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Old October 30th, 2006, 03:03 AM   #1
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SOUTH KOREA | Projects & Construction


V. 3.1

>> BOM's Note
This thread serves as a directory to other threads pertaining to projects in Korea. I only intend on putting significant and interesting projects on this thread, so the front page won't be such a hassle to navigate through. I appreciate help/suggestions from others, and I would like to thank the Korean forumers who supply photos and information (since I live in Seattle).

>> Upcoming Updates
  • Updating/adding pictures for previous projects
  • Add summary on New Songdo City, Han River Renaissance, and Saemangeum
  • Adding pictures for the theme parks
  • Add section on Warner Bros. theme park
  • Haeundae I'park
  • Seoul Forest Grand Tower & Galleria Forest to complete the "Forest Trio"

>> Seoul
  • Dongdaemun World Design Plaza & Park - a large, futuristic park that will replace two run-down stadiums in Dongdaemun. The park was designed by the renown Zaha Hadid, and it will be completed in 2010 - which coincides with the recognition of Seoul as the World Design Capital. Hadid calls the park a "Metonymic Landscape," which complements the harmony of nature and architecture of her design. Construction will start later this year, once the stadiums are torn down.

  • S-Trenue (Superior Treasure Avenue)- an abstract, luxury tower designed by Minsuk Cho of Mass Studios. The tower is currently under construction in Yeiodo. Once completed, the tower will be 165m/541ft (36 floors). The tower will host office space and high end commercial boutiques on the first couple floors; thereafter, the rest of the tower will consist of luxury, residential accommodations.

  • IFC (International Finance Centre) - consists of three towers the tallest being 300m/984ft (80 floors). The towers will largely be used for office space, but the project does include a five-star hotel and a three-level mall. Anchored in the heart of Yeiodo, the IFC will accompany S-Trenue and Parc 1 to add some depth to Seoul's annoynmous skyline. The project is being developed by AIG and was designed by Arquitectonica. It is currently under construction.

    No thread

  • Parc 1 - a creation from Richard Rogers, Parc 1 will be one of the more notable skyscrapers in Yeiodo and in Seoul. It is under construction, and when it is complete it'll be 332m/1089ft (75 floors), while the accompanying tower will be 271m/889ft (59 floors). Like IFC, Parc 1 consists of office space, a hotel, and a seven-story mall.

  • Korea Rail Corp Tower - among the newest proposals in Seoul, but it is possible that this tower will materialize. The project involves an area in Seoul called Yongsan, and the centerpiece of the project will be a 615m/2018ft (150 floors) tower. Samsung and Hyundai competed for a chance to develop the land, but in the end Samsung won the rights to develop Yongsan. From left-to-right: the original concept, the Hyundai concept, and the Samsung concept. As of Feburary, the Samsung consortium has beugn the long process of buying/moving/emptying the lot of land.

  • DMC Landmark Tower NEW! - this is one of the most elusive towers in Korea's supertall portfolio; it is was originally known as the International Business Center (the IBC) sometime around 2004. Unfortunately the Digital Media City (DMC) project has largely been marginalized due to new development of Yongsan (the Korea Rail Corp Tower being the heart of this new redevelopment project). The fate of this tower is still debatable, but recent news reports have reshown the IBC design. Despite the tower redesign(s), the tower will still be 640m/2100ft.

  • Seoul Forest E-Convenient World NEW! - is a new highrise that'll grace the perimeter of one of Seoul's newest parks - Seoul Forest. The tower will be used for office and residential space, and it will be 207m/677ft. Construction started in February with a planned completion date in 2010.

>> Busan
  • Busan Lotte World - among the oldest supertall projects in Korea, and probably the only one that survived from the plethora of proposals from the turn of the century. As of the beginning of 2008, construction has begun to pick up. Once it is completed the tower will be 510m/1,674ft (107 floors). The tower was designed by Durant, and the tower will be used for commercial and leisure activities.

  • Millennium Tower World Business Center - in my opinion, this will be one of Korea's most intimidating and notable skyscrapers. Many have commented that the tower looks like an inappropriate hand gesture and/or a cactus, but the tower was designed by Theo Lalis Sarantoglou. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait 'till 2018 to see this beautiful behemoth. Once it is done it'll be 560m/1,837ft, and will top the skies of Centum City (a new city project in Busan).

  • Haeundae Triple Square NEW! - this tower is part of a huge Haeundae highrise blowout, and the Triple Square is the most ambitious of all the proposed towers. The tower will be a high-class, super modern resort with direct access to Haeundae Beach, the most prominent beach in Korea. The tallest of the twins will be 517m/1696ft and 117 floors, while the slightly shorter tower will be 396m/1300ft and 86 floors. Construction is suppose to start later this year.

