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Old May 6th, 2009, 10:39 PM   #121
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Is Edgebaston hosting an Ashes test this summer?
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Old May 6th, 2009, 10:58 PM   #122
Bachy Soletanche
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I think so, Starts on July 30 2009.
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Old May 7th, 2009, 02:15 PM   #123
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It's the Windies I think?
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Old May 7th, 2009, 02:22 PM   #124
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This would be good particularly if their looking for links to Pakistan as we have the largest number of Pakistani diaspora but does highlight the importance of keeping Edgbaston as premier ground to attract these potential events.

England: Pakistan’s New Neutral Venue to Host the Aussies

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is England’s turn to host Pakistan’s ‘home’ series against Australia. Talks between three concerned cricket boards-that is PCB, ECB and CA have reached the advanced stage, where the three parties are on their way to work out an all-agreeable schedule for the upcoming cricket series scheduled for next summer.

It is hard to remember, when Pakistan played its last full Test series against any country. March 2008 was earmarked for an Australian tour of Pakistan. But the security situations in the host country forced the Aussie cricket board take a roll back on this commitment. The series was postponed for an indefinite period, but the latter course of events, namely the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricketers and ICC’s decision to take the 2011 World Cup away from Pakistan, made the future of the series uncertain. Given the political situation in Pakistan and the stern attitude of ICC with regard to conducting matches in this country, any possibility of holding further international cricket matches within Pakistan is completely ruled out for the next few years. And this is what going to impact the FTP of the Pakistan cricket team. Hosting matches in the neutral venues has come as the only available solution for the PCB.

An ECB spokesperson told the cricket news media that England has always been the second option for serving as the neutral venue for Pakistan matches and it was the ECB chairman, Giles Clarke, who was the first one to introduce the idea last year. Although England lost to UAE in the race for hosting just concluded ODI series against Australia, this time the negotiations between three parties have such a point, where it is almost clear that England is going to be the venue for holding the upcoming Test cricket series between Pakistan and Australia.

“There is a lot of discussion going on between the three parties," an official involved in the negotiations told Cricinfo. "Nothing has been finalized just yet but we are getting closer to the possibility that Pakistan plays its Tests against Australia in England next year,” an ECB spokesperson was quoted saying.

But the most crucial hurdle relates to the cost factor. A cash-strapped ECB admitted that holding matches in England is going to be lot more expensive than UAE. “As it was in Dubai, the costs in the UK will be very high. That is something we really have to look at, in terms of how much revenue we will be able to generate,” a PCB official said.

Although the schedule has not yet finalized, a few English cities have been short listed as the most likely venue for the upcoming Test cricket matches. Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham are the front runners in the race as these cities have the maximum population of Asian Diaspora.
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Old May 8th, 2009, 02:08 AM   #125
Brummie Angeleno
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I think the West Indies aren't coming for a test match here but an ODI or Twenty20. The Ashes wouldn't dare leave out Edgbaston especially as it's home to the most enthralling match of all time in 2005.
Has anyone else seen the new floodlights at Lords? They are telescopic so as not to protrude into the air when not in use. Couldn't the same be used here? Or would those nimby nonentities not like them also?

Anyone else got the voucher from the Post and the Mail giving free entrance and free cup of tea(!) next Tuesday 12th May for the game against Middx? I'll be there with an icebox and bouteille de chablis!
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Old May 8th, 2009, 12:19 PM   #126
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Warwickshire Cricket Club admits it may quit Birmingham if makeover rejected

Warwickshire County Cricket Club has admitted for the first time that it may be forced to move out of Birmingham if planning permission for a £32 million makeover of its Edgbaston ground is refused.

Mr Povey said it was “unthinkable” that Birmingham might cease to stage Test matches after 100 years.
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Old May 8th, 2009, 12:20 PM   #127
Ahoy Ahoy
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I don't think you can blame WCCC on their response.

Web chat on Bham mail website at 1pm on the subject.

Warwickshire Cricket Club admits it may quit Birmingham if makeover rejected
May 8 2009 by Paul Dale, Birmingham Post

Warwickshire County Cricket Club has admitted for the first time that it may be forced to move out of Birmingham if planning permission for a £32 million makeover of its Edgbaston ground is refused.

Club chief executive Colin Povey said failure to complete a modernisation programme was bound to result in Edgbaston losing its Test match status and deliver a fatal blow to WCCC’s finances.

