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Iranian made PC


CloniZER is an All-in-One ergonomic apparatus comprising 21st century's Office and Leisure tools. CloniZER includes all the features of a PC and has integrated in its apparatus all the needed peripherals such as: Printer, Scanner, and Webcam that in a PC would require hooking with the difficulties of compatibility.
Furthermore it has also integrated a GSM card for seamless connectivity and a TV/Radio card for access to TV and Radio programs for leisure listening and viewing. For ease of use, the flat-panel 15" LCD monitor is detachable and the keyboard is wireless. A truly All-in-One Work and Leisure station.

Texts in English can be automatically translated and read by CloniZER's digital voice in user's own language.

CloniZER is a movable Work and Leisure station that fits in a carry-on case and allows the user to access the internet and his personal files through our company's own WCP (Web Communication Provider) center.

Inauguration Ceremony of Digital Clone’s factory
March the 2nd, 2006 - Shiraz, Special Economic Zone

In a magnificent ceremony on March 2nd, 2006, production line of Digital Clone’s factory was officially inaugurated and CloniZER production is now ready to penetrate the consumer market. In this ceremony Ministry of Industry and Mines, Mr. Tahmasbi praised Digital Clone and Shegarf accomplishments. Many local and state officials attended the event. All the guests were briefed on Company’s capabilities and they all visited the factory’s museum where all the activities of Digital Clone were exhibited. CloniZER’s production lines were followed with great interest by the Minister and the guests.
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