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Thumbs up WALLERFIELD | Tamana InTech Park | UTT Campus | Science & Technology Park | U/C

Reynald Associates Limited / Gregory Salandy

The e-TecK Flagship Building is located in Wallerfield , Trinidad and Tobago , and is part of the development of the greater Tamana InTech Park , the country's first Science and Technology Park . The Flagship Building will be the new home for Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited (e-TecK) and also be the first structure to be built in the Tamana In-Tech Park . The Flagship Building is sited in the now abandoned Wallerfield Aerodrome that was used by the Americans as an air force base during World War II and will be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Building in Trinidad and Tobago. It has been designed to achieve the LEED-NC Silver rating, as defined in the LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction and Major Renovations.

The Flagship Building is conceived really as two blocks, one north and one south, connected to each other via a link structure. This arrangement creates different qualities of peripheral open space thus allowing landscape to have a more integral and balanced presence within the overall building design. This strategy also enables the Flagship Building to capture various axes with the other structures to be designed in its immediate context. These open spaces serve to emphasize the importance of a green design strategy and encourage outdoor use of the building by employees. Thus more communal interaction among occupants is created, facilitating forums for discussion, and stimulating and sharing of ideas and productivity. The blocks are further oriented for optimum sustainability in terms of day lighting, views and heat gain. The two blocks are punctuated at various areas on each floor by smaller green roof terraces and at the roof level of the north block there is an entire roof garden that overlooks the main landscaped plaza. The link connecting the two blocks is designed as a transitional space where both vertical and horizontal circulation flow meet to form the main arterial hub of the building. As much as it could be afforded, in terms of materials, transparency was implemented in this area to preserve sight lines to the exterior landscape thus achieving the goal of maintaining a presence at all times of the natural surroundings.

The arrangement of spaces between the north and south block is similar. The ground floor of both these blocks houses public areas. The north block houses the meeting/conference rooms and some administrative support areas. The south block houses the cafeteria, main kitchen, servery and service/loading areas. On the upper floors are housed the main office areas. Data and IT rooms are located on each floor. Plenum flooring for greater flexibility of space layouts and to facilitate the displacement ventilation system is used throughout the building. Specific to LEED criteria the Flagship Building is designed to encourage alternate means of transportation utilizing a ‘park and ride' system with offsite parking and facilities for bicycle storage and maintenance. Water Efficiency is achieved by a consolidated site development storm water management plan that utilizes green roof systems, grass pavers and porous pavement systems tied in to retention ponds and water cisterns to capture rain water for irrigation, reuse in the building and fire fighting services. The building will be 30%- 40% more energy efficient than a building based on ASHRAE standards. This will be achieved through the use of external shading, a high efficiency building envelope system and the use of a solar cooling system and photo-voltaic panels to take full advantage of the solar systems opportunities. Indoor environmental quality is achieved through use of a ventilation system that utilizes 100% outdoor air in conjunction with variable volume displacement ventilation and CO2 sensors to maximize indoor air quality and ventilation effectiveness.

The building will also feature permanent display kiosks and screens, highlighting the design process and key features of the project. It will also include handouts and brochures covering the same information describing the design intent and strategies used to achieve the stated project goals.


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Tamana InTech Park

Tamana InTech Park is an eleven hundred (1,100) acre light eco-industrial park with an academic and research focus located at Wallerfield, a former United States World War Two Air Force Base. The area is now being developed to meet the needs specific to this high-tech park.

A member of the United Kingdom Science Parks Association (UKSPA), Tamana has been segmented into four areas to foster a cluster environment.

These are: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Knowledge Based; High Value Manufacturing; Agro Industrial and Mixed Use. Tamana InTech Park will attract a cadre of foreign investors to a world class quality development.

The Park will be home to major technology players and the place where groundbreaking and innovative ideas emerge. More importantly, unlike any other Science and Technology Park, Tamana will have a unique blend of environmental appeal (30% green) along with industrialization.

One of the Park’s largest tenants, The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) will provide the necessary synergy between industries and academia in the areas of industry sponsored research and managing innovations and intellectual property.


