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Old November 5th, 2005, 10:40 PM   #21
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Old November 5th, 2005, 11:04 PM   #22
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E bravo Fabrik!!!
XX Winter Olympic Games
10 - 26 February 2006
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Old November 5th, 2005, 11:09 PM   #23
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Old November 6th, 2005, 02:15 PM   #24
Torino è elettronica!!
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very good. the olympic games are coming and these are the results

«Torino è la città italiana in cui negli ultimi anni si è costruito di più, un processo che riguarda tutte le città post-industriali, destinate a diventare città del divertimento. Il modello, anche se non esplicito, è Las Vegas» (Giuseppe Culicchia)
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Old November 6th, 2005, 03:59 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by fabrik

PROJECT : Arata Isozaki (Japan)
STATUS : under costruction
pics coming soon..
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Old November 6th, 2005, 04:09 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by fabrik
MEDIAPOLIS (metropolitan area)

FUNCTION : italian biggest theme park rides and attractions (with also 2 hotels , music museum and commercial center)
STATUS : approved

The Mediapolis project will see the launch of a new kind of entertainment and commercial centre, a "Mixed-Use Development", combining many diverse elements in a synergetic fusion. The complex will be equidistant from Milan and Turin, the two major centres of Northwest Italy.
The site will occupy 500,000 m2, stretching along the highway (A4-A5) for 1 km, in correspondence with a highway exit (Albiano d'Ivrea).

The key asset of the business model is a theme park of international standard, a driving force generating high profile and a capacity to attract from a catchment area of 4 million people within a one-hour radius, 12 million within two hours and 20 million within three hours. Twelve million visitors are expected per year, including 1.6 million paid entries to the Park (Economic Research Associates).
A series of other commercial enterprises compliment the park: shopping centre, services, cinema, theatres, restaurants, hotels; within an evocative setting in terms of architecture and natural beauty.
The concept ("The Communication City") envisions a mix of elements within the project, their relative dimensions and the logistics of their harmonious coexistence working together seamlessly within a highly integrated urban complex. This is the result of three years of research and development on the project. The "prototype" model, which Mediapolis has fine-tuned, is a dynamic blend of relaxation and entertainment, that has been influenced by some of the most interesting and successful international developments in the sector. The project will begin construction in the first quarter of (2005) with phase (1) opening to the general public in the spring of (2007).


Mediapolis S.p.A, in association with a team of International theme park development professionals (FORREC, E.R.A., LUMIQ Studios, Blue Klein & Petrus) is continuing to develop the creative and technical content for the realization of the theme park. The parks central theme is harmonious with the overall concept of the entire Mixed-use facility: Mediapolis - "the city of communication".
A city of leisure time activity, settled within a compelling natural landscape and architectural project where an equal mix of entertainment and specialty retail propel the overall offer of the theme park beyond the traditional expectation. The theme park and retail entertainment offering of the commercial centre have been harmoniously integrated maximizing the potential synergy between these two complimentary commercial functions.