Two alternatives would be to scale down operations at Edgbaston or to relocate to a smaller ground outside of Birmingham, he said.

Speaking to the Birmingham Post, Mr Povey said the future of international cricket in the city lay in the balance.

Take part in a webchat with Colin Povey from 1pm today

The England and Wales Cricket Board had made it clear that Edgbaston would not be able to stage Tests after 2012 if proposals for a new pavilion, stands, media area, hospitality suites and permanent floodlighting were not approved.

The club intends to pay for the scheme through an enabling development of houses, flats and leisure facilities on land the club owns and with a £20 million loan from Birmingham City Council.

But the council planning committee refused to grant approval after residents close to the ground complained about the scale of the proposed development.

Mr Povey said it was “unthinkable” that Birmingham might cease to stage Test matches after 100 years.

He admitted, however, that the loss of a single Test would dent club income levels by as much as £800,000, while the loss of Test status would plunge Edgbaston deep into the red.

He said the planned improvements were vital if Edgbaston was to match the facilities already offered by other Test match grounds, including new venues at Durham, Cardiff and Southampton.

The club would be “on a slippery slope very quickly” if planning permission was refused, he said.

Mr Povey added: “Without international cricket we can’t afford to run what we have got, never mind what we hope to build.

“You would be into heavy losses and a completely untenable position for Warwickshire to be remaining at Edgbaston as we currently know it. You would either have to scale back the facilities or look to relocate somewhere else.”

He admitted that the club had failed in the past to consult or work with residents, but insisted attitudes were changing with the establishment of a joint liaison committee to discus issues.

As Warwickshire County Cricket Club pursues its fight for expansion, Paul Dale takes a tour of the Edgbaston ground and finds the facilities in a poor state

To describe the interior of Warwickshire County Cricket Club’s pavilion as antiquated or ramshackle would be a generous assessment.

It is, without doubt, a tip.

Buckets are strategically positioned to catch leaks from holes in the roof of the room that the club jokingly refers to as a VIP suite, plaster hangs from ceilings and the only way the likes of Ian Botham and Jonathan Agnew can clamber into their lofty commentary boxes is by climbing rickety steel ladders and taking their chances with a sharp wind sweeping in off the Pershore Road.

The players’ dining room, a gloomy and cramped area where pictures of famous Warwickshire players cover the walls, looks as if it has been untouched since Bradman’s days, while an adjoining kitchen is straight out of the 1950s.

The media area is described as a “series of garden sheds” by the club’s chief executive, Colin Povey, who is engaged in a charm offensive in an attempt to get planning permission for a £32 million makeover of the famous old ground.

If Mr Povey is successful, Edgbaston will be transformed by 2011 with a new pavilion, stands, media area, hospitality suites and permanent floodlighting.

This will be paid for in part by an enabling development of houses, flats and leisure facilities on land the club owns and through a £20 million loan from Birmingham City Council.

If planning permission is denied – and the city council planning committee has said it is unhappy about the scale of the scheme – Edgbaston is likely to have its Test Match status removed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), something that would throw WCCC into financial disaster.

In Mr Povey’s words: “We would be down the plug hole. That’s the stark reality.”

Residents groups fighting the expansion plans say there is an element of “crying wolf” here, pointing out that the club said pretty much the same in 2000 when an application for improvements and floodlighting was rejected by both the council and the government.

But Mr Povey insists things have changed dramatically since then, courtesy of the ECB which is insisting that Category A grounds capable of staging Test Matches must have permanent floodlighting to cope with day/night games and “world class” facilities for players, media and match officials.

Contrast this with the rise of new test venues like Durham, Cardiff and Southampton, where facilities put Edgbaston’s rickety structures to shame, and it is easy to see how Birmingham could be perilously close to losing Test cricket for the first time in 100 years.

Asked why the club left it so long before embarking on the improvements, Mr Povey admits that, in common with the likes of Old Trafford, Headingley and Trent Bridge, Edgbaston concentrated in the past on improving ground capacity. In other words, making money by packing in the spectators in larger stands while leaving the pavilion end of the ground pretty much untouched.

He said: “We have tipped over from Edgbaston being a warm and friendly place that everyone has fond memories of, a place where Test cricket has been played for 100 years, to a point really that wherever you go in the world you can see that our facilities are now not up to the standard required.

