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Old June 3rd, 2010, 07:26 AM   #14541
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That video's about 3 years old. Still nice though.
"Long live the World Trade, long live the king" -Jay Z, Empire State of Mind
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I would like to see how big those trees are today.
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Originally Posted by CrazyAboutCities View Post
What two small buildings will be used for?
They will house vent shafts and exit stairs.
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Originally Posted by Uaarkson View Post
The memorial isn't supposed to be an icon, it's supposed to be a memorial. The site as a whole will be iconic.
I agree, though I think it will be visited by loads of people and it is a fitting memorial IMO.
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 06:00 PM   #14545
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White Swamp Oaks grow as much as two feet a year when they are that young so they are about 5 feet taller than in the video.
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 07:18 PM   #14546
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hey everyone-- I'll be a freshman at NYU in the fall, and just out of curiousity.. by the time WTC1 is finished, do you think it'd be visible at all from Greenwich village? just wondering. Thanks!
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june 3rd

image hosted on flickr

Oliver Shaw photography
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june 3rd,

image hosted on flickr

Sapientia et Virtus 明德格物
Industrial Organization, MSc
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 09:31 PM   #14549
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what are those sirens/speakers for? i already realized them last year!
can anybody tell me please?
are they put all over ground zero?

sorry for using HK999's photo here!!!
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 11:34 PM   #14550
bowl it
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I have a few questions about the pace of construction. I'm not trolling, I get that this project is unique logistically.

What has taken the last two floors so long? for a while, it seemed like they were going to be able to put two floors every two weeks up, but they've been stuck on these last two for a while. Does it have to do with the core?

Also, in the bathtub part of the construction site, which structure is the new layer of concrete for?
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 11:44 PM   #14551
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Originally Posted by Humidor View Post
I have a few questions about the pace of construction. I'm not trolling, I get that this project is unique logistically.

What has taken the last two floors so long? for a while, it seemed like they were going to be able to put two floors every two weeks up, but they've been stuck on these last two for a while. Does it have to do with the core?

Also, in the bathtub part of the construction site, which structure is the new layer of concrete for?
Yea its because the core is lagging behind the steel so they are stopping steel work until it reaches a certain height i think
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Old June 3rd, 2010, 11:55 PM   #14552
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It will be a amazing tower. I can't wait to see it!
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Old June 4th, 2010, 12:43 AM   #14553
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Originally Posted by Humidor View Post
I have a few questions about the pace of construction. I'm not trolling, I get that this project is unique logistically.

What has taken the last two floors so long? for a while, it seemed like they were going to be able to put two floors every two weeks up, but they've been stuck on these last two for a while. Does it have to do with the core?

Also, in the bathtub part of the construction site, which structure is the new layer of concrete for?
The concrete contractor was taking too long with the core, so they had to postpone steel erection for a while.

As for the concrete in the bathtub, I'm assuming you mean the slab they poured over the transportation hub site. That's just a pad for the Manitowoc. (it will get torn up later, but without it the crawler would just sink into the dirt)

Manhattan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S1MySJoFl8&hd=1 (HD)
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St. Quirin
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By GreenwichBoy, WNY, 6-3-10.

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Concrete core looks about around the 4th mechanical level atm.

Looks like office floors 26 and 27 are not that far away, maybe another week
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very legal
O centro de Campinas está morto. Sujo e abandonado.
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nice up date....
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Originally Posted by -POLLUX- View Post
what are those sirens/speakers for?
Probably for the Muezzin of the new mosque.