The Content

The theme park is divided into two general areas of communication:
A seasonal outdoor area of 140,000 sq/m whereby the site has been artistically landscapedA seasonal outdoor area of 140,000 sq/m whereby the site has been artistically landscaped with a sculptured elements of vegetation with an emphasis on the use of water features such as lakes, canals, water games, amongst which, will be placed 24 state of the art theme park attractions (Roller coasters, drop tower, flume rides, minor rides and children's play areas. Natural amphitheatres and stages will also be integrated into the master plan to accommodate shows and performances.
An indoor area of 15,000 sq/m open year round further subdivided into two distinctive areas:
A voyage across the world of communication whereby the guest journeys through and participates within a series of immersive and theatrical experiences. There are (9) thematic channels, each one dedicated to a category of large consumer content and communication (Variety, sport, music, cinema, news, travel & adventure, culture, product showcase, as well as a channel dedicated to the region of Piedmont.
The (9) channels serve as thematic settings for a series of cutting edge entertainment technologies including 4D and motion based theatres, simulators, dark ride experiences; as well as spontaneous digital attractions including video capture, hologram and immersive games and effects. The guests will also experience a dynamic program of live and real time appearances, events and performances including, CD launches, book signing and author appearances, quiz shows, films, infomercials etc.
An area of retail entertainment in the north American shopping centre model of incorporating traditional entertainment retail tendencies and services such as a food court, concept and gadget stores, video arcade, multiplex theatre and themed restaurants to create an entertainment anchor for the retail centre.
Together, these two components create a powerful "anchor" benefiting the adjoining commercial area and ultimately will optimise the flow of guests and visitors to the overall Mediapolis complex.
The theme of connectivity, represented by the mobile telephone and the new wireless applications, established an "entry point" into the overall project creative concept. The base criteria for the desired "guest experience " of the technical attractions is to create a desire for connectivity and repeat visits (physically or virtually) to the Mediapolis project. This connectivity will be further enhanced by the capability of strong interaction with the Mediapolis attractions far from the physical site through the mediums of TV, Internet and mobile telephone.
The park can therefore be representative of an ideal "laboratory" for the promotion and experimentation of new wireless applications for the next generation of mobile phone technology (UTMS). Mediapolis plans to launch a research project capability, which will allow these new and experimental wireless devices and applications to utilize the controlled environment of the park by 2006/2007.
The guests of Mediapolis will receive an "identity card" that will acknowledge them as citizens of Mediapolis.
A smart card with two main functions:
Management of theme park entrance and payment: (including pay one price and pay as you go ticketing options, discounts, group sales, promotions and loyalty programs)
Customer profiling: massing of individual costumer data (customer relationship management system) that will allow a greater relationship and communication with the park guests on an individual basis. The card may also serve to heighten the synergy between the theme park and the commercial centre area.


The following information aims to describe the philosophy and contents of the Commercial Centre contained within the Mediapolis project, which is currently in project and pre-commercialisation development in partnership with Gruppo Policentro. The description serves to underline the elements of integration between the Commercial Centre and the Mediapolis Project.

The Proposed Mix

There are two significant elements that were considered in the development of the envisioned commercial area: the suburban location of the facility and the proximity to the extensive entertainment offering of the adjacent theme park. Together these two elements contributed greatly to the formulation of the leasing plan, configuration and design layout of the commercial center, which maximises the integration between the two commercial components. The commercial center areas will be comprised of three major 'anchors" designed to host large and medium specialized and theatrical designed areas in a cohesive way with respect to the other components of the project, a spacious gallery of small commercial areas and a new concept food store:
Large and medium sales areas (2,000/4,000 m2) dedicated to specialized retail product categories (sport, games, consumer electronics, clothing/leather, furniture, childhood, gardening, CDs/books) managed by licensed operators of brand recognition at a national level (e.g.: Benetton, Bata, Prenatal, Feltrinelli, Ovvio) or international level (e.g.: Leroy Merlin, Obi, Media World, Decathlon, Foot Locker). Individual tenants will set up "flag ship stores" that will serve to distribute merchandise and to create heightened awareness of their brand. Some of these commercial formats will offer interactive product test areas (consumer electronics, sport) and others will spill out into the adjacent courtyard (Mediapolis garden).
Connecting galleries fitted out with small commercial areas (100/200 m2) designed to host specialty retailers, franchisers, typical products, and local handicrafts and merchandising tied to the content of the theme park.
A food store of 7,500 m2 (Freeport) directly managed by "top quality" agencies in the food industry. This store will use a formula of "leisure shopping" that combines the distribution function with that of promotion, offering to some important food sector businesses a new distribution channel and a channel of "localized" communication at an elevated potential (comparable to "tasting rooms" but with the forecasted flow decisively superior because it will be open all year), planned to enhance the product and increase the brand awareness

