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Originally Posted by ErwinFCG View Post
I'll try to translate the names of the Amsterdam metro stations from Dutch to English as literally as possible (and/or explain the name).

Amstelveen Centrum: Amstelveen City Centre
Bullewijk: (river)
Ganzenhoef: Ganzenhoef (old farm)
Heemstedestraat: Street to Heemstede
Holendrecht: (river)
Kronenburg: (business park)
Onderuit: (?)
Ouderkerkerlaan: Avenue to Ouderkerk
RAI: RAI (exhibition centre)
Zonnestein: (?)
Some more explanation on a few of these names:

Amstelveen A municipality near Amsterdam which derives it's name - like Amsterdam does from the river 'Amstel'. 'Veen' means peat. So it was probably named after the peaty soil close to the river.

Bullewijk 'wijk' = neighbourhoud and 'Bulle' could be referring to bull.

Ganzenhoef 'Ganzen' literally meand geese. 'hoef' (hoeve) means farm.

Heemstede 'Heem' probably means home, '-stede' means place, town or city.

Holendrecht The suffix '-drecht' or '-tricht' or '-(t)recht' (e.g. Maastricht, Utrecht) to a Dutch location name means forth (a place where you can easily cross a river). To complicate things, '-foort' or '-voord(e)' means the same (e.g. Amersfoort)

Kronenburg '-burg' is city or castle (compare burry, burgh, borough/burough), 'Kronen' means crown(s) or coronation.

Onderuit I wouldn't the etymology but in modern Dutch it literally means fall(en)-over.

Ouderkerk Old(er) church

RAI 'RAI' is an acronym for a Dutch association (vereniging): '(Nederlandse Vereniging voor de) Rijwiel- en Automobiel-Industrie' (Dutch Association for the Automotive and Bicycle Industry)

Zonnestein 'Zonne' means sun, -stein probably means stone.
Lapinisme blijft relevant...
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I'll give you a more complete list of the Bucharest subway lines.
Pantelimon-a name
Republica-the Republic
Costin Georgian-an engineer
Titan-a name( a bread Factory)
Nicolae Grigorescu-a painter
Dristor 1-name of the town part
Mihai Bravu-Michael the Great
Timpuri Noi-New Times
Piata Unirii-Union Sq.
Izvor-Spring (water source)
Grozavesti-a name of a town part (grozav = cool, great)
Petrache Poenaru-the inventor of the modern day pen
Crangasi-something like guerilla warriors (crang=woods,forest ; the termination represents people)
Basarab-The name of the B train station in Bucharest
Gara de Nord- The North Railway Station ( A train station)
Piata Victoriei-Victory's Sq.
Stefan cel Mare-Stephen The Great (a militay leader from ~1450)
Piata Iancului-Iancu's Sq (Iancu is a name)
Piata Muncii-The Work's Sq.
Dristor 2-name of the town part (correspondence with Dristor 1)
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Berceni- In the south end of Bucharest, the name of that Suburb.
Dimitrie Leonida-A name of a nearby High School
Aparatorii Partiei-The Nation's Defenders
Piata Sudului-South Sq.
Constatnin Brancoveanu-romanian sculptor
Eroii Revolutiei-The heroes of the Revolution
Piata Unirii-Union Sq.
Universitate-State University
Piata Romana-Roman Sq.
Piata Victoriei-Victory Sq.
Aviatorilor-The Aviators
Aurel Vlaicu-a romanian aviator
Pipera -a town suburb
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Anghel Saligny- a famous engineer (he built the 2 old bridges over the Danube)
Nicolae Teclu-chemist (the station is near a paint factory)
1 Decembrie 1918-December 1st 1918 (union of the 3 Romanian principalities)
Nicolae Grigorescu-a painter
Dristor 1-name of the town part
Mihai Bravu-Michael the Great
Timpuri Noi-New Times
Piata Unirii-Union Sq.
Izvor-Spring (water source)
Politehnica-Polytechnic (a university)
Lujerului-name from the street, the city part is called MILITARI (soldiers)
Gorjului-a name, it comes from the market nearby
Pacii-To the Peace
Preciziei-Precision(industrial part)
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Gara de nord 2-North Railway Station(2nd set of platforms)
Basarab 2- Basarab railway station (2nd set of platforms)
Grivita-a former multi use factory (from traincars to bread)
1 Mai -May the 1st
An extension is under construction:
Parc Bazilescu-Bazilescu Park,in the Bucurestii Noi (New Bucharest) part of the town)
Laminorului-Mill (used to polish and treat the wood, the factory doesn't exist anymore)
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Originally Posted by lohxy View Post
Just help someone to post and I put in the remaining blanks

