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Old January 29th, 2008, 12:43 AM   #201
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streets and highways of athens lit up at night

romantic athens. hope you enjoy

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Old January 30th, 2008, 06:26 PM   #202
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Skaros, the markings of your motorways seem faded out, obviously they aren´t good quality because the pavement looks new but the markings are faded out.
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Old January 30th, 2008, 07:22 PM   #203
Nik the Greek
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Nice pics.
From who side from Athens you make this wonderful Pics?
North-West ore North-East?
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Old February 16th, 2008, 07:22 PM   #204
Nik the Greek
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The Wonderful Site about Greek-Motorways and Greek Infrastructure.
The link:

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Old February 16th, 2008, 07:42 PM   #205
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^ Excellent site!
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Old February 16th, 2008, 08:04 PM   #206
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Great site indeed.
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Old February 17th, 2008, 08:55 AM   #207
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can somebody explain me this???

this pic is in greece

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Old February 17th, 2008, 10:28 AM   #208
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Old February 17th, 2008, 11:19 AM   #209
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Yes it's edited on purpose, don't worry
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Old February 19th, 2008, 12:32 AM   #210
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hahahaha roflmfao!!! long live photoshop...
My tumblr
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Old February 19th, 2008, 04:30 AM   #211
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lol,very funny
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Old February 26th, 2008, 12:46 PM   #212
Nik the Greek
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Nice Rest-Areas on Greek Motorways and Roads.
Look here:

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Old March 21st, 2008, 12:52 PM   #213
καταχωρημένος χρήστης
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Its time to revive this thread with some fresh pictures of the construction works on the egnatia motorway, along with some aerials pictures(All the pictures are taken by the stadia.gr member Corfu):

The aerial pictures of both constructed and u/c parts of the motorway:

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Old March 21st, 2008, 02:10 PM   #214
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What a nice photos!
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Old March 26th, 2008, 02:38 PM   #215
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Greek road numbering oddities

This small piece of work is coming after some discussion on www.skyscrapercity.com in reference to the chaotic and in cases funny situation regarding road numbering in Greece. Sorry I am coming back to a subject that is slightly out of the usual posts of the forum, but I am bit angry when I am looking the lack of using road numbers on Greek traffic signs or when I see lots of stupid things on them.

Road numbers were initially allocated to national roads in 1955 with sequential numbering starting from Athens, continuing to the north, then to Peloponnisos and finally to the islands. The current numbering system was introduced in 1963. Then there were some numbers assigned for roads under construction or planned and some numbers (ie. 10, 11, 23, 32, 41 etc.) were left probably for the case of any new roads. However these numbers have not been used as the 1963 numbering system has not been officially updated, although quite a number of new roads of national importance have been built since then.

In general traffic signs did not indicate road numbers with the exception of some reassurance signs that showed only the road number that appeared only in the regions of Sterea Ellas, Thessalia and Ipeiros. In the late 1908s European road numbers also appeared on signs showing only the route number and not destinations. The highway code (KOK) indicated and still indicates national road numbers with a shield with blue numbers and shield borders on a white background (sign Π-13). With the construction of the first Greek motorways road numbers started appearing in most motorway directional signs using the German shield – in green rather than in blue. As in the case of Germany and Switzerland the letter ‘A’ which denotes the motorway is not shown on signs (with the exception of Egnatia Odos – see below). Strangely enough, the particular shield is not shown anywhere in the Greek highway code where motorway direction signs have been added at the end of the directional signs’ list and without any destinations and numbers shown in the signs’ diagrams! The which indicate motorway exits and interchanges – again copied from Germany – are not shown to the highway code as well.

In general it seems that motorways get the same numbers with the national roads that run in parallel or replaced by a motorway. An exception to this is Attiki Odos which was numbered as A6 (please note that within this text I will use the prefix ‘A’ in order to distinguish motorway numbers form national road ones - I do not mean that it should be included on the shields used on signs), with its spurs getting numbers originated from this number (ie. A61, A62, etc.). The 1963 road numbering system can be easily found in documents and in the internet, but it seems that motorway numbers and numbers for national roads not included in the 1963 list have not been published in any widely available form. Therefore there is a lot of confusion about road numbers in Greece on internet sites and in maps as well. The attempt to put road numbers on signs has caused a number of confusing cases, some of which are indicated in the small journey that will be made on the next paragraphs. Please note that photographs supporting this text are available; if anyone is interested please send me a personal message through the forum facility that includes an e-mail address and I will be happy to e-mail the file with the photos.

