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  1. Aeropuertos
    Básicamente servirá para hablar de Incheon, pero bueno. Yonhap News El top:
  2. Transportation-Infrastructure
    This will become the new home for all things governing San Francisco Bay Area Airport and Aviation developments. Note: there is a similar thread governing Bay Area airports here; however, I'm looking at consolidating that thread with this one to make postings and discussions more efficient. San...
  3. Airports
    Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre International Airport uses the state of art in airport technology, starting with access to aircrafts. The corridor that leads to boarding bridges was the first in the country to use differentiated access for passengers. Besides avoiding the encounter of two flows, it...
  4. Infraestructura Aeroportuaria y Aviación
    Esta lista es un acompañante al hilo de Aviación e Infraestructura Aeroportuaria en General. Su uso es exclusivo para mantener una lista actualizada de los hilos sobre los aeropuertos del país presentados en este foro. Este hilo no es para poner fotos o discutir aeropuertos, aunque si se...
  5. Architecture
    Airports Around The World
  6. Edinburgh
    I looked for a thread related Edinburgh Airport developments but could not see one. It appears that Incheon International Airport Corp. is mulling a bid for Edinburgh Airport and is one among other potential bids. I have to say the prospect of direct routes into Asia would be excellent...
  7. Jamaica
    Norman Manley International Airport Norman Manley International Airport (IATA: KIN, ICAO: MKJP), formerly Palisadoes Airport, is an airport serving Kingston in Jamaica. As well as Sangster International Airport, is a hub for Air Jamaica, and is now a hub for Caribbean Airlines. It was named in...
  8. Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    I'm about to create an East African Aviation News Thread with all of the major airports from each EAC country, and I was hoping that you guys could help me compile some info before I post the thread in the Airports & Aviation forum.. So please tell me the international airports in your...
  9. Infrastruktur
    Hier dreht sich alles um den deutschen Flugverkehr. In seiner Gesamtheit und auch im Zusammenspiel mit dem internationalen Infrastrukturnetz. Statistiken, Karten, Flugrouten, Drehkreuze / Hubs, Linienflüge, Fluggesellschaften / Billig-Airlines, neue Flugzeuge, Logistik auf dem Luftweg...
  10. Photo Forum
    Although there is Israeli aviation thread (quite old) in general section I'll open this one for aviation photos / videos. Always said that city skylines are the perfect background for civil aviation and Israeli airports are obviously illustration for this. First session from Ben-Gurion Intl:
  11. Airports
    I haven't noticed a Polish airport thread in this area so i thought i may aswell start one! :banana: Could everyone and anyone list: - All the current airports in Poland - Any new ones that are currently being built or reconstructed - New terminals at existing airports - Airports proposed for...
  12. Airlines
  13. Хабаровск
    Эта тема предназначена для обсуждения развития гражданской инфраструктуры авиационного транспорта Хабаровска и Хабаровского края и связанных с этим статистических данных, планов и т.п.
  14. Infraestructura Aeroportuaria y Aviación
    Nuevo thread, pongan todas sus ideas para mejorar el aeropuerto SJU. Toda idea es acceptada y pueden poner sus fotos tambien.
  15. Urban Development & Infrastructure
    Guys, I was just checking around and was wondering which is the oldest airport in whole of Asia? What about airfield? I might want to ask as well which is the first airfield in Asia? And, which is the oldest continuously operated airport terminal in Asia? I think the records show that Don...
  16. Projectos e Construção
    Obras de construção do Aeroporto de Nacala arrancam em Abril As obras do novo Aeroporto Internacional de Nacala, no norte de Moçambique, vão começar em Abril. Adjudicada à construtora brasileira Odebrecht, a obra está orçada em 102 milhões de dólares, o equivalente a 73 milhões de euros. A...
  17. Discussions et débats
    La question est dans le titre. Pour ma part je pense que c'est un très bon projet car ça deviendrait l'aéroport le plus grand et fréquenter de l'ouest.
  18. Teesside
    Teesside Airport Today: Tees Valley Regeneration in partnership with Peel Holdings have announced investment of £110 million for a new business park next to Durham Tees Valley Airport. SKYLINK International Business Park is expected to create around 2,000 jobs and is the fifth multi-million...
  19. Hull and Humber
    Sale imminent.. Importance to the region must not be overlooked.
  20. Airports
    TBS | Tbilisi Airport
1-20 of 49 Results