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  1. B5 | Nakuru-Nyahururu-Nyeri | 183km

    B5 Nakuru - Nyahururu - Nyeri IMG_9230 by Al and Marie, on Flickr IMG_9250 by Al and Marie, on Flickr IMG_9246 by Al and Marie, on Flickr
  2. Oued El Himer

    Moroccan Cityscapes & Images
    Oued El Himer English : Oued Heimer is a mining town in Jerada Province, Oriental, Morocco. It is located 31 km south of Oujda and 17 km west of Touissit. According to the 2004 census it has a population of 1997. Wiki French : Oued Heimer (en arabe : واد الحيمر) est un...
  3. WINDHOEK | Projects & Construction

    Africa: Projects and Construction
    Windhoek Namibia Project, construction and development news for Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. . by TeeDeeVee, on Flickr
  4. Ouezzane

    Moroccan Cityscapes & Images
    Ouezzane | وزان English Ouazzane (also Wazan and Wazzan and Uessen) (Arabic: وزان‎) is a town in northern Morocco, with a population of approximately 57,972 (2004). The city is well known in Morocco and throughout the Islamic world by being a spiritual capital for it was home for many of...
  5. Rommani

    Moroccan Cityscapes & Images
    Rommani English : Rommani (الرماني in Arabic, transliterated ar-Rammānī) is a Moroccan town in the region of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër. It is situated at approximately 60 km (40 Mi) southeast of Morocco's capital of Rabat and 100 km (60 Mi) east of its economic and cultural hub...
  6. Îgîlîz | Anti-Atlas | XII century

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    La montagne d’Îgîlîz et le pays des Arghen Enquête archéologique sur les débuts de l’empire almohade au Maroc CHRONIQUES DES FOUILLES DEPUIS 2009 : PDF | EPUB Le programme de recherche La montagne d’Îgîlîz et le pays des Arghen s’intéresse à un haut lieu de l’histoire marocaine et du...
  7. Madrasa al-Sahrîj | XIV Century Ad | Fez

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Madrasa al-Sahrîj | مدرسة الصهريج English : Name : Al-Sahrīj Madrasa (‘of the basin’) Place : Fez, Marocco Construction date/period : AH 721–23 / AD 1321–23 Dimensions : Courtyard : 12.55m x 6.48m; prayer hall: 14.40m x 4.35m Architectural pattern : decorations: ceramic mosaics, carved wood...
  8. Funduq al-Najjârîn | XVIII Century Ad | Fez

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Funduq al-Najjârîn | فندق النجارين English : Name : The al-Najjārīn Funduq Place : Fez, Marocco Construction date/period : Eighteenth century Construction materials : Stone, brick, mortar, lime Architectural pattern : décortations: wood, ceramics, tiles, carved plaster, carved wood...
  9. Al Bassra | VIIIth - IXth century | Ouazzane's region

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Al Basra | البصرة English : Basra, Morocco, nicknamed Basra al-Hamra (Basra the Red), is an archaeological site in Morocco. It was originally a summer capital of the Idrisid dynasty from the 8th to 10th centuries. It is situated on the road from Souq al-Arba to Ouezzane, about 40 km from...
  10. The Arsenal of Salé | XIII Century

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    The Arsenal of Salé | ارسنال سلا French : Nom : Arsenal de Salé Lieu : Maroc, Salé Date/période de construction : XIIIe siècle Matériaux de construction : Pierre de taille, moellons dégrossis, chaux, brique Décor architectural : pierre sculptée Dimensions : Bâb al-Mrîsa : H. 9,60 m ; Bâb Bû...
  11. Boulmane

    Moroccan Cityscapes & Images
    Boulemane | بولمان English : Boulemane (Amazigh: Bulman, ⴱⵓⵍⵎⴰⵏ; Arabic: بولمان‎) is a town in northern Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains. It is located in the Fès-Boulemane Region. Wiki French : Boulemane (en berbère: Bulman, ⴱⵓⵍⵎⴰⵏ; en arabe: بولمان) est une ville du Maroc. Elle est...
  12. Qubba almoravide (kiosk) | 12th century | Marrakech

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Qubba almoravide (kiosque) | القبة المرابطية English : Title/name : The Almoravid Qubba (kiosk) Production place : Marrakech medina, Morocco Date / period : During the reign of the Almoravid king ‘Ali Ibn Yūsuf (AD 1106-1142) Materials and techniques : stone, baked brick, lime mortar...
  13. Places of worship and the cistern in the city of Mazagan/El Jadida | 16th to 19th century

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Places of worship and the cistern in the fortified city of Mazagan English : Name : The Portuguese fortified city of Mazagan Place : The Province of al-Jadīda, Morocco Construction date/period : AD 1514 Construction materials : Stone and mortar Dimensions : church: 44m x 12m; cistern: 47m x...
  14. The fortified city of Mazagan & El jadida | 16th Century

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Mazagan | الجديدة English : Name : The Portuguese fortified city of Mazagan Place : The Province of al-Jadīda, Morocco Construction date/period : AD 1514 Construction materials : Stone and mortar Dimensions : L. 300m; l. 250m Mazagan, which is today the city of al-Jadīda, was a Portuguese...
  15. The EAC | The political and economic integration of the East African Community

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    EAC East African Community __________________________________________ Member states Burundi - Kenya - Rwanda - Tanzania - Uganda
  16. Church of Saint Andrew | Tangier | 1880

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Church of Saint Andrew St Andrews English Church Tangier par jonesmonster, sur Flickr The Church of Saint Andrew is an Anglican church in Tangier, Morocco, consecrated in 1905 In 1880, Hassan I of Morocco donated land to the British community in order to build a small Anglican church in...
  17. Oujda, Morocco

    Around the World
    It's time for our Algerian members to discover Oujda :D Oujda | وجدة English : Oujda (Arabic: وجدة‎, Berber: Wejda or Tawejdit) is a city located in North-East of Morocco with an estimated population of 450,000 (2004). It is located about 15 kilometres (9 miles) west of Algeria. Oujda is...
  18. LAKE BOGORIA National Reserve | Kenya

    Photos: Natural Kenya
    Lake Bogoria Kenya
  19. Lamu Archipelago Photo Gallery | the oldest Swahili settlement in East Africa

    Photos: Urban Kenya
    Lamu Archipelago Kenya The Lamu Archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean close to the northern coast of Kenya, to which it belongs. The largest of the islands are Pate Island, Manda Island and Lamu Island. Smaller islands include Kiwayu, which lies in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve, and...