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Metropolitan Projects

Projects and constructions in the largest cities
  • 73443


11K 6.8M
  • 11K
  • 6.8M


4K 3M
  • 4K
  • 3M

Central & South

2.9K 1.4M
  • 2.9K
  • 1.4M

Road Infrastructure

Roads, Highways, Expressways, Bridges, Viaducts, ...
21.2K 7M
  • 21.2K
  • 7M

Urban Transport

Trams, Light Rail, Metros, Cable Cars, Buses, Parkings and other local transport systems
23.2K 7.7M
  • 23.2K
  • 7.7M

Airports & Aviation

Algerian airport infrastructure and airlines
19.9K 5.4M
  • 19.9K
  • 5.4M


Algerian rail infrastructure and trains
7.9K 2.8M
  • 7.9K
  • 2.8M

Other Infrastructure

Sports, Maritime, Water and other infrastructure
6.6K 2.3M
  • 6.6K
  • 2.3M

Economy & Industries

Algerian economy, industrial sector and other related discussions
  • 53691

Urban Photography

Photos of Algerian cities
31.2K 5.9M
  • 31.2K
  • 5.9M

Heritage & Monuments

Photos of the Algerian historical and cultural heritage
7.8K 2.7M
  • 7.8K
  • 2.7M