Sentul Timur = Sentul East
Sentul = A Jungle Fruit
Titiwangsa = Dynasty Bridge
PWTC = Putra/Prince World Trade Centre
Sultan Ismail = Local personality
Bandaraya = CityCenter
Masjid Jamek = Jumaat/Friday Mosque
Plaza Rakyat = People's Plaza
Hang Tuah = Local personality
Pudu = rich capital (actually its the name translate from chinese)
Chan Sow Lin = ( a ppl name...)
Miharja = Local personality
Maluri = Maluri
Pandan Jaya = Success Pandan Leaf
Pandan Indah = Scenic ( or beautiful ) Pandan Leaf
Cempaka = Flower Chempaka
Cahaya = Light
Ampang = (in chinese) peace nation

Seri Petaling Line (System 1A)

Cheras = cheras
Salak Selatan = Salak (Fruit) South
Bandar Tun Razak = Tun Razak Town (former Prime Minister)
Bandar Tasik Selatan = South Lake Town
Sungai Besi = Iron River
Bukit Jalil = Jalil Hill
Seri Petaling = series Petaling ( google translation quite bad)

Kelana Jaya Line (System 2)

Lembah Subang (Depot) = Subang/Earring Valley
Kelana Jaya = Successful kelana
Taman Bahagia = Happy(compete) Garden
Taman Paramount = Paramount Garden
Asia Jaya = Successful Asia
Taman Jaya = Successful Garden
Universiti = University
Kerinchi = Kerinchi(dunno)
Abdullah Hukum = Abdullah Legal(weird)
Bangsar = Bunge-Grisar (a rubber estate company's founder)
KL Sentral = Kuala Lumpur Central
Pasar Seni = Art Market
Masjid Jamek = Jumaat/Friday Mosque
Dang Wangi = Pungent Miss Dang
Kampung Baru = new village
KLCC = Kuala Lumpur City Centre/Conference Centre
Ampang Park = Aunty Pang's Garden
Damai = Peace
Dato' Keramat = Local personality
Jelatek = Jelatek
Setiawangsa = Loyal Dynasty
Wangsa Maju = Glorious Dynasty
Taman Melati = Melati (flower) Park
Terminal Putra/Gombak = prince terminal/Gombak

KL Monorail (System 3)

KL Sentral/Brickfields = Brickfield is Brickfield lah!
Tun Sambanthan = (ppl name)
Maharajalela = Kinglela ( dunno wat is lela)
Hang Tuah = ppl name ( FAMOUS)
Imbi = Imbi (when I read is chinese it means hard pen )
Bukit Bintang = Star Hill
Raja Chulan = King Chulan
Bukit Nanas = Pineapple Hill
Medan Tunku = Tunku's Court
Chow Kit = Mister Chow Kit (local personality)
Titiwangsa = Dynasty Bridge
hahahaha interesting translations.

For those who are wondering about the names,

*Maharajalela is the name of a famous character in Malay history (I think he was a Sultan) and the word can also mean executioner.
*Hang Tuah was one of the 5 'Malay' knights (some think they may have been Chinese, Indian or a variety) who served the Malacca Sultans

Cheers, m
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Originally Posted by y2koh View Post
Singapore MRT System:
Northeast Line -
Punggol - hurling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring them to the ground
great work on all the translations

Ive heard that Punggol is the name of a harvest festival celebrated in January by the Indian community of Singapore and Malaysia.

