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Old June 5th, 2010, 01:53 AM   #221
SkyscraperCity man
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04 June 2010

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Old June 5th, 2010, 05:27 AM   #222
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amazing photos
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Old June 5th, 2010, 01:24 PM   #223
Buyckske Ruben
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At last !!! Some progress... it was about time.

Many thanks for the terrific updates !!!

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Old June 5th, 2010, 04:12 PM   #224
Just a student
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Some rebar is packed in plastic, so I guess that at least some parts are on hold...
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Old June 6th, 2010, 05:00 PM   #225
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its on hold again?
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Old June 8th, 2010, 11:14 AM   #226
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6 June 2010

Tower 1 - Construction of beams at P2 level and installation of lower frame for jump form system in progress

Tower 4 - Jump form platform work

Tower 1 - Jump form completed jump P2-P3 level, rebar works of P3 core wall in progress

Tower 2 - Rebar works in progress for B1 level core wall

Tower 3 - Jump form completed jump P1-P2 level, rebar works of P2 core wall in progress

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Old June 14th, 2010, 12:11 AM   #227
Parisian Girl
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The long-awaited Dubai Pearl will overlook the Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Pearl to award sub-contracts in Q3 of 2010

by Elizabeth Broomhall on Jun 12, 2010

The developer of the ambitious “city within a city” Dubai Pearl project will be awarding subcontracts to MEP, façade and lift companies at the end of Q3, 2010.

Pearl Dubai, a consortium of investors led by the UAE’s Al Fahim Group, will be employing more than six subcontractors in each category, with a view to completing most of the project by 2012.

Main contractor Al Habtoor Leighton will be heavily involved in the deciding who wins the subcontracts, choosing among firms who have already bid and pre-qualified for work on development, and who will later be approved by the client.

“The main categories where we still require subcontractors are MEP, façade and lifts,” said Dubai programme manager and senior vice president Syed Hussainy.

“We will be taking on more than 5-6 contractors in each category, this being a 20 million ft2 integrated development and one of the most sophisticated projects Dubai has ever seen. Construction workers will be able to carry out works across the development as each of the towers have the same design.

“Well will let companies know who have won the contracts around September – October time.”

The project itself is set to be a world class, mixed-use, sustainable development consisting of several smaller podium buildings and four towers, joined together by a single ‘sky palace’ component at the 72nd and 73rd levels.

Overlooking the Palm Jumeirah in the heart of the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone, the site will provide a mixture of residential and office space for thousands of people.

Cantilever has already been chosen to supply its jump form system for the formwork on the project, and VSL has been signed up to lift the pre-constructed ‘sky palace’ from the podium level to the top of the towers.

>> Source
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Old June 14th, 2010, 12:31 AM   #228
Sheet Metal Sketcher
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I can't believe this is going up.
Manhattan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S1MySJoFl8&hd=1 (HD)
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Old June 14th, 2010, 04:45 AM   #229
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Originally Posted by Uaarkson View Post
I can't believe this is going up.
me too!
remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it.
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Old June 14th, 2010, 11:33 PM   #230
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Originally Posted by Uaarkson View Post
I can't believe this is going up.
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Old June 17th, 2010, 01:14 AM   #231
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the site is massive, that takes time, but great complex though
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Old June 19th, 2010, 02:47 AM   #232
Parisian Girl
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Grand ideas


by Ben Roberts on Jun 18, 2010

After meeting foundation work milestones last year, Dubai Pearl can forge ahead in 2010, with several building innovations along the way

Dubai Pearl is well signposted for about half a mile around the site along Sheikh Zayed Road and the ringroads and has been for some time, something amounting to a visible anticipation for the extraordinary mixed-use project.

Reaching the site is still something of a challenge for the uninitiated, as each maroon sign on the side of the road eventually leads to a road block. But from above what is striking about the 6.096 million m2 site is the variety of development: a residential tower that has reached four floors, a square plot with freshly finished piling work, and lanes of winding roads in wide enough for vehicles to pass each other side by side.