  • Haeundae Doosan We've the Zenith NEW! - these towers have attracted a lot of attention because of it's awkward name, largely detracting from the design and volume of them. Citypia finally resolved the naming madness, his explanation: Can be found here. On the other hand this is one of the few supertalls that are actually under construction in Korea, but it won't be completed until 2011. By then each triplet will be 300m/984ft and have 80 floors.

>> Incheon
  • The 1st World Towers - among the first residential highrise projects to commence construction in the NSC (New Songdo City) vicinity. It is currently under construction and close to completion. The highrise project consists of four 264m/866ft (64 floors) towers, and is in close proximity to the convention center and the Northeast Asia Trade Tower. The towers were designed by the international architect firm KPF.

  • Northeast Asia Trade Tower NEW! - one of the most notable structures rising up from the landfills of NSC, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower will be among the first supertalls to be completed in Korea. Once completed the 305m/1001ft building will be host to boutiques, office space, and a sky lounge. What is remarkable about the Northeast Asia Trade Tower is that it hasn't suffered from delays, so construction is continuing at a steady rate. The tower will open on the March of 2010.

  • Incheon Towers NEW! - the towers will be the future landmark of New Songdo City; they'll cast a mighty shadow over the Northeast Asia Trade Tower, which will be only half the size of the Incheon Towers. When completed in 2013, the twins will be 610m/2001ft with 150 floors. By then most of the new city will have been completed, and the Incheon Towers will symbolize the effort and work it took to create the city. So far the towers have had one major redesign, but the area is preparing for construction.

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Old October 30th, 2006, 05:23 AM   #2
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>> Significant Dates
  • Incheon/Songdo World City Expo 2009 NEW! -
    Just like the World Design Capital of 2010, Korea will be the first to host the World City Expositions. The expo isn't as big or prominent as the original World Expo, obviously, but this will be the first international event to be hosted in New Songdo City. The theme of the event is: 'A City with Dreams.' The event will run from August 7th, 2009, to September 25th, 2009; furthermore, a key visual aid for the expo includes many of the most well-known skyscrapers in the world, such as: the Burj Dubai, the Petronas Towers, the Incheon Towers, and etc.

    Main site: Click here
  • Seoul World Design Capital 2010 -
    An international project initiated by the International Design Alliance (IDA). The premise of the project is to "promote and encourage the use of design to further the social, economic and cultural development of the world's cities." Torino, Italy was selected as a pilot World Design Capital for 2008. Thereafter, Seoul competed with Dubai and Singapore for the selection of the first official World Design Capital of 2010. On October 21, 2007, Seoul won the competition, coinciding with the initiation of massive beautification, leisure, and enviromental projects.

    Main site: Click here
  • Yeosu World Expo 2012 -
    A three-month fair that will take place in the city of Yeosu, located on the southern tip of South Korea. The fair will revolve around the eco-centric theme of "The Living Ocean and Coast." During the voting process, Yeosu beat contenders from Poland and Moracco, both of which revolved around leisure and the world economy. The Yeosu fair will take place after the Shanghai 2010 Expo and the Zaragoza, Spain, 2008 Expo.

    Main site: Click here
  • Incheon Asian Games 2014 -
    A large multi-sport event held every four years in Asia. The games have grown in prestige with the exponential growth of the region, and the games are just as important as the World Cup and Olympics to many Asians. New Delhi, India, and Incheon, South Korea, were the two contenders of the 2014 Asian Games. Evidently, Incheon won with the promise of supporting nations who have not yet won an award and offering free flights and accommodations for all participants during the Games.

    Main site: Click here
  • Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) -
    One of the most significant and largest film festivals in Asia, alongside the Hong Kong and Tokyo film festivals.The film festival retains the old way of romanizing Busan. Nonetheless, the film festival is an important opportunity for directors and actors around Asia to gather, converse, and forge deals. The festival's significance shows how advanced Korea's film industry has become, but more importantly, it is a festival that helps bring Asia together one movie at a time. The festival is an annual event that usually takes place sometime in autumn (usually October). It uses the name Pusan, the traditional romanized name of the city, rather than Busan.

