive of the Notae roup – the black economic empowerment component of the Marriot deal.

“International people know Cape Town, they know Johannesburg because they have to land there, they know the game parks, but they don’t know Durban. Durban exceeds all their expectations. When they came to Umhlanga it was like: ‘Wow!’ They looked at the infrastructure here and they felt a sense of value, a sense of comfort.

“These are big players: Dwayne Martin, who has been associated with Marriot for more than 22 years and is critical to the current process, and Connie McKithen, US real estate developer who is also in the music business. They come to South Africa about 5 times a year now, making sure we comply with all Marriot requirements.”

They must be pretty happy right now. Situated around the 150-room hotel are multi-million rand luxury residential apartments and villas, which are already completely sold out.

The Marriot stands on 6ha of land with 80 000 sqm of bulk development overlooking the Indian ocean. It is a $100 million investment and will have a conference centre, a theatre, an outdoor amphitheatre, restaurants, and an upmarket retail centre housing high end labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Investors can place their residential apartments and villas into the hotel pool, which will be managed by Marriot and will enjoy all of the facilities of the 5 star hotel.

So why did it sell out so quickly? “For investors it was a unique offering,” says Eaton. “The location is right; the pricing is right. We decided not to optimize or capitalize on the boom so our offer, our pricing, was in the right place. We sat down with the real estate agent (Horst Keil of Realty 1 Parsons) only about a year ago, in fact in March 2005. Admittedly it’s the best real estate around but to sell it so quickly, they have done a wonderful job.”

Eaton and his brother Vaughan were born in Durban of humble background. Carl trained as a teacher but ended up in the corporate lending department of a bank, which provided him with a formal understanding of finance.

“We were also in the music business part-time. When a US guy came over I negotiated his contract. He couldn’t believe I was so knowledgable about music. He was Danny Simms, the man who found Bob Marley, promoted Michael and Janet Jackson, Madonna and other stars. We began to work together. I became group executive of a record company and studio in 1994.”

At the time he was just 25.

“Then I worked with another record company but it was acquired by Prime Media. So we started our own business in 1997, in Johannesburg, with investment and property on one side, music on the other.”

As they say in the classics, he’s come a long way. Today the Notae Group has low profile but stylish offices and a recording studio on Umhlanga Ridge. And through their record company subsidiary In Tyme Incorporated, they manage some of South Africa’s biggest selling music artists, including Mandoza and Ernie Smith.

“We’re also looking at another two sites for Marriot in KwaZulu-Natal,” he said, “and hope to make an announcement soon. Our next hotel will be in Johannesburg but we are really aggressive about KZN. We believe we will have tow Marriot resort hotels up and running in this province before 2010, in addition to the Marriot on Umhlanga Ridge. Let’s face it, if you have a choice of where you want to live, there’s little to beat Durban. The excitement of being here and working on the Ridge node is just phenomenal.

“I believe Umhlanga is modeled closely on Beverly Hills USA, the home of the stars, known for its outstanding quality of life. There the streets are impeccably manintained, they are clean and neat, and it is simply great real estate. There’s a great resemblance to the Umhlanga Ridge

The apartments and villas (look very hi-tech modern designs)
Durban - South Africa's Playground - Gallery

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More development
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Here are some pics of the resort component. The whole development has some of the best views in durban...or anywhere...they look across the coastline to the cbd

The dev includes high end stores: Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Prada, as well as cafe's, restaurants, a Theatre complex with sweeping coastline views.

The development comprises part of the Umhlanga New Town Centre development, with investments totalling more than $1 billion. At present 25 buildings are u/c and cranes count as a tourist attraction, alongside the great beaches.

Its a fully urban high street environment with parks public squares, however all work on the area only started in 2001 with the opening of the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, the largest shopping complex in the southern hemisphere. its not ur typical mall, but rather is outward looking and is incorporated into the town centre development.

He's the view of the Durban coastline from the rough location of the Marriot resort.

Have your own opinion
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Old April 13th, 2006, 05:31 PM   #13
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$100 for hotel thats alot is marriot in the top 10 hotel chains in the world?? well i know its class just not sure how class
engineered in afrika

one nation, one zambia

横浜市, Yokohama Japan
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It has a luxurious sense.
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