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Discussions of projects under construction at least 600m/2,000 ft tall.
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Discussions of projects under construction between 300-599m/1,000-1,999ft tall.
Proposed Supertalls
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Discussions of projects under construction between 200-299m/650-999ft tall.
Proposed Skyscrapers
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Discussions of projects under construction between 100-199m/300-649ft tall.
Proposed Highrises
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General Urban Developments

Discussions of projects shorter than 100m/300ft. Also, please post all other threads not specified in other Development News subforums here.
DN Archives
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City/Metro Compilations

Help report active highrise/urban developments occurring in your city to the global SSC community.
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World Forums


General news, discussion and announcement forum about skyscrapers » Skyscraper Living forum
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» Classic Architecture | European Classic Architecture and Landscapes | Public Space | Shopping Architecture | Design & Lifestyle | Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
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Citytalk and Urban Issues

» Guess the City
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Infrastructure and Mobility Forums


(Inter)national commuter and freight trains
137K 50.2M
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Subways and Urban Transport

Metros, subways, light rail, trams, buses and other local transport systems
201K 70.6M
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Highways & Autobahns

All about automobility
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Photo Forums

Urban Showcase

Show your selfmade photos
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General Photography

General discussions on photography and non urban photos
1.2M 121M
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Cityscapes and Skyline Photos

Photos and images from all around the world
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Continental Forums

North American Skyscrapers Forum

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Middle East

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Asian Forums

Asian Skyscraper Forums

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Forum Pencakar Langit Malaysia

» Countdown to 2020 | Skyscrapers & Buildings | Pengangkutan| Pangsapuri | Urban | Architecture | Low-Rise | Mamak
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  • 187M
Latin American & Caribbean Forums


3.5M 697M
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  • 348K
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European Forums


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UK & Ireland Architecture Forums

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Foro de Rascacielos Españoles

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Российский форум

Russia | Строительные » Москва | МДЦ Москва-Сити | Екатеринбург Фотосекции » Главная | Небоскрёбы
4.6M 819M
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Fun Forums

Creative Corner

» 2D drawings | 3D designs | Stadium Design | Scale Models | Game Corner
178K 40M
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  • 40M

The Urban Tourist

For those who enjoy big city traveling
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About the forums

» Testing | Archive
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