“We are trying to learn from the experience of Lords and the Oval where they have large capacity, fantastic facilities that serve their purpose on non-match days driving revenue from conferences and banqueting which strengthens their position when it comes to bidding for major matches.

“Our plan is to make sure Edgbaston follows that successful model.”

And if the unthinkable happens and the council planning committee says no?: “If we don’t do it we are on a slippery slope very quickly. It’s inevitable that if we don’t do this development we will lose our Category A status which means we can’t have Test matches.

“Without international cricket we can’t afford to run what we have got, never mind what we hope to build.

“You would be into heavy losses an a completely untenable position for Warwickshire to be remaining at Edgbaston as we currently know it.

“You would either have to scale back the facilities or look to relocate somewhere else,” Mr Povey said.

International players on the club’s books would go elsewhere because Warwickshire would be unable to pay their wages and Edgbaston would plunge quickly into a “spiral of decline”.

When Edgbaston had a year without a Test Match recently, receipts were down by £800,000 – and this against projected income for the whole of this year of £1.4 million.

The club’s business plan, upon which the council loan is predicated, rests on the new-look Edgbaston attracting one five-day Test Match and two one-day internationals each year.

But this prediction is far too optimistic according to an independent study of the business plan carried out for the council by financial consultants Deloitte.

They say: “We do not consider it certain, or even likely, that WCCC will host a test match every summer and two other major matches in each and every year from 2012.”

The report paints a gloomy picture of the period 2012 to 2025, in which Edgbaston could stage two fewer test matches than expected and four fewer one-day matches. The result, according to Deloitte, would be a slump in ticket yields which would wipe out predicted cash reserves of £21.7 million.

Mr Povey say this is not fair, adding that the business case was deliberately not “sexed up” and is an accurate reflection of what the club can expect to earn. It does not, for instance, make any mention of the 2019 cricket World Cup matches that Edgbaston may stage.

He added: “It’s in no one’s interest, especially mine, to over-egg the business plan. This will prove to be a solid business plan.”

He believes the club’s tempestuous relationship with local residents groups is on the mend following a move to set up a permanent liaison committee.

Admitting that the club has not been proactive enough in the past, Mr Povey says he is trying to “play catch up” with people living close to the ground.

But the message he really wants to get across is that city council planners hold the future of Edgbaston in their hands.

It is unthinkable, he says, that Birmingham will not have international cricket after 2012, adding: “I hope local politics and shenanigans don’t get in the way of protecting a world class sporting venue.”
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Old May 8th, 2009, 12:50 PM   #128
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This whole situation, makes you realise that having Saddam or Pinochet as the council leader isn't a bad idea after all...
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Old May 8th, 2009, 01:06 PM   #129
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Problem is, that is exactly what the NIMBYs want.
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Old May 8th, 2009, 04:01 PM   #130
Ahoy Ahoy
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The webcast has just finished. Nothing really ground breaking , but the ignorance of some really amazes me.

11:50 BPM Newsroom: Welcome to our live Q & A session with Colin Povey, chief executive of Warwickshire Cricket Club.
The liveblog is due to begin at 1pm but please feel free to send us your questions now and we will begin answering them when the session begins.
12:14 BPM Newsroom: Check out today's Birmingham Post interview with Colin Povey for some background information. http://tinyurl.com/puqx2d

12:35 BPM Newsroom: Thanks for the questions everyone. We have them stored up ready for the start of the liveblog at 1pm. Keep them coming!

12:59 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: Good afternoon. I'm Marc Reeves, editor of the Birmingham Post. I'm delighted to welcome readers to today's webchat with Colin Povey, Chief Executiive of Warwickshire Cricket Club. The club is at a crucial stage in its history, and has lodegd a controversial planning application with Birmingham City Council to expand and develop its facilities i Edgbaston. The plans have met stiff resistance from local residents, but Colin has agreed to day to answer questions on the Birmingham Post liveblog.

1:00 [Comment From Concerned ]
Does the club have alternative plans if you don't get the planning permision needed?

1:02 Colin Povey: We are really focussed on getting what we believe is the best result for the City and the Club. I see no reason to allow other venues and cities to move past us. We need a world class stadium and alternatives are all significantly less appealing

1:03 [Comment From big Bear ]
We've seen Old Trafford lose out on full Tests, how long until the same happens at Edgbaston because of the facilities?