The project is encircled by a main road that will be equal in height to five floors. The centerpiece for Dubai Pearl is the four 73-storey towers that will be joined by a single roof top, known as Sky Palace. But unlike the average tower along the Financial District, each tower is rectangular, with the long sides of the outside towers 1 and 4 at a right angle to the coast line, and the inner
towers parallel.

Residents will look out onto Palm Jumeirah and, to the left and right, Dubai Marina and the Dubai downtown skyline. To the north of the towers (closest to the Palm Jumeirah) will be four hotel and residential complexes, including one that will be branded by legendary French crystal manufacturer Baccarat. The latest incarnation by Las Vegas hotel Bellagio will also feature in the end project.

The south will be the majority of the entertainment-based podium buildings, which will eventually include a 1,800-seater opera house, retail outlets, a sports centre and another Las Vegas hotel, MGM Grand, and the Skylofts apartments.

The project is nestled in between Dubai’s Media City and Knowledge Village, which gives the dual benefit of giving the eventual residents access to innumerable companies and entertainment venues, as well as acting as a demonstration for all those involved with the building what mega projects can achieve in the emirate.

2009 saw the completion of the piling and between August and November the raft pour for the four towers was completed, along with their necessary waterproofing. With the ground work complete the four towers are at a similar stage, though Tower 1 is ahead by two floors, closely followed by Tower 3.


Syed Irfanullah Hussainy, senior vice president of programme management at Dubai Pearl, stands beside Tower 1 and explains that after earlier completing the shoring process for the perimeter of the site, the raft pour took as long as 30-36 hours straight. “That was a huge process,” he says, “with 2,500 tonnes of reinforcement.”

The raft for Tower 1 was 3.5 metres in total, most of it below ground level. At the edge of the raft are the columns for the building, with a ‘core’ wall a few metres in to take the majority of the weight of the building.

That the columns are on the outside will be important for the interiors of each space, particularly those designated for office use.

“With the columns on outside of the building you have a beautiful apartment or office,” says Wayne Holder, executive vice president for sales, marketing and client relations at Dubai Pearl. “It in some ways makes it easier if you’re putting in flooring, as you don’t have to stop and start every time you have a column and you need to cut the tiles accordingly.

It would suit tenants such as drafting companies, he adds, who may require a lot of natural light.

Further, a company can rearrange their entire interior layout easily without columns in the way.

To build the walls and pour the concrete into them the company uses jump form, a jacking system allows the entire assembly to be raised to the next floor level using one operator to elevate the entire system. The wall form is thus ‘jumped’ from one lift to the other. The system is supported by the lower lift of concrete and forms are released and stripped after the concrete has cured. Embeds are provided in the concrete to receive the form system when it is jumped up to the next floor. This is opposed to slip form, where concrete is placed continuously in side form which moves at a set rate and forms are not removed but slip over the concrete which can support itself by the time it is out of the form.

This core wall will take 1,400 tonnes of weight, says Husseiny, and the jump form technique optimises time. “We will pour on the 14th and 16th of June,” he says.

The outer casing of columns have ‘nibs’ running across the top, upon which the pre-cast slabs that run between the outer wall and the core wall will rest. “In some areas we have used in situ casting, in other areas the pre cast. For the sink slab – needed for the building’s drainage among other things – you will need casting in situ. The mechanical work will be particularly important. The buildings will have an optimised façade, with glass that will meet the requirement of green building standard.”

At Tower 3, adjacent to Tower 1 and the closest, Husseiny explains that their work on the core wall is just a little below that of Tower 1, which is the most advanced. “We are progressing from towers 1, 3, 2 and 4, in that order, but we have electricity in all of them already.” Health and safety signs and related equipment is abundant at the site, and all along the towers and along the roads in which vehicles can pass there are walkways marked with dark green netting along with concise information: ‘Accidents do not just happen, they are caused’ says one. “Accident awareness is forming a greater part of HSE,” says Husseiny, “and the company is very particular about things like that.”


At Tower 2 the concrete is poured, and Tower 4 is at an even lower level than the rest but nevertheless has the jump form system clinging to the core wall. Husseiny explains that, as the towers are identical as individual buildings, the 600-strong workforce can be moved around to the different towers when needed. This is opposed, he adds, to the one-off towers elsewhere in Dubai, whose structures twist and lean.

