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Originally Posted by 1000city View Post
Mercs were known for their reliability, longievity and uncomplicated construction for several decades. And with diesel engines they were cheap to run. That's why they became so popular in taxi service across Europe. Even in communism time here in Poland, when car (especialy western one) was a limited acces good, second hand MBs were quite popular and very much desired among taxi drivers.
Was it possible to import a MB to Poland in the 70's ? or only in the late 80's during perestrojka times ?

In the GDR (german democratic republic) the only western brand allowed was Volvo, those cars were dedicated to goverment officials only. Honnecker himself had a chauffeurdriven Volvo limosine.

In the SSSR the only taxi was the Volga. The Latvia minibus was a "marshrutnoje taxi" a taxi with a predestinated route ( obviously a taxi which didn't fullfill the purpose of a taxi)

Were these taxis also common in Poland or did the Polonez serve as a taxi during those times ? I saw a Kieslowski-film about a young thief murdering a cabdriver, the thief later was hanged. I think the taxi was a polonez

Let's take a taxi !! As you see MB is the KING of taxicabs !!

Early MB actually the first car ever

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