1:06 Colin Povey: Our current staging agreement and allocation of matches runs out in 2011 so unless we do something by then we will be looking down the barrel of a gun. Old Trafford has been forced to react and has submitted substantial proposals AFTER losing Test cricket for 3 years. We certainly don't want to be waiting until we have lost matches before responding to the new ground criteria.

1:07 [Comment From Miss Stevens ]
what would be the economic impact on Birmingham if a Test Match status is not retained?

1:07 [Comment From Mark Davies ]
Does Mr Povey take any personal responsibility for the bad feeling that has been created between the club and the community - surely he should resign if we are to stand any chance of WCCC and the community in working together - he has done enogh damage to the club, the community and indeed cricket.

1:10 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: Today's Birmingham Post interview with Colin Povey is here http://bit.ly/14X0Iw

1:12 Colin Povey: We think losing our international status would be a disaster. This year international games at the ground will attract c140000 visitors and generate about £12m for the local economy.

People will have their own views about my style and contribution but as a Club we have to move with the times. The world in which we are working is very different to even a few years ago. The Club's engagement in teh community is not about me but about the hundreds of sessions our coaches do each year with kids & clubs. We have a very wide spectrum of activities and organisations that we support week-in week-out and this has always been the case.

1:12 [Comment From Val Studley Bear ]
I disagree with blaming Colin Povey for something that was negelected before he joined us..he is picking up the pieces in my opinion!

1:13 [Comment From friendly neighbour ]
I see you have secured the squat that was halting progress. Have everyone's belongings been returned to the squatters now?

1:15 Colin Povey: Val - thanks for your support!

Any personal property that was left in the houses by the squatters has been secured and is available for collection by the owners. The Club has confirmed this position with a representative of the JNC group today.

1:15 [Comment From Paul ]
One of the problems with the stadium design is that it lacks an overall ideology and philosphy. Likewise it is also culturaly abrasive, including the demolition of four late victorian houses and congesting an already cramped site. do you believe the problems lie within the design and ideology rather than the planning?

1:18 Colin Povey: Not sure if I fully understand your comments but the scheme has been worked up with a view to replacing old, piecemeal and unfit for purpose facilities with new state of the art stuff. We are continuing to refine the appearance of the stand to maximize its impact but I have to say it would not be difficult to improve on the view from the rear of the south side of the ground

1:19 [Comment From Fozzy Bear ]
Where would you move to if you had to leave Birmingham?

1:19 [Comment From Mike ]
Why should the City of Birmingham loan the cricket club twenty million pounds when the money should be spent on the services the council is expected to supply - and all the more important, where could they get the money when you can expect civic revenues to decline?

1:19 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: Post sports blogger Martin Warrilow on why money is ruiing cricket http://bit.ly/3KPRQ

1:23 Colin Povey: I'm not for leaving the current site but we need the development to support the international ambition we have always had!

It is important that people understand the City is facilitating a loan by accessing new money from central government. The £20m is new inward investment for the City so we are not taking local funds away from schools and other facilities.

It is also important to know that Leeds and Cardiff have used similar funding to finance the developments at Headingley and the Swalec Stadium. Other grounds have benefitted from substantial grants not loans form their local councils.

1:23 [Comment From Mark Hill ]
If international cricket brings £12 million revenue to the local economy, a £20 million loan would be repaid twice, once very quickly in benefits to the city, and the actual repayment from the club to BCC over a period of time

1:24 [Comment From Bell for Prime Minister ]
I am a big Bears fan but like most county grounds, Edgbaston hosts tiny numbers of fans for most games. What plans to you have to get more fans in? Football clubs often give tickets to schools, surely this is something you should do more too?

1:25 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: A question from a reader who couldn't watch this liveblog: Parboo says: "I’m intrigued to know how many local residents (like me, Willows Road) are pretty happy with the long established club and its plans to develop and continue to be a hugely successful local organisation bringing wealth and pride to our area. Do they have a feel for that? I was approached by our local Balsall Heath Forum warden (do we pay for them? If so, why are they campaigning??) earlier in the week to sign a petition against the plans. I declined saying I was happy – I’m not sure if anyone else is promoting our voice..."

1:27 Colin Povey: It's important not to confuse revenue in the local economy and cricket club 's finances!

Our crowds for T20 cricket are growing strongly. In other competitions gates are steady. Hopefully a better summer will see people more people coming to Edgbaston on a regular basis.