Cheers, m
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Metropolitano de Lisboa - Lisbon Metropolitan (Portugal) <<< company name

Santa Apolonia - Saint Apolonia
Cais do Sodré - Sodré docks
Terreiro do Paço - dirt townsquare (not a literal translation)
Baixa/Chiado - Down(as in downtown) /screech( as in sharp or high pitch noise)
Rossio - Rossio (as in portuguese name to town square)
Restauradores - restorings (?) (as in those who restored the national independence)
Avenida - Avenue (located in Liberty Avenue)
Marquês - Marquis (In Marquis de Pombal Square/Roundabound)
Rato - Mouse (In largo do Rato)
Parque - Garden
Palhavã - in vain (vã) straw (palha)
Picoas - bick something ???
Saldanha - ???
Campo Pequeno - small field
Entrecampos - in between fields
Campo Grande - big field
Cidade Universitaria - University city
Laranjeiras - Orange trees
Alto dos Moinhos - Top(mount?) of the Mills
Colégio Militar - military college
Martim Moniz - also a name
Intendente - General chief of the police
Anjos - angels
Arroios - small rivers/creeks ????
Alameda - Avenue ???
Areeiro - Sandbank ???
roma - rome (rome avenue)
São Sebastião - St. Sebastian
Praça de Espanha - Spanish square
Jardim Zoologico - the zoo
Carnide - ??? its a name
Pontinha - little tip ???
Alfornelos - ???
Amadora east - east amateur
Telheiras - ... too many stupid names here.
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Mexico City Metro:

Line 1

- Observatorio - Astronomic observatory
- Tacubaya - 'a place to get water' or spring (Aztec)
- Juanacatlán - Butterflies site (Aztec)
- Chapultepec - Place with crickets (Aztec)
- Sevilla - For the Spanish city of Seville
- Insurgentes - Insurgents, Independence war fighters
- Cuauhtémoc - falling eagle (Aztec)
- Balderas - A 19-century general
- Salto del Agua - Water Spring
- Isabel La Católica - Elizabeth the Catholic
- Pino Suárez - a 1913 vicepresident
- Merced - For the Virgin of the Mercy
- Candelaria - a catholic celebration held at Feb. 2nd
- San Lázaro - St. Lazarus
- Moctezuma - An Aztec emperor
- Balbuena - An emblematic garden
- Blvd. Puerto Aéreo - Air Harbor Blvd.
- Gómez Farías - A Constitution signant
- Zaragoza - A 19-century general
- Pantitlan - Between the flags/ banners (Aztec)

Line 2

- Cuatro Caminos - 4 roads
- Panteones - Cemeteries
- Tacuba - Land of flowers (Aztec)
- Cuitláhuac - an Aztec emperor
- Popotla - Willow forest (Aztec)
- Colegio Militar - Military Academy
- Normal - Teachers' School
- San Cosme - Saint Cosme
- Revolución - Revolution
- Hidalgo - A ranch owner
- Bellas Artes - Fine Arts Palace
- Zócalo - Pedestal
- Pino Suárez
- San Antonio Abad - St. Anthony the Abbot
- Chabacano - Apricot
- Viaducto - Viaduct
- Xola - Sola ranch
- Villa de Cortés - Cortés Village
- Nativitas -Nativity
- Portales - Doorways, portals
- Ermita - Small church
- General Anaya - a 19-century general
- Taxqueña - Girl from Taxco village

Línea 3

- Indios Verdes - Green indians
- Deportivo 18 de Marzo - "18th of March" sports complex
- Potrero - Horse field
- La Raza - The (human) race
- Tlatelolco - Place with a pile of sand (Aztec)
- Guerrero - Warrior
- Hidalgo
- Juárez - a 19-century president
- Balderas
- Niños Héroes - Heroic Children
- Hospital General - General Hospital
- Centro Médico - Medical Center
- Etiopía - Ethiopy
- Eugenia - Eugene (female)
- División del Norte - Northern Division
- Zapata - a 20-century soldier
- Coyoacán - Place with coyotes (Aztec)
- Viveros - (plant) Nurseries
- Miguel Ángel de Quevedo - a 20-century botanist
- Copilco - Royal crown (Aztec)
- Universidad - university

