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  1. Estilos arquitectónicos en Chile

    Arquitectura y Urbanismo
    Un hilo trascendental para nuestro foro, un espacio para debates, reconocimiento, y documentación visual y escrita: Estilos arquitectónicos del pasado, presente y futuro de Chile Historia de la arquitectura en Chile Corrientes y credos arquitectónicos en Chile
  2. Armenian architecture | Հայկական ճարտարապետություն

    Classic Architecture
    How are we not having an Armenian architecture thread? Here's one. This is the Classic architecture section so we'll focus on their historic architecture, or to be more specific mostly religious and administrative buildings. Armenian architecture Հայկական ճարտարապետություն I. Armenian...
  3. Centre culturel de Casablanca l Maroc

    Le processus de conception du centre culturel national de la ville de Casablanca (Maroc) a été particulièrement influencé par la reproduction des stéréotypes spatiaux dominants, l'utilisation des solutions traditionnelles et une organisation tridimensionnelle basée sur les capacités...
  4. Burkina Faso Embassy to Ethiopia

    Public Space
    Project Description Details Date 2008 Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Commission Peliminary and Final Design, Project Supervision, Contract Administration Category Cultural & Public Client Burkina Faso Embassy to Ethiopia
  5. Biomimicry in Furniture & Design

    Design and Lifestyle
    The term ‘biomimicry’ originates from the Greek words bios, meaning life and mimesis, meaning imitate. It refers to imitating natural strategies (not forms) to devise new sustainable solutions. The Ivy Chair designed by Brazilian Designer Enrico Gondim, uses the principles of Biomimicry as his...
  6. Le Corbusier

    If you're an architect or a designer, then you most definitely find out about the modern architecture pioneer, Le Corbusier. You probably find out about his Villa Savoye (this villa showcases what're typically called Le Corbusier's 5 Points of Architecture), Ronchamp Chapel, the Modulor, and his...
  7. DISCUSS: Favorite Clock Towers

    Clock Towers have been landmarks in cities for centuries, allowing for passersby to quickly know the time by gazing up at the skyline. Perhaps the most famous example of this would be the London Clock Tower. London, England Palace of Westminster ~ The Clock Tower by army.arch, on Flickr In...
  8. 7 Game of Thrones Filming Locations

    The worst thing about watching Game of Thrones is having to wait for the next season to come out. Oftentimes, we are so flabbergasted by the special effects and fantastical scenery that we fail to realize that the Game of Thrones filming locations are real, and some of them might even be close...
  9. Then and Now : A story of Great Buildings That America Lost

    A brick and mortar structure brings a sense of nostalgia and longing to anyone viewing them. What exactly is the reason why we are fascinated by these structures? Maybe it is the familiarity and the rich history behind them that draw us in. America would definitely have a different culture had...
  10. Italy Gets Its First Starbucks

    Starting a coffee store in a country which loves its coffee is a daunting task. This is precisely why it took Starbucks 47 years to open a branch in Italy, the country that first inspired the brand. Its task while opening a store in Italy was to ensure that they became a part of the coffee...
  11. Absolutely Interesting Facts about Sagrada Familia

    Situated in the middle of Barcelona and thronged by millions, Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece from the brilliant mind of Antoni Gaudi. The Basílica I Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is a Roman Catholic church, having a rich history of over 100 years. Though the church has an...
  12. Building with water

    Liquid water is not well-suited as a structural material, but frozen water (snow, ice) can be. In liquid form water can still be a decorative element, as can (rarely) steam. Water is a material that can be transparent, opaque, refractive, reflective. It can be flexible, it can be fragile, it...
  13. Neo-Renaissance Architecture

    Classic Architecture
    Renaissance Revival (sometimes referred to as "Neo-Renaissance") is an all-encompassing designation that covers many 19th century architectural revival styles which were neither Grecian (see Greek Revival) nor Gothic (see Gothic Revival) but which instead drew inspiration from a wide range of...
  14. Rococo Style in Architecture

    Classic Architecture
    Rococo, less commonly roccoco, or "Late Baroque", was an exuberantly decorative 18th century European style which was the final expression of the baroque movement. It pushed to the extreme the principles of illusion and theatricality, an effect achieved by dense ornament, asymmetry, fluid...
  15. Caricatures, Comedy, Comics, Satire about Architecture

    Let's collect some funny, cynical, mocking and satirical stuff about architecture and architects here. ;) The great white cube:
  16. SPAIN - Hockey Arena - Olympic Festival of Jaca 2007

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    City of Jaca Hockey Arena designed by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos has been the most representative facility of the European Youth Olympic Festival of Jaca 2007, the first event in the Pyrennes. Project Location: Jaca, Aragon, Spain The Dome takes the strength of the nearby Oroel Mount and the...
  17. Are skyscrapers unecessary?

    I've seen a lot people calling supertall skyscrapers unnecessary. Some people think that those tall skyscrapers are useless to our society. Are you agree with them?
  18. CASABLANCA | Maroclear Headquarter | 8 F | 7.721 m² | #U-C

  19. TEHRAN | Iran Mall Complex(World Largest Shopping Center) | U/C

    General Urban Developments
    The "Iran Mall" , formerly named "Tat Mall" , located in Tehran's district 22 (chitgar lake district) will be, asuumibly, the largest shopping center in the world with almost 1.2 million square metres of constructed area and over 2.1 million square meters total area...
  20. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE | City Centre Architecture (Historic & Modern)

    Skylines, Streetscapes and Photography
    On Sunday 09/07/17 got across into Newcastle City Centre by 10.00 to see the cars on display at the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show 2017 hopefully before the crowds became so large that the cars became unable to be photographed These pictures by myself taken 09/07/17 in period approx 1000 - 10.30 on...