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  1. SOUSSE |Metro du Sahel Extension & New Light Rail Network |#APP #PROP

    Infrastructure and Mobility
    Dans un post rendu public sur sa page officielle Facebook, aujourd’hui samedi 13 juillet 2019, Hafedh Zouari, président de la Commission de suivi des grands projets et du développement, a indiqué qu’après son adoption par ladite Commission, vendredi 12 juillet, le projet du métro de Sousse a été...
  2. SFAX | Gare Multimodal (Trains + Light Rail) | $? | #App

    Infrastructure and Mobility
    Un accord a été trouvé portant sur la modification de l’emplacement de l’actuelle gare ferroviaire, à Sfax, en prévision de l’installation d’une station de transport multimodal, qui sera lancée en parallèle avec la ligne 2 du métro prévue en 2026, fait savoir à l’agence TAP le président...
  3. Total African Nations Championship - ALGERIA 2022

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    the 7th edition of the African Nations Championship, a biennial football tournament organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) exclusively featuring players from the respective national championships will be hosted between January and February 2022 in Algeria
  4. The Beacon | Makaburini | Approved

    Nairobi Metro Region
    The Beacon Nairobi Official website: Development Facts Developer: Kiloran Architect: All Design Local architect: DMJ Engineering: Anguloraso Office building: 4,200m² Shopping mall: 24,300m²
  5. Bulawayo|city of kings|zimbabwe

    Africa: Photo Galleries
    The city was founded by the Ndebele king, Lobhengula, the son of King Mzilikazi who born of Matshobana who settled in modern-day Zimbabwe around the 1840s after the Ndebele people's great trek from Nguniland. The name Bulawayo comes from the Ndebele word KoBulawayo meaning "a place where he is...
  6. zimbabwe|towns outside byo & harare|

    Africa: Photo Galleries
    a few of zim's towns

    The Coast

    The Coast
  9. African Safari Travel

    Tanzania General
    Best places to visit during an African Safari. Tanzania Kenya Namibia Zambia Botswana
  10. Twenty 25 people were killed in 120 road crashes across the country during the just-ended Easter

    Economy & Infrastructure
    Twenty-five people were killed in 120 road crashes across the country during the just-ended Easter festivities, whilst 93 sustained various degrees of injury. He stated that 26 pedestrians were also knocked down by vehicles during the same period. However, no road accidents were recorded in...
  11. Winter and snow in Tunisia

    a new photo thread of winter and snow pictures in Tunisia
  12. SAMBURU National Reserve | Kenya

    Photos: Natural Kenya
    Samburu National Reserve Kenya
  13. Tunis International Conference - Tunisia 2020

    Business and Industry
    I decided to create a new thread for Tunisia 2020 (Tunisian international investment conference 2016 on November 29th and 30th). Here we can discuss the upcoming projects and participants news, many business press locally and internationally are already talking about it. There is a website set...
  14. NAIROBI National Park | Kenya

    Photos: Natural Kenya
    Nairobi National Park Kenya ngari_2007
  15. NAIROBI, KENYA: The Silicon Savannah

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Nairobi Kenya Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. It is famous for having the Nairobi National Park, the world’s only game reserve found within a major city. The city and its surrounding area also form Nairobi County. The name "Nairobi" comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi...
  16. Freetown - Sierra Leone

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  17. Niamey - Niger

    Rate Our Skylines
    Skyline of the City-Village of Niamey.JPG by crphf, en Flickr
  18. MIDELT | Wind Farm - 150 MW | 2,6 MMDH | #Approved

    Water & Energy
    Eolien: Le parc de Midelt lancé en juin 2016 Lire plus : Fi khater Biladatlas ou Simplet.
  19. Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 | Nairobi, Kenya

    Business and Economy
    News and developments from the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015, taking place in Nairobi, Kenya. Global Entrepreneurship Summit Nairobi, Kenya -
  20. Mogador | VIIth - VIth century BC

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Mogador | موﯕادور English : Name : Mogador Island Place : Essaouira, Morocco Construction date/period : VIIth - beginning of the VI century BC Mogador island located in front of Essaouira, contains traces of an installation dating back to Phoenician times; it is the most western...