We start our trip with the Athina to Evzonoi motorway (A1). On the exit of Malakasa, somebody has put a number 5 on a motorway shield under the word ‘Malakasa’ on the signs, as if the road after the exit would be motorway A5!

Further north direction signs show both the Greek and the European number, or only the Greek or only the European one for no particular reason. Another interesting thing is that the slip roads in exits south of Lamia are signed in green rather than in blue although motorway status ends after the exit. There is also a case near Larisa – spotted in a message on the forum – when the national road to Trikala has been signed as A6 / E92 (the motorway number used for Attiki Odos) rather than the correct 6 / E92 for the particular national road towards Trikala.

On the exit of Plaka (Litohoro) somebody has put the destination ‘Plaka’ on the exit sign. In all other cases around the country, that particular sign indicates ‘ΕΞΟΔΟΣ / EXIT’. On the next exit (Litohoro / Dio), a dash has been added in the European number between the letter E and the number 75 (shown as E-75). It is an odd case; however it should be right one on all signs, if the diagram shown on the highway code is applied (Π-14). One exit after the previous one (Nea Efesos) the dash on the E75 shield disappears.

The trip continues to Egnatia Odos (A2). It is supposed to be a modern motorway constructed with high standards and with numerous extremely difficult sections and a lot of tunnels and bridges. However the direction signs are comical. In their site www.egnatia.gr the company that construct and run the motorway state that “motorway shields always contain the letter ‘A’ in front of the motorway number”, as in the case of Croatia or Slovenia rather than in the German or Swiss case Follwed on all other Greek motorways! Therefore the word ‘always’ refers to their motorway so all signs of the 670km long route are signed with an ‘A’ in front of 2. (I wonder if anybody asked the

In addition Egnatia SA have created a number of other signing oddities. The temporary sign at the current end of the motorway near Ioannina is also an ‘exclusive creation’ of Egnatia SA as far as the colour combination and the arrows are concerned, a mix not applied anywhere else in the country.

Going further east, Egnatia SA produce another miracle. While all Greek motorway signs are in capital letters in order to be read more clearly in high speeds, in the sections opened in 2007 Egnatia SA decided to use mixed case letters (sections near Grevena and Rentina). Of course they always insist on signing the motorway with the ‘A’ according to that ‘bright’ idea they had. On the Venetikos exit they use a dash on the European road number (E-90) and the fonts used for the word ‘Mavranaioi’ are different that the one used for ‘Ioannina’ and ‘Kipourio’. And as they thought that all these oddities are not enough, they have defined their own national road shield as well on a blue rectangle with a white number which is also indicated at www.egnatia.gr as the national road shield for Greece (Did anybody at Egnatia Odos SA bother to have a look to the Highway Code?). And this is not the end. According to the 1963 road numbering list, national road 20 which is indicated at the Venetikos exit runs between Kozani and Ioannina via Neapoli and Konitsa so it is about 50km away to the north and without any connection with the Kipourio exit.

Just an exit after the one before, the dash from the European road number disappears (E90). Egnatia SA this time manage to put the right number for the route towards Trikala, but with their ‘self-invented’ national road shield again. It must also noted that there are two signs just 10m apart in the Siatista interchange; one is in mixed case and one in capital letters only.

Another Egnatia SA trademark can be seen at the Langadas exit. There they use the official shield for national road numbers but with white numbers and shield borders on blue background rather than the correct blue numbers and shield borders on white background. This is a section opened back in 2004 so the signs are in capital letters only. The signs on the Profitis exit (just to the east of Thessaloniki) indicate that drivers may reach national road 15. However, this road is more than 150km to the west as it runs from Kalampaka to Prespes via Grevena and Kastoria!

On the section north of Lake Volvi that opened in 2007 signs return on the mixed case typeface and unusual fonts as well, while further east at older sections of the motorway all signs are again exclusively in capital letters.

Egnatia SA are not only responsible for the main motorway but also for a number of spurs towards the Greek border. This sign is from the motorway from Siatista towards the Albanian border via Kastoria. Two sections have been already opened. The fact that motorway numbers have not published by the authorities has even puzzled the ‘creative’ minds of the people who are responsible for signing Egnatia Odos and its spurs. So they have left the shields on signs unnumbered for future use. According to the trend that almost all Greek motorways take the number of the national road they complement or replace this motorway might get number A15. However they have added a shield for a European road number although the particular route has not been defined as part of a European route.