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Old June 4th, 2010, 11:07 PM   #14560
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December 2009 March 2010
A full description of the 1st Quarter 2010 milestones is provided below, along with a
three-month look ahead at the key milestones for the 2nd Quarter of 2010.
1st Quarter 2010
National September 11 Memorial & Museum
 Complete Erection of Sector 1A Steel - Complete
This critical section in the southeast corner of the Memorial required the
coordination of both the Memorial and Transportation Hub programs. It is
comprised of over 380 tons of steel and outlined the southern foundation’s
northeastern edge. Completing this sector allows for the construction of the south
pump room and forms the northeastern perimeter of the south fountain.
 Complete Core and Shell of the South Fountain Pump Room - Complete
This area established the location for the mechanical equipment that will operate
the south fountain of the Memorial. Its completion allowed the start of the
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing placement within the pump room. The
installations of these mechanical items are crucial to having functional fountains
for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
 Complete Turnover of the Central Chiller Plant for Fit-Out - Complete
The Central Chiller Plant is a critical component of the HVAC systems for the
Memorial. The completion of the core and shell work allowed the start of
www.wtcprogress.com 6
equipment and MEP installation. Currently, 36 inch diameter piping is being
installed in the piping gallery on both the 242’ and 256’ level.
 Start Sector 3A Concrete - Complete
Concrete placement began on all levels of Sector 3A. Currently, 3,400 CY of the
3,800 CY of deck slab has been placed along with a substantial amount of the
overall 6,500 CY of concrete in the area. Sector 3A is located over the inbound
and operational PATH tracks. Completion of this concrete work allows for
operations to proceed in this area without the need for PATH outages.
 Finish Spray-on Fireproofing in Sector 3 and Start Spray-on Fireproofing in
Sector 4 - Complete
The fireproofing material is sprayed to the underside of the metal decking and
columns to slow the effects of heat on the materials to which it is applied. It is a
necessary requirement for occupancy of the space.
WTC Transportation Hub
 First Roof Steel to Site - Complete
Delivery of this material was the first structural steel to the site to support the
PATH Hall roof structure. This enabled the start of steel placement, which is
critical to the “Deckover” approach that was established during the 2008
Assessment to expedite the completion of the Memorial Plaza. This “Deckover”
approach will help deliver the 25 foot section of the northeast corner of the
Memorial Plaza by 9/11/11. The first sections delivered to the site included the
Calatrava columns that make up a portion of the sweeping arches of the PATH
Hall Transit Hall roof system. The concept for these columns – to simplify the
Calatrava-designed PATH Hall – was also developed during the 2008
 Begin East Box Girder Shoring - Complete
Currently, temporary footings and columns are in place to support the East Box
Girder assembly and installation. The East Box Girder is a primary support
member of the #1 Subway Line in the PATH Hall area. This 200-foot, 1,500-ton
beam will transfer the Hub Roof loads to the super columns. Moving forward, the
East Box Girder has been re-sequenced to allow for better coordination between
the temporary shoring and permanent PATH columns. It is expected to arrive on
site toward the end of 2010.
 Begin Plate Girder Erection (AS-1) and Continue with Plate Girder (BS-1)
erection - Complete
www.wtcprogress.com 7
These plate girders provide support for the arches that tie into the East Box Girder
and North/South Shear Wall. Currently, portions of BS-1, the northern plate
girder, are in place forming the north eastern portion of the north pool. The first
section of the AS-1 plate girder arrived at the end of the quarter and was recently
installed on the North/South Shear Wall. This work is being closely coordinated
with the Memorial Pavilion steel which will be installed over select girders in the
Southern portion of the PATH Hall. Additional sections of the girders will be
erected as they arrive on site.
 Complete Access Bridge for Memorial Pavilion Transfer Structure - Complete
This temporary bridge located in the southeast corner of the Memorial allows for
crane access to the area to provide construction material for the southern portion
of the PATH Station and eastern portion of the Memorial Plaza.
 Complete PATH Hall Roof Footings in NE Quadrant - Incomplete
This work will serve as the base for the columns that support the PATH Hall roof.
In order to maintain continuity with the integration of the Tishman-Turner JV and
the phasing out of Phoenix Constructors, a series of early-action contracts were
