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Abuja News and Developments

Name: Abuja Tower (GloTower)

Floors: 55F

City/Country: Abuja Nigeria

Use: business, leisure, retail

Company: Afrovision

Construction cost: $205 Million US-Dollars

Additional Information on the real estate company "Afrovision"

Afrovision Development Co. Ltd., founded in 2002, is a real estate development company that actively seeks moderate and high yielding investments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission is the creation and retention of wealth through real estate - for our clients and principals - in that order.

Is a Developer of unique opportunities;
Is a Construction Management provider for multi-faceted programs;
Is part of a Design / Build / Operate & Manage (DBOM) services partnership with locally based firms;
Is an Advisor on real estate development and investment strategies for institutions, and high net worth individuals seeking portfolio in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Chi Iromuanya (for more information on that remarkable and internationally renowned Nigerian architect, click on: http://www.afrovision.com/id41.htm )
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African Institute of Science and Technology, Abuja

AIST Abuja Campus

Name: African Institute of Science and Technology

City, Country: Abuja, Nigeria

Location: ATV (Abuja Technology Village) AIST will be the flag-off project for this village which aspires to replicate Silicon Valley in Nigeria.

Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas (Winning entry of RIBA-organized competition)

Promoter: Neslon Mandela Institute

Floors: various buildings 1-5 floors

Use: Institutional, Research, Academic

Opening Date: 2008 (phase 1)
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De Lomas de Zamora
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good projects!!!
Guía de la Construcción de Lomas de Zamora
Argentina en google earth
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A Billion Dollar Theme Park Being Developed In Abuja, Nigeria

released on 05/23/06 at 22:10:39

Abuja, Nigeria (emergingminds.org) - Tourism in Africa and particularly in Nigeria is about to get a boost with the construction of an African History Theme Park in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

Heritage City otherwise known as the African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Parks and Resorts is designed to showcase Africa's rich history, enhanced with modern technology to produce a total experience in learning, entertainment and relaxation for tourists and visitors.

According to project planners--U.S.-Africa Technology Council, Inc based in Washington DC--the Heritage City Theme Park Project represents the best initiative to date to present all of Africa's diverse culture and history to tourists and visitors in one spot. That spot is a 25,000 acre site on the outskirts of Nigeria's Federal Capital City, Abuja, which has been earmarked by Nigerian authorities for the project and for other tourism related developments such as a wildlife park and safari, hotels, vacation homes, retail and movie theaters.

The park will feature the normal rides plus re-creations of ancient African Kingdoms and Empires such as Oyo, Egypt, Songhai, Nubia, Ashanti, Kanem Borno and the Kings and Queens who presided over them such as Queen Nefertiti, King Jaja of Opobo, Queen Amina, the great Zulu warrior, Shaka Zulu among others.

The project will also bring to life themes from African movies, festivals, legends and folklore. A preview of the master plan reveals for example, the Yemaya Water Park named after the ancient Yoruba legendary figure and the Iri-Ji Amphitheater whose design incorporates themes based on the New Yam Festival celebrated by the Igbos of eastern Nigeria.

There will be monuments honoring the heroes of the African Independence struggle and a showcase featuring scientific discoveries of the origins of human life in Africa.

The project is being financed jointly by Heritage City Parks Ltd, a Nigerian-based development company, and a consortium of international investors. The first phase of the theme park is expected to be complete in 2007. Well-known sources familiar with the project master plan describe it as bold and imaginative and could further impact the growth of tourism in the West-African sub-region.

For more details, visit the site (still under construction):
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THE PROJECT PROPOSED BY RDC involves three phases with a time window of 15 to 20 years in which high-speed links will connect Lagos to Abuja, Abuja to Kano, and Lagos to Port Harcourt and Calabar port, site of the Export Processing Zone. The first stretch, however, could become reality as soon as 2003 if $2 billion in funding comes through from a syndicate of three Nigerian banks (including the United Bank for Africa and the Nigerian-American Merchant Bank) and a host of outside sources including the World Bank. “The financing is going to be about 60% debt and 40% equity. The equity will come from RDC and some of its technical partners. The Nigerian government will have to bear some costs like land acquisition,” says Esin.
The project, envisaged as a BOT concession (build-operate-transfer), would be operated by Montreal-based SNC Lavalin for a lease of 60 years after which all assets would revert to the state. RDC has signed an agreement with SNC Lavalin for the project’s management as well as for geotechnical studies and earthworks. “We are going to put together a consortium of construction and engineering design companies, which will also include Bombardier of Canada,” says Esin. Bombardier will share responsibilities for systems engineering, rolling stock, electrification, and ticketing with another Canadian company, GEC Alsthom. Other potential partners are the Groupe Axor, specializing in bridges and viaducts, AGRA Monenco in charge of planning aspects, and North Carolina company Duke Energy for power provision.

