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  1. Architecture
    The Kirigiti International Stadium in Kenya has cost taxpayers more than Ksh 700 million for its upgrade. Do you think it has lived up to its 'international stature' as a stadium? What do you think of the design and what can be improved? LINK:
  2. Classic Architecture
    This classical-style elite villa is located in Bangalore. The overall site is rectangular in shape with an area of 2400 sq. ft. It is a North-facing site. The residence is a G+3 structure with a terrace. The residence has 2 entrances, one from the Northern side and the other from the Western...
  3. Architects
    i'm new student of architecture, please recomend me some book to studying architecture
  4. Miss Polski: Rate A Building
    Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru Lokalizacja: Białystok, ul Węglowa 1 Autorzy: Pracownia Projektowa ARKON Jan Kabac, architekt Jan Kabac Architektura wnętrz: Pracownia Projektowa ARKON Jan Kabac, architeci Jan Kabac, Bartłomiej Dudziński, Anna Babula-Dudzińska, Marcin Szymborski, Mateusz Mazur Wystawa...
  5. Cafe Restaurant Interior Design (7).jpg

    Client Aim is to design a Restaurant with Modern and Industrial Theme. Interior design and Visualization by Review complete project
  6. Cafe Restaurant Interior Design_Page_02.jpg

    Client Aim is to design a Restaurant with Modern and Industrial Theme. Interior design and Visualization by
  7. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    "There are so many wonderful places in the world that are stunning in their beauty of scenery, rich in history and unique sights. But there is only one place that is dear to your heart, with streets that you've known since childhood. Your family and friends live here." - Marina Gerasimova...
  8. Architecture
    Even before COVID office space in these buildings was decreasing, so what's the best use of these iconic buildings moving forward? Article on their history here
  9. Irish Architecture Forum In theory this could be modded for other cities to create a 3D model for one of our local cities. Including certain inbuilt proposals. This seems to have more tools for buildings than say cities skylines...
  10. City Hall / 议事厅
    Hi Chinese forumers, I recently stumbled upon a degree option at UNSW which gave students the option to study 2 years in UNSW and another 2 years at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. for the dual degree of Bachelor in Architecture from both Unis. According to UNSW and some googling, Tongji...
  11. Architecture
    This is Graft’s shortlisted proposal for the Dubai 2020 Expo’s German Pavilion, which was open to a public tendering process. The Expo 2020’s theme is “Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility”. It focuses on progressing and prospering without compromising the needs of future generations...
  12. South
    Lieu Benguerir, Maroc Programme La Plateforme de testing, de formation et de recherche Green Building Park Architecte LEAD ARCHITECTURE Concours architectural Concours IRESEN 2017 Sur un terrain d’environ 3,8 ha très dégagé et donc idéal pour servir de repère urbain, ce projet voulu comme...
  13. Architecture
    Architecture is the platform where all cultures, heritages, traditions, and histories meet, through architectural conservation, the built heritage is prolonged and conserved by the planning of individuals or organizations that work solely for the purpose of conservation & preservation of...
  14. New York City
    Amidst NYC's tall building boom, several firms have not made themselves strangers to the big apple. Most of them have history designing towers in the city. Others are newcomers. Some examples include SHoP, BIG, KPF, SOM and R.A.M Stern. Who is your favorite? Mine has to be SHoP. They're...
  15. Texas
    I've decided to create a thread which provides space for members to publish information on estate homes including their history, architects, construction techniques, owners, etc. I will periodically update this thread with a new home. Crespi-Hicks Estate General Information 5555 Walnut Hill...
1-18 of 52 Results