awarded. One of those contracts was the completion of the foundations for the
PATH Hall steel. It called for the completion of 17 footings by the end of the 1Q.
Ten of 17 were complete by the end of the 1Q. The reason this milestone was
missed was because it was re-sequenced, based upon priority, in order to
coordinate several different trades working within close proximity of each other.
Currently, all but one of the footings is complete (the remaining one will be
complete before the end of the month) and the availability of the footings is not
delaying steel erection. All foundations will be ready for steel by the end of May
WTC Vehicular Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility
 Complete Demising Wall - Complete
Completion of the Demising Wall finalized the cut off of the western portion of
the south bathtub and allows for the excavation and tieback work to start. By
completing the bisection of the site, we hope to be able to mitigate some (but not
all) of the VSC delays caused by the delay in the deconstruction of the former
Deutsche Bank building (130 Liberty Street).
 Begin Excavation in Western portion of site - Incomplete
Delays to the completion of the 130 Liberty Street demolition and the relocation
of NYSDOT’s Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge caused this milestone to slip into
the 2nd Quarter of 2010. The bridge relocation was completed by NYSDOT on
April 22, allowing the contractor to demolish and remove the old pedestrian
www.wtcprogress.com 8
bridge. The excavation could not start until the Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge
was relocated. This work will eventually allow the foundation work and the
placement of VSC steel to begin in the western portion of the VSC site.
 Complete Liberty Street Bridge Relocation - Incomplete
As discussed above, the relocated pedestrian bridge opened on April 22nd. The
newly redirected Liberty Street Bridge will allow pedestrians to walk from the
World Financial Center, across West Street and exit at 90 West in the vicinity of
Albany Street.
One World Trade Center
 Steel Erection Complete - 20th Floor - Complete
Steel erection reached the 20th floor level in the first quarter. The contractor is
now installing a protective state-of-the art “cocoon.” The cocoon wraps the entire
perimeter of the building and extends two floors above the working deck. When
complete, the cocoon will protect a total of 16 floors at any given time. The
cocoon allows the steel erection, concrete placement and spray on fireproofing
operations to take place within a completely wrapped perimeter, enhancing
worker safety, the safety of the public and workers on the ground, and worker
productivity given that it partially shields the workspace from the elements.
 Utility Connections to West Street – Water, Sewer and Fire Services - Complete
This represents the ability of 1WTC to make connections to major utility services
including domestic water, water for the sprinkler system, and the City’s sewer
system. Preparation for these connections within the building is complete and the
final connection of these systems will be coordinated with NYSDOT, as they
continue their work along West Street. Permanent activation of these services is
scheduled to occur by 1st Quarter 2012. Temporary construction power
connections have been completed.
 Concrete Core & Slabs Complete – 3rd Floor - Complete
The completion of the concrete core of the building allows for steel erection to
proceed at higher floors. The core also provides the shell of the vertical
transportation items such as the elevators and emergency egress stairwells.
Greenwich Street
 Excavation under #1 Subway Line between Bents 90-150 to Elevation 240' -
Work in this area was re-sequenced in order to focus on key excavation locations
under the #1 Subway Line to accommodate the massive super column footing
www.wtcprogress.com 9
installation. Currently, over 75% of the area is at elevation 240’ or below (some
as low as 218’). The remaining area in the center of the underpass is
approximately at the 250’ level as the contractors focus on the continued rock
excavation for the super columns. Once the super column footing excavation is
complete, the contractor will shift operations back to the center area which they
have already pre-drilled for excavation. This should not affect the project’s
overall critical path.
Looking Ahead – 2nd Quarter 2010
National September 11 Memorial & Museum
 Memorial Plaza to Grade
This represents the placement of concrete to the 307’ level on all of the remaining
Memorial Plaza areas exclusive of the Northeast Quadrant over the PATH Hall
Roof and south mezzanine. Some other penetrations will remain in the Plaza to
enable delivery of chiller plant equipment, large artifact placement and the
continued operation of the north and south hoists.
 Pavilion Steel Erection Begins
This is the start of the steel erection for the Museum Pavilion structure located
north of the southern fountain and serving as the entrance to the Memorial
