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    These are my Airplane & Airport photos...
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    Mock-up of the flight deck Mock-up of the cabin. Testing of composite components of the plane :cheers:
  3. Uzbekistan
    We will discuss about civil aviation
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  5. Aircraft
    Hello all! Time to create an A350 thread, I'm one of the more interested in this up-and-coming aircraft so I'll post articles here as I find them. Enjoy! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    Boeing 737NG ( eye for the next to the world ) 737NG: The Next Generation for Japan and the world 4 February, 2005 Woke up to some really terrific news this morning. Japan Airlines (JAL) has decided to introduce the Boeing 737NG (Next Generation) airplane to its domestic network. This is a...
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    It's official, the boeing 7E7 is now the 787! There were many rumours this would happen, and finnaly it did! This followed the 60 787's planes order from severel chinese airlines today. I'm glad it's 787 now! It looks more official... more boeinglike! ;)
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    A380- News/Events/Information Heres a thread which i will update, if's there is any interesting or any big news. A380 Customers so far Air France: 10 Emirates: 43, including two freighters Etihad Airways: 4 Federal Express: 10 freighters International Lease Finance Corporation: five A380s...