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    imi ouaddar & aghroud
  2. Cityscapes
    Dcheira El Jihadia Région Souss-Massa-Drâa Préfecture Inezgane-Aït Melloul Dcheira El Jihadia est une ville du sud du Maroc dans la région Souss-Massa-Drâa. La ville est située à 10 km au sud du centre ville d'Agadir. Commune urbaine de la préfecture d'Inezgane-Aït Melloul, mitoyenne de la...
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  4. Cityscapes
    C'est un village fortifié tout prêt de Tafraout.
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    Tifnit est un village de pêcheurs, vieux de plusieurs siècles, du sud-ouest du Maroc, dans la région Sous-Massa-Drâa et la province de Chtouka-Aït Baha. Situé sur la côte atlantique, à 30 km au sud d'Agadir, Tifnit se trouve à mi-chemin entre l'estuaire de l'oued Souss et l'estuaire de l'oued...
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    par tifa74
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    par Steve Hoge
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    par Steve Hoge
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    par Steve Hoge
  11. Cityscapes
    par Smotif Village dans la région de Souss MAssa Darâa ( commun Tanalt ) à peu prés 130 km au sud d'Agadir
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    par mhobl
  13. Cityscapes
    The word Agadir means in Berber "Fortified Granary" and is probably derived from the semitic root "g-d-r" (meaning fence) through Punic or Hebrew. It has a population of 678,596 (2004; census figures for the agglomeration include the nearby cities of Inezgane and Aït Melloul); the population of...
  14. Cityscapes
    Mirhleft is a rather famous desination in southern Morocco, due to its setting and attractive nearby beaches. Also it is considered quite an amusing place to survive summer heat. The beach is unusually clean — an important factor since the authorities has nearly stopped cleaning the beach of...
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    The mountains around Tafraoute is the main attraction. They seem to avoid gravitation, as if they were held up by their sparkling colours alone. Everything is different here, people are less friendly than in most places in Morocco, but the rest stand out with excellence. Almost no other place...
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    Taghazout (pronounced Tarazoot) is a small port some 12 miles north of Agadir city in south west Morocco. The local inhabitants are mainly Berber in origin. Fishing and the production of Argan oil are the main source of income. A developing tourist industry promises to increase the wealth of the...
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    From Wiki: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The old Spanish Embassy at Sidi Ifni Restaurant at Legzirka near Sidi Ifni
  18. Cityscapes
    Tiznit is lively enough, but it is a young city, even if it’s constructed after old patterns. The old city (or the not-so-young part of the city) is modernistic in a way. There are few ornaments, the walls are straight, and everything seems a little bit too proper. The newer part of the city...
  19. Cityscapes
    At the very moment you enter Imouzzer, you know that you have done some serious travelling. The only road of the village, the simple houses and the real friendliness of the inhabitants, make it clear that this is off the beaten track. As a matter of fact, there is little to behold in the village...
1-20 of 21 Results