We have some great promotional offers on at the moment for kids and schools in particular - check out Club ! End of sales pitch!

1:27 [Comment From Val Studley Bear ]
I think the club are very good at giving stuff away to the local schools/community but unfortunately..County Cricket is becoming less attractive and it's difficult for any county club to make money in this area and cover overheads.

1:29 [Comment From Paul ]
FAO Parboo; we are all consumers, pay our council tax, if someone from Hockley protested the plans, as he/she has paid they have the right to voice the concerns. you cant appease everybody but you can do enough to satisfy. Edgbaston is a fantastic venue i agree, but lacks a cohernet design that depicts where the club has been (finacial struggles etc.) to one where it should be.

1:29 Colin Povey: You're right - whilst we all love the Bears domestic fixtures it is the big international matches that generate the money to sustain the stadium and much of our community stuff.

1:31 [Comment From Martyn Hood ]
Colin, I for one wish for the development of Edgbaston to go a head. It is vital for the local economy, but also the plans for Birmingham to gain international significance. WCCC have scaled back some of the development. What exactly has been removed from the designs?

1:32 [Comment From crick fan ]
Have got tickets for the ashes this year but am wondering if the ashes will return to Edgbaston in 2013 if the planning application is refused?
1:35 Colin Povey: It strikes me that I best keep an eye on the poll figures - once the lunch interval ends at Edgbaston and play resumes I hope our fans will stay online for a while!!

Martyn - thanks for your comments - we have an opportunity to cement the City's adn Edgbaston's international reputation for the next generation if we get things right. It is so important we protect what most of us see as a jewel of an asset for the City!

Our revised planning application protects all the cricket stadium features and reduces the intensity of the enabling development.

1:35 [Comment From Lee Moore Justice Not Cri ]
We support the redevelopment of the Statdium and facilities for press and hospitality but are concerned that the housing development is too dense : Would you consider reducing this density and/or sec 106 agreement to build some of the proposed homes at an alternative location?
1:36 [Comment From M. D. ]

This forum is a platform for Poveys propogander - why does he not accept the offer of a genuinely live debate. We all know the Post is a sponsor of the club. - Live radio Mr Povey? What have you got to hide?

1:37 Colin Povey: Ashes Tests are the very best and most attractive fixtures. In the absence of new facilities we simply will not be eligible to bid for the 2013 series!

Mentioned the lower density development earlier!

1:38 [Comment From Tony ]
Colin, if the development goes ahead which like Martyn I hope it does will it create jobs for the city and if so how many do you think? I for one think that in these times any initative that brings work into the local areas is something the city cannot afford to miss.

1:39 [Comment From Lee Moore Justice Not Cri ]
Thank you yes now see the earlier discussion, also like to thank you and confirm that we have negotiated the return of the property from 318 Pershore Road

1:40 [Comment From Portly ]
Would we not be better off outside the city anyway, somewhere with plenty of parking, plenty of scope to develop etc?

1:41 Colin Povey: We think there will be about 2000 jobs created whilst the stadium is being built - about the same again on the enabling development with about 1300 permanent jobs at the end of the scheme.

Why give up on our 'city centre' location after 100yrs+ ?

1:42 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: Parboo also asked: "For me there are only 3 things I’d like the club to improve: Communication around big events (they never tell us when there’s a big match on). This leads to problem 2 –some days we can feel like prisoners in our own homes, you daren’t move the car, ’cos you lose your own parking space, often to an oversized BMW. And thirdly, if they could attempt to co-ordinate with events in Cannon Hill Park so they don’t clash life would be easier."

1:42 [Comment From Val Studley Bear ]
If we lose International status..then where can i go to watch a Test match or ODI without becoming a member? I want to be a WCCC member first, then have the bonus of watching England because of this membership.

1:43 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: A similar email question from Hannah: "with more cricket and more people will we just have more chaos on match days more times every year?"

1:44 Colin Povey: I have sympathy with what Parboo is saying - we can and will do more to improve communications as we move forward.

In general we do manage to avoid major clashes with our internationals and the bigger events in Cannon Hill Park

1:44 [Comment From Crossly ]
We're all assuming these new grounds will do a good job of hosting Tests. It may turn out they don't.