Línea 4

- Martín Carrera - a 19-century president
- Talismán - Lucky Charm
- Bondojito - Little bald cactus (Aztec)
- Consulado - Consulate
- Canal del Norte - Northern channel
- Morelos - a 19-century general
- Candelaria
- Fray Servando - a 19-cty. priest
- Jamaica - Jamaica
- Santa Anita - St. Annie

Línea 5

- Politécnico - Politechnical school
- Instituto del Petróleo - Oil institute
- Autobuses del Norte - Northern bus st.
- La Raza
- Misterios - (Bible) mysteries
- Valle Gómez - a 19-c. land owner
- Consulado
- Eduardo Molina - a 20-c engineer
- Aragón - named after a region in Spain
- Oceanía - Australia
- Terminal Aérea - Air terminal
- Hangares - Hangars
- Pantitlán

Línea 6

- El Rosario - The Rosary
- Tezozómoc - an Aztec emperor
- Atzcapozalco - place with ants (Aztec)
- Ferrería - Foundry
- Norte 45 - 45° north
- Vallejo - a 20-c factory owner
- Instituto del Petróleo
- Lindavista - Nice view
- Deportivo 18 de Marzo
- La Villa/Basílica - The village/ Basilica
- Martín Carrera

Línea 7

- El Rosario
- Aquiles Serdán - a 20-c fighter
- Camarones - Prawns, shrimps
- Refinería - Oil refinery
- San Joaquín - St. Joachim
- Polanco - a ranch
- Auditorio - Auditorium
- Constituyentes - Constituent, Constitution signant
- Tacubaya
- San Pedro de los Pinos - St. Peter of the Pines
- San Antonio - St. Anthony
- Mixcoac - where the cloud snake is adored (Aztec)
- Barranca del Muerto - Dead's ravine

Línea 8

- Garibaldi - a 19-c Italian general
- Bellas Artes
- San Juan de Letrán - St John of Letran
- Salto del Agua
- Doctores - Doctors
- Obrera - Workwoman
- Chabacano
- La Viga - the (wood) beam
- Santa Anita
- Coyuya - where bells are made (Aztec)
- Iztacalco - The salt house (Aztec)
- Apatlaco - where the water boils (Aztec)
- Aculco - where the water turns (Aztec)
- Escuadrón 201 - a WWII air squadron
- Atlatilco - (water) well (Aztec)
- Iztapalapa - Over the water stones (Aztec)
- UAM-I - Metropolitan University, Iztapalapa campus
- Constitución de 1917 - Constitution of 1917

Línea 9

- Tacubaya
- Patriotismo - Patriotism
- Chipancingo - place with wasps (Aztec)
- Centro Médico
- Lázaro Cárdenas - a 20-c president
- Chabacano -
- Jamaica
- Mixiuhca - 'place where birth is given' (Aztec)
- Velódromo - velodrome, bicycle track
- Ciudad Deportiva - Sports City
- Puebla - a Mexican city (lit. 'town')
- Pantitlán

Línea A

- Pantitlán
- Agrícola Oriental - Eastern farming
- Canal de San Juan - Channel of St. John
- Tepalcates - Clay pot (Aztec)
- Guelatao - birth place of a Mexican president
- Peñón Viejo - Old Rock
- Acatitla - Between the canes (Aztec)
- Santa Marta - St. Martha
- Los Reyes - The kings
- La Paz - The peace