On-site campus of one of the Park's anchor tenants, The University of Trinidad and Tobago, aiding synergy between industries and academia

Phase 1: 21 lots available for occupancy

Access to advanced ICT infrastructure

Clustering, Networking, Business Partnering opportunities

4th in size in comparison to other prominent Science and Technology Parks in the world

Tamana: Phase 1 development

Phase I of Tamana InTech Park involves the offer of 21 land lots for lease to tenants who would construct their own facilities, as follows:

18 land lots (1-3 acres each) located north and south of Cayman Road
3 large lots(13-20 acres each) on West Taxiway Road
Services include Electricity (Overhead in the first instance), Sewage, Water, Gas and Telecommunications that can be tailored to meet tenants' needs
Tenant can construct facilities or provide financing with which e TecK can facilitate the construction of facilities
Tenant will be responsible for all necessary governmental approvals while e TecK will facilitate.
Dedicated on-site T&TEC Substation: Power will be provided through an 80MVA substation.
There will also be Mobile voice and data services available on-site from both service providers.

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Flagship Building

Tamana InTech Park’s Flagship Building offers premier office accommodation for firms of all sizes – from small and mid-sized companies that have grown beyond the “incubator” building stage to large, established multi-national corporations.

This four-storey building, with 6,629 sq metres leasable space, will have a state-of-the-art customisable ICT infrastructure and security system – a benefit to any multi-national company seeking to set up their regional headquarters at Tamana.

At 12,548 square metres gross floor area, the building was designed to be sustainable and is constructed to minimise the use of energy. The building will also be furnished with air quality sensors and an energy efficient system for lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The Flagship Building is a workplace designed to be resource-efficient, while minimizing its environmental impact, increasing user productivity and enhancing user health.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Maximizing day lighting where possible
Avoiding unnecessary indoor pollution sources
Ensuring the air is served cool and dry to the occupants
Providing “personalized air” (a small amount of clean air is served gently, close to the breathing zone of each individual)
Allowing individual control of the thermal environment (ideal humidity levels are between 48% - 52%)
Using specific low-noise HVAC and other mechanical systems
Utilizing plants, earth banks and screens to block external noise sources
Designed layouts with sufficient quiet rooms and meeting rooms, so staff can have uninterrupted phone conversions and meetings
Architecturally and mechanically, the building is designed to provide a working environment within which employees are comfortable and more productive.

More about the Flagship Building:
Flagship Building: Sustainable and Intelligent

Butterfly Emporium

e TecK has embarked on a ground-breaking project to construct a Butterfly Emporium at the Tamana InTech ParK.

The Emporium, which is an education and research centre for neo-tropical butterflies in Trinidad and Tobago, is closely linked to eco-tourism, one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of tourism. Tourism is one of the non-energy sectors identified by the government in the diversification of the country's economy. The Emporium will aid this effort by uniting world-class entertainment with environmental education, a new trend in eco-tourism called "edu-tainment."

The first of its kind in the Caribbean, this butterfly-shaped exhibit will be developed on approximately 15 acres of land at the Tamana InTech Park. This gem will be the one of the main attraction at the Park with over 30 species of our local butterflies, making Trinidad and Tobago, a destination of choice for our eco-tourists.

Tenant Building

The proposed Tenant Building will house a doctor’s office, gym, pharmacy, banking services, child care and nursery services for employees and guests. There will be a special area to accommodate children of employees and clients, featuring homework, reading and library facilities.

The University of Trinidad & Tobago

The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) campus is also situated on the Park, and will offer research and development facilities a well as a reservoir of skilled manpower in several industrial areas which can be harnessed to attain the most demanding standards of performance consistent with the requirements for global competitiveness.

More about the University of Trinidad & Tobago:
UTT: Setting the Standard for Education
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US$40M investment for Tamana InTech Park
Sunday, April 29, 2012
Shaliza Hassanali

The Tamana InTech Park has attracted a US$40 million North American Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investor who intends to build a data centre in T&T. Construction of the ICT centre on the 1,100 acres park—which is under the Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development (eTecK) control—is expected to take place in July.

eTecK’s chairman Brian Frontin said the investor was in the final stage of obtaining debt and equity investments and upon completion will execute a lease with eTecK to occupy approximately four acres of land at the park. The centre will serve local, regional and international customers and employ and train several nationals of T&T, Frontin disclosed on Wednesday.

Frontin was appointed chairman last July. eTecK, the Government agency charged with diversifying the economy, stalled for three years. Now up and running, Phase One of the park focuses on short term collaboration with eTecK, the University of T&T and Niherst to establish a research and development based science and technology park.

Phase One comprises UTT’s flagship campus, a flagship building and utility building on 168 acres of land. With $600 million of taxpayers’ money being forked out on the park, Frontin said eTeck’s board was now looking to rescue it with the view of capitalising on investments. This figure does not include expenses on UTT’s campus.