National road 51 / E85 was reconstructed by Egnatia SA. It runs parallel to Evros from Feres to Kastanies. As the road will be assigned as a ‘fast traffic road’ when completed, signs use capital letters only. Again Egnatia SA use their ‘own invented’ national road shield on some cases while on other ones signs use the official national road shield but again with white numbers and shield borders in blue background rather than the correct opposite designation.

People who signed the road that leads to the Rio – Antirrio Bridge must have read and admired the internet site of Egnatia SA. So he decided to use their invention with the rectangular shield for national road numbers but also giving his ‘personal touch’ on it. So road numbers on their signs are in yellow. It is not shown clearly on the above picture but the road number for Agrinio is peculiarly shown as 5a rather that 5. And this bit of creativity also has produced the only signs in all Europe that show European road numbers in blue rather in green! Also that stretch is a part of the Ionia Odos motorway (future A5), which is mainly under construction with some open section around Agrinio and Arta and near to the Albanian border. Therefore these signs should be in green rather than blue. It must also be noted that near Arta there is a couple of signs indicating that drivers are on European Road E-000!

Attiki Odos SA have decided to give an ‘international taste’ to their motorways. So they have put the European number E94 on all their signs. This could stand only for the section between Elefsina and Metamorfosi if someone considers that when a superior road is constructed in parallel to a European road it may replace the European road. But Attiki Odos SA have signed all of motorway A6 as part of a European road. According to this initiative it is the sole European route that ends on an interchange near an airport without any connection to another European road.

Attiki Odos SA also would like to give that ‘international taste’ to all parts of their network. So optimistically they have put an empty shield for a European road number for the A642 motorway. The latter is the only Greek road that has been given a 3-digit number (for no reason at all).

On the Rafina interchange number A64 has been omitted for the motorway that will eventually run up to Rafina. Again optimistically Attiki Odos SA have put an empty shield for a European road number, a practice that can be seen on the whole legth of A64 as well. Finally the area of the Athens International Airport the company that have signed the road network within the airport boundaries use signs with green fonts on non-motorway slip roads around the Cargo Terminal and the Retail Park. All signs in the airport area also are lettered with odd fonts and arrows.

Next part of the trip is the Athina to Patra motorway / national road. The completed section should be signed as A8 like on some signs (ie. Nea Peramos exit). However the fact that in the 1963 road list the ‘new’ national road is numbered as 8a (number 8 was assigned for the old road) has caused troublesome confusion to the people responsible for signing the motorway. Exit after exit drivers see the correct designation followed by 8A on the next sign. In the 1990s at the Aspropyrgos exit somebody had even mixed the Greek numbers with the European ones and signed the motorway as E8, a European road in Finland!

At the Korinthos interchange – the start of the motorway to Tripoli – signs for Patra show 8A using the motorway shield. The route after this interchange is not a motorway yet so it should be signed as a national road for the time being. The motorway shields for the route to Tripoli have been left empty again because of the lack of an official publication for Greek motorway numbers (it might get number A7). This interchange and the one at Axios River are the only ones in Greece where exits are on the left side of the main carriageway. This results to slow moving vehicles which need to move from the right lanes to the left ones in order to change their direction.

The route confirmation sign after the Rio interchange shows number A8; however the Korinthos to Patra section is not a motorway yet so it should not been signed that way until the upgrade takes place.

All signs on the eastbound of the Ring Road of Patra (A9 / E55) indicate A8 / E65, the route that will follow after the Rio interchange, when of course the Korinthos – Patra motorway is constructed. On the other hand all westbound signs are correctly signed as A9 / E55.

The north axis of Kriti (A90) has been constructed mainly as a single carriageway road with dualling in progress. Authorities have put green motorway signs in some sections while in others signs are still blue. Some motorway signs use a simple rectangle for the motorway number and not the German shield used for motorway numbers. Other signs however use the correct motorway shield.

Almost all maps indicate that the eastern part of the Thessaloniki Ring Road as well as the road to Nea Moudania (and eventually to Poteidaia) is a motorway. However, signs are in blue rather than green. There is also confusion on internet sites and map publishers about the numbering of these roads. Some indicate A16 for the Thessaloniki Ring Road and A67 for the stretch to Nea Moudania, while others indicate the number A16 for the whole motorway.