Three possible routes have been drawn. The most likely option (585 km) leaves Ikeja, just north of Lagos, and cuts a straight line across the map to Abuja. It is comparable to France’s own TGV link from Paris to Toulouse, a high-speed connection that has turned the latter city into a vibrant mecca of high-tech industries. RDC foresees ridership at four million the first year, reaching 17 million by 2020. And there’s better news: the round-trip would cost N8,000 (around $90) making it a fraction of an airplane ticket. “It’s a beautiful idea,” says Gigi Hadziosmanovic of TEAM, the Lagos civil engineering firm. “We fully endorse the project as it will enhance the movement of goods and services. Abuja to Lagos in two hours... a wonderful idea.”

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Friday, 8 November, 2002, 15:53 GMT
Nigeria to enter space age

Nigeria's space programme will cost about $2.5m a year

Nigeria is hoping to launch its first satellite in July 2003, its science and technology minister has said.
The satellite, which will be built in partnership with a British company, will be used for weather observation, and will later become a communications satellite, Professor Isoun Turner told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

I think it is one of the best things Nigeria has done

Isoun Turner
In July 2001, the Nigerian Government formally adopted a National Space Policy with the objective of launching its own satellite and space research programmes.

With the initiative, which will cost about $2.5m a year, there are hopes that the launch of dedicated satellites will greatly improve communication links - Nigeria has notoriously bad phone lines.

Weather prediction satellite

Initially, the remote sensing satellite will be used to solve practical problems for agriculture, forestry and oceans by scouring isolated parts of the country for signs of fire or flood.

The minister said the $15m micro-satellite will be built in partnership with a UK-based company, Surrey Space Technology Ltd.

Nigeria denies launching another 'white elephant'

Fifteen Nigerian engineers currently being trained in Britain will be involved in the design and production of the satellite.

The minister dismissed suggestions that the project was just one of Nigeria's "white elephants".

"I think it is one of the best things Nigeria has done," he said.

"Because in the current globalisation, Nigerians should be boasting their hi-tech and appropriate technology so that we can now work together and take advantage of where we're strong.

"And we believe that it is critically important that Nigeria should be present in this area."

He said that this was not a one-off project.

"We are getting the know-how and the product; we are part and parcel of space technology," he said.

"We are in the space programme for a long time."

Nigerian satellite for launch from Xichang


China is expected to put a self-made communication satellite into orbit for Nigeria in 2007, making the African nation the first foreign buyer of both a Chinese satellite and its launching service.
¡¡¡¡The news came as Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo arrived in Beijing yesterday, starting a four-day state visit to China.
¡¡¡¡Describing the satellite export as a "milestone" in China's history in space, an official with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp said the satellite, called Dongfanghong IV, will be put into orbit by a Long March 3B carrier rocket from the Xichang Space Launch Centre in Southwest China's Sichuan Province sometime after next year.
¡¡¡¡"China Aerospace will also help to train Nigerian technicians," said the official identified as Li, adding that so far China has sent 28 foreign satellites into space.
¡¡¡¡The trip is Obasanjo's third visit to China after assuming the presidency in 1999.
¡¡¡¡During a meeting with Obasanjo, President Hu Jintao said Nigeria has become China's major trade partner in Africa and the two countries enjoy rapid growth co-operation in the fields of oil and gas exploration and infrastructure construction.
¡¡¡¡Hu suggested the strategic partnership develop by focussing on four aspects:enhancing political negotiation through high-level official and other personnel exchanges, increasing bilateral trade and two-way investment, strengthening co-operation in key fields and reinforcing negotiations in international affairs to protect the interests of developing countries.
¡¡¡¡Obasanjo, also the rotating president of the African Union, said Africa and China should continue to seek common prosperity by strengthening friendship and co-operation, saying Africa is hoping China can support and take part in the process of resolving the conflicts in the region and enhance co-operation in the fields of trade, investment and agriculture.
¡¡¡¡The two presidents yesterday also witnessed the signing ceremony of five agreements; two of them are governmental agreements on economic, trade and investment co-operation and the rest concern communications business.
¡¡¡¡As part of the agreements, Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd will deploy US$200 million worth of CDMA450 wireless access technology across Nigeria and has also committed to an additional US$20 million manufacturing investment in Nigeria.
¡¡¡¡"Nigeria is one of our major overseas markets and it has great potential" said Huawei President Ren Zhengfei.
¡¡¡¡According to Wang Junqiang, Huawei's representative in Nigeria, the wireless access technology will provide the necessary coverage to address the current telecommunications digital divide between rural areas and cities in the African nation.


Nigeria will launch its information and communication satellite,"NIGCOMSAT-1" in 2006.The communication satellite, when launched, would help to improve telecommunication services in the country.It would also address abroad array of communication needs in the areas of telephony, broadcasting,broadband and Internet services.
The satellite would also have a subsidiarypay load for space-based augmentation systems for navigation and globalpositioning systems. Nigeria is to launch its second satellite in 2007, Science and TechnologyMinister Turner Isoun said last week in Abuja. The satellite, christened"NigeriaSat-2"is coming after the pioneer "NigeriaSat-1" launched on Sept.27, 2003 at Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia.


