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  1. New York City
    You can take a helicopter out of Manhattan from heliports on the water, but here is the main reason why helicopter commutes into the heart of Manhattan, and other cities with skyscrapers, were discontinued.
  2. Transportation
    Using the search function, I couldn't find a NZ thread/forum to match our Australian chit chats, so thought I'd create a thread. If there is already a thread or sub-forum, then please place the following post in there thanks.
  3. Dortmund
    Dortmund Airport Quelle:euroherringen2008[/SIZE] Der Dortmund Airport rechnet bis Jahresende mit 1,9 Millionen Fluggästen. Damit bringt 2012 dem Flughafen das stärkste Passagiervolumen seit vier Jahren. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr wuchs die Zahl der Fluggäste um 1,5 Prozent. Für den Beginn des...
  4. Infrastructure and Mobility
    Yer teslimi yapıldı, Çukurova Bölgesel Havalimanı'nın mimarı Emre Arolat, Mersin'in Tarsus ilçesi Yenice Beldesi sınırları içinde yapılan havalimanı ilk etapta 10 milyon yolcu kapasiteli olacak, Mersin'den havalimanına mevcut banliyö hattı uzatılacak ve raylı sistemle de bağlantısı kurulmuş...
  5. Infrastructure and Mobility Hope this hasn't been posted yet.
  6. Milwaukee
    An article in this recent issue of USA Today highlights the growth of Mitchell International Airport-- bucking the trend of most other American airports which have been dropping in passenger numbers, Mitchell keeps setting new records. These numbers are bound only to go up even further as High...
  7. Infrastructure and Mobility
    Istanbul is not only getting the Third Bosphorus Bridge, it's also getting its third international airport (which will be the biggest of all three) :okay:
  8. Infrastructure and Mobility
    Izmir will have a new interational airport in 2006. Actually the construction started a few months ago. Current airport is not enough for the Summer season, this is why a new airport has been needed. Current Airport And New Airport (U/C)
1-8 of 8 Results