Línea B

- Buenavista - Good view
- Guerrero
- Garibaldi/Lagunilla - Little lagoon
- Tepito - Small temple (Aztec)
- Morelos
- San Lázaro
- Ricardo Flores Magón - a 20-c fighter
- Romero Rubio - a 19-c politician
- Oceanía
- Deportivo Oceanía - Australia sports complex
- Bosque de Aragón - Forest of Aragon
- Villa de Aragón - Aragon village
- Nezahualcóyotl - Hungry coyote (Aztec)
- Impulsora - Pusher (fem)
- Río de los Remedios - River of the Remedies
- Múzquiz - a 19-c governor
- Ecatepec - The windy mount (Aztec)
- Olímpica - Olympic
- Plaza Aragón - Aragon Plaza
- Ciudad Azteca - Aztec city
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Leopoldau -> (place name, not translatable)
Großfeldsiedlung -> Big Field Settlement
Aderklaaer Straße -> Aderklaa (a suburb of Vienna) Road
Rennbahnweg -> Racing Track Way
Kagraner Platz -> Kagran (a part of Vienna) Square
Kagran -> (place name, not translatable)
Alte Donau -> Old Danube
Kaisermühlen, Vienna International Centre -> Emperor's Mills (actually Kaisermühlen is a part of Vienna, but means this), Vienna International Centre
Donauinsel -> Danube Island
Vorgartenstraße -> Front Garden Road
Praterstern -> Prater (a park in Vienna) Star
Nestroyplatz -> Nestroy (a surname) Square
Schwedenplatz -> Swedes' Square
Stephansplatz -> Stephen Square
Karlsplatz -> Charles Square
Taubstummengasse -> Deaf-Mute's Street
Südtiroler Platz -> South Tyrol Square
Keplerplatz -> Kepler (a surname) Square
Reumannplatz -> Reumann (a surname) Square

Karlsplatz see U1
Museumsquartier -> Museum Quarters
Volkstheater -> People's Theater
Rathaus -> City Hall
Schottentor, Universität -> Scot's Gate, University
Schottenring -> Scot's Ring
Taborstraße -> Tabor (???) Road
Praterstern see U1
Messe-Prater -> Exhibition-Prater (for "Prater" see U1 Praterstern)
Krieau -> (place name, not translatable)
Stadion -> Stadium
the following stations on this line are to be opened on 2 Oct 2010
Donaumarina -> Danube Marina
Donaustadtbrücke -> Danube City Bridge
Stadlau -> (place name, not translatable)
Hardegggasse -> Hardegg (a surname) Street
Donauspital -> Danube Hospital
Aspernstraße -> Aspern (a part of Vienna) Road

Ottakring -> (place name, not translatable)
Kendlerstraße -> Kendler [i](a surname)[i] Road
Hütteldorfer Straße -> Hütteldorf (a part of Vienna) Road
Johnstraße -> John (in German that's a surname) Road
Schweglerstraße -> Schwegler (a surname) Road
Westbahnhof -> Western Railway Station
Zieglergasse -> Brickmaker (Ziegler may actually be a surname, I don't know) Street
Neubaugasse -> Neubau (a part of Vienna) Street
Volkstheater see U2
Herrengasse -> Lords' Street
Stephansplatz see U1
Stubentor -> Living Room Gate
Landstraße -> Country Road (actually this is the name of a Viennese district, but literally means this!)
Rochusgasse -> Rochus (a surname) Street
Kardinal-Nagl-Platz -> Cardinal Nagl (a surname) Square
Schlachthausgasse -> Slaughter House Street
Erdberg -> Earth Mountain (actually a part of Vienna, literal translation)
Gasometer -> Gasometer
Zippererstraße -> Zipperer (a surname) Road
Simmering -> (place name, not translatable)

Heiligenstadt -> Holys' City (actually a part of Vienna)
Spittelau -> (place name, not translatable)
Friedensbrücke -> Peace Bridge
Roßauer Lände -> (Roßau is a placename, but my German-English dictionary doesn't have a translation for Lände)
Schottenring see U2
Schwedenplatz see U1
Stadtpark -> City Park
Karlsplatz see U1
Kettenbrückengasse -> Chain Bridge Street
Pilgramgasse -> Pilgram (a surname) Street
Margaretengürtel -> Margareten (a district of Vienna) Belt
Längenfeldgasse -> Long Field Street
Meidling Hauptstraße -> Meidling (a district of Vienna) High Street
Schönbrunn -> Beautiful Fountain (Schönbrunn is actually the name of a famous castle that lies near this station)
Hietzing -> (place name, not translatable)
Braunschweiggasse -> Brown Silence Street
Unter St. Veit -> Lower St. Veit (St. Veit = part of Vienna)
Ober St. Veit -> Upper St. Veit (see Unter St. Veit)
Hütteldorf -> (place name, not translatable; see also U3 Hütteldorfer Straße)