    Main site: Click here

>> Upcoming theme parks NEW!
  • Paramount Movie Theme Park - This park will be among the first facilities to open in New Songdo City, and the park will come at the cost of $1.03 USD. Paramount will be partnering up with Daewoo Motor to create this comprehensive theme park. According to Korea.net, "The proposed theme park will comprise eight special zones that include Paramount Plaza, Water Park and Grand Hotel. Under the first stage of two-part construction, Daewoo will build the Dry Park in August 2008 and Grand Hotel and Water Park in 2010." I would guess the park will be partially open for the Incheon World City Expo in 2009.

  • MGM Movie Resort - The resort will become the first MGM park outside of the US, and will be the first of many future parks to open in Korea. Located in Busan, the park will cost $1.02 USD and will be completed in 2010. According to Thinkwell Design & Production, the park will not be the standard, rollercoaster park, rather the park is shooting for a fully immersive experience with innovative rides. The heart of the park will be Hollywood Way, the entertainment-retail complex that'll serve as the entrance to the park.

  • Universal Theme Park - With a budge of $3.1 USD, Universal Studios has choosen the city of Hwaseong, near Seoul and Incheon, as the location for a new theme park. There is little-to-no information on the design of the park, but there is speculation that is may be bigger than the Hollywood and Japanese theme park. The park will also incorporate South Korean film icons, corresponding with the rising popularity of the country's pop culture. The park will open in 2012.

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Old October 30th, 2006, 09:39 AM   #3
Sinjin P.
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Glad to see S. Korea joining the boom and masterplanning madness
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Old October 30th, 2006, 10:07 AM   #4
fok julle naaiers
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Amazing projects, go Korea!

BTW, I think you should post the pictures directly
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More than 300 supertall projects on going in China.
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Old October 30th, 2006, 01:44 PM   #5
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Too bad that it seems like most of the super talls are either unbuilt, forever on-hold or ever proposed.
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Old October 30th, 2006, 01:52 PM   #6
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Nice projects but they are just proposed. I hope they get built though.
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Old October 30th, 2006, 02:41 PM   #7
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I've updated the status of the supertalls; out of the bunch the Busan Lotte World is definately being built.

Sadly, some projects in Korea have been under great scrutiny, so sometimes they haven't been built. In this case, Lotte World 2 Jamsil may not be built.

URGENT: I just dug through the internet to find stuff on the Millennium Tower, and most of the news dates back to 2002. So I'm not really sure if it has been cancelled, but it is highly likely it has been. I'll keep it up on the first post though, so people know what could've been there.


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Old October 30th, 2006, 04:46 PM   #8
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Centum Star Busan

Centum Star in Busan is well under construction. Probably at about 20 floors now, with windows being installed in the lower floors.
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Old October 30th, 2006, 05:30 PM   #9
NWO Henchman
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I hear so little about them, compared to the size of these monsters... (We need more Koran forumers!) Thanks for the update though. When we're talking more than 100 floors, I get all warm and fuzzy inside...
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Old October 30th, 2006, 06:25 PM   #10
I love Skyscrapers
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hope the IBC will go on in 2007, that design is so great.
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Old October 31st, 2006, 12:47 AM   #11
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Thank you Davieb55 for the update.

Yeah we do need more Korean forumers - I don't even live in Korea.

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Old October 31st, 2006, 04:22 AM   #12
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Sadly the pattern with South Korea is tons of proposals but no constructed supertalls. The one I would have loved to see built is the Suyong Bay Tower - a remarkable design produced by KPF about the same time that they did Shanghai WFC and with some distinct similarities...but I guess that's as dead as the rest of them.
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Old October 31st, 2006, 05:19 AM   #13
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I'm not sure about Suyong Bay either - but that's been around for a very, very, long time. According to Emporis it's going to be done in 2010. It can only be verified if we have a affluent Korean forumer.

I am also worried that the IBC will be cancelled, since the bidding process has been delayed till next year.

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Old October 31st, 2006, 05:37 AM   #14
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great projects wonderful renders
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Old October 31st, 2006, 05:56 AM   #15
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Good God!

Asia is unstopable, we in the America's are so far behind Asia!
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Old November 1st, 2006, 01:50 AM   #16
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Added a DMC section, it'd be cool if people told me some projects that are taking place within it, and skeptical projects.

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Old November 1st, 2006, 01:53 AM   #17
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well, well, well, who could ever imagine such an impressive development in south korea just impressive
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Old November 1st, 2006, 02:20 AM   #18
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It is good to see atleast one side booming after civil war. The towers look great.
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Old November 1st, 2006, 02:53 AM   #19
la is pritty
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i love the Incheon Tower... fantastic
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Old November 1st, 2006, 04:45 AM   #20
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Lots of great classic designs
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