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Name: Shiphouse Office Plaza

Floors: 8F

Location: Abuja/Nigeria

Use: Commercial
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Name: Tinapa Resort

City/Country: in Cross Rivers State (near Calabar), Nigeria

Use: commercial, leisure, cultural

Opening of phase 1: 2007

Website: http://www.tinapa.com/

Personal Remarks: I saw a report on TV (CNN) by Jeff Koinage on that project about two months ago, it is really amazing!

Additional Information:


The development of Tinapa will be in phases. Phase One will include specific components that will form the foundation of the development of a leisure tourism market in Nigeria . These components are:

* a shopping complex comprising:
o four wholesale emporiums
o 200 retail outlets
o a food court with take-away outlets and
o a communal sitting area
o an administrative centre
o parking for approximately 3,000 cars and coaches
* an “entertainment strip” leading out of the shopping complex which will include:
o a casino of international standard
o five restaurants
o a cinema complex with cinemas ranging from 104 to 340 seats each
o a games arcade and ten-pin bowling alley
o a children's play area
o a fisherman's village comprising three themed bars, a themed nightclub and an arts and crafts village
* 300-room luxury hotel
* support services and amenities such as a sick bay, management offices, etc.
* a warehouse cluster with five warehouses
* Leisureland / Waterworld facility
o Wave pool
o Standing wave surfing
o Lazy river ride
o Water slides
o Picnic area
o Children's pool and children's play area
o Tennis courts
o Volleyball courts
o Change room facilities
o Lifeguard tower
o Kiosks
o Management offices


Phase Two of the project will include the following:

* a hotel and conference complex including:
o a 200-room branded international four star hotel
o a conference centre with a main ballroom seating up to 1,000 delegates
o three boutique stores of 50m 2 floor space each
o a business centre
o a fitness centre
* expansion of leisure and entertainment facilities to include:
o water sports facilities
o a quad biking track
o an archery range
o a clay pigeon shooting area
* expansion of cultural and education components to include:
o ten additional stalls with craft making area; and
o a fisherman's wharf
o expansion, restoration and upgrading of the existing Old Residency Museum in Calabar


Phase Three will include the following components:

* accommodation facilities including:
o a 150-room branded international four-star hotel
o a luxury beach lodge with 30 letting units
o a luxury bush lodge with 30 letting units
* agritourism in the form of a tropical fish farm
* ecotourism in the form of an exotic bird aviary

Harrods, Wal-mart, Mc Donald´s And Others Head For Tinapa City In Nigeria

Businessday April 3rd, 2006

World famous department stores, Mac-Donalds, Wal-Mart, Harrods, and Marks and Spencer, among many others, have indicated very strong interest in the N143 billion Tinapa project in Calabar, regarded as Africa's premier business resort.

The foray by these world retail market players into the Nigerian market is in response to the commitment of the Cross River State government to the completion and commissioning of the first phase of the project by December, 2006.

According to the executive governor of the state, Donald Duke, whose administration is providing the infrastructure for the project, largely funded by private sector players, Tinapa will be ready by December, 2006. The final kitting by the major shop owners and operators will however, be completed by March 2007.

When phase one of the project is completed, the specific components that will form the foundation of the development of a leisure tourism market in Nigeria would have also been firmly rooted. Some of these components that would be visible in the first phase of the project will include a mega shopping complex comprising four wholesale emporiums, 200 retail outlets, a food courts with take - away outlets, an administrative centre, a commercial sitting area, and a parking lot for approximately 3, 000 cars and coaches.

According to information from the project site, there will also be an "entertainment strip" leading out of the shopping complex.

This, BUSINESSDAY learnt, would feature a casino of international standard, five restaurants, a cinema complex with cinemas ranging from 104 to 340 seats each, a games arcade and ten-pin bowling alley, a children's play area and a fisherman's village with themed bars, night clubs and an arts and crafts village.

Duke confirmed in Calabar, weekend that the phase one aspect of the Tinapa project would be home to a 300-room hotel, leisure land and waterworld facility, wave pool, lazy river ride, picnic area, tennis courts, life guard tower, kiosks, change room facilities, volley ball courts, management offices, among other numerous facilities.

According to the project scheme, the second phase of the world-class business resort is envisaged to include two hotels and conference complex with a 200- room branded international four star hotel, a conference centre with a main ballroom seating up to 1,000 delegates, business and fitness centres. Also, it is designed to feature three boutique stores, expansion of leisure and entertainment facilities fitted with a quad biking track, an archery range and a fisherman's wharf, among other features.

Duke said the third phase of the mega project will cover the construction of a 150-room branded international five-star hotel, a luxury beach lodge with 30 -units, a luxury bush lodge, agritourism and ecotourism. When the Tinapa project becomes functional there would be a mutual driving and sustenance of tourism which the Cross River state government has taken with Agriculture as major footwalk in the effort to power growth and development in the state.
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TINAPA FILM STUDIO - Preliminary plans (This should become the major filming studio for "Nollywood"
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Nice projects bar the Shiphouse... that looks like it was designed by a 4 year old

What's Abuja's population now? Is it a tiny administrative city like Canberra, or are lots of people moving there?
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i like so much the African Institute of Science and Technology, Abuja, the rest of the projects seems me quite weirds

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About 500,000 people Metro 1,000,000
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Great news....
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