1:45 [Comment From Reformation ]
Mr Povey, it seems people support the plans but not the design, crowds, parking etc., I currently have future meetings over several similiar projects rejected in birmingham (city of birmingham stadium, perry barr) and support. would you be prepared to listen to my plans that would allow edgbaston to grow organically?

1:46 [Comment From Nigel Clarke ]
The plans should not go ahead. Why can't somewhere outside the city host it and have the money regeneration and etc?

1:47 Colin Povey: Some disruption is inevitable when we have a full-house at Edgbaston but it is worth remembering we are only at capacity perhaps 2 or 3 days a year and this won't change.

Other grounds are being very aggressive with their plans and I don't want to be dependent on the failure of others. We have to look after ourselves.

1:49 [Comment From Lee Mellor ]
Why should Birmingham and the city host everything and have regeneration? Why can't somewhere outside Birmingham host things so they dont feel left out? I agree with nigel clarke

1:49 [Comment From Mark Hill ]
It is essential these plans go ahead Nigel, because of the history of Edgbaston and the benefit to the city

1:50 Colin Povey: Nigel - are you really saying you would like us to give up the benefits I have flagged and all the history we have at the ground. The news about JLR, LDV and the like surely means we need to fight to hold onto something as valuable as this!?

If we are serious about being an international, multi-cultural, young City this project fits teh bill.

1:51 [Comment From bear fan ]
Birmingham is the 2nd city in the country and currently we have NO world class sporting venues - Does Mr povey think the council are being short sighted if they refuse this plan?

1:52 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: Great questions everybody - many thanks. We'll wrap this up by 2pm, so please get any final points and questions in. (Colin wants to get back to the Yorkshire match!)

1:53 Colin Povey: We have been working hard to win the support from across the City and I have to say in general we are pleased with response we have had.

1:53 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: If you want to send any further thoughts to the Post for publication on the letters page and online, please send them to me. [email protected]

1:54 [Comment From Mark Hill ]
Edgbaston needs to be 2 different venues, 1 a world-class modern stadium for internationals and Twenty20, the 2nd a small-ish county ground with the heritage and history retained. How do you reconcile these?

1:54 [Comment From Val Studley Bear ]
Thanks for your time Colin.

1:55 [Comment From Fozzy Bear ]
host somewhere else outside of Birmingham colin have a nice day.

1:55 [Comment From Big Bear ]
Thanks Colin, thanks Marc

1:57 [Comment From Lee Moore Justice Not Cri ]
One final comment, it should be emphashised that none of the Councillors at the planning committee meeting objected to Edgbastons plans for the redevelopment of the stadium and facilities the concerns were about the outside development which it appears WCCC are addressing the floodlight issue needs resolving but the foundations are laid and the issues are not insurmountable.

1:57 [Comment From Martyn Hood ]
Thanks Colin. I will be rallying for Edgbaston and try to get as many on your side. People are being very short sighted and have limited grounds to argue. The ground was there first. What do you expect when you move next door? Of course it's going to expand and be redeveloped. Its like moving next door to an airport and complaining about the noice. Skyscraper City UK forumers will be watching this closely. Best of luck.

1:57 [Comment From Big Bear ]
Birmingham doesnt want or need the venue host colin thanks for the comments though.

1:58 [Comment From Mark Hill ]
I agree Birmignham doesnt want orneed the venue to be hosted here it should be hosted somewhere else in the country have a lovely day Colin all the best pal.

1:58 Colin Povey: You are right Mark to say we are dealing with 2 very different beasts. The new design gives us the world-class facilities for big matches but also includes new museum, new library etc and of course we need to make sure we keep the atmosphere and the sense of tradition that Edgbaston is famous for.

Thanks for all your comments - positive and negative. The Club is looking to balance all the issues that have been flagged. Let's hope we can end up with an acceptable compromise that works for the majority of Brummies and cricket lovers everywhere!

2:00 Marc Reeves, Post Editor: Thanks to Colin and everyone for their comments and questions. The Post of course will continue to follow this story very closely and reflect all sides of the debate. Good afternoon all.
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I can't believe the amount of people saying that Warwickshire should move out of the city, and test matches should be held elsewhere, are these people for real, the millions that test match generate for the city is amazing, and people want this to go somewhere else, as you said hoody, some people are ignorant, but they are also short sighted and stupid NIMBY's.
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what a bad combination

very well connected nimbys
small minded dogmatic local politicos grubbing for votes before the election
and the likely hood of a weak council leader making deals over this due to petty infighting
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I'm sure most of this is sabre rattling but there must be an element of truth if the Chief Exec of a company stands up and says we might have to leave if we can't get international cricket.

