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BigCity Sky
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Clearwater, California - Beautiful Town in Big Danger

Beloved peer group from California, Florida. More and more, Scientology destroying our
beautiful township with their criminal actions in Clearwater. Iīve always wondered
where the weird sect really gets their money for many really expensive buildings in
Clearwater... BILLION of dollars !! ...


Copied / International Communication, Clearwater

Anonymous Profits and Financial Privileges Scientology

You may be wondering why you are not getting „High Financial Privileges“ ??

Can you do something bad to your fellow humans? Will you really be able to do something really
bad to your fellow human beings?

Maybe you are not dangerous enough …

Do you often lie? Are you manipulating your fellow human beings? Would you be prepared to use
non-detectable poison in a drink of your colleague, ex-partner or your neighbor?? Can you poison
someone if you know it would never be detectable? If you were not provable ...

Will you use knockout drops that are „undetectable“ and sexual abuse a human being, like a young
woman … ?? If you were not provable ...

Do you accept the really gravest offenses, and are you also ready, really willing to do something
really, really bad to your fellow human beings? If you will kill for your "good name", if no one can
prove it ...

If you can poison someone, do not just play with the thoughts, but really be ready to do something
really bad to your fellow human beings ...

Then you achieve a "high score", in our "eTechnology system" and create good, really the best
conditions for Anonymous Financing ...

Online Poker and Betting ( eTechnology - related )

How far will you go if you know exactly "never to be provable" anonymously?? If you can apply
eTechnology "anonymously" ... how far will you go ??

Why you donīt get Bet Results?? Why you donīt play eTechnology - related Online Poker??
Maybe you are not dangerous enough …

How much money do you need? For a long vacation in summer? A nice house in the future?
Private school for your children? If you think about the future, how much money will you need ...

It's not just about a next vacation in South Africa or Thailand, but more … Much more ...

A new car, a beautiful life by the sea, a beautiful green estate with a cozy house in a sunny area, for
example in Cuba, in the Caribbean, or Dubai …

Questionnaire Potential "Anonymity"

- What can you really do to your fellow human beings "anonymously", if you know, really
know, you will never be provable … ??

- You are always anonymous and can never be punished ...

- eTechnology ... how far you will go if you know exactly how you are making money and will
never be provable …

- Will you anonymously kill a young person who lives 500km away, if you get 5000$ for it ?
Would you kill him indirectly "100% anonymous" if you get 2000$? If you only get 500$ ?
Would you anonymously kill, for 250$ … ?

- Will you inflict bodily harm on a sympathetic and handsome young person, inflict really bad
bodily injury if you are 100% unproven and get paid?? 500$ - 3000$ per day …

System of „SCORE“

When you achieve your high personal „good score“ at Scientology not only bad thinking about
your fellow human beings, but also beable to do something really bad to your fellow human beings,
really, really bad to your fellow human being …

Can you mix poison / KO drops like G.B.L. Liquid into the drink of a young woman, knowing she
will not know, really nothing know, anything about the night …?

I. how far will you go with her ...

II. how long ...

III. how violently really ... are young women raped by us ...

VI. how many young women, men and even teenagers ... are raped with knockout drops
like G.B.L Liquid and without knowing... also by Scientologists in our neigborhood
in Clearwater ...

When you not only "accept it" in silence and tolerate it with your fellow human beings, colleagues
and your neighbors, but you are also really ready to do something really bad to your fellow human
beings, to do something really serious to your fellow human beings, then you can also reach high
financial privileges, and you will also be able to apply our eTechnology …

Your fee and financial reward … Getting your „high financial privileges“ …

„Clearwater“ and what we really do in our buildings ...

Criminal Actions - Scientology and Neighborhood

Bodily harm, sexual violence, anonymous murders, our high financial profits and 100% anonymity
to apply eTech in our buildings …

- 100% anonymous and never be provable

- never be punished for your criminal actions, assaults, rape, and anonymous murders

- „earn" your financial privileges (500 - 4000$ per day) with manipulated bets and correct
Results (usually directly in the betting shop with cash, eTechnology related online poker,
eTechnology related Casino and eTechnology related betting … )

- earn „anonymously“ in our buildings in Clearwater

Would you be willing to do something bad to your fellow human beings?

We do not … Not even, when we can be 100% anonymous we will able to rape, rob, poison, and kill
annoying people from our urban neighborhood ... You have to commit some really serious acts, like
us peaceful, lovely Scientologists in Clearwater, if you really want our high financial privileges ...

For example with G. B. L. liquid in administered cocktails and alcoholic beverages!

Sabine Weber - President Scientology / Quote:

„Truths are frightening, but only when you overcome fear and ready
for your intervention, you can reach the next financial level ( … )

Anonymity, financial privileges and non-punishability have an intoxi-
cating effect (…) 500$ - 4000$ per day sounds like very good Cash...“

Financial I. Karin_Dressia Head of „eTechnology Institute“ Scientology / Quote:

"Money is everything in our life ... Happiness, financial privileges
and a beautiful, healthy, long and safe life do definitive depend on
which side you are on ...

Responsibility and guilt should be sought never with you. And in the
end you can blame our Technology … "

Financial II. Prof. Dominik_Groß Head of Department Science - Scientology / Quote:

"Today's eTechnology ethics can be justified in terms of conditioning.
Rob, poison, kill and rape with G.B.L. liquid? You are responsible for
your „own healthy life“ and only for your „own“ happiness …

On behalf of Scientology in Clearwater, you must accept our criminal
actions, our murders, serious assaults and expanding sexual violence
in the neighborhoods of Scientology ...

High financial privileges ( … ) Accept our „premises and conditions“
in silence !! “
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