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  1. Milwaukee
    Sorry for the confusing nature of the title of this subforum, the name of this project on the Kindness Architecture site is 700 E Kilbourn just like the recently cancelled Carroll Properties project. Cost: $? 224 Apartments 294 Parking Spaces 3,000 square feet of street level retail
  2. General Kenya
    We are still discussing on which is the worst estate in Nairobi, we posted the forum topic a while ago but we still keep getting interesting views...
  3. Nairobi Metro Region
  4. Nairobi Metro Region
    Being built by Trident Estates: Site - February 2013:
  5. Tampa Bay Area
    Rent in downtown Tampa for $349? By Emily Nipps, Times Staff Writer Published Wednesday, March 26, 2008 11:42 AM As the downtown residential market slowly takes shape, two types of people appear to dwell in the emerging crop of condos: Those who can afford to own the $200,000-and-up units...
  6. Completed Projects
    Former name: Obydick Location: Bratislava, Racianska ulica Construction period: 2Q 2007 - 2008 Number of floors: 26 + 3 underground Height: 86 m Number of flats: 165 Number of parking places: 16 + 223 underground Total floor area: 25 000 m2 Costs: 500 000 000 Sk Developer: ZIPP (member...
  7. Tampa Bay Area
    Seaport Channelside is a rental project in the Channel District that is currently undergoing the final stages of prep work, with a groundbreaking ceremony planned for January 8th. The project is a significant addition to the district, providing 422 apartment units and over 7000sf of retail. 706...