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Let's ask our provincial, city or municipal governments to adopt this resolution...

Resolution 2007-XXX
A Resolution Adopting Heritage Conservation as a Policy in Province/City/Municipality of XXX

WHEREAS, the 1987 Constitution (Sections 14, 15, and 16, Article XIV) declares that the State shall foster the preservation, enrichment, and dynamic evolution of a Filipino culture based on the principle of unity in diversity in a climate of free artistic and intellectual expression;

WHEREAS, the State shaIl conserve, promote and popularize the nation's historical and cultural heritage and resources, as well as artistic creations;

WHEREAS, all the country's artistic and historic wealth constitutes the cultural treasure of the nation and shall be under the protection of the State, which may regulate its disposition;

WHEREAS, the Province/City/Municipality of XXX is rich in history and culture (insert more about the history and heritage of the LGU);

WHEREAS, many historical structures that have served as reminders of this rich history have already been lost or demolished;

WHEREAS, there still exists within the Province/City/Municipality of XXX, a number of heritage structures and sites;

WHEREAS, there is an inherent need to preserve and restore these remaining heritage structures and sites for future generations of Filipinos;

WHEREFORE, in the pursuit of heritage conservation as a strategy for maintaining Filipino identity, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan/Panlungsod/Bayan of XXX hereby resolves that it shall pursue the following objectives:

1) Protect, preserve, conserve and promote the nation’s built heritage resources within the Province/City/Municipality of XXX;
2) Establish and strengthen national and local cultural institutions;
3) Vigilantly implement national and local laws on the protection of heritage;
4) Integrate heritage conservation of built heritage and cultural sites and landscapes in all the master development plans and zoning ordinances;
5) Implement safeguards to protect local heritage by creating heritage zones and declaring heritage sites at the provincial, city, municipal and barangay levels through local ordinances and resolutions;
6) Increase heritage awareness among the youth by including preservation of heritage and local history and culture in the curriculum;
7) Maintain the appearance of streets, parks, monuments, buildings, natural bodies of water, canals, paths and barangays within heritage zones;
8) Promote the adaptive re-use of built heritage property to generate economic activity that will ensure sustainability;
9) Document and sustain all socio-cultural practices such as traditional celebrations, historical events, and the revival of customs that are unique to our localities; and
10) Expand the concept of heritage to include knowledge and collective memory, situating the study of heritage within a broad timeframe connecting the distant past to the present, and a vision of the future.

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