Museum below. With the resequencing of steel erection for the Transportation
Hub, the start of the erection of the Pavilion Steel is being scheduled to support
9/11/11 commitments and the placement of the Back Span beams for the
Transportation Hub. This start date may be moved to early 3rd quarter, depending
on the Hub’s back span erection resequencing.
 Complete Concrete for West Vent Structure
Comprised of two separate structures, this element serves as primary air exchange
for the Memorial, Central Chiller Plant, PATH Tunnel, and other sub-grade
program spaces. This concrete represents the outside walls of the structure and
will enable the Plaza to be brought to grade as per the Plaza construction phasing
plan that has been coordinated with the Memorial Foundation. The West Vent
Structure will also house a freight elevator which will be critical in providing
material access to the Memorial and will enable both the north and south
temporary hoists to be removed.
 North Fountain Vertical Stone 50% Complete
This represents the placement of waterproofing and ornamental face stone along
the vertical face of two of the four 180 foot wide perimeter walls of the
www.wtcprogress.com 10
Memorial’s northern fountain. This will enable completion of the plaza in those
WTC Transportation Hub
 PATH Hall Arch Installation Begins
These arches serve as the major spanning elements of the PATH Hall roof. This
roof area also serves as the extreme Northeast Quadrant of the Memorial Plaza.
 Complete Super Column Foundation Work
These foundations support the main columns (dubbed “Super Columns” due to
their massive size), which in turn support the 200’ underpass span of the #1
Subway Line. This work represents the rock excavation required for placement of
the super column footings
 Complete 6.C.1 Steel Erection over the PATH Substation
This steel rises above and below the PATH substation at the extreme south end of
the site, forming the south edge of the south pool at the Memorial Plaza.
 Install Girders and Pre-cast Slabs in the 20 B,C,D Area
The start of this activity, which must be done over the PATH railway right of
way, will support the construction of the East Spot Network core and shell
mentioned above. The precast slabs also serve as ventilation ducts for the PATH
WTC Vehicular Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility
 Start Excavation
This was the original milestone in the October 2008 Assessment to start
excavation for the entire VSC bathtub. Because of third-party delays in the
deconstruction of 130 Liberty Street, a work-around was implemented last year in
which the site was bisected with a demising wall so excavation could begin on the
western portion of the VSC site while the eastern portion was still occupied by the
130 Liberty Street building. Excavation has begun in the western portion of the
site, following the relocation of the Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge by
NYSDOT, which occurred in April 2010.
 Award Rock Excavation and Foundation Package
The scope of these contracts includes the excavation of rock to as low as elevation
205’ for mechanical spaces beginning in the western portion of the VSC site. The
www.wtcprogress.com 11
foundation contract includes the construction of foundations for all future building
 Award Structural Steel Detailing Contract
The scope of this package includes early detailing of the complex structural
connections associated with the vehicular ramp helix and structural-steel framing,
as well as for the production of a 3-D model of the structure to identify any
potential conflicts with the structural steel and the concrete perimeter walls.
 Award Structural Steel Contract
The scope of this package is to fabricate and install structural steel beginning in
the western portion of the VSC site. The procurement of this work was resequenced
to account for the delay to the 130 Liberty Street demolition. Awarding
of this contract will occur as a more certain date is obtained for the demolition of
130 Liberty Street.
One World Trade Center
 Start Spray Fireproofing
This represents the beginning of fireproofing operations that will continue to
follow steel erection and concrete decking construction throughout the remainder
of building construction. The fireproofing material is applied to the underside of
metal decking and on exposed steel members to slow the effects of heat to protect
the structural integrity of the steel.
 Steel Erection to 32nd Floor
Steel erection will continue moving at a faster pace going forward as the
contractor gets into a rhythm of constructing the “standard” floor and the concrete
core construction becomes less complicated, allowing for more efficient concrete
pours. In the 2nd quarter the contractor is also placing the protective “cocoon”
safety netting system on the outside of the tower which will also affect
sequencing of the erection during this quarter.
 Metal Decking to 27th Floor
This represents the metal decking on the 27th floor slab, which is approximately
