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  • 432K
  • 102M

South East England

including Portsmouth, Southampton and East Anglia
11.7K 2.7M
  • 11.7K
  • 2.7M

South West England

Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Bournemouth and the entire South West
27.5K 4.2M
  • 27.5K
  • 4.2M
  • 490K
  • 65.7M

Liverpool Metro Area

'Scouse Scrapers for both sides of the Mersey
450K 63.7M
  • 450K
  • 63.7M
  • 290K
  • 50.3M

Scottish Architecture Forum

Architecture, Design and Urban Development for for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, and the rest of Scotland.
190K 34.3M
  • 190K
  • 34.3M

Wales / Cymru

Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and the rest of Wales
11.7K 2.5M
  • 11.7K
  • 2.5M

Irish Architecture Forum

Architecture, Planning and Transport on the Island of Ireland
115K 20.4M
  • 115K
  • 20.4M