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Romania new Stadiums
The new stadium in Sfântu Gheorghe is designated to meet the criteria of UEFA Category 4. It will house Sepsi OSK matches and will have a capacity of over 8,400 people.

Despite it's being built in Transylvania, it's a Hungarian project. Hungarians own Sepsi OSK , Hungarians designed it and Hungarians are paying for it. This is because The project is part of Hungary's national support for sports clubs in places with strong Hungarian diasporas, as seen also in Croatia (NK Osijek) or Slovakia (Fc DAC 1904).

The initial concept envisioned a very simple construction. However, during construction a more decorative main front in line with the "Magyarization" principle was commissioned. Originally, the opening of the new venue was supposed to be in Nov. 2020 but it will take place around September 2021. The total cost was to be €15 million but according to recent news it will amount to more than €25 million


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