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M50/M1 pics


A series of photos showing the route between M50 junction 4 (Ballymun) heading north towards the M1, including the new D3M section between junctions 3 and 4.

1. M50 northbound approaching junction 4.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6042 by csd75, on Flickr

2. Approaching junction 3, the interchange with the M1. All M1/M50 movements are free-flowing, with access to the Malahide road requiring use of the roundabout.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6045 by csd75, on Flickr

3. Five lanes for this short section approaching the interchange.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6046 by csd75, on Flickr

4. Swinging left towards the M1. The right-hand two lanes are actually for the M50 Dublin Port tunnel, but they're not signed M50 for some reason.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6050 by csd75, on Flickr

5. Slip road from the M50 to the M1.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6053 by csd75, on Flickr

6. Onto the M1 mainline now.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6057 by csd75, on Flickr

7. Another (brief) five-lane section.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6059 by csd75, on Flickr

8. The M1 between junctions 2 and 3 was upgraded to D3M a couple of years ago.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6069 by csd75, on Flickr

9. The section between junctions 3 and 4 has just recently been upgraded to D3M. It was previously two lanes in each direction and heavily congested at the commuting peak hours.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6073 by csd75, on Flickr

10. Approaching the estuary at Broadmeadows.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6076 by csd75, on Flickr

11. Travel time display approaching the estuary.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6080 by csd75, on Flickr

12. This original 1 km ADS survives amidst the new gantries.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6082 by csd75, on Flickr

13. No room for a hard shoulder across the estuary now that it has been widened to 3 lanes each direction.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6085 by csd75, on Flickr

14. Lane drop at junction 4, Lissenhall.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6095 by csd75, on Flickr

15. Only two lanes each way from here to the border, but still plenty of room in the central reservation for widening.
image hosted on flickr

IMG_6100 by csd75, on Flickr

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