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Old May 25th, 2008, 11:21 PM   #21
VUT Brno in SSC
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Location: Brno, Czech republic
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My worst delay was train Skopje - Beograd, it had 3 hours delay, so we didn't catch next train to Budapest and had to wait for next train about 12 hours in Beograd...
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Old May 27th, 2008, 09:27 AM   #22
Welcome to the Rail World
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What I think is my worst train delay also happens to be in England - even though I've never lived there, I was a tourist visiting relatives.

I was on a train to Woking (near Portsmouth) after transferring to a South-West Rail train after a rail-bus connection from Heathrow Airport (I forget the station name I boarded at). It was a 3+ hour delay caused by a suicide at a station we were about to arrive at (which means one train in front of us was involved in the accident ). They killed the lights in the train at one point, too (it was already nightfall).
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Old May 29th, 2008, 11:41 PM   #23
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27 hours.

Before one of the pair of transcontinental passengers lines was folded decades ago. My crosscountry train encountered a rock slide about 100 to 200 Km east of Winnipeg. In order to keep at least some form of its schedule, the operator chose to have my train retrace its steps back to some point/switch nearly 1000 Kms away. We started retracing at dusk. The next morning we passengers awoke to the incredibly spectacular beauty of Lake Superior's north shore, being a double-tracked freight-only route that we negotiated all of the daylights hour that summer day.

We were so late arriving in Winnipeg that we missed not one but two trains that were also scheduled to switch its rear ends with those of my train and the (daily) one behind mine.

The operator had us disembark at Jasper and board a coach driven down-range to Banff by just another daft canadian cowboy . . . we felt the tires on either side of the intercity bus leave the pavement as it rounded bends perched hundreds of metres above the narrow valley floor(s?).
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Old May 31st, 2008, 11:47 PM   #24
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27, wow

i thought 9 hrs was bad. i was taking amtrak between oakland (jack london square) and san luis obispo (north of santa barbara). i took a bus instead (and got there in less than 5 hrs).
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Old June 1st, 2008, 08:38 AM   #25
Join Date: Mar 2008
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It was in 2005. I was coming from school.

I used to waste nearly 20 minutes between Luz and Vila Clarice stations (15 km), on CPTM's line 7 (Luz - Francisco Morato), but I took 1 hour and a half, approximately.

When it arrived at Lapa, train stayed there by 20 minutes. After, it was running at less than 45 km/h, against 90 km/h that used to be. When it arrived at Pirituba, just one station before Vila Clarice, it stayed there by 15 minutes again.

As I disembark to call home, the train departed. I had to wait for the next, that arrived 15 minutes later, and also stayed there by 15 minutes again. After this station, everything was normal.

I caught at 14:00, and arrived home at 16:30. And I didn't have lunch
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Old June 1st, 2008, 08:39 AM   #26
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27 hours???

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Old June 1st, 2008, 09:34 PM   #27
global nomad
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trainrover, yours wins, but mine is probably second - worse...

13 hours, I took the sleeper class (non-AC) train in the middle of May, the hottest month, between Delhi and Calcutta. I still, to this day, have no idea how we got so delayed, but we were stuck in the worst city I have ever been to - Patna, Bihar. Daytime temps were hovering at around 50c! The entire journey took a solid 48 hours... pure evil.
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Old June 3rd, 2008, 04:24 PM   #28
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Caught a train from Los Mochis to Creel in Mexico. The train was to set off at 8am. Anyhow, sitting on the train from 8 to 10, decided to go back into town at 10:30 am to cash travellers cheques and have a meal. Came back at 11:30am the engines were starting up.

Eventually it left just before midday at mule walking pace. Why I say mule is because a boy was following us on his mule selling stuff to people on the moving train.

That is Mexico for you. Manana man! BTW made it to Creel around 7 or 8 at night, about 6 or 7 hours late. A gorgeous trip if you ever get the chance through the Copper Canyon.
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Old June 4th, 2008, 07:54 PM   #29
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Originally Posted by el_norte View Post
trainrover, yours wins, but mine is probably second - worse...
The silly thing about my delay is that my train was on the verge of arriving onto the flat prairie; furthermore, neither western Ontario nor eastern Manitoba possesses much in the way of mountains, just stubby little rock ledges or hills not reaching half the height of Montréal's token Mont Royal . . .
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Old December 8th, 2008, 06:15 PM   #30
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2 years, and counting..
here in the philippines

the pnr line from tutuban to legazpi is not discontinued, but the company do not have the funds to repair the whole 500 km of rails. hope in the year 2010 the route will be opened again.
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Old December 8th, 2008, 08:07 PM   #31
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21 seconds, that how late the train was this moring. Never had any other train delay as i only take the train like once a year.
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Old December 8th, 2008, 11:53 PM   #32
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A few years ago I had 2 big delays in a few weeks time.

The 1st train was the train from Alphen aan den Rijn to Utrecht. The train stopped because there was body on the track probably a jumper or an accident that the previous train hadn't noticed. The train stopped in a curve and train stood still for a while 1 or 2 hours in the angle of the curve. Only after the police gave the all clear we could go back to my starting point were I could catch a next train to Utrecht, causing only more delays.

