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Originally Posted by Dallas star View Post

It will interesting to see how the airport lobbyists will try to sink the project. I am excited to see an alternative transit method appear in the US, I am convinced if this project is done right, that Americans will adopt rail as a new form of medium distance transit.
Mostly likely, they won't.

Much of the animosity was Southwest's inability to serve many other markets (with the Dallas-Houston route being their major bread winner). I think whatever legislation that restricted them from servicing other routes has/will lapse.

Not to mention they'd probably like to free up any space they can to serve long-distance and Int'l routes.

What I wonder is whether there is enough differences in service for Houston to pull would-be-PAX from Dallas and/or vice versa. Doesn't seem likely (save some destinations that are served non-stop by one and not the other), but it's a thought.
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