Synergy with the entertainment component: the "core building"

The covered area, one of the biggest in Europe (more than 15,000 m2), will act as the natural connection between the various components of the project (Commercial Centre, Theme Park, hotel) and will contain on the inside several potential "magnets" (audio-visual attractions, television studios, concerts, theatres designed to host live performances and a multiplex cinema). The stately atrium of this true entertainment zone will host some commercial concepts: a media store (e.g.: Sony Point), a F&B concept (e.g.: American model "ESPN zone), a wine bar/showcase of Piedmont wine (in agreement with the system of regional wine shops) and a food court "on the terrace" based on an structured offer of catering (from fast food to restaurants specialized in typical local meals and products). However, the "core building" also carries out the function of the fourth "anchor" of the Commercial Centre (food court and entertainment zone) as exemplified by some of the most advanced American shopping malls and will favour a spontaneous circular flow of visitors in the Centre, enhancing all the internal routes. In this true "covered piazza" the synergy and the opportunity of cross-selling between the various components on which the Mediapolis "product" is structured materializes, making the product itself "unique" in the marketplace and the shopping mall a Commercial Centre of a next generation.


The hotel makes up one of the components of the marketing mix of the Mediapolis "product". Its construction therefore must not simply be seen as an opportunity to develop real estate in the area but rather as the development of an essential component of the industrial project, into which it must be integrated in an organic and functional way (this is one of the principles contained in the industrial agreement in association with the Eurotravel Group.)

The concept

Mediapolis has set up, in association with Eurotravel, a team responsible for the design and development of the hotel, with the goal of devising a model and a specific brand hotel ("Mediapolis Hotel") which is integrated in the Mediapolis project in a functional, coherent and organic manner.

In the current state of the project the goal is to build a structure capable of optimising the opportunities of interception of diverse targets offered by the Mediapolis complex, in a model of distribution that is driven by a corporate target during the week and the family target during the weekend. The hotel will be classified as a four star hotel (in the lower price bracket) with 220 rooms and will be characterized by a mixed program: meeting services (conference rooms, meeting rooms, videoconferencing) and several added services on the American spa model for the weekend and the family.
Architecturally the hotel will be presented as a circular tower with an internal court and a direct access to the park and the covered areas of entertainment.
As an opportunity of future expansion, the building of a second tower adjacent to the first is envisioned, which will allow, in the years following the opening, to segment the offer proposing a three star structure (at a more restrained price) for the family and reserving the four star for corporate clients.


The Mediapolis mixed use development is situated in an area of celebrated natural beauty. The site lies at the foot of the mountains of the Aosta Valley famous for skiing and recreation. Directly behind the site, lies the "Serra of Ivrea" Europe's largest moraine, which creates an amphitheatre backdrop for the development.
The overall architectural and site development of the project has been carefully created to respect and ensure minimal impact to the surrounding natural beauty of this unique location. The architecture is rich with bio-architectural materials including rock, wood and water interwoven with clean architectural materials such as steel and glass. The site development contains extensive trees and planting, as well as, natural grass berms which rise to blend into the architecture.
The site also includes many other features that successfully soften the environmental impact. These features include, garden roofs, lakes, streams, extensive water features, vegetation covered buildings, greenhouses, and shaded parking as well as many other bio-architectural features (by the famous belgian landscaper Daniel Ost).
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Old November 6th, 2005, 07:39 PM   #27
capitan harlock
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fabrik :0 complimenti!!!!
Torino 's become really fantastic!
Italian forum
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Old November 9th, 2005, 11:03 AM   #28
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Originally Posted by fabrik

Torino’s Polytechnic extenction

PROJECT : Franco Ossola (Italy)
STATUS : under costruction

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Old November 9th, 2005, 11:19 AM   #29
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Very progressive architecture
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Old November 10th, 2005, 06:19 AM   #30
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great modern projects going on here
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Old March 4th, 2006, 01:26 PM   #31
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