A few weeks later I took the night train from Utrecht to Switzerland and we had a similar incident, we arrived at our holiday situation a couple of hours late but that wasn't a big problem.

But on the other hand.

Another year in Switzerland I was on the train from Spiez to Zweisimmen to catch the MOB mountain train to Montreux to go to Chateau-d'Oex were I was on holiday. But in Zweisimmen the train from Montreux had hit a landslide so all train services had been suspended. But since the best connection was a 1st class panorama express were my ticket wasn't valid I should have waited on the 1st stopping service that would depart a bit later. But instead I could take a replacement bus that left Zweisimmen on the time of the express train and could switch to a connecting extra train that was all stopping service were my ticket was valid. Since it's a mountain train and it's not that fast on that part of the line the bus was actually faster. All in all I actually gained 30 minutes because of the landslide, that's the Swiss railways for you! I also remember a very nice girl on that train, lovely!
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Old December 9th, 2008, 10:18 AM   #33
FM 2258
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Originally Posted by Republica View Post
yeh... surely thats normal? your worst delay!!!?

ive been on trains loads of times where they are like 5 mins delayed and they apologise but then normally make up the time over the rest of the route.

That's the first time I've been on a train in like 15 years not counting a Chicago or New York subway here or there.
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Old December 9th, 2008, 04:22 PM   #34
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My worst train delay was last year in November in France. The train never came Thanks French strikes.
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Old December 9th, 2008, 07:30 PM   #35
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I think you mean longest, not worst; no-one has really been talking about consequences, except for the grizzling irish bloke who was too tight to pay for a flexible ticket and didn't allow enough contingency time.

I've had two great delays on the way to Calcutta cup games; the first, my cross-country express was delayed an hour or so (what good is looking at your watch going to do?) due to a suspected broken rail - en route to visit a friend to watch the 1986 Calcutta Cup - in my view Gavin Hastings' greatest match.

En route to watch the 2006 Calcutta Cup (my local channel wasn't showing it) I was delayed by a suspected coup and had a four hour layover in Hong Kong (albeit this is not a railway story) and we stopped for a skinful in Twsim Sha Tsui. It was getting light when I got to the pub in the small hours of Saturday morning, and when it came round to watching the game, I was struggling to wake up to go home at half time. Anyway, we won again, in a dour and bitter battle against a far superior English team (it's easy to beat weaker teams - beating better teams shows real character) - what a game to sleep through!

Anyway, my two best transport delays, I think; maybe up there should also count the two days waiting to get on the ferry at Topelobampo in Mexico?

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Old December 9th, 2008, 09:37 PM   #36
That's what she said
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It was in Oviedo-Madrid route last July. Trip was supposed to take 4h30' but they were finally more than 11 hours. It seems we run out of electricity in a tunnel and we had to wait there in the dark for almost 3 hours because they had no idea how to tow us.

I don't need to say people was nervous because most of the passengers lost trips to Cuba, Jordania, Berlin, Britain... Fortunately for me I had booked my flight for the next morning.

In the end the company rented a bus and brought us to Madrid while people started calling the newspapers to tell them the story and try to get some money for they missed trips.

Of course they gave my €35 back (for the ticket) but they would have had to do the same with a 1-hour-delay.
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Old December 10th, 2008, 08:46 AM   #37
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Originally Posted by sk View Post
1min 30sec delay.
the train driver announced it from before and apologized again on arrival.
the delay was bc of repair works in some tunnels
u should demand your money back
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Old December 11th, 2008, 11:55 PM   #38
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Location: London, Manchester, Cheshire, Sheffield, Moscow
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well i can beat everyone...i had a canceled train! AND IT WAS BLOODY ANNOYING!

I <3 London
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Old December 18th, 2008, 04:53 PM   #39
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13h was the delay of the train my brother took this year from Tehran to Istanbul, instead of meeting him at 6:30am I met him at 7:30pm at the station!
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Old December 21st, 2008, 04:01 PM   #40
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2 hour delay on an Adelaide to Noarlunga train, a trip that only take 50 minutes or less. Worse still it happened just after 5 pm.

The train a head had stopped at a station and the engines couldn't be restarted. The station is right at the base of a steep ramp where the tracks cross two main roads.

20 minute wait for permission to pass through a red light, 30 minutes for the drivers to fiddle around with both trains in an attempt to control the rear facing power car of the lead train from the second train. They gave up and decided to push it, up hill with 1000hp but 260 tons of train.

Train then stalled at the next station, a good thing considering how hot the alternator room was. Multiple alarms from the control cabin, now in the middle of the train, when then required driving from that cab, (blind almost) with the second driver looking ahead. This and driving slowly then added another 30 minutes. Finally the train was dumped at the first station with 3 tracks which then meant waiting 10 minutes for the next train.

Upon arriving at the end of the line, a sea of buses the like of which I had never seen before.

The annoying part, the station the first train had broken down at, has a switch track and a branch line meters before it. Hence they could have simply towed the breakdown into the city or pushed it out of the way, and in way less time.
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