270 feet above street level. Concrete slab work will begin once the decking is in
place, welded and approved.
Greenwich Street
 East and West Truss Installation
www.wtcprogress.com 12
This represents the beginning of the installation of the trusses that sit atop the
super columns and span the 200’ wide PATH Underpass. They will serve as part
of a bridge to support the #1 Subway Line in this area.
 Excavation Complete to the 262 ft level (South End)
This represents the second level of excavation under the #1 Subway Line,
exposing the mini-pile supports so that they can be encased in the permanent
concrete structural slabs and walls.
www.wtcprogress.com 13
The following sections detail the significant actions taken over the past quarter:
Highlights (as of March 31, 2010)
National September 11 Memorial & Museum
 Approximately 9,000 CY of concrete was placed in the Memorial. This concrete
was delivered by nearly 1,000 concrete trucks. Currently, 62 percent of the
Memorial concrete – 31,000 CY of the 50,000 CY – has been placed to date
 Steel erection for the Plaza is now substantially complete
 Over 2.7 million pounds of rebar were installed in the 1st quarter and over 10.8
million pounds have been installed to date. If laid end to end, this rebar would
stretch from New York City to Atlanta, Georgia
 Began waterproofing and vertical stone placement in the North Fountain
 Started installation of the air handling units within the Memorial mechanical
 Started placement of the concrete in the walls of the South Fountain
 Fountain pumps have been delivered to the North Pump Room
 Over 45 miles of high and low-voltage wiring installed
WTC Transportation Hub
 Removed the existing slurry wall between the E/W Connector and the 9A
underpass area
 Rock blasting and removal operations are substantially complete in the area of the
former H&M station site. This area will be the location of the foundation for the
Transit Hall. Currently, the area is being used as a crane pad for the Manitowoc
18,000 crane recently relocated from 1 WTC – capable of lifting over 800 tons of
 Eleven of 12 areas on the 274’ level under the #1 Subway Line have structural
slabs completed
 Completed excavation to the 274’ level under the #1 Subway Line for the topdown
construction. Currently excavating on the 261’ level
 Installed the first “Hammerhead Column” along the PATH platform area
 First Calatrava columns in the Path Hall Transit Hall area were delivered and
 South Tower Crane installed to assist wit the erection of the PATH Hall steel
 Installed over 50% of the structural steel in areas 20BCD.1 and 6C.1
One World Trade Center
 Reached the 22nd floor for steel erection (currently up to the 26th floor)
 Began installation of the state-of-the-art Cocoon System
www.wtcprogress.com 14
 Placed over 3,700 CY of superstructure concrete in the 1st quarter. To date, over
64,000 CY has been placed, which is enough concrete to build a sidewalk over
325 miles long.
 Installed approximately 4,200 tons of superstructure steel in the 1st quarter, the
equivalent amount of steel in 30 Statues of Liberty. This brings the total to over
10,000 tons to date.
 Metal deck installation was complete up to the 4th floor by the end of the quarter
and is now installed to the 22nd floor.
 Placed corner nodes steel from the 20 – 24th story level. This enabled the
movement of the two large crawler cranes within the site to support the Hub
 Installed a permanent concrete pumping station on Vesey Street
 Completed construction of the demising wall to bisect the site. This proactive
approach is being used to mitigate some of the third-party delays with the
deconstruction of 130 Liberty Street.
 Completed the installation of the remaining slurry panels in the western portion of
the site and completed all buttress panels along Cedar Street. These are critical to
allow for the excavation of the site.
 Over 4,000 CY of concrete in place
 Approximately 650 tons of rebar installed
 Rigged and installed all four 42” River Water Pipes from the slurry wall to the
242’ level of the Central Chiller Plant. These pipes weighed in excess of 7 tons
 Began installation of the 36” diameter piping in the Central Chiller Plant piping
gallery at the 242’ and 256’ levels. Currently, over 500 LF of pipe has been
WTC Office of Program Logistics
The Office of Program Logistics advances its work through efforts in four primary areas:
 Planning and Analysis
 Stakeholder Coordination
 Communication
 Operations
Planning / Analysis: The Office expanded proactive efforts to develop and maintain the
coordinated movement of vehicles and pedestrians around the site perimeter while
providing site access for construction vehicles to ensure construction productivity.
www.wtcprogress.com 15
 Continued work with NYCDOT and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in studying
approaches to accommodate tour buses for the period between 9/12/11 and the
opening of the Vehicle Security Center.