In every sense, he is looking up. “The beauty of this project is going to be its joint roof, the Sky Palace, and you can visualise what it will look like as a single platform. On the top there is space enough for a football stadium! The roof will be fabricated at podium level and then will be lifted up by different companies who will be contracted to do the job.” He adds that the main lifting company at the moment is VSL, “though we are not restricted to this company”.

The project is aiming for Gold LEED certification, and the company had planned certain elements of recycling and sustainability early. Wayne Holder says that they have been working on an intricate strata system since 2008 to marry the diversity of the project’s contents with a sensible system of monitoring energy and material usage.

“From an environmental point of view, what is really important for us is that we’re not going to be building Dubai Pearl and then disappear into the sunset,” he says. “The company will be attached to this project forever. We have asset in the project we’ll retain from an investment point of view and management in the building for the
strata system.

“In the past one could only have a strata for a building in a vertical sense, so from the ground floor to top was one stratum. What we’ve now managed to achieve is to have different strata components within a building. So you can have a residential space and office space that are two separate strata communities.”

He adds that this is the same for buildings which contain both residences and hotels, as the two will have very different levels of energy and material consumption. “It would be very unfair to couple the hotel and the residences, as the hotel will have higher usage of water and electricity, for example.

“So we were able to put the hotel within its own stratum. When you design a building if you don’t incorporate these things early it becomes a disaster.”

Holder explains that plans for the building’s facilities management had been drawn up at an early stage – and with the ground work of the towers done one suspects the practical application will begin. Regarding LEED, he explains that there is a degree of a company’s own initiative beyond the standard’s prescriptive targets for Gold certification.

“There are certain elements in our programme – such as standards for the quality of the air in the buildings – which are not necessarily taken into account in the LEED programme. So while Dubai Pearl is Gold status there are a lot of things we will be including which are ahead of the pack for things such as air conditioners, which to us are really important – you need the right filter and extractor, and make sure the air is properly recycled. So these things we worked on to make sure that while it is Gold standard, it is Gold plus a number of other things.”

Separately, Abdul Majeed Ismail Al Fahim, chairman of Dubai Pearl, tells Construction Week, that although the world’s best new destinations typically go through challenging market cycles during the initial stages of their evolution, “history has shown that the best-designed, highest-quality developments are the ones that ultimately succeed.”

“In general, investor interest in Dubai is on the rise and confidence is expected to return in the real estate sector,” he adds. “International investors will a play an important role in Dubai’s resurgence and the emirate’s status as a sought-after business and leisure destination will continue to ensure the long term sustainability of Dubai and the developments within it.”

Regarding the balance of supply and demand within which the building of Dubai Pearl exists, he says that although there will be an oversupply at the lower end of the market, there are very few luxury products being developed at present.

“By the time Dubai Pearl nears completion, we believe that we will have entered a market on the upturn.”

The stabilisation of prices at residential areas such as Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Islands, he adds, is also encouraging. “Dubai has seen sustained interest in high-end developments from domestic and overseas buyers and we are aware that international buyer appetite for prime real estate opportunities is increasing.

“To date we have pre-sold more than 500 residences to high net worth individuals from over 40 different countries around the world, from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and North America. This accounts for 95% of the stock released so far at Dubai Pearl, confirming that there is strong global demand for the best international developments.”

He reminds Construction Week of the strength of the group regarding the continued success and appeal of the project.

“Dubai Pearl is backed by one of the UAE’s most successful family businesses, Abu Dhabi’s Al Fahim Group,” he said.

“The consortium of investors has a 50-year track record that includes the delivery of major real estate, hotel and hospitality projects, so Dubai Pearl has very experienced backers.