LINE U6 (no, there's no line U5):
Floridsdorf -> (place name, not translatable)
Neue Donau -> New Danube
Handelskai -> Trade Quai
Dresdner Straße -> Dresden (a German city) Road
Jägerstraße -> Hunter Road
Spittelau see U4
Nußdorfer Straße -> Nut Village (literal translation; Nußdorf = part of Vienna) Road
Währinger Straße -> Währing (part of Vienna) Road
Michelbeuern, Allgemeines Krankenhaus -> Michelbeuern (part of Vienna), General Hospital
Alser Straße -> Als (a river in Vienna) Road
Josefstädter Straße -> Joseph City (literal translation; Josefstadt = district of Vienna) Road
Thaliastraße -> Thalia Road
Burggasse, Stadthalle -> Castle Street, (Stadthalle is an event hall, this name literally translates to "City Hall", but this word has a different meaning in English)
Westbahnhof see U3
Gumpendorfer Straße -> Gumpendorf (part of Vienna) Road
Längenfeldgasse see U4
Niederhofstraße -> Low Court Road
Philadelphiabrücke -> Philadelphia Bridge
Tscherttegasse -> Tschertte (a surname) Street
Am Schöpfwerk -> At the water engine
Alterlaa -> Old Erlaa (Alterlaa and Erlaa are parts of Vienna)
not all trains serve the following stations on this line
Erlaaer Straße -> Erlaa (see Alterlaa) Road
Perfektastraße -> Perfekta (a company name) Road
Siebenhirten -> Seven Shepherds (literally translated; part of Vienna)
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San Juan Metro (Tren Urbano)

San Juan Metro (Tren Urbano) Translation:

Bayamón: (Taino Indian name)

Deportivo: Sports Complex

Jardines: Gardens

Torrimar: (No translation)

Martínez Nadal: (Proper Name)

Las Lomas: The Hills

San Francisco: Saint Francis

Centro Médico: Medical Center

Cupey: (No translation)

Rio Piedras: River of Rocks

Universidad: University

Piñero: (Proper Name)

Domenech: (Proper Name)

Roosevelt: (Proper Name)

Hato Rey: The King's Grazing Grounds

Sagrado Corazón: Sacred Heart
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In Warsaw metro stations have mostly names of districts of their location.
From north to South:
Młociny - district (D)
Wawrzyszew - D
Stare Bielany - Old D
Słodowiec - D
Plac Wilsona - Wilson Square (American president)
Dworzec Gdański - Gdansk Railway Station
Ratusz Arsenał - City Hall Arsenal (present city hall is located near old arsenal)
Świętokrzyska - street (S), Świętokrzyska means Saint Cross Street
Centrum - Centre
Politechnika - Warsaw University of Technology
Pole Mokotowskie - Mokotow Field, Mokotow is a name of biggest borough, 'Pole Mokotowskie' is a name of park
Racławicka - S
Wierzbno - D
Wilanowska - S (Wilanow Street, Wilanow is a name of borough)
Służew - D
Ursynów - D
Stokłosy - D
Imielin - D
Natolin - D
Kabaty - D
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A correction to the names of São Paulo's Metro. Note that many names are from Tupi and they do have a meaning, just not understadable for the modern inhabitants of São Paulo. You can easily get a translation for most of this Tupi names googling for "significado <name>"

Line 1 - Blue

Tucuruvi - "gafanhoto verde" = green grasshopper
Carandiru - Bee of the carnaúba (a kind of palm tree)
Tietê - massive flow (name of the river)
Armênia - in honor to immigrants from this country
Tiradentes - Remover of teeths (dentist) - a national hero
Vergueiro - Stick
Jabaquara - Rock, Hole or River of the lord of the flight (3 meanings)