 Continued to study the effect of increasing the number of trucks accessing One
WTC via Washington Street. This issue becomes more and more important as the
newly opened Goldman Sachs building on the northwest corner of Vesey and
Route 9A continues its phased occupancy. The Office also started planning a
program to update pedestrian counts and vehicle volume data in the spring of
2010. This data serves as critical input in the traffic engineering and planning
analyses the Office is undertaking to support smooth movement of pedestrians
and vehicles around the site.
 Regular noise monitoring continued to enable us to take steps to mitigate to the
greatest extent possible the impact of construction noise on the surrounding
community. The Office collaborated with contractors to launch a construction
schedule for the East Bathtub. This schedule tracks and informs stakeholders,
including the Millennium Hotel and its guests, of any construction activity that
might generate significant noise. In addition, a new noise monitor consultant was
recruited to work site-wide on noise-related issues.
Stakeholder Coordination: Continuing stakeholder outreach efforts to identify and
proactively address issues related to various construction projects on the WTC site.
 Coordination continues with NYCDOT and NYSDOT to revise the West Street
haul road conditions along Route 9A, south of Vesey Street. Gate 2B’s required
traffic signal has been installed and the gate will now serve to relieve construction
vehicle congestion around One World Trade Center. Gate 2B will provide
another egress for vehicles staged along Fulton Street and those traveling north
along the haul road for the Memorial Site. On the south side of the site, the Office
began coordination in the relocation of Gate 7 now that the Liberty Bridge work is
 Coordinated and designed Fulton Street access/egress along the south side of One
WTC. Inside the site Fulton Street was brought to grade which helped improve
truck logistics and material delivery to the One WTC and Hub West projects.
 Developed and implemented a comprehensive way-finding and signage plan to
direct pedestrians to the new Liberty Street pedestrian bridge access location on
West Street (near Albany Street). Prior to opening the new bridge entrance, wayfinding
signage was revealed approaching the bridge. Advance notification
signage was strategically established around the immediate area of the bridge and
arrangements made for Pedestrian Managers to occupy strategic locations
approaching the pedestrian bridge to inform and direct the public as the bridge
opened. Stakeholders such as NYSDOT, NYCDOT, LMCCC, Battery Park City
Authority, Brookfield Properties and the Downtown Alliance were informed
www.wtcprogress.com 16
through presentations and meetings, as well as via routine construction alerts. The
Office coordinated the placement of images that have been designed to enhance
the interior of the extension.
Operations: Coordinating future WTC site operation requirements that will address safety
of labor and coordinated vehicle and pedestrian flow, both in the current condition and as
portions of the site become operational.
 The Site Logistics Coordination Center (SLCC) started testing in February under
the oversight of the Office. When all fence modifications are in place, the SLCC
will have the capability to view all access points/gates to the WTC site. Its Closed
Circuit Television cameras and associated Truck Arrival Scheduling System
(TASS) is expected to begin normal operation in the second quarter of 2010. The
TASS is part of the Port Authority’s ongoing efforts to efficiently manage the
construction process and minimize impacts on the Downtown community.
 Continued its Pedestrian Management Program, which places pedestrian
management personnel at key intersections around the WTC site. The Office has
been working closely with NYCDOT to ensure an enhanced pedestrian
experience at these intersections. At the request of the community and NYCDOT,
the Office continues to maintain pedestrian management coverage at specific
locations around the site.
Communication: Providing a central information source for stakeholders, agencies, and
the general public regarding WTC program logistics and ongoing progress.
 Continued to publish its monthly construction progress newsletter, which provides
stakeholders and the general public with an inside look at WTC site construction
progress and how the Port Authority is achieving its site-wide goals. The
newsletter has expanded its reach as the Office made it available in several
downtown museums, including the Fire Museum, Police Museum and Skyscraper
 All temporary street closures, night work, construction-related noise and crane
activities were communicated to stakeholders via the weekly construction
schedule, which forecasts site work for two-week periods. Construction Alerts
and Updates were dispatched as necessary, informing stakeholders of construction
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