“Dubai’s future as a lifestyle, leisure and business destination will continue to rest on its provision of top quality property, world class amenities and high-end brands. Dubai Pearl will set a new standard for development in Dubai and will deliver a sustainable and enduring location where people will live work and play for generations.” >> Source
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Old June 19th, 2010, 01:45 PM   #233
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christ, this thing is so big its almost overwhelmingly threatening!
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Old June 19th, 2010, 04:59 PM   #234
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It will look massive when finished
Skyscrapercity Thread
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Old June 21st, 2010, 04:10 AM   #235
Parisian Girl
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Santhosh Joseph

The Pearl is his oyster

by Ben Roberts on Jun 18, 2010

As more milestones are met for the construction of Dubai Pearl, the company’s founder and CEO explains the evolution of the design and the future in which the project will take its place

Dubai Pearl has undergone more changes and reviews than perhaps any other big project in the region, at the same time riding the wave of fluctuations in the wider industry. A partial building, a demolition, an overhaul in design, two contractors, an ambitious grid system and a prime location make for one of the most interesting tales in the global construction industry.

Big alterations in projects have occasionally signaled difficulties financially, or with investors – and with the latter of these there have been some notable issues. But by June 2010 the site has reached its most striking chapter by staying on track and thriving as the industry regains a stable footing.

After reaching successful milestones in the foundation work last year, both developer and contractor are buoyant. The maroon signs on Sheikh Zayed Road indicating Dubai Pearl are a kind of herald to the future presence of the site, and the company is keen to emphasise its prime spot.

Its first selling point is that the Palm Jumeirah can be seen by residents, which is known not to be the case for those who actually live on the man-made archipelago. Indeed, even residents on the ground floor of the four towers in the centre of the project will have a good view of its striking outline, being in fact on the sixth floor above five floors of parking.

The issue of parking was central to the redesign, explained Santhosh Joseph, CEO and founder of the Dubai Pearl company, and indeed to a degree became representative of the changing priorities of the project.

“The original design was nine towers with a shopping mall in the middle, each was built from the ground, it was not a grid or on a car park up to level five, so the number of available car park spaces was a lot less.

“In the redesign Tecom demanded car parks, as it is a mixed use development, commercial space, retail space. We needed to provide 12,000 spaces as per regulations – we provided an additional 20%.” The current project will see 15,500 spaces.

A need for a “grand arrival”, too, for all motor based visitors, created the five-stories-from-ground-level concept. “You don’t want to be driving into a car park when you enter Dubai Pearl and then have to find your way to a first level. That is not a premium development, so in the redesign it is set on a grid system.”

Now, cars will be able to pass through the middle of the circular complex, but the residential and entertainment hemispheres either side will be totally pedestrianised – a distinctive element of the project. “One of the big challenges in Dubai is finding a place to park your car. The beauty is that it will be 100% pedestrianised, there are no vehicles allowed across the podium level.”

Residential space had sold up quickly during the boom years, and of the 1,445 homes in the 73-storey towers, 95% were sold. But at the beginning of this month it was revealed that some investors were given a 40% cut to the price of apartments bought at the height of the market, at the same time changing the split between office and residential space.

Joseph explains that the ability to offer the reduction came about based on a repricing of the construction cost of the project following renegotiations with the contractor. He has earlier been quoted as saying this was a reduction from nearly AED9 billion down to AED7.4 billion.

Tower1. Even residents on what will be the ground floor above the parking will have a good view of Palm Jumeirah.

“What we’ve done is renegotiated with contractors and the money from the saving we passed on to the customers who bought at the peak to bring them more in line with those who bought before the peak.

“This was achieved on done on a pro rata basis. We repriced the project to get to a median across the customers. What we didn’t want is a situation where someone’s paid 1,000 per square foot and someone who’s paid 1,500 per square foot. We took the savings achieved from the contractors and applied that across the board so everyone is almost at the same level.”

The project is now split as follows: retail takes up 15%, hotels 19%, and residential and offices taking up 42% and 24%, respectively, a shift from the 33% each type of occupancy had before.

The changing percentage of office space and residential space, based on a changing market, provokes a deeper line of thought for the two executives on supply and demand, and Dubai Pearl’s place within it. Joseph points out that Dubai last year saw an influx of 168,000 residents, around 9% of the population. “If you look at the total number of units being supplied in the next four years it will be less than that,” he says.