Line 2 - Green

Sumaré - name of a plant
Chácara Klabin - Klabin farm

Line 3 - Red

Barra Funda - Deep "Barra" - Barra is a geographical term which denominates an area formed by the accumulation of sediments from a river or sea
Anhangabaú - River of the bad spirit
Brás - "gago" - a person that cannot speak very well, stammerer
Tatuapé - Path of the Tatu (a local animal)
Carrão - Instrument used by fisherman to bring the boat to land (literally "big car")
Penha - Cliff
Itaquera - Sleepy rock, hard rock or source of the river (3 meanings)

Line 5 - Lilac

Capão Redondo - Round Field
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Originally Posted by AGC View Post
In Warsaw metro stations have mostly names of districts of their location.
Yes, but everywhere it's like that. The point would be to translate the names of the districts ... although I understand it may be hard to do this as polish district names are probably from an old regional polish no longer understood. But even then, with a proper research, all those names surely have meanings =D
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It's not quite a translation but we Londoners are always amused at friendly American tourists referring to Leicester Square as Lie-chester Square. For those not in the know, it's pronounced Les-ster Square. Another oddity of the English language!
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Sofia metro

Line 1 - operational:
1. Обеля/Obelya - after the name of the city's district, former village;
2. Сливница /Slivmitsa - after the town of Slivnitsa;
3. Люлин/Lyulin - name of a city's district, itself named after the Lyulin mountain;
4. Западен парк/Zapaden park - "Western park";
5. Вардар/Vardar - after a street, named after a river in the present day Rep. of Macedonia and Greece;
6. Константин Величков/Konstantin Velichkov - after a Bulgarian writer whose name the nearby street bears;
7. Опълченска/Opalchenska - again street name; after a kind of militia, who fought the Russo-Turkish Liberation War
8. Сердика/Serdica - after the city's ancient name;
9. Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски“/Sofiyski universitet "Sv. Kliment Ohridski" - Sofia University "St. Clement of Ohrid";
10. Стадион „Васил Левски“/Stadion "Vasil Levski" - National stadium "Vasil Levski";
11. Жолио Кюри/Joliot Curie - after a street, bearing the name of Frederic Joliot-Curie;
12. Г. М. Димитров - G. M. Dimitrov - again a street name; Bulgarian politician from the time of the Second World War;
13. Мусагеница/Musagenitsa - a city's district;
14. Младост 1/ Mladost 1 - again a city's district; literal translation - "Youth 1".

15. Младост 3/Mladost 3 - see above;
16. Цариградско шосе/Tsarigradsko chausse - after a city's expressway, leading to Tsarigrad (Istanbul).
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Sofia metro

Line 2 (U/C):
1. Ломско шосе/Lomsko chausse - street name, the road to Lom;
2. Бели Дунав/Beli Dunav - "White Danube"- street name;
3. Надежда/Nadezhda - literally "Hope", city's district;
4. Кан Кубрат/Kan Kubrat - a kan of Bulgaria;
5. Банишора/Banishora - district's name;
6. Централна ЖП гара/Tsentralna JP gara - Central Railway Station;
7. Лъвов мост/Lavov most - Lion's bridge;
8. Площад „Света Неделя“/Pl. "Sv. Nedelya" - "St. Kyriaki" square, after a church nearby;
9. НДК/NDK - National Palace of Culture (acronym);
10. Свети Наум/St. Naum - street name, after a saint;
11. Джеймс Баучър/James Boucher - street name, after a journalist.
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Green line:

Hässelby Strand - Hässelby beach
Hässelby gård - Hässelby manor
Johanneslund - Johannes grove
Vällingby - Gruel village
Råcksta - Name from the viking age believed to mean: Place where rye grows well
Blackeberg - Name of the area, not sure what it means.
Islandstorget - Iceland square
Ängbyplan - Meadow village square
Åkeshov - Åkes court
Brommaplan - Bromma square
Abrahamsberg - Abrahams mountain
Stora mossen - The great bog
Alvik - Alder bay
Kristineberg - Kristine mountain
Thorildsplan - Thorilds square
Fridhemsplan - Fridhems square
S:t Eriksplan - S:t Eriks Square
Odenplan - Oden Square
Rådmansgatan - District court judge street
Hötorget - Hay Square
T Centralen - Metro Central
Gamla stan - Old Town
Slussen - The Sluice
Medborgarplatsen - Citizen Square
Skanstull - Redoubt toll
Gullmarsplan - Gullmars Square (Named after a fiord)
After this the green line divides in to three parts:
Line 17:
Skärmarbrink - ~Shielders bank
Hammarbyhöjden - Hammervillage heights
Björkhagen - Birch field
Kärrtorp - Marsh croft
Bagarmossen - Bakers bog
Skarpnäck - Not sure what it means