In conclusion a lot of effort and money have been spent in constructing a modern motorway network, but a lot of work is still needed. A completely updated official road numbering system should been introduced and published and all signs must be modified to comply with this system. At present, Greece is the sole European country and even one of the few around the world (including Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America!), in which route numbering is in such a mess and road numbers are shown in such a peculiar way or generally not shown at all.
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Old March 30th, 2008, 09:17 PM   #216
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I have a question. What about Malia by-pass on the road nr 90 (Crete)?
If its still under construction?
When I was in Crete in 2006, I drove through the city centre, but I saw new section u/c
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Old April 1st, 2008, 08:50 PM   #217
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Well i don't really know , i mean obviously the part that you are talking about is finished but there is a project to convert the "BOAK" (the northern road axis of Crete) to a motorway,thus parts were and are U/C.
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Old April 4th, 2008, 07:41 PM   #218
homo faber
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road numbering in Greece

@ ea1969
I read your long post carefully and I agree with the mess you stress in the application of road numbering on traffic signs in Greece. I mostly liked your comments on Egnatia Odos numbering mess! I like travelling on greek roads and taking fotos of signs but I haven't published any yet. Since many years I have tried to understand the system and I think I can explain a few things.

First the 1963 list did not assign the 8a to the new Athens to Patras road. This happened later. The only national roads (NR) with an "a" were 9a and 16a and were spurs of the 9 and 16 national roads. I think new roads should get a "n" to avoid confusion. What number has the new alignment of the Patras to Pyrgos road ? According to the 1963 list, 9a belongs to the spur Kyparissia - Tsakona.

As far as I know many road numbers have been assigned to roads later with ministerial decisions published in the Government Paper. I have seen many regarding realignments and I think that many years ago the number 10 has been assigned to the Isthmia - Epidaurus new road. With the same procedure some numbers have been assigned to motorways. Athina - Thessaloniki - FYROM border has got the 1 (Another problem: the A1 and the E 75 pass through or outside Thessaloniki?), Egnatia has got the A2, but there are some peculiar numbers that make sense for example the A11 has been assigned to the Schimatari - Halkida spur (instead of the logically expected A44 due to the parallel NR 44), A27 has been assigned to the Kozani - Ptolemaida motorway (although on the signs appears the A3) and the A29 has been assigned to the Siatista - Kastoria motorway. I have kept the related Government Papers.

A90 or NR90 in Crete is also a mess. Some signs are blue some others green. On blue signs E65 appears in a blue emblem (e.g. at Kolymvari interchange), while on green signs it appears correctly in a green background emblem.

I have heard a study is being undertaken to identify the national road network and suggest some measures for maitenance management.

I disagree with your comments about the two left exits at Axios and Korinthos. There is no left or right exit between 2 motorways because they are roads of the same category. The problem occurs because more vehicles continue straight on.

@ smar

The Malia bypass is still under construction, as well as the sections Agios Nikolaos - Kalo Horio and Hamezi - Skopi near Sitia that includes a 800m long viaduct.
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Old April 6th, 2008, 05:58 PM   #219
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The green signs for the Motorways (Αυτοκινητοδρομος) and the blue signs for the Motorroads (Ταχεια Οδος) . The Motorways have a intelligent system. From north to south and from east to west. So horizontal the A2 is in the north and the A8 in the south, the same vertically, the A1 is in the east of the mainland and the A5 in the west. In the South, of the peloponess the A7 is in the east and the A9 in the west. Logic: Primary "North to South" and Secondary "East to west".
The Tangential Motorways like the A11 A62 A16 get names of the Big-Motorways how connect them.
Look A6 and then follows A62, A64/A642 and A65.
The east tangend of the A7 to Sparti get the Number A71 or A73.
The National Roads are not everywhere confirm with the Motorways.
The E.O 90 get in the future, after a lot parts are ready, only the number A90.
And HOMO FABER, it is absolutly correct the AxiosX is a Interchange between two Motorways, the same in Korinthos A8/A7. This system exist allover the world.
If one lane go to left and two lanes follow the right direction is not important. Otherwise is it by an exit, but i dont know one left exit in Greece on a Motorway.


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Old April 6th, 2008, 07:42 PM   #220
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My favorite word in greek is ΚΟΜΒΟΣ(Interchange)-it is really great!
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Ελλάς, greece, highways, motorways

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