“What happened in 2008 was that there was a huge shortage of homes and rentals, and the offices rents were very high. Today the demand is not the same as 2007, it couldn’t last. Maybe by 2014 the supply will have been absorbed, because for 2014 to 2017 there are no supplies planned.

“What happened in 2007 or 2008 could not be sustained for very long. It’s not just a real estate issue, it was economic. A couple of years ago the focus on development shifted to just one sector of real estate. I’m sure in the coming years it will come back. If you look at the business parks and free zones and the latest things coming up in Dubai, it’s unmatched in the world [especially] if you look at Media City, Silicon Oasis, Studio City, Internet City, Healthcare city – there is a huge amount planned.”

He adds that developers who might have moved further into real estate during the boom years, or real estate developers that accrued many non-core assets, were now re-examining their business models.

“Everyone is now sticking to core objectives, things are shifting back and focusing on core values.”

Dubai Pearl nevertheless offers a breadth of services and opportunities. “Dubai Pearl is a real estate venture development... whether you talk about office space, retail, hotels, entertainment. It is in a true sense mixed use, completely integrated.”

Joseph adds that there will be a tram system that will link to the Metro.

A big question mark for Dubai Pearl concerns the AED100 million island it bought in 2008 that formed part of the Siberia section of Nakheel’s infamous The World project.

Joseph says management has yet to decide on the future of the island, known as ‘Archangel’. “We’re not decided as to the plans for that,” he says. “We’re looking to create that as the beach access for Dubai Pearl. [Now] the plan is to complete Dubai Pearl.”

Work continues apace on site. The percentage of office and residential space has changed in line with market conditions.

THE LOWDOWN: The project that would survive the crash

Dubai Pearl is seven years in the making, conceived in 2003 when the emirate’s property market was on its world-beating ascent. The project was launched by Qatar-based Omnix Group, with the Technology, e-Commerce and Media Free Zone (Tecom) in the heart of the Tecom area as a ‘self-contained community’ at an initial cost of AED3 billion.

The original nine towers contracted to Arabtec were a statement of intent to providing the best view of the Gulf in a central location. Since, investors of almost 40 nationalities flocked to the site, tempted by views of the ethereal Palm Jumeira development.

Delays to the project caused master developer to Tecom to turn the whole project on its head, halting what work had been started, selling the project to the Al Fahim Group in Abu Dhabi, and re-examining what exactly could make the 6.096 million m2 area unique – and sustainable, in every sense.

By October 2007 Pearl Dubai FZ LLC, a company owned by the Al Fahim Group, was in charge of the project, swung a wrecking ball at the few floors that had been built and set about making the redesign a reality.

In November 2008 Al Habtoor Leighton Group was confirmed as the new contractors, beginning construction in the following February. 2009 saw the consecutive completion of the raft pouring for all four of the towers.

Dubai Pearl was designed by German architect Professor Peter Schweger of Schweger Associated Architects. The pioneering column-free design will create 20% more useable space than the standard in the region, the company says.

Al Habtoor Leighton Group recently announced that it had opened its doors for tenders for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP); aluminium and glazing (façade) work on the project.

The process is scheduled to be finalised by 16th September 2010. >> Source
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hope to see this structural stunt being pulled off
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Old June 22nd, 2010, 10:31 PM   #237
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the marketing for that project that is going on right now is just massive. Lots of interviews, pictures and news.
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Old June 24th, 2010, 01:41 AM   #238
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This building is so massive! Put it in almost any skyline and it would dominate. Even if it wasn't the tallest, its mass would completely overwhelm the rest of the skyline. I feel like the only place it would fit in is Dubai.
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Old July 8th, 2010, 12:17 PM   #239
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4 July 2010 Construction Update

Tower 1 - Rebar works for P4-L5 in progress

Tower 2 - Rebar works for P1-P2 level in progress

Tower 3 - Rebar works for core wall P3-P4 level in progress

Tower 4 - Construction of column B1 level in progress
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Old July 8th, 2010, 12:51 PM   #240
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epic giant project is epic and giant
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