Line 18:
Blåsut - Blowout
Sandsborg - Sands Castle
Skogskyrkogården - The Woodland Cemetery
Tallkrogen - Pine Tavern
Gubbängen - Old man meadow
Hökarängen - Hökar (old fashioned word meaning trader) Meadow
Farsta - ?
Farsta strand - Farsta beach

Line 19:
Globen - The globe
Enskede Gård - Enskede manor
Sockenplan - Parish Square
Svedmyra - ?
Stureby - Sture village
Bandhagen - ~Ribbon field
Högdalen - High valley
Rågsved - ?
Hagsätra - Field forest meadow
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MIRAFLORES - No translation (Area name - Literal translation : Look at the flowers)
GOYA (under construction) - No translation (Famous Painter Name/Avenue)
PORTILLO - No Translation (Former Main Railway station)
DELICIAS - No Translation (Multimodal Station and District - Literal translation: Delights)
UTEBO - No translation (Town name)
CASETAS - No Translation (District name - Literal translation : Little houses)
Siempre tengo algo que comentar... Si quieres leerlo, visita mis bitácoras:
Transporte Urbano de Zaragoza (y otros temas... ) - Español
La línea 32 por el mundo / Route 32 around the world - Español / English
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Originally Posted by silicon View Post
the names in Caracas-Venezuela 1 line

1-propatria-a very populous place
2-perez bonalde -a place
3-plaza sucre-sucre square
4-gato negro-black cat(a famous cornner)
5-agua salud-health watter(a place)
6-caño amarillo-yellow pipe(former national train station)
7-capitolio-capitol(that is where chavez works) ha ha ha
8-la hoyada-i am not sure(a place)
9-parque carabobo-carabobo park
10-bellas artes-beautifull arts
11-colegio de ingenieros-engineers colege
12-plaza venezuela-venezuela square
13-sabana grande-big savanna
14-chacaito-a place
15-chacao-a place
16-altamira-n/t may be (high view)a famous square
17-parque del este-east park
18-los dos caminos-two ways
19-los cortijos-a place colled (los cortijos de lourdes)
20-la california-the california(a place)
21-petare-a very populous place
22-palo verde-green stick(a place)
Some corrections in Line 1, Caracas:

1-propatria - pro home country
5-agua salud - health water
6-caño amarillo - yellow creek
8-la hoyada - the hollow
10-bellas artes - beauty arts
11-colegio de ingenieros - engineers college
16-altamira - high sight
18-los dos caminos- the two trails
19-los cortijos - the farmhouses

Now i will add line 2:

1- el silencio - the silence (chavez lives here )
2- capuchinos - cappuccinos
3- maternidad - maternity
4 - artigas - a last name
5 - la paz - the peace
6 - la yaguara - indigenous name that means ''the multi flora"
7 - carapita - unknown indigenous name
8 - antimano - unknown name
9 - mamera - unknown indigenous name
10 - caricuao - indigenous last name
11 - zoologico - zoo
12 - ruiz pineda - two last names
13 - las adjuntas - the junctions

Line 3:

1 - ciudad universitaria - university city
2 - los símbolos - the symbols
3 - la bandera - the flag
4 - el valle - the valley
5 - los jardines - the gardens
6 - coche - car
7 - mercado - market
8 - la rinconada - the cornered

Line 4:

1 - teatros- theaters
2 - nuevo circo - new circus
3 - parque central - central park
4 - zona rental - rental zone

Linea 5:

1 - bello monte - beautiful mount
2 - las mercedes - the mercedes
3 - tamanaco - indigenous last name
4 - chuao - indigenous last name
5 - bello campo - beautiful field

Beijinger Again!

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