The Post has firmy plumped itself in with WCCC and the council would suffer severely if they booted it out so it should go through.

It sounds like the biggest problem is being addressed - not the floodlights but the lack of consultation.
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Ahoy Ahoy
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Time for BCC to sit up and smell the dog shit. Its about to hit the fan.

Coventry offers Warwickshire new cricket home away from Edgbaston
May 12 2009 by Paul Dale

The chance of Birmingham suffering a double blow by losing both Test match and first class cricket has grown dramatically after it emerged that land in Coventry is being lined up as a replacement venue for Edgbaston.

In an audacious bid to snatch the historic ground from Birmingham, the deputy leader of Coventry City Council has invited Warwickshire County Cricket Club officials to visit a possible site for a new purpose-built stadium.

Councillor Kevin Foster said Coventry would help Warwickshire CCC to build a new home if plans for a £32 million makeover of Edgbaston are thrown out by Birmingham city council’s planning committee on Thursday.

Coun Foster (Con Cheylesmore) believes Coventry’s excellent rail and road links coupled with a £9 billion programme of regeneration already underway in the city would present the club with a “great opportunity” to relocate.

He has identified land less than half a mile from Junction 3 of the M6 close to the Ricoh Arena in Foleshill, the home of Coventry City FC.

His approach follows a stark warning by WCCC chief executive Colin Povey that the club may be forced to end its 100-year association with Birmingham if a planning application for ground improvements at Edgbaston is rejected.

Last night Mr Povey said he would consider Coventry’s offer if the Edgbaston scheme is thrown out. He added: “We want to stay at Edgbaston, our emotional home for so many years.

“But it is a comfort to know that we have got an alternative if we need it.”

The refurbishment is opposed by residents groups and local councillors, who say the scheme will make traffic and noise problems at the ground even worse.

Mr Povey said new rules by the England and Wales Cricket Board meant that Edgbaston would be struck off the list of Test match grounds if the improvements, which include floodlighting and new stands, did not go ahead.

Coun Foster, who has written to Mr Povey, said: “We are deadly serious about this.

“We have been discretely following what’s going at Warwickshire for some time and we think we have some great advantages in Coventry to offer the club.”

He said the 25,000 fans expected to attend Test matches would be able to use extensive car parking already on site for the Ricoh Stadium and take advantage of a shuttle bus service from the centre of Coventry.

The site suggested by Coun Foster lies in a regeneration zone, raising the possibility that the club’s relocation could be helped by a cash grant.

Coun Foster added: “Many companies and individuals have realised the benefit of investing in Coventry given its location at the heart of Warwickshire. I know that WCCC are looking to deliver a world class stadium fit for the 21st century and I would love to see them play a part in our city’s transformation.

“The Coventry success story can help provide WCCC with a chance to develop world class facilities to ensure the future of Test match cricket in the heart of England and at the same time deliver a once in a lifetime development.”

Birmingham planning committee will make a decision on the Edgbaston ground improvement plan this Thursday.

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Ahoy Ahoy
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Should've added the comment left by someone on the article. Has a bloody good point.

I wonder what delights will fill the hole left by Edgbaston cricket ground if Warwickshire do leave town? A housing project? A supermarket? A landfill waste site?
Whatever it is, I'm sure the nimbys will crave the 340 days of peace and quiet a year that comes with the cricket ground.
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I expected Coventry to pipe up as I said previously.

I think this will push the planning committee to approve with conditions as it would be a huge loss to the city, and the current incumbents wont be in their jobs this time next year if they don't.
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don't underestimate quite how well connected the nimbys are in this case, their supporters are challenging for the leadership of the council. Really petty local politics could see the ground go......lets hope common sense prevails and not naked self interest
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U475 Foxtrot
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I went this afternoon for the Middlesex game. Warks won and I thought I'd get a couple of photos of how crappy it is there at the moment



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Nice pics and a nice day there . Good views for the residents in those towers .In fact I don't think I've seen photos of the inside of the ground since I was a child .

By the way ,does anyone use the term " cricket stadium " instead of "cricket ground" ?
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The Welsh do.
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