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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Afeganistão | Afghanistan O Afeganistão, oficialmente República Islâmica do Afeganistão é um Estado soberano sem litoral, localizado no centro da Ásia, estando na encruzilhada entre o Sul da Ásia, a Ásia Central e a Ásia Ocidental. Povoado por cerca de 38,4 milhões habitantes, tem uma...
  2. Afghanistan • افغانستان
    I know there are atleast a handful people hailing from Afghanistan who have registered here in the past but may or may not be very active currently. Since there are some members whose ids start with Afghan, Afghanistan or Kabul etc Perhaps a roll call is in order, to get a better gauge of...
  3. Afghanistan • افغانستان
    Afghanistan starts commercial production of crude oil soon Read more
  4. Afghanistan • افغانستان
    Hidden wealth Read more
  5. Events
    AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in March on FIFA Match days ! AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in Manila will be played from March 22 to 26 , which is also FIFA match days according to Tajikistan FA website who had article about a Tajik referee for the qualifiers in Manila The tournament was...
  6. Urban Showcase
    Hello, just a few "urban" pictures, around Ghazni and Bagram, peaks of Hindukush... If you like it or want to see more, please visit and don't forget to click "Like it" on the main page :) Regards, Lukasz Widziszowski
  7. Afghanistan • افغانستان
    This thread will be used to chronicle and track all the projects that are proposed and underway in Afghanistan. Link to Kabul cityscapes thread --> KABUL, Afghanistan - capital city Map of Afghanistan:
1-7 of 21 Results