Also to be rescued, Frontin said, were the 80 per cent complete flagship building, which offers office accommodation for firms of all sizes and a utility building. Completion of both projects will cost approximately $80 million. Frontin said the turnaround for eTecK was like taking a breath of fresh air, knowing what they had to deal with and how quickly they have moved forward.

Frontin said there was no commitment to the flagship building after spending so much money. “I called this a tragedy seeing that amount of money with no real returns. When you leave investments in the ground trapped that is wastage. You have to either recover it to get partial or full benefits.”

Frontin said all he wanted to do was recover the stranded assets, projects and investments at eTecK which may sometimes, at surface level, appear unrecoverable. While investment may seem as foolhardy, Frontin said, with proper planning, management and execution, these projects and investments can be turned around to achieve sustainable and socio-economic value.

Frontin said when funding for “Tamana and eTecK were stalled in 2008 the contractors’ payments made to date are in the order of almost $400 million in suspension charges. So when people were still on site, the board met contractors on suspension. The project was stalled but the bills were still being racked up. So we had to cancel the contracts.”

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Tamana InTech Linear Park

Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc. is currently designing a new linear park in Trinidad and Tobago. The park will become the focal point of the islands' new Tamana InTech Park, the first of a series of Science and Technology Parks to be built to spur an economic shift from traditional manufacturing and petrochemical industries to a more knowledge-based economy. The Science and Technology Park is being established on the former Wallerfield Aerodrome, a part of the wider Wallerfield Area of Trinidad which was developed and used as a U.S. Air Force Base during World War II. The site comprises approximately 1029 acres and, when complete, the park will be home to a projected population of 20,000 people. The Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited, better known as e TecK, will oversee the project.


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Lack of funds stalls Tamana InTech Park
By Aretha Welch [email protected]
Story Created: Feb 5, 2011 at 4:58 AM ECT
Story Updated: Feb 5, 2011 at 4:59 AM ECT

Yet another State-funded project is feeling the pressure of the global economic slowdown.
The completion of Government's multi-million dollar Tamana InTech Park at Wallerfield, which was due to house this country's Information and Communications Technology future, is feeling the pinch of dwindling State revenue and work on the project is being stalled.
"The timeline for completion has been pushed back. Tamana InTech Park calls for significant investment which we do not have at this stage in the game," Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Mariano Browne, said yesterday at an international ICT symposium held at the Hilton Trinidad in St Ann's.
He said the project (which was due to be completed near the end of 2010) required a significant investment of capital and as such it would be safe to say the decision to scale the park down has been taken.
Insiders said the project was supposed to cost just over $500 million. The park was to house an array of international information technology companies and help the Government in its mandate to develop a competitive onshore business environment, as well as form the background for a Caribbean ICT cluster or business hub. It will be the only science and information technology park within the West Indies and will also house the headquarters of the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and was to be done in several stages.

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UTT Wallerfield

Construction work on The University of Trinidad and Tobago Tamana Signature Building is currently in progress at the Tamana In-Tech Park in Wallerfield, Trinidad. On completion, this UTT campus will comprise modern classrooms, labs, offices and ancillary services within state-of-the art, ‘green’ buildings fully compliant with international standards. It extends over a cover area of 66,915 square metres.

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Anil Roberts visits Wallerfield Racetrack
Posted By: Duane 3NE 2NR02/06/103 Comments;
Tags:MATT, Ministry of Sports, ttasa, Wallerfield Photographers: Duane 3NE 2NR and Gerrard Wilson
Categories: Event Coverage Views: 1,341

The new Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, Anil Roberts along with the Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, Fazal Karim, Member of Parliament for Talparo, Jairam Seemungual and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, Stacy Roopnarine all met with a group of motorsport executives from both MATT and TTASA, drivers and other invited individuals to tour the “e Teck Tamana Intech Park” to see what was left of the old Wallerfield Racetracks.
The meeting and walk around was designed to take a look at the feasibility of returning motorsport to Wallerfield. Minister Roberts addressed the crowd before we entered the facility and stated that he wants to keep his promise of returning motorsport to Wallerfield. He said he likes motor racing and hopes it can get back into action as soon as possible. The Minister of Tertiary Education reminisced on drivers like Frankie Boodram, Brian Ibrahim and Andrew King etc who all raced n the old hey days on the circuit track.
From our initial drive around it was clear that alot of infrastructure work was done by e Teck in building their technology park and the southern drag strip and the straightaway of the circuit track are now covered with a two lane road with drains and pavement on both sides.
It was mentioned by Minister Roberts that the Government is not supporting the smelter and so Alutrint’s building which is being built along the road which used to be the southern drag strip can perhaps be used as part of the racing facility.
The Northern runway though seems to have the most promise as there is space for the pit area and parking and at least 1/4mile of the racetrack was untouched. Another 1/4mile for stopping and shutdown can be cleared of sand and aggregate as the runway surface was not destroyed. There is a buried natural gas pipeline running across the runway at about 2000 down the track – the 20 foot+ wide trench dug for it will have to be filled.
Since the Northern runway will most likely be the home for motor racing some work will need to be done. In the interim, it was proposed today that the long stretch of newly paved roadway near the old circuit track can be used in about two weeks for a motorsport “family day”, not necessarily a day of racing. But it’s a start.
Perhaps there can be street car racing along this stretch of road covering the southern track in the coming weeks, however Top Dragster world record holder Sheldon Bissessar today stated that road is too narrow for any serious racing. Sheldon closely examined the condition of the northern track and the old launch area and said this would be the best place to rebuild for a proper drag strip that could soon see big race cars from Puerto Rico and Aruba. Circuit racing champion, Tanko Baboolal, said the area could definitely be used for circuit testing in the interim. Some people took a drive around the old circuit track and stood in “Zigs” tower in the old pit area as they too reminisced.


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The e-Teck Flagship Building

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T&T’s high tech dreams on park?
Thursday, October 11, 2012
Hema Ramkissoon

High Tech Dreams

In the past decade hopes started emerging that the technopolis being built in T&T would place the country well on the way to achieving economic diversification.

Tamana InTech Park (TIP) is situated on 1,100 acres of land in Wallerfield, East of Trinidad and Tobago and is the culmination of years of planning and hundreds of millions of tax payers’ dollars in consulting and research.

According to e-Teck’s Chairman, Brian Frontin, Tamana InTech Park is “a holistically developed Special Economic Zone for knowledge based industries and has been identified by the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development and the Economic Development Board (EMBD) as a key growth pole to aid in the economic diversification process.”

The principal purpose of Tamana InTech Park was to lay a foundation for a new era of economic development in Trinidad and Tobago based on the establishment of technology intensive, knowledge-driven industries in the non-oil and gas sectors.

The premise for the Park, was to have the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) be the collaborative and planning hub of the intended activities, churning out trained local human resources for the proposed park tenants, a mix of local companies and high technology international manufacturers, all sharing the same industry compatible infrastructural and support requirements provided with a Trinidad and Tobago flavour.

The intended aims of this initiative were to create competency and spark economic activity in this globally relevant industry with regard to fulfilling the promises of T&T’s ever elusive diversification intentions.

Tamana Present and Future

The original budget for Tamana’s completion was $1.159 billion and it was scheduled to come on stream by the end of 2010 for ready-to-lease tenants and the third quarter 2010 for build-to-suit tenants.

Spending, however, was stopped at $1.079 billion as at September 30, 2012 and new decisions made, bringing about a delay in tenanting, which is now scheduled for late 2013. This delay also brought a change by the new management of e-Teck to focus only on the 21 build-to-suit lots with no projected timeline for ready to lease tenants.

The more than $1 billion cost so far was for provisioning of electricity supply infrastructure (working sub-station & underground electricity supply including Trinidad and Tobago’s first 66 KV power line), potable water supply infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, waste water treatment ponds and civil works. All of these utilities are subterranean.

Frontin said: “Construction is completed for the newly devised Phase 1 of the Park’s development with 21 lots available for build-to-suit tenants.”

But after more than four years, only three tenants are still finalizing their lease agreements; two for land-lots and one for the Flagship Building. Frontin added: “InvesTT’s investor sourcing team still has an active pipeline with approximately ten other companies who have displayed strong interest in locating at the park.”

Last year, $88 million was spent on the Tamana according to the 2012 PSIP, which stated: "The main investment project continued to be the construction of the Wallerfield Industrial and Technology Park (Tamana InTech Park) which includes the eTeck flagship building. The project also involves site infrastructure and related utilities, structured cabling, the Alutech Research and Development Facility, Fibre Optic Infrastructure and the Park's Broadband Network."

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More renderings:

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It's similar to the planned Caymanas economic zone